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Leeann Tweedem Doing Aerobics in Slow Motion
Leeann Tweeden deomsonstrating some aerobics moves.
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Deborah Leading Ab Exercises (part 2)
Deborah Khazei, Kathy Derry, Denise Paglia, doing ab exercises on the beach.
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Deborah Khazei leading Ab exercises
Deborha Khazei, Kathy Derry and Denise Paglia doing more ab exercises on the beach.
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Denise Paglia Doing Hamstring Curls
Denise Paglia demonstrating, by far, the best techniques for hamstring curls.
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Denise Paglia Leading a Shoulder and Leg Workout
Densie Paglia leading a shoulder and leg workout with Kathy Derry and Deborah Kahzei.
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Deborah Khazei leading Aerobics
Deborah Kahzei leading an Aerobics Session, with Leeann Tweeden and Denise Paglia.
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Deborah Khazei leading Rhythmic Aerobics with Leeann and Denise
Deborah Kahzei leading a sesssion on Rhythmic Aerobics
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Leeann Tweeden Doing Hamstring Curls
Leeann Tweeden demonstrating the proper techniques for working the hamstring muscles, with excelllent narration by Denise Paglia
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Fitness Beach (Black String Bikini Top 2)
Leeann Tweeden, Deborah Khazei and Deinsie Paglia doing aerobics on the beach. Leeann wearing a black string bikini top.
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Leeann Tweeden Doing Ab Exercises in Slow Motion
Leeann Tweeden doing Ab exercises. I spliced together all the camera shots of Leeann from one segment. Clips are show first with regular spped and audio and then slowed down with background music added.
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Deborah Khazei Doing Aerobics in Slow Motion
Deborah Khazei doing Aerobics on the Beach. Clip runs at regular speed and then repeates in slow motion. Must have been a cold day.
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Leeann Tweeden 4
Leeann Tweeden doing benc press in multtcolor floral bikini
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Why We Love Kiana Tom 11
More Reasons Why We All Love and Adore Kiana Tom
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Kathy Derry and Denise Paglia lifting weights
Kathy Derry and Denise Paglia doing various chest exercises using dumbells and a bench
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Kathy Derry Doing Dumbell Rows
Kathy Derry looking hot and doing bent over Dumbell Bows.
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Denise Paglia Strecthing Segment
Denise Paglia leading a cool down streching segment with Deborah Khazei, and Leeann Tweeden,
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Bodyshaping 48(Kiana and Mary Jean Advanced Abdominal workout)
Kiana Tom and Mary Jean Traetta demonstrating the advanced version of their abdominal workout on Bodyshaping
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Leeann Tweeden, Kathy Derry and Densie Paglia  Cooling Down
Leeann Tweeden, Kathy Derry and Densie Paglia stretching and cooling down after a long workout. There are some good stretching scenes.
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Leeann Tweeden 3
Leeann Tweeden and Denise Paglia
Views: 26112 hotfitnessbabes
Fitness Beach Girls Doing Ab Exercises
Leeann Tweeden, Denise Paglia, and Deborah Khazei doing V-Ups.
Views: 5524 hotfitnessbabes
Kathy Derry Leading Leg Exercises
Kathy Derry Demonstrating Hip Abductor and other Leg Exercises.
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Leeann Tweeden demonstraing some cool Aerobics Routines
Leeann Tweeden wrorking out in an Aerobics Session led by Deborah Kahzei with Denise Paglia.
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Bodyshaping 6 (Kiana Tom)
Kiana Tom working out on the early days of Bodyshaping
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Leeann Tweeden 6 (In Slow Motion)
Leeann Tweeden in multiple scenes from the boxing gloves segment. Shown at regular speed and then in slow motion.
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Fitness Beach Girls Doing Crunches
Leeann Tweeden, Denise Paglia, and Deborah Khazei Doing Crunches
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Leeann Tweeden Doing Aerobics in Slow Motion
Leeann Tweeden Doing Aerobics on Fitness Beach. Three small segements spliced together in slow motion with some background music.
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Deborah Khazei and Denise Paglia doing Tricep Exercises
Deborah Khazei and Denise Paglia doing a series of exercise for Triceps.
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Fitness Beach 7 (Yellow Bikini 1)
Leann Tweeden in a Yellow bikini with Kathy Derry, Denise Paglia, and Deborah Khazei
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Why We Love Kiana Tom 6
Here is another set of examples of why I love Kiana Tom. I'm sure some of your out there share my opinion.
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Denise Paglia lifting weights with Leeann Watching
Denise Paglia doing some dumbell work. Just keep watching Leeann, she looks awesome.
Views: 42408 hotfitnessbabes
Denise Paglia Doing Lunges
Denise Paglia Doing Lunges. With Deborah Khazei and Kathy Derry.
Views: 3063 hotfitnessbabes
Bodyshaping 56 (Kiana Tom Doing Multiple Exercises
Another Set of Kiana doing multiple exercises in the same multi-colored Bikini.
Views: 3213 hotfitnessbabes
Bodyshaping 54 (Kiana Tom doing different exercises)
Just think of it as a Kiana Super Set. It mathches her own Super Set.
Views: 2273 hotfitnessbabes
Deborah Khazei Leading Aerobics
Deborah Khazei, Leeann Tweeden, and Kathy Derry doing Aerobics. This one is over 5 Minutes. So good it didn't really need any editing.
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Fitness Beach 2
Leann Tweeden Kathy Derry and Denise Paglia stretching.
Views: 4998 hotfitnessbabes
Why We Love Kiana Tom 18
In this clip Kiana is demonstrating the 2 main reasons why we love her above most others. There are 2 slow motion segments, one in the middle and one at the end.
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Bodyshaping 21 (Kiana Leading Tri Extensions)
Kiana Tom demonstrating Tricep Extensions on Bodyshaping
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Why We Love Kiana Tom 20
Another reason why we all Love Kiana Tom. She looks good in grey!
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Leeann Tweeden working out
Leeann Tweeden doing upright rows and Side Lateral Raises in a super set, as coached by Denise Paglia.
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Kathy Derry, Denise Paglia and Deborah Khazei doing scissor kicks on the beach in slow motion
Kathy Derry, Denise Paglia and Deborah Khazei in their finest work on Fitness Beach.
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Densie Paglia Doing Dumbell Fly Exercises
Denise Paglia Doing Dumbell Fly Exercises. There is a slow motion clip at the end
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Kathy Derry Doing Aerobics in Slow Motion
Kathy Derry in an aerobics segment from fitness beach.
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Kiana's Flex Appeal, Show 20, Kapalua 1995
Kiana's Flex Appeal, Show 20 Filmed at Kapalua in 1995. Segments include a Home Gym segment and a Pro Gym segment. Assistants include Shannon Rae, Chris John, Sean Ching
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Leann Tweeden in Slow Motion
Leann Tweeden doing bent over rows. The last 15 seconds is a slow motion repeat of the last two reps.
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Bodyshaping 22 (Kiana leading tri kickbacks)
Kiana leading Tricep Exercises on Bodyshaping
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Bodyshaping 51 (Kiana doing Pull Ups in Slow Motion ).mpg
Kiana demonstrating her technique for donig pull up exercises. There is slow motion at the end.
Views: 4827 hotfitnessbabes
Leeann Tweeden dong Aerobics in Slow Motion
Leeann Tweeden in several Aerobic scenes from Fitness Beach. I spliced together several aerobic scenes from Fitness Beach and tried to have each one repeat in slow motion. Obviously didn't get it all quite right. Maybe next time. enjoy what you can. Need to learn to use my pinnacle software before trying again. HFB
Views: 12231 hotfitnessbabes
Kathy Derry Leading Aerobics in Slow Motion
Kathy Derry leading an Aerobics session. Clip shown at normal speed and then repeated in slow motion.
Views: 4442 hotfitnessbabes
Fitness Beach (Black String Bikini top 5)
Leeann Tweeden, Kathy Derry and Deborah Khazei in the cool down session.
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Fitness Beach (Black String Bikini Top 3)
Leeann Tweeden, Denise Paglia, and Kathy Derry doing aerobics with boxing gloves.
Views: 16350 hotfitnessbabes

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