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Yabu Kota
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Magi: Labyrinth of Magic - Ultimate Jafar Spit
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NNNN Davao
Ito po ang kalokohan ng mga clasm8s coo habang gumagawa ng project sa filipino ! hahahaha Enjoii po !
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Sho Sakurai Rap Remix
I wonder if it did go well.. but i swear to have liked some parts :D enjoy and thanks for listening ,, actually .. Oh-chan's pic and the other one has nothing to do with this .. :D Just i needed it for editing and it crashed so i did not make it to change the pic :D
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Pastel Mix X Shin Vivid - Heavy Rotation
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my anime
anime !! i'm not a professional so this might be something ridiculous !! ^^ but i hope you like it !! the song is "honto no jibun" from shugo chara ! ^^ making this anime guy ... i used my own style ... but i can say that i really liked the style of "CLAMP" the way they made my everlasting anime crush 'lelouch' .. nyahahahahah
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Neko Chudoku - Tegomassu cover
Performed by Shin Vivid in Davao https://www.facebook.com/dageta.collaboration Credits to Paula Villaluna for the video^^ No copyright intended with the music.
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Vanilla Salt- Horie Yui [cover]
i was singing this because i'm bored..and recorded it... gomen if it's a pain for the ears... :D btw, i sang the wrong lyrics for how many times... peace hehehe obviously, i can't reach the high notes----i screamed :D
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