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Using Accolade Manage Agile Software Development Processes
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/lwa2 The fast-moving Internet of Things (IoT) has raised the importance of effectively managing software development activity alongside traditional product development activity. This webinar will present how Accolade can be used to manage Agile software development processes in the context of a broader portfolio of innovation initiatives. Join Sopheon's CTO Paul Heller and COO Don Sarno and you will learn how Accolade can be used by: - Product managers to align sprints with releases and releases with market needs - Product owners to prioritize their backlog - Agile Teams to manage their sprints and task boards - Scrum Masters to manage their team boards, velocity, and lessons learned - Whole organizations to manage best practice Agile software development methodologies like Scrum and Kanban - Whole organizations to capture, prioritize and manage product features, bugs, work items, and test cases Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/lwa2
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New Product Forecasting and Risk Assessment
Presented by: Ken Kahn, Director of Virginia Commonwealth University’s da Vinci Center and Paul O’Connor, Founder/Managing Director, The Adept Group To view the entire webinar, visit: http://budurl.com/7xls New product professionals are tasked with having to deliver new product forecasts and risks appraisals to senior management, both for business case evaluation and portfolio management inclusion. To do this most effectively, managers have a great need to understand how to execute unique elements of new product forecasting and risk assessment, especially compared to typical “best guess” methods. This sharply focused webinar will present the challenges of both new product forecasting and risk assessment, their deep relation to one another, key approaches toward successfully conducting them, and the best organizational practices toward each. The goal of this webinar is to provide keen insights for delivering and managing new product forecasts and risk assessments, and to lay out a clear path for improving and delivering these important new product measures. About the Presenters Ken Kahn Director of Virginia Commonwealth University's da Vinci Center Ken Kahn is a well-recognized expert and top scholar in the field of innovation management and market forecasting. Now a marketing professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, he is also Director of the University’s da Vinci Center, which offers a variety of programs in product innovation and venture enterprise creation. Paul O’ConnorFounder/Managing Director, The Adept Group As the founder and managing director of The Adept Group, Paul will share insights based on 30+ years of helping product development organizations improve their productivity. A leading voice in the discipline of product line roadmapping, Paul is widely published, teaches a wide range of master courses and workshops, and is a frequent speaker at professional organization meetings and corporate seminars.
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In 90 Seconds: Sopheon’s Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management Software
Do you want to outperform industry peers, be an innovation leader, and close the strategy execution gap? At Sopheon, we partner with customers to digitalize enterprise innovation management through software, services and best practices. This increases transparency, insight, and alignment for better, faster decisions and improved cross-functional collaboration. Visit https://www.sopheon.com/software/ for more on executing your business strategy with innovation management software. Contact us at https://sopheon.live/njuzk.
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Success Factors for Driving Long Term Adoption of Innovation Performance Initiatives
This webinar will present a set of key success factors and best practices for implementing an innovation improvement initiative within your organization. Including best practices around how to plan, set up and execute the implementation of an Innovation Process Improvement process. What you will learn: • How to use a Maturity Model to develop a phased plan for the Initiative • Defining the key roles in implementing and sustaining the initiative • Avoiding complexity by focusing on decision making in the process • The relationship of Portfolio Management and Innovation Processes to drive adoption To view the webinar in its entirety, visit http://budurl.com/5pn7
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How to Use Ideation to Link Strategy with New Product Development
This webinar will be full of insightful information around creating a pipeline of innovative, high-value ideas and best practices for aligning your ideation process with your strategic initiatives. View the webinar in its entirety at http://budurl.com/2bt5
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The Transformation of R&D at Bayer MaterialScience from Local to Global
Presented by: Huub Rutten, VP of Research and co-founder of Sopheon, Dr. Jens Joschek, Global Head of Innovation Excellence Bayer MaterialScience AG, Dr. Joachim Dohm, Former Head of Project Innovation Process & Portfolio Management Bayer MaterialScience AG Listen to this recorded webinar (in German with English subtitles) to gain insight into the increasing complexity and evolving requirements around the globe that are forcing traditional R&D departments to transform themselves into multinational, multi-tier collaborative Innovation Networks. During this session you will learn: - How to transform local business units on three continents into a global organization with harmonized processes and reporting structures, while avoiding the pitfalls of large transformational projects - How to improve the value of your Innovation Portfolio and become more scalable and agile with regards resource allocation - How to create sustainable growth through Innovation Management and take the next steps towards Innovation Excellence View the entire video at: http://budurl.com/lzjl
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How is Regulation in the Chemical Industry Affecting Innovation Globally?
Regulations in the chemical industry are continuously changing, presenting a challenge to companies operating and innovating in that space. Furthermore, regional regulations can impact global operations and performance. How do leading chemical companies like BASF and Merck not only keep up and comply with changing regulations, but leverage methodologies that can continue to drive innovation performance in the face of changing regulation? Don't let regulation hinder your innovation efforts, with this webinar you will: • Learn how to automate compliance with ever-changing regulations for your development initiatives • Understand how leading practices in innovation excellence can help account for a changing regulatory environment • Learn how industry leaders benefit from the latest innovation methodologies To view this webinar in its entirety: http://budurl.com/vava
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Best Practices for Integrated Innovation Performance
Many companies have invested heavily in business processes and tools to support different aspects of the innovation process and new product development; including the design, supply, manufacture, and sale of new products. However, when it comes to those elements that are arguably most important -- innovation strategy, ideation, and cross-functional execution, many companies have little or no process. Defining and maintaining business processes to ensure sustainable market differentiation is one of the most difficult challenges in any business. There are many reasons companies struggle to achieve sustainable market differentiation. However, experience and research shows that these fall into a few common categories. Some companies continually place "bad bets" on losing products -- in fact, across industries, 40% of resources are wasted on unsuccessful products. Another common challenge is the lack of alignment between strategy and execution and some companies—as many as 79% —simply suffer from a lack of high-value ideas. Lastly, many simply struggle with the cross-functional execution of their innovation processes. Topics to be covered during this session include: - How to implement effective innovation management processes to dramatically increase the success rate of new product. - How to improve throughput efficiency, enabling 15-30% more products to be brought to market for the same investment. - How to easily access a single source of truth from a fully-integrated solution across the entire innovation management and new product development lifecycle. To view the entire video, please visit http://budurl.com/cphn
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Roadmapping the Future from the Outside In
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/hxwk The first in the Strategic Roadmapping Series Break Through: Identify & Solve Future Problems End-Users Care About, this webinar introduces proven Strategic Roadmapping techniques that enable strategic thinkers to envision breakthrough innovation opportunities through the lens of market insights and user experience. Driving innovation – particularly non-linear innovation – demands that companies possess a deep understanding of the non-obvious problems that will need to be solved in the future. Gaining this understanding requires that companies scan their external environment, identify future trends, and then envision future problems states from the perspective of the end-user. Such an outside-in view is difficult for successful incumbent firms that already possess a dominant logic about their markets and competitive drivers. Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/hxwk
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Are you capturing the value of your innovation? with Stephan Liozu
This webinar is designed to review the position of the value and pricing management dimensions within the innovation process. Pricing, value and innovation are elements of a dynamic and integrated systems that cannot be managed in parts and have a key role to play in the strategic innovation process in order to allow firms to capture the return for their investments. To view the webinar in its entirety, please visit our webinar archive: http://budurl.com/39l5
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Deploying Knowledge Management Methodologies into Knowledge-Intense Business Processes
Interview with: Hans-Cristian Eppich, Business Development Director, Sopheon GmbH (Also visit: http://budurl.com/z7sm) Listen to this interview (in German with English subtitles) recorded at DTIM (Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Foresight Minds) conference in Berlin, and learn how Knowledge Management methodologies in knowledge-intensive business processes can be deployed profitably. During this interview your will learn: • How to leverage existing knowledge to sustain your competitiveness • Why management of complexity has now become critical to SMBs • How to generate more revenue with existing resources through Enterprise Innovation Management
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"How to Establish Innovation as Your Competitive Advantage" by Alan Keuneke
To institute change in your organization takes courage and a conviction that it is needed to ensure long term viability of your company. The presence of processes may give you a false level of confidence as it is difficult to correlate the business results with a process that results that may consistently lack timeliness and integrity. Is Your Company: Making decisions lacking data integrity, Inefficient and/or inconsistent processes, Your Innovations/NPD portfolio lacks (or disregards) alignment to strategy, Duplicate effort within projects or recreate the same results throughout your organization. Whether your company is struggling or interested in maintaining its competitive advantage, taking your first step toward a solution can be challenging. This webinar will discuss the four common problems to look for in your company and best practices for quickly improving your innovation initiatives. Learn to identify key signs that your company has a problem with innovation & how to rectify the situation, how to take the 1st steps towards achieving your innovation ambition, what outcome you can expect to see as you mature and grow your innovation process. http://budurl.com/dps5
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How to Improve Your Innovation & New Product Development Success with Roadmapping
Learn how you can use roadmapping processes and technology to manage these challenges and complexities, and beat your competitors. There are many other benefits your company can gain from using roadmapping that are discussed in this highly informative and educational webinar. To view the webinar in its entirety: http://budurl.com/9425
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Roadmapping Works: Get Started
View the entire video: https://www.sopheon.com/roadmapping-works-get-started/ Worthwhile journeys require a roadmap. Your business strategy is no different. The growing importance of aligning product and technology strategies with market needs has led to an increased interest in and use of Roadmapping methodologies and software to better capture, understand, and evaluate enterprise alignment and strategic direction. Join Paul Heller, Sopheon CTO, as he shares best practices for preparing and implementing Roadmapping techniques that will benefit your organization. Get answers to questions like: - How do I structure my organization to enable Roadmapping as a business process? - What are the core roadmap elements I need to define? - How do Roadmaps evolve and mature? - What is the Agile approach to Roadmapping? - How can software help? View the entire video: https://www.sopheon.com/roadmapping-works-get-started/
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Financial Metrics to Drive Strategic Portfolio Performance
View the webinar in its entirety at: http://budurl.com/6zvc In this webinar recording you will learn: - How to choose the right financial metrics to drive your innovation strategy - Understand the unintended consequences of picking the wrong financial metrics - How financial metrics drive different decision-making behavior. While all companies forecast the financial impact of their new product development investments, not all realize that the specific metrics that are used to rank and select projects heavily influence the performance of portfolios, possibly towards an unintended outcome. This webinar explores typical project and portfolio valuation metrics with respect to what these metrics specifically indicate, and the decision-making behaviors they drive. Given that the most successful portfolios are guided by a focused innovation strategy, which metrics should your organization be using to measure and maximize investment performance? View the webinar in its entirety at: http://budurl.com/6zvc
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Implementing Stage-Gate® in the Real World
As many companies have found, moving to a best practice Stage-Gate® process to accelerate product development can appear to be a daunting challenge. And simply implementing a software system is not enough. Without work on process design, training, communication and a willingness to adapt and evolve the process, the benefits anticipated will not be realized and, at worst, the process will fail. This presentation describes Scott Bader's journey since the decision was made to automate its product development process. A journey that has been an evolutionary process. By watching this video you will learn: • How to implement a Stage-Gate® process • How the process model was customized to fit Scott Bader's needs, while maintaining best practices, and how this model has evolved since the initial implementation • How the implementation of an automated product development process has improved decision making • What were the key challenges that were overcome and what challenges remain
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2016 03 16 Principles  Lean Fast NPD short
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/leanNpdWebinar Join Mike Tennity, Managing Consultant for Stage-Gate International, and Iain King, Senior Innovation Consultant for Sopheon, as they explore the Principles of Lean and Fast New Product Development within your organization. With today's rapidly evolving markets, flexibility and effectiveness of product development processes are crucial to cope with increasing pressure for faster time-to-market. Mike and Iain will explore propelling beyond the traditionally-defined Stage-Gate process to improve the speed, agility, predictability and timeliness for lean NPD. In this session you will learn: • How to tailor and streamline your process, giving you the flexibility teams need to create “fit for purpose” execution • The key facts required to drive faster, more efficient decision making • Where to apply simple rules of governance to speed up decision making while reducing bureaucracy • How dynamic planning ensures that initiatives are started on time to meet the market requirements Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/leanNpdWebinar
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Successfully Linking Strategy, Planning & Innovation within an Innovative Culture
It's been proven that effective innovation leads to sustained growth. It's also well known that top executives maintain a focused strategy through a planning cadence in order for the organization to succeed. How do we link the two? What should be measured for sustained business success while fostering an effective innovative culture? Join Don Sarno to find out how to link operations planning, strategy and innovation in a way that still builds the culture we so desire. • What your organization needs to measure to build sustainable success through innovation • How to maintain a focused strategy through a planning cadence • Best practices for linking strategy, planning and innovation View the webinar in its entirety at http://budurl.com/6bep
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The Digital Innovation Era, an Interview with Sopheon CEO Andy Michuda
Organizations are digitizing their innovation and new product development (NPD) efforts to remain relevant in today's market. Never before have we seen this hyper rate-of-change in the marketplace due to the power of the consumer, digitization, and competitive threats. This is forcing large organizations to make operational changes to react to market change with agility, or risk being outperformed by a more nimble competitor. Interested in seeing the rest of the video? Visit https://budurl.me/gebrc
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Business Portfolio Planning and Market Segmentation
Discussion around the impact of good market segmentation on product portfolio decision-making and the inter-dependencies between these two innovation management processes. In this webinar you will learn: • How to manage your Market Segmentation as a Portfolio of Segments • How does your Segmentation give direction to the decision making around Innovation • How a lack of good Market Segmentation will slow down your early innovation steps How do you connect strategic planning views to real-world project activities? How do market segmentation decisions make a difference in the Gate meeting? Join Huub Rutten and Steve Rogers as they discuss real-life practical tips that include showing the potential benefits you could see within your organization. This webinar won't tell you what your market segmentation should be, but you will receive insight on the strategic importance of developing a plan and what the impact on your business performance is likely to be. View the entire webinar at http://budurl.com/hnfa
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Part 1 Above & Beyond PLM: The EIM Landscape
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/uyxd Join us for the first in our 3-part series, Above & Beyond PLM: The Enterprise Innovation Management Landscape. Delve into CIMdata’s latest research report, “Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions - Connecting the Dots!” with Suna Polat, CIMdata Research Specialist, and Huub Rutten, Sopheon’s VP of Research. The webinar will explore the research report, which clarifies the Enterprise Innovation Landscape by giving an overview of each player in the market today. Huub will share Sopheon’s historical perspective as a leader in this space of how this market has evolved over time. In this session you will learn: • Key research takeaways • The emergence and evolution toward a “Enterprise Innovation Management“ platform • What type of system/platforms are available for innovation data management • What “data” type is best managed by which enterprise system? Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/uyxd
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How to Achieve Exceptional Long-Term Growth and Profitability through Sustainable Innovation
View the entire video at: http://budurl.com/w73b Many companies develop their markets based on one or a few initial innovations that appeal to customers. Over time as these markets develop, the company grows and thrives. Innovation is subsequently typically focused on line extensions or other ‘more of the same’ product variations. However, markets are commoditized, disrupted or customers shift to alternatives. Companies are then faced with what is known as the “Innovator’s Dilemma” where successful companies put so much emphasis on current customer needs that they fail to see market, technology or customers preference shifts, and don’t plan or innovate for these shifts or future customer needs. Companies can’t depend on previous innovations sustaining the business over the long term, especially in today’s highly competitive, disruptive and volatile markets. Companies must create a continuous cycle of sustainable innovation of differentiation for today, tomorrow and beyond to achieve exceptional long-term growth and profitability. This video reviews a typical scenario of how a company can define and maintain business processes to ensure sustainable innovation and market differentiation for long-term business success.
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Roadmapping: The Power of Problem Finding & Storytelling
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/lzku The second in the Strategic Roadmapping Series, Break Through: Identify & Solve Future Problems End-Users Care About, this webinar shows how Strategic Roadmaps are used to look past what we know to focus on what we can imagine to break the cycle of incremental innovation, and how storytelling techniques uncover strategies to capitalize on the future problems identified. During this webinar you will learn: - How Strategic Roadmaps are used to look past what we know - How to focus on what we can imagine in order to break the incremental innovation approach - What proven storytelling techniques can be used discover solutions and strategies that capitalize on the future problems that have been identified Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/lzku
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How Foresight, Planning, White Space Finding and Portfolio Management Facilitate your Growth Plans
Presented by: Hans-Cristian Eppich, Business Development Director, Sopheon GmbH. View the entire video at: http://budurl.com/gheq Listen to this presentation (in German with English subtitles) recorded at the Disruptive Technologies & Innovation Foresight Minds conference in Berlin and learn how an existing portfolio of development projects and existing patent situations can be aligned with the requirements and opportunities in future growth markets through Strategic Planning and Roadmapping. During this session you will learn: • How to align strategic initiatives with your existing and future IP and Product Portfolio • How to implement technology foresight and market trend identification processes • How to roadmap your portfolio into the future • How to be agile − prioritize your portfolio to new markets and market developments When you take into consideration that a strategic and targeted Innovation Management approach generates up to an additional 30% turnover, it is virtually incomprehensible as to why only a minority of 30-40% of all companies employ Strategic Roadmapping. The increasing complexity of global development and value added chains calls for state-of-the-art tools. Thanks to the Internet and increasing mobility these tools are now also available to SMBs. However, up till now predominantly Global 2000 companies profit from this sophisticated toolset. To sustain future competitiveness companies must use the latest solutions available for innovation performance. In his presentation, Hans-Cristian Eppich discusses how an existing portfolio of development projects and existing patent situations can be aligned with the requirements and opportunities in future growth markets through Strategic Planning and Roadmapping.
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Driving Innovation Process Effectiveness as presented by Kimberly Clark and The J.M. Smucker Company
Consumer goods organizations face an increasingly competitive landscape -- dynamically changing trends, nimble start-ups and the expansion of store brands to name a few. Getting the right products to market efficiently and establishing competitive differentiation through bigger, better products is more important than ever. Most organizations have a defined NPD process that in theory should help produce winning products in-market, but in practice falls well short. This discrepancy often comes from challenges not with the process itself, but rather its execution and adoption by the organization. During this interactive event you will hear from your consumer goods industry and functional peers who will discuss some of the leading practices that have proven effective in overcoming these challenges. These Innovation Process Owners will share real-life stories from leading consumer goods companies in an open dialogue that attendees can actively understand, engage and learn from. Learn: • How your peers at Kimberly Clark and The J.M. Smucker Company addressed NPD Process execution and adoption challenges • The top Successes they achieved at their organizations and why • What they would have done differently in introducing or implementing their NPD process To view this webinar in its full form, please visit http://budurl.com/2wp9
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Land O'Lakes Innovation Journey
Product innovation begins with a strategy and ends with the successful launch of a new product or service. Alignment between strategy and portfolio management, clarity of goals, real-time metrics--combined with efficient tools and processes--go hand-in-hand to implement successful product introductions. In this video clip, experienced innovation experts Jenny Tang-Bulk and Theresa Schaefer share the successful transformation and innovation journey at Land O'Lakes, Inc. Watch the full video: http://sopheon.live/d6nf8
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The Path to Breakthrough Innovation: Strategies for Growth in Mature Markets
For those companies operating in mature markets, the challenge of rapid growth comes down to a numbers game. When your core markets are growing at 1% to 3% per year, how do you grow at a higher rate that attracts outstanding employees and satisfies your shareholders? In recent years, a new organizational concept has shown how breakthrough innovation can be achieved. During this webcast, Mark will discuss the emerging concept Hybrid R&D that shows how breakthrough innovation can be achieved by building an organization based on: ⦁ A mission to create entirely new product categories. ⦁ Restructuring a traditional R&D group to include the role of commercial managers. ⦁ A Stage Zero process which is critical to filter and promote breakthrough ideas. If your idea-to-launch process is so refined that breakthrough innovation ideas may not be advanced, or if all available funding is committed to core products, this is a webcast you won't want to miss: http://budurl.com/q7gs
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How to Successfully Link Innovation and Financial Performance
Innovation has become the new buzz word for management to help drive growth and differentiate products. However, based on the financial results being posted it is clear that the majority of Innovation initiatives are not delivering the real financial performance. Even for those companies that are seeing top line growth, they are not realizing profitability levels that are promised by these Innovation programs. As companies embrace an Innovation strategy they must also drive changes in the way they approach and manage Innovation. It is no longer a pure technology or product play, but must provide a balance that delivers efficient growth. Topics covered in this deck include: - What the global manufacturing community is saying about innovation - Foundational elements needed to define and create an innovation valuation model - Recent comparison of innovation valuation approaches across select group of leading CPG and Life Sciences companies - Prerequisites for establishing a consistent innovation valuation management approach Doug Gates is Principal in KPMG's Management Consultant practice and is the National Leader in the Innovation and Engineering service area. Doug has over 30 years of experience both in consulting and industry positions. Doug is currently leading team's delivering major operational improvement projects across a variety of industrial companies. In addition, he is the National Leader for KPMG's Innovation and Engineering service area. To view the webinar in its entirety visit http://budurl.com/cap3
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Improving Decision-Making in Gate Meetings
Successfully executed gated processes bring a company's innovation strategy to life. Join innovation professionals from Land O'Lakes and the J.M. Smucker Company as they share some of the practices they've learned and refined when it comes to transforming innovation processes and making the most of gate meetings. During this webinar, you will: • Learn tips and tricks from your peers in the consumer goods industry for making the most of gate meetings • Highlight the type of data required to inform decision-making • Leverage the practices used to successfully transform gate meetings To view this webinar in its entirety, visit: http://budurl.com/2c8b
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Big Data and Innovation Management
Big Data and Big Data Analytics are hot topics for companies today – people are considering and discussing the possible value, tactics, approaches and investments to leverage the promise of these technologies and capabilities. You can hardly avoid the subject and not develop an opinion or position. Specifically, people who work in Innovation, New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation Management are expected to take a position regarding Big Data requirements. This webinar’s objective is to contribute to this discussion and your Big Data strategy from the perspective of Innovation Management: • Where and how could the big data opportunity add value to innovation strategies? • Is it Portfolio Management or operational Innovation Performance? • How can Innovation Managers contribute to a company’s Big Data approach? • How Big Data can be used to improve your Innovation Management. • What it takes to implement Big Data capabilities. To view the entire webinar, visit: http://budurl.com/nz9l
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Parker Hannifin® and Entegris® Connect their Enterprise with Accolade
Hear two Sopheon customers talk about how excited they are about being able to globally connect everyone across their respective companies to innovate and measure success with speed and agility, and thus achieving long-term growth and profitability. For more, visit www.sopheon.com
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The Five Most Important Drivers of Success in Product Innovation – That Most People Get Wrong!
Presented by: Bob Cooper, President, Product Development Institute Inc. and ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow at Penn State University Do you know what the main drivers of success – the factors that separate winning new products and product innovators from the rest? Most people miss them. Dr. Cooper reveals what these factors are, based on his extensive, widely-published and award-winning research into new product performance and its determinants. Most important, he shows you what you can do to leverage these and boost your own performance. Finally Cooper speaks briefly about his Assessor diagnostic tool that helps you focus on what needs fixing the most in your own business. What you will learn: • See what you can do to implement these best prattles in your own business and your own development projects. • Learn what the five most important drivers of success are in product development – those factors that separate winners from losers most strongly. • Benchmark yourself – see how to undertake a diagnostic assessment to determine how your business fares versus the best and the average business in terms of these and many other success drivers. View the entire webinar: http://budurl.com/7pmx
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How to Get a Better Return on your Innovation Investment
So you're convinced that investing in Innovation is a good thing to do but you're not sure that you are getting good value from your investment. You've seen over a dozen articles on innovation in the last year alone. These often look at a few iconic examples (e.g. Apple, eBay, or P&G) but some of the advice is conflicting and you wonder if you can really replicate Apple's business model in your industry! You think that some of your innovation management practices need improvement but there seems to be little empirical evidence about what really works in terms of managing the innovation process. We'd like to share some findings from Arthur D. Little's 8th Global Innovation Excellence Study -- a detailed cross-industry benchmark -- and invite you to benchmark yourself against your industry peers. The study is based on looking at the relationship between innovation success (based on impact of innovation) and innovation performance on a comprehensive framework which breaks down innovation activity in different areas and looks at adoption of best practice in each area. What you will learn This webinar will provide some hard evidence on which innovation practices separate top innovators from others within and across a wide range of industries, including four key cross-industry innovation management practices which are most consistently linked to strong innovation performance: • Understanding important technologies in terms of their contribution to corporate goals. • Using external sources of business intelligence in a structured way. • Reacting to changes in targeted segments by reviewing the product/service portfolio. • Mobilizing the whole organization to develop new ideas. To view this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://budurl.com/ys6r
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Part 2 Above & Beyond PLM: EIM vs Other Enterprise Platforms – Where is the Value?
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/BeyondPLM2 Join us for the second in our 3-part series, Above & Beyond PLM: EIM vs Other Enterprise Platforms – Where is the Value?, where Huub Rutten, Sopheon’s VP of Research, joined by Andy Michuda Sopheon’s CEO, will clarify and differentiate the business purpose and value of Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) from traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and ERP systems. They investigate the business purpose of an EIM system and how it brings unique value to the corporate enterprise. They will answer the question “Why do I need another enterprise system?” and explain why the annual operational planning process is broken, how to improve on the performance of your innovation initiatives, and how to select the key decision-makers inside and outside of your organization. In this session you will learn: What the key innovation KPI’s are and how they help achieve strategic business targets What the three layers of innovation decision-making are The various business lifecycles that impact innovation performance Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/BeyondPLM2
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Life at Sopheon
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Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Innovation Within Your Organization
When trying to increase innovation within their organizations, leaders tend to focus on major initiatives for creating changes to their organization's structure, processes and culture. This webinar will provide a framework for thinking about innovation that will stimulate your thinking in regards to what you can do, control and influence to increase your innovation contributions and the innovation contributions of those whom you work with directly and indirectly. The webinar will cover: • Finding the right ideas with big business potential • The role of "dots" in innovation and how to make frequent and better connections between them • Simple things you can do to motivate innovative behavior View this webinar in full at: http://budurl.com/m2p4
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How to Support Standard Innovation & NPD Processes Across the Organization
Growth through globalization is a part of nearly every organization's strategy and ambition today. Many companies have already embarked on a global innovation strategy -- but as they look to mature and refine their efforts, they've likely discovered that innovating globally comes with a distinct set of challenges. As companies turn to the global market as a driver for growth and competitive advantage, there is a significant change in how and where companies need to innovate. How do you make innovation strategy and processes structured, yet remain adaptable to the unique needs of markets and regions? How do you bring together knowledge that is globally dispersed and capture regional insights to infuse that knowledge into the innovation process? Furthermore, how can you support collaboration and visibility throughout the organization on a global scale? During this interactive event, you will hear real-life stories from two different peers in leading consumer goods organizations as they share information about their initiatives, the challenges they've encountered and the practices that helped them succeed. During this session, you will learn: • How consumer goods leaders like PepsiCo and Kimberly Clark transformed business globally; • The practices that helped drive success; and • Key learnings from the journey -- the hurdles they encountered, and what they might have done differently. To view this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://budurl.com/lndp
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Agility in Enterprise Innovation: Leading Practices for Consumer Goods Firms
To view the webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://budurl.com/3kjf Presented by: Bryan Seyfarth, Director Consumer Goods, Sopheon Learn how to: -Determine whether their enterprise innovation investments are truly aligned with current strategies and external market needs, and identify where there are gaps -Prioritize work to focus resources where they are needed the most, and make dynamic adjustments in response to a changing environment -Adopt leaner, more efficient innovation processes in which the important work is executed flawlessly, and low-value tasks are avoided -Track innovation investments and outcomes over time, ensuring you are delivering results as consistently and efficiently as needed to achieve your growth targets Today’s Food, Beverage and CPG manufacturers face a turbulent and daunting market environment. Dramatically shifting consumer preferences, demographic changes, new paths to distribution, and new technologies mean consumer firms are more challenged than ever to keep up. However, one principle endures: those companies whose pace of innovation matches the pace of change will successfully ride the wave. Those that don’t will be washed on the rocks. For small, up-and-coming consumer firms, making fast changes in response to a dynamic environment comes with the territory. But is it really possible for large enterprises to achieve a similar level of agility? This theme of enterprise agility—that is, how can large enterprises innovate with the pace of small companies, while leveraging the scale advantages of a larger organization?—is age-old in the business world. But for the past few years, lessons learned in the world of software development are offering some new answers to this question. The core principles of “Agile” software development– sometimes referred to as “Scrum” – have been around since 2001. But the application of these principles to non-software innovation processes has been slower coming, perhaps because of fundamental differences between developing a new app and, say, bringing a new cereal brand extension to the market. Increasingly, however, consumer firms are finding these principles have significant value when viewed through the right lens. In this webinar, we’ll outline how companies can see value from these principles by translating them to their unique context, and connecting them to new capabilities and practices from the arena of process and portfolio management. We will draw on Sopheon’s 15+ years of real-world experience in helping large and medium-sized consumer firms to manage enterprise innovation. Case examples, customer successes and brief software demonstrations will illustrate what works—and what doesn’t—as these companies create a steady stream of high-value product/process innovations, while reducing the time from consumer insight to market launch. To view the webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://budurl.com/3kjf
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Enabling companies to transform with speed and agility
Hear Sopheon CTO Paul Heller talk with Business Reporter about disruptive business and how Sopheon enables companies to navigate the changes brought about by digital innovation and transform with speed and agility to achieve strategic alignment. #diginnovation
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Innovation and NPD in Automotive
Innovation Overdrive: Align the Moving Parts with Speed and Agility The automotive industry is undergoing complete disruption. Don’t just survive the change. Thrive in it! Learn how Sopheon partners with companies like yours to bring transparency to strategic and operational processes, increase cross-functional collaboration, and ensure innovation and R&D initiatives successfully drive achievements towards growth goals. Watch the full video: http://sopheon.live/9kq4y
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Empowering Innovation Portfolio Decision-Making through Simulation
New product development is a complex, high-risk endeavor for any organization. In order to execute a game-changing innovation program, leaders must be willing to engage the unknowns around future markets and the technologies that will serve them. This webinar discusses how simulation and specialized business processes can provide a risk-free proving ground to challenge and compare innovation strategies, thereby empowering analysts and executives to confidently make difficult investment decisions. Presented as a series of layers to be built upon each other, the processes described include: • The Market System: Calculating portfolio sensitivity to market factors • The Strategy/Scenario Matrix: Simulating various strategies within a prescribed set of scenarios • Virtual Strategy Games: a Real Options approach to innovation portfolio analysis To view the entire webinar, visit http://budurl.com/uun9
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Integration of IP Management, Patent Application Process & Innovation Management
Over the last couple of years Stamicarbon and Sopheon configured Accolade to support two parallel processes: the Innovation Management process and the IP Management process. This is a unique case and a good example of tying IP management closer into Innovation Management. Today, most companies only have IP as one of the functions in their NPD process. IP Management is a business process in itself, with specific actions, deliverables, timelines, and regulations. The role of IP as one of the functions within an NPD process is only to assess feasibility of a new product or technology from a FTO perspective (Free to Operate). In the Case of Stamicarbon the Patented IP “IS” the new product, this is what they license to manufacturers. This slide deck will inform you how Stamicarbon manages its Patent Application processes in a very special configuration, next to and intertwined with the usual NPD process configuration. Presenters Jan Willem Goedmakers, Stamicarbon’s Head of IP and IP Application process owner and Huub Rutten, Sopheon’s VP of Research and Co-Founder discuss: • How IP application management is managed as a separate process and how it is supported by Accolade. • How IP Assessment is integrated in the NPD process and how IP opportunities are scored. • The Stamicarbon alignment of the IP Applications process and the NPD process View the full recording: http://budurl.com/aljd
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Do You Have the Key Processes and Capabilities for Exceptional Innovation?
It is widely accepted by senior business leaders that innovation is key to long-term, profitable revenue growth. However, innovation processes are some of the slowest-evolving, least-improved business processes in the corporate world today. This is reflected in research from many sources about problems and low performance results for innovation and new product development initiatives. This presentation by Andy Michuda, CEO of Sopheon, presented at the Chief Innovation Conference (CINO) in London and San Francisco shows how executives and primary decision-makers can drive exceptional innovation and new product/service development results by focusing on a number of key processes and capabilities. It will reference supporting research, and real-world experience with many of world's leading brands. Key learnings in this video include: • Why enterprise innovation performance matters for business growth and success • The eight principles of innovation management for business transformation • What separates winners and losers in innovation • Innovation maturity model and self-assessment • Four key innovation trends to watch To view the video in its entirety, visit: http://budurl.com/8d57
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A Look at Ideal Innovation Management Process Architecture in Chemical Organizations
Effective and efficient innovation management requires a reliable and effective process architecture - like any other business process in an organization. Innovation management is multi-functional and touches on many other business processes. As a result, you have to deal with many stakeholders across IT, finance, marketing, sales and supply - making it difficult to define the right approach. This webinar will discuss process architecture best practices, based on our experience working with a number of leading chemical organizations. We will discuss: • Variation of stage-gated process models • Information requirements and KPIs • Rules of governance for decision making • Managing change for continuous improvement From this webinar, you will learn how to define a well balanced process architecture for innovation management, as it pertains to chemical companies. You will also gain a better understanding of how to get organized for maintaining a good innovation management process. To view this entire webinar, please visit http://budurl.com/aeld
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Bringing Value to Life: Gated Process Basics & Beyond
See the hour-long recording here: http://budurl.com/s26y Product innovation begins with a strategy and ends with the successful launch of a new product or service. A dynamic gated process practice organizes the process into a series of activities (stages) and decision points (gates). In this webinar, Sopheon CTO Paul Heller explores the practices followed by innovation leaders spanning multiple industries to achieve cross-functional rigor, together with agility, to speed commercially successful product innovations and technology developments to market. Session highlights include: -How, if executed correctly, gated decision-making can reduce risk and create funnels not tunnels, challenge status quo processes that need to evolve to be more adaptable, and infuse “Lean” processes into innovation planning. -The importance of optimizing scorecards cross-functionally and how to evaluate them, plus why skipping post-launch reviews is detrimental to capturing learnings for the future. -How to recognize and avoid a financially biased motivation to get a product launched. -How the Accolade® enterprise innovation management solution’s easy-to-use tools with embedded proven best practices enable you to focus on key projects that have the greatest strategic fit and value. See the hour-long recording here: http://budurl.com/s26y
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Enterprise Innovation in the Digital Era
Sopheon CEO, Andy Michuda, discusses the opportunities and challenges of innovating while businesses navigate the fast-paced changes in the market and how to apply enabling technology to achieve new operational capabilities. Access the entire video: https://budurl.me/qs5d8
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Product Line Roadmapping: Unlocking the Potential of Your Portfolio
Learn how establishing a cross-functional product line roadmapping process is key to helping your organization create specific targets to generate and identify the right projects to be part of your portfolio. View the video at: http://budurl.com/gdhw
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Part 3: Composite Roadmaps: Key to Integrated Strategy
Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/gzn4 The third in our Strategic Roadmapping Series Break Through: Identify & Solve Future Problems End-Users Care About, this webinar demonstrates how to build powerful Composite Roadmapsthat drive the harmonious and strategic interplay between functions and partners required to bring innovative solutions to market. When companies focus within their functional silos – marketing, product development, technology development, manufacturing, and sales – they lose sight of the big picture. Individuals and functional departments operate in a self-optimizing mode that ignores the interrelationships between the market channel, the business model, the technology solution, and the ecosystem partners. Because of this, many company efforts are plagued by under-investment in critical technologies, missed market opportunities, and a fragmented strategy. Composite roadmaps provide capabilities to enable the interplay that is necessary for functions and partners to work in harmony to execute against an integrated strategy to bring innovative solutions to market. During this webinar you will learn: - The power of composite roadmaps - How to create composite roadmaps - How to execute an integrated strategy using composite roadmaps Watch full video here: http://budurl.com/gzn4
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How to Differentiate Private Brands Through Effective Innovation Management
View the webinar in its entirety at: http://budurl.com/5zeq This presentation explores how enterprise innovation management can drive private brands forward. You will learn: -Why retailers should differentiate with private brands, -What makes an effective private brand department, -How to drive private brands forward with innovation management. Differentiation is key for retailers, and innovative private brands are just one way to accomplish this. Today’s private brands are not about 'me too' - they are focused around developing your very own innovative products that set you apart from the competition. Developing innovative private brand products that consumers cannot find elsewhere is an effective way to guarantee customer loyalty. View the webinar in its entirety at: http://budurl.com/5zeq
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Navigate the Future: Roadmapping that works
View the entire video: https://www.sopheon.com/roadmapping-that-works/ Roadmapping is a highly undervalued methodology that helps companies to be more successful when launching new products. Current research from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, one of Europe’s leading institutions for applied research, shows that only 15% of companies surveyed use dedicated roadmapping software effectively to meet their Roadmapping and Strategic Planning needs. This explains the primary Roadmapping challenges most companies face: 1. A lack of holistic understanding across the enterprise about the roadmaps that are created 2. A shortage of dedicated resources to create and maintain roadmaps 3. An absence of systematic structured processes for establishing roadmaps as a guideline for strategic planning Watch this video to learn more from Dr. Sven Schimpf, a recognized researcher and consultant with the Competence Center, R&D Management of Fraunhofer IAO and Sopheon's Hans-Cristian Eppich about: - Fraunhofer's research findings into Roadmapping as a strategic planning tool - How leading companies remove uncertainty from their planning and get more value from their existing pipeline with living roadmaps that are created and supported by cross-functional, enterprise software. View the entire video: https://www.sopheon.com/roadmapping-that-works/
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