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Making white glue based slimes with clear glue!
Hi guys!! Hope you enjoyed today’s video! Sorry that I haven’t been able to upload, I have been very busy but now that I’m back I will try to upload more for you guys!
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How to make fishbowl, floam and glitter slimes!
Hi guys welcome back to my channel! Hoped you guys liked this week’s video and maybe try out one of the slimes!
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How to make slime without detergent, contact lens solution, etc.!
Hi guys! Today I was showing you guys how to make a two ingredient slime without detergent and all the basic activators! Hope you enjoy!
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Making mini slimes!
Hi guys! So I made this video and then I ran out of battery so I guess this is part one but check my next video for part 2! Love you guys!
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Making bubbles and explaining why this slime is the best slime to make bubbles with.
Hi guys! Do you guys like bubbles? I do! And if you do then you should check the video of me making this slime! Hope you liked the video!!!
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What shall it be? (READ DESC)
Hello guys! Sorry for not posting. I’ve been super busy with school and all these projects I have. Because of how long I haven’t been able to post, I will be making a gacha life video! But what should it be? A mini movie or a series? And what should it be about?
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Making mini slimes 2!
Hi guys! Here’s part 2 to my mini slimes! Hope you enjoyed it! Nothing to see here 😂
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Showing some cleared up slimes!!
Hi guys!! Hope you liked this week’s video! Sorry for not being able to upload, I had a very busy week so I hope you enjoyed!
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Being cringe for 11 minutes and 8 seconds straight
I was bored. 😐 I like geometry dash ok?
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Attempting to do ASMR
Hello welcome to my channel! This was my first video but I will post more later on. I was attempting to do ASMR on slime. I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on the notification bell. Welp that was it have a great day!
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How to make metallic/pearlescent slime without pigment!
Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! Sorry I wasn’t able to upload, I was very busy but now I had the chance to upload today! Hope you liked this week’s video!
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