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Ray Romano Remembers 9-11
This video is about Ray Romano Remembers 9-11
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Kristin Chenoweth Remembers 9-11
Broadway, Film and Television Actress Kristin Chenoweth Remembers 9-11
Famous Last Words: Noel Neill 1920 - 2016
SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW AT https://youtu.be/UnXAc5zPJes Noel Neill, 1920-2016, was the first actress to portray Lois Lane, first in two Superman serials produced in the 1940's starring Kirk Alyn as Superman. In the 1950's, she was tapped to reprise that role, taking over for Phyllis Coates in the long-running "The Adventures of Superman" TV Series, co-starring with George Reeves as Superman and Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen. In this short interview excerpt, Noel remembers her first day playing Lois.
Kelly Ripa Remembers 9-11
She was broadcasting live on the air when the September 11 attacks occurred. Kelly Ripa recounts her experiences that day and when they returned on Live With Regis and Kelly. Executive Producer: David P. Levin Talent Producer: Paul Scott Adamo See more videos and commentary at http://brainstormincblog.blogspot.com Check out Pop Goes The Culture for more interviews. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFZd4bSVJCPG2iwXB4Ct15g
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When Micky Dolenz met Paul McCartney
Monkee Micky Dolenz talks about how he met Paul McCartney and the Beatles.
John Schneider - How I Got The Part on Dukes of Hazzard
John Schneider tells how he transformed himself from a kid from Westchester into Bo Duke to get the part in the Dukes of Hazzard. So excited to announce that I will be interviewing John Schneider live - this Wednesday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific - and you can be a part of the conversation! Talk face to face with the star of Dancing with the Stars, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Have and Have Nots, Smallville via Facetime or Skype on your phone, tablet or computer! Go to www.askthemyourself.com, create an account, and arrange for a test call before the show! Help Support Pop Goes The Culture by subscribing on my PATREON PAGE! https://www.patreon.com/PopGoesTheCultureTV #boomertube
Tony Danza Remembers 9-11
Tony Danza Remembers 9-11 Executive Producer: David P. Levin Talent Producer: Paul Scott Adamo See more videos and commentary at http://brainstormincblog.blogspot.com Check out Pop Goes The Culture for more interviews. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFZd... Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License
Idina Menzel Remembers 9-11
Broadway/Film Actress Idina Menzel Remembers 9-11
Denis Leary Remembers 9-11
This video is about Denis Leary Remembers 9-11. Executive Producer: David P. Levin Talent Producer: Paul Scott Adamo See more videos and commentary at http://brainstormincblog.blogspot.com Check out Pop Goes The Culture for more interviews. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFZd... Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License
Regis Philbin Remembers 9-11
Regis Philbin Remembers 9-11
DAN RATHER Remembers 9-11
Former CBS New Anchorman DAN RATHER Remembers 9-11
Partridge Family's  David Cassidy  tells How I Got The Part
Late pop icon, David Cassidy, talks about his audition for Keith Partridge on THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY. #boomertube
Batgirl Yvonne Craig reveals "How I Got The Part"
In this archival interview, the legendary Yvonne Craig reveals what happened when she was cast as BATGIRL in the hit 1966 series, "BATMAN". You won't believe the reason!
Wayne Rogers talks MASH, House Calls, I Dream of Jeannie and more - Part 1 of 5
SPECIAL EPISODE: A tribute to the late Wayne Rogers We lost another great pop culture icon on the last day of 2015. Wayne Rogers was best known for playing Trapper John during the first three seasons of MASH. I hate it when a beloved star of my childhood passes away. I hate it because it means a little bit more of our pop culture history is gone. And in this case, it also means a talented actor, producer – and very nice guy is gone too. Luckily, we have his work – and this conversation which we had a while back – to remember him by. On this first of five parts, Wayne Rogers tells some of his favorite stories. How he landed the part on MASH – he wasn’t originally up for the part of trapper. What it was like working with Alan Alda and the great writer, Larry Gelbart.
Jasmine Guy talks A DIFFERENT WORLD and Diahann Carroll -  Part 6 of 8
The behind the scenes tales of tv that have rarely been revealed - until now. In part 6 of this 8 part conversation, actress Jasmine Guy and I discuss the ways that the creators added authenticity to A DIFFERENT WORLD., what it was like working with legendary actress Diahann Carroll playing her mom. And what Jasmine learned: the creativity and education of working on the show.
When Barbara Eden Met Lucille Ball
Barbara Eden reveals what happened when she guest starred on I LOVE LUCY.
Jasmine Guy talks about Kadeem Hardison, Debbie Allen, A Different World 3 of 8
The untold stories of your favorite shows… from the stars who lived them. Today, in part 3 of my chat with Jasmine Guy, she gets into specifics about just HOW the hit 90’s sitcom, A Different World, evolved after season one. Debbie Allen comes on as producer director. How Jasmine felt about the final episode - the graduation and wedding… and she talks about her friendship with Kadeem Hardison and how Kadeem felt about “other men” on the set.
Dick Van Dyke Show's Rose Marie Part 3 of 4 Pop Goes The Culture
Today, we continue our talk with Rose Marie. Today, we cover more of her encounters with Bugsy Segal in 1940’s Vegas. You’ll hear about her lunch with Al Capone! I guarantee you will learn things here you NEVER knew before.
Pop Goes The Culture Phoebe Snow Part 1 of 3
One of my favorite interviews from the vault. Phoebe Snow left us way too young. She talked about how her daughter impacted her career, we talk about song-writing, what it was like being on the second ever Saturday Night Live, how she met the Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Phoebe Cates, Bill Clinton and even Captain Kangaroo.
Mash's Wayne Rogers talks HOUSE CALLS Part 3 of 5
Continuing our tribute to the beloved actor, Wayne Rogers with the third part of our conversation as he talks more about MASH, his other hit series, House Calls – and the extraordinary step he took when it was cancelled. We also talk about what happens when an actor flubs his lines on stage.
Shirley Jones talks about Partridge Family and her career Part 1 of 4
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. Today I’m talking to the most musical mom in television sitcom history. Of course I’m talking about Shirley Jones, also known as Shirley Partridge, mother of the fictional Partridge Family. In our four part conversation, Shirley talks about her entire career - from Broadway to Hollywood, her Oscar winning turn for best supporting actress as a prostitute in Elmer Gantry and of course the sitcom that cemented her in the minds of baby boomer everywhere as the coolest mom on TV. In part one, Shirley and I started off talking about the Partridge Family. This interview was recorded before the passing of the great David Cassidy who played her son Keith but who also, in real life, was her stepson. She’ll tell us how she got the part and the true untold story of Shirley and the bus.
Bea Arthur tells how she was cast as Maude Part 1 of 4
Today we’re dipping into the archives for my four part conversation with a television legend. Bea Arthur hit big when she guest starred on an episode of All In The Family as Edith’s cousin MAUDE. Later she went on to play Dorothy on Golden Girls. I did this interview a few years before she passed away at 86 in 2009. Today, we’ll talk about Maude and how she was cast, working with Sid Caesar and Roddy McDowall, why she almost DIDN’T play Maude.
Dana Delany Talks About China Beach Part 1 of 3
We talk to Dana Delany, the smart, sexy star of movies like Exit to Eden and shows like Desperate Housewives, Body of Proof, Hand of God and of course, China Beach. This one is from the archives, just before she did Desperate Housewives, but we got to cover a lot of topics. How she wanted to be an FBI agent – her infamous Ring Around the Collar commercial. What it was like shooting at a cursed Indian burial ground, floods on the set and how she got the part on Chine Beach.
A conversation with Jasmine Guy Part 8 of 8
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. Today, our final episode in my conversation with Jasmine Guy, star of the hit 90’s sitcom A DIFFERENT WORLD. We talk about the importance of the fictional Hillman College to the black community. And Jasmine describes being a guest star: her stint as a very different character on NYPD Blue.- and how they changed it behind her back in post production.
Davy Jones discusses his Guest Shot on The Brady Bunch with Marcia Brady
Former Monkee, the late Davy Jones recalls what it was like doing his guest shot on the Brady Bunch in this archival interview. He talks about the song "Girl" and hanging with Marcia Marcia Marcia.
The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce - Pop Goes The Culture - Part 1 of 3
Danny Bonaduce talks about getting his part on the Partridge Family and many untold stories! To Buy DANNY BONADUCE: RANDOM ACTS OF BADNESS: https://goo.gl/5CduAS To buy COME ON GET HAPPY - THE VERY BEST OF THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY: https://goo.gl/gnV5Hu To buy THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY - THE COMPLETE SERIES on DVD: https://goo.gl/sHosgL To buy SHIRLEY JONES - A MEMOIR. https://goo.gl/Hzj1Q1 To buy COULD IT BE FOREVER - MY STORY by David Cassidy: https://goo.gl/ifcpMf
Alison Arngrim Nellie Oleson "Little House on the Prairie" Part 1 of 4
Alison Arngrim Nellie Oleson talks about her experiences on "Little House on the Prairie" and her new book and one-woman show, "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch" Part 1 of 4 Support Pop Goes The Culture on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/PopGoesTheCultureTV Buy CONFESSIONS OF A PRAIRIE BITCH. https://goo.gl/TLnp9n Buy LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE complete collection on DVD: https://goo.gl/gd1x5m Buy and download LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE The Pilot. https://goo.gl/qSm9mU
The Monkees Micky Dolenz: Pop Goes The Culture Part 3 of 3
My three part conversation concludes as Micky Dolenz talks about some of the great Monkees guest stars and reunions. Plus, what happened when Jimi Hendrix opened for the Monkees. And is it really possible that the Monkees might have done Sugar Sugar?? What songs did the Monkees turn down? And which ones did they want and didn’t get?
Lea Thompson Talks Back To The Future
Lea Thompson talks about her experiences in the Back to the Future trilogy - including untold stories! Pop Goes The Culture: The behind the scenes stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. Get Back to the Future the TRILOGY! http://amzn.to/2GccNN3 Get Untold Tales of BTTF: http://amzn.to/2pwwAgt Get the BTTF Behind the scenes Doc: http://amzn.to/2G1jhLm Get Howard The Duck. http://amzn.to/2GcdvKd Get other great Lea Thompson stuff: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_li_qf_sp_sr_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=boomertube-20&keywords=Lea Thompson&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=70e14a6c0e624187eb835662bc776bb0 Support Pop Goes The Culture on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/PopGoesTheCultureTV
Larry Storch talks about Car 54 and F-Troop Part 1 of 3
Larry Storch is 94 years old – and still going strong. Growing up in the Bronx, Storch began as a stand-up comedian and impressionist – eventually becoming a frequent and favorite guest star on loads of TV shows in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s including: "Car 54, Where Are You?", Sergeant Bilko, Get Smart, The Flying Nun, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, That Girl, I Dream of Jeannie, Gomer Pyle, Gilligan's Island, and All in the Family. But he’s best known as Corporal Randolph Agarn on F-Troop, which ran on ABC for two seasons from 1965 till 1967 – 65 episodes in all. To the kids who grew up in the 60’s, Storch also voiced many of our favorite cartoons. Most notably the character Mr. Whoopie – on the series Tennessee Tuxedo which also starred the great Don Adams . Storch is definitely a product of his time - another era – with a dated sense of humor – and definitely unPC – but he is a part of show biz history, beloved by his fans, so I’m sharing this interview, warts and all - unedited. In part one of my conversation with Larry Storch, we’ll talk about How he got onto F-Troop – His friendship with Forrest Tucker The real reason why Ken Berry never kissed Wrangler Jane. A bunch of the greatest impressions. Including His cartoon voices.
Ben Vereen Remembers 9-11
Singer Actor Ben Vereen Remembers 9-11
A Conversation with Jack Larson and Noel Neill Part 1 of 9
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. A few years back, the pop culture world lost two beloved icons from the golden age of television. Before there was Batman vs. Superman, before there was Supergirl, before there was Smallville, before there was Justice League and Lois and Clark and Superboy and Superman the Movie and even BATMAN - there was… The Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves, which aired from 1952 through 1958 and, beginning around its third season, the first TV series - ever -to be produced in color! Jack Larson was, for an entire generation, THE Jimmy Olsen – the intrepid cub-reporter/photographer, Superman’s Pal, – the guy who was always getting in trouble, relying on the man of steel to get him out of it. And Noel Neill was Superman’s scrappy, wannabe girl-friend, the girl reporter Lois Lane. Neill was 95 when she passed away in 2016. Jack Larson passed away in 2015. In addition to playing Jimmy Olsen, Larson was a prolific playwright and well-loved in the theater world. Their final screen appearances, appropriately enough, were in 2006’s SUPERMAN RETURNS. A while back, I had the pleasure of interviewing both Larson and Noel Neill about their experiences on the 1950’s Adventures of Superman series which starred George Reeves. In part one of 9, we talk about the early episodes, and working on the legendary sound stages that were part of Hollywood history. working at Hal Roach studios. Jack tells of his first day of shooting with George Reeves, shooting in color, working with Orson Welles' Citizen Kane crew. Lots of great movie trivia in this episode.
Jasmine Guy talks about A Different World 1 of 8
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. My guest today is Jasmine Guy, a talented actress whose first TV appearance was as a dancer on the television version of FAME. She also has starred in series such as showtime’s Dead Like Me and KC Undercover. But she’s best known for her time as Whitley Gilbert on the hit sitcom and Cosby Show spin-off, A DIFFERENT WORLD. I loved talking with Jasmine. She’s funny and irreverent and bright and just fun to talk to. This conversation took place around ten years ago, before the Bill Cosby scandals came to light, when the comedian was still revered as America’s Dad, and beloved by all. In this first of eight parts, we chatted about how she created whitley on a different world. Jasmine talks about her childhood, but we began chatting about how she got involved with the series. .
Gilbert Gottfried breaks character to Remember 9-11 (his real voice)
New York comedian Gilbert Gottfried Remembers 9-11
Alan Jackson Remembers 9-11
Country SInger Alan Jackson Remembers 9-11
Jack Klugman talks about Odd Couple, Tony Randall, Quincy Part 1 of 4
I loved Jack Klugman. Loved him in four iconic episodes of The Twilight zone. Loved him in 12 Angry Men. Loved him in Quincy. And of course loved him as the ever sloppy Oscar Madison, co-starring with Tony Randall, in the legendary TV comedy, the original version of THE ODD COUPLE, which ran on ABC from .1970 through 75. Klugman was an unforgettable character actor, who enriched the parts he played with unblemished humanity, at turns able to make you laugh – or cry – often at the same time. In 1989, a lifetime of cigar smoking had led to throat cancer, and one of Jack’s vocal chords was removed, leaving the actor nearly voiceless. But what could have been the end of his acting career was merely a next chapter, thanks to his friendship with Tony Randall, who had played Felix Unger opposite Klugman’s Madison. This interview with Jack is from a few years before he passed away at age 90, in 2012. It is difficult to listen to, because of the ravages of Jack’s cancer. But the stories he tells are worth listening to. Jack's humanity, humor and heart still shine brightly.
Jack Larson and Noel Neill reveal their thoughts on other Superman stars Part 8 of 9
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. Today, the penultimate chapter of my 9 - count em 9 - part interview with the legendary Jack Larson and Noel Neill of the original Superman TV series. Jack and Noel talk about the other screen versions of Superman. Smallville and Lois and Clark. the Superboy series from the 80’s. Noel talks about meeting fans, and traveling to Metropolis Illinois for the annual Superman celebration. Their funniest memories. What happened when George Reeves got injured - turns out he wasn’t REALLY Superman. Plus How they made Superman fly in the pre-digital, pre-green-screen 50’s
"The time a frog peed on Jim Henson" with Kermit and Bob McGrath
#BobMcGrath, recently let go from #SesameStreet Here's a preview from an upcoming exclusive interview with #BobMcGrath, recently let go from #SesameStreet Pop Goes the Culture: TV Secrets Revealed: Sesame Street's Bob McGrath Talks About Working with Kermit and a Real Life Bullfrog.
Barney Miller's  Ron Glass reveals  How I Got The Part of Harris
Don't miss our newest upload: "The Boomer Tube: Alan Young: How I Got The Part" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neajM_Egaps --~-- Ron Glass (Barney Miller, Firefly) talks about how he got to play Detective Harris on Barney Miller in this archival interview #boomertube
The Monkees Micky Dolenz - A Conversation 1 of 3
They weren’t the Beatles, but in the 1960’s, they played them – kind of- on TV. Hey hey – they were the Monkees – and today, my guest is the guy who sang lead on so many of the Monkee hits, Micky Dolenz!
When Donny Osmond met Michael Jackson
Donny Osmond reveals what happened when he and Michael Jackson met.
The Boomer Tube:   Jasmine Guy:   How I Got The Part
Jasmine Guy talks about how she was cast in the pilot for "A DIFFERENT WORLD" #boomertube
Bea Arthur talks about Golden Girls Part 2 of 4
Today my archival conversation with Bea Arthur continues. In part 2, We’ll talk about life after Maude – some of the shows she DIDN’T do. And a few of the ones that didn’t quite work out - like The American Fawlty Towers. Of course- how she got involved with Golden Girls – and why she left and about some of her favorite moments.
Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) Remembers 9-11
Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) Remembers 9-11
Jasmine Guy gets real about A Different World 2 of 8
The Behind the scenes stories of your favorite TV shows. In part two of my conversation with actress Jasmine Guy, she reveals why the first season of A Different World was not a happy set. We’ll find out how that set changed after the first season with the arrival of Debbie Allen and HER changes to the show - including the evolution of her character Whitley when Lisa Bonet left. Plus: Jasmine gets very personal. about her roles and about perceptions of black women, past and present…
Shirley Jones talks about Danny Bonaduce Part 2 of 4
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. Today, part two of my conversation with the amazing Shirley Jones, the famous mom on TV’s the Partridge Family! Shirley talks about working with a very young Ron Howard. what she thought of Danny Bonaduce’s reality show, which was on around that time, Breaking Bonaduce. Her favorite Partridge Family episodes and guest stars. And what was up with that on again off again dog
Richard Belzer Remembers 9-11
This video is about Richard Belzer Remembers 9-11
Jaleel White-  Urkel-  How I Got The Part
Jaleel White talks about how an audition for a guest shot on Family Matters turned into a 9 year gig as the iconic nerd, Steve Urkel. #boomertube
Psychic Medium Kim Russo Talks about The Haunting Of
Wise Brother Media Presents Pop Goes the Culture Radio. Featuring an exclusive interview with world renowned psychic medium, Kim Russo, The Happy Medium. So excited to be hosting the absolutely stunning (in every way) Kim Russo, world famous Psychic Medium, to my show ASK THEM YOURSELF, Tuesday May 15th at 9PM Eastern! Be part of the show by logging in at www.askthemyourself.com Buy Kim's book here: https://amzn.to/2IcNAzT Talent Producer: Paul Scott Adamo http://www.paulscottadamo.com Executive Producer/Host: David P. Levin
Superman's Noel Neill talks about Phyllis Coates and Kirk Alyn (with Jack Larson) Part 4 of 7
The behind the scenes TV stories you wouldn’t have known - from the people who were there. Today I’ll continue my conversation with the beloved 1950’s Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, Jack Larson and Noel Neill of the Adventures of Superman,. In this archival interview, conducted about ten years prior to their passing , Noel talks about appearing in the Kirk Alyn serials and what it was like taking over for Phyllis Coates. And the pair talks about their favorite cliffhanger traps.