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M31 Andromeda Galaxy. Images contributed from the readers of Amateur Astrophotography Ezine
Many thanks to the readers and contributors that made this video of M31 possible by forwarding their images to myself. All images have been donated by contributors of Amatuer Astrophotography Ezine http://www.amateurastrophotogaphy.net
First attempt of imaging the Sun
First attempt of imaging the Sun with a 60mm PST and a NexImage 5 webcam. Hoping to look back on this and see a great improvement soon.
Amateur Astrophotography Ezine Nebula Jan 2017
A sample of amazing images taken by :- Andrea Ferri Marcel JOSE MANUEL PEREZ Ian Hall Martin Heigan Toshiya Arai Francois Theriault Manuel Huss Joel Kuiper Brendan Kinch [email protected] Nicholas Jones Paul C. Swift of nebula in the night sky. For more amazing images please visit http://www.amateurastrophotography.com
Cloudy skies
Who has been taking deliveries of astro equipment again?
Star Time-Lapse Canon 1100D
A Star Time-Lapse facing South East from the Midlands UK using a Canon 1100D
Images of the Moon by the readers of Amateur Astrophotography Ezine. Many thanks to David Blanchflower Themagster3 Martin Mahsa Mahrami Renims Astrofoto Tich Wykes Bruce Lamberton Ahmet Kale Daniel Chang Paul Anthony Sharp‎ Kev Hancock Michael Saltsman Shannon Ridgeway Mel Gigg Nazeri Abghani Neil Todd Damien Weatherley Fateme Nazari Malcolm Dent Zlatko Orbanic Robert Vice Ron Brecher Pete Williamson Alastair Woodward Mary Spicer Chris Woodcock Ednilson Oliveira Youssef Bach Hamba Sylvian Trepanier Aaron Urquhart‎ for allowing me to use your incredible images of our Moon. http://www.amateurastrophotography.net
Crab Nebula
10 of the best images of the Crab Nebula that have been uploaded to the Amateur Astrophotography Magazine Flickr group.
The ONLY Amateur Astrophotography Handbook
Please help support this book. Read the description and if you are interested, please help by either funding or sharing this video. Many thanks indeed
Amateur Astrophotography Magazine. Issue 45.
Website:- http://amateurastrophotography.com/ Ezine:- https://www.magzter.com/BG/Amateur-Astrophotography/Amateur-Astrophotography/Science/246435
Busy skies
On the 14/04/2015 I left the camera out exposing at ISO 1600, 25 sec exp facing Polaris. Here is a time lapse from the images. So many planes Satellites a few meteors and 2 Iridium Flares. What a busy night
Sunrise @ 7:15am 06/12/2017
Sunrise from this morning.
Star trails and a few Geminid's too
Star trails and a few Geminid's too
Morning Chorus from the garden
Something I have wanted to do for quite some time. Here is a video recording with a Canon 1100D of a static view from the garden with the birds singing. sounds quite beautiful.
hoping to find out
Earth Rotation around Polaris
135 30 second subs @ ISO 800. Canon 450D. Taken in Michaelchurch Escley in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire.
10 of the Best. M8 - Lagoon Nebula
10 of the best images of the Lagoon Nebula - M8 that have been uploaded to the Amateur Astrophotography Magazine Flickr page. https://amateurastrophotography.com
Star trail time lapse with the moon.
A few hours of exposures taken with a Canon 1100D of star trails.
Moon and Cloud time-lapse
A moon and time lapse taken from the garden with a Canon 450D. ISO 800. 30 second exposures.
Atik Cameras
Promotional video for Atik Cameras
Lyrids meteors
Aircraft, Iridium Flares, Satellites and maybe one or two Lyrids meteors too
Learn Astrophotography with us
Learn astrophotography with other like minded people through the Amateur Astrophootgraphy Maagzine. https://www.amateurastrophotography.com/
Lights Over Lapland 2018 /19
Promotion video for Lights over Lapland www.lightsoverlapland.com www.amateurastrophotography.com To have a video like this made for your company, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
Meteor shower
Not many meteors though, so I will call it a time lapse
ISS February 16, 2014 02
Time lapse of Jupiter, Orion and the ISS, then cloud I am afraid. To view more amazing amateur astrophotography, visit http://www.amateurastrophotography.net