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Puff the Magic Dragon - Jackie Paper Part 3 of 3
"Puff, the Magic Dragon" is a 30 minute animated television film released on October 30, 1978, based on the song of the same name. The title character was voiced by Burgess Meredith. The doctors were voiced by Frank Nelson, Charles Woolf, and Regis Cordic. It was followed by two made-for-TV sequels, Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of Living Lies (1979) and Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody (1982).
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Dr  Seuss The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat is a children's book written and illustrated by Theodor Geisel under the pen name Dr. Seuss and first published in 1957. The story centers on a tall anthropomorphic cat, who wears a red and white-striped hat and a red bow tie. The Cat shows up at the house of Sally and her brother one rainy day when their mother is away. Ignoring repeated objections from the children's fish, the Cat shows the children a few of his tricks in an attempt to entertain them. In the process he and his companions, Thing One and Thing Two, wreck the house. The children and the fish become more and more alarmed until the Cat produces a machine that he uses to clean everything up. He then disappears just before the children's mother walks in. Geisel created the book in response to a debate in the United States about literacy in early childhood and the ineffectiveness of traditional primers such as those featuring Dick and Jane. Geisel was asked to write a more entertaining primer by William Spaulding, whom he had met during World War II and who was then director of the education division at Houghton Mifflin. However, because Geisel was already under contract with Random House, the two publishers agreed to a deal: Houghton Mifflin published the education edition, which was sold to schools, and Random House published the trade edition, which was sold in bookstores. Geisel gave varying accounts of how he created The Cat in the Hat, but in the version he told most often he was so frustrated with the word list from which he could choose words to write his story that he decided to scan the list and create a story based on the first two words he found that rhymed. The words he found were cat and hat. The book met with immediate critical acclaim and financial success. Reviewers praised it as an exciting alternative to traditional primers. Three years after its debut, the book had already sold over a million copies, and in 2001 Publishers Weekly listed the book at number nine on its list of best-selling children's books of all time. The book's success led to the creation of Beginner Books, a publishing house centered on producing similar books for young children learning to read. In 1983, Geisel said, "It is the book I'm proudest of because it had something to do with the death of the Dick and Jane primers." The book was adapted into a 1971 animated television special and a 2003 live-action film.
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Puff the Magic Dragon - Jackie Paper Part 1 of 3
"Puff, the Magic Dragon" is a 30 minute animated television film released on October 30, 1978, based on the song of the same name. The title character was voiced by Burgess Meredith. The doctors were voiced by Frank Nelson, Charles Woolf, and Regis Cordic. It was followed by two made-for-TV sequels, Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of Living Lies (1979) and Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody (1982).
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Puff the Magic Dragon - Jackie Paper Part 2 of 3
"Puff, the Magic Dragon" is a 30 minute animated television film released on October 30, 1978, based on the song of the same name. The title character was voiced by Burgess Meredith. The doctors were voiced by Frank Nelson, Charles Woolf, and Regis Cordic. It was followed by two made-for-TV sequels, Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of Living Lies (1979) and Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody (1982).
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MECO   ewok celebration
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Nintendo Commercial   Now You're Playing With Power!   1986
What's it like to be a kid in the 1980's? AWESOME! If you like video games, then give some cred to the original gamers of arcade and console gaming. This system started it all!
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Rejected - Best Oscar Award Winner Movie
Rejected - Best Oscar Award Winner Movie. Soon after graduating from film school, Hertzfeldt purchased his own 35mm rostrum camera, and made his next animated short, Rejected. Released in theaters in 2000, the short won dozens of awards, was nominated for an Oscar, and is an enduring cult classic that is frequently quoted and referenced in pop culture.[25] Fans of the cartoon have been known to wear costumes, re-enact their favorite scenes in fan films, and some have had tattoos made of their favorite characters.[26] Public screenings of the short sometimes become a "Rocky Horror Picture Show-esque feedback loop" of fans reciting favorite lines back at the screen.[27] The short's enduring popularity has led the film to be described as "this generation's A Hard Day's Night".[28] The film presents itself as a reel of rejected commercial work by a fictional version of Don Hertzfeldt. The commissioned animated vignettes grow more and more abstract and inappropriate as the animator suffers a mental breakdown, until they literally fall apart. Although the film is of course fictional and Hertzfeldt has never done commercial work, he did receive many offers to do television commercials after Billy's Balloon garnered international attention and acclaim. Hertzfeldt is an artist with anti-corporate leanings and in appearances has often told the humorous story of how he was tempted to produce the worst possible cartoons he could come up with for the companies, make off with their money, and see if they would actually make it to air. Eventually this became the germ for Rejected's theme of a collection of cartoons so bad they were rejected by advertising agencies, leading to their creator's breakdown.
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Hayao Miyazaki .mp4
Hayao Miyazaki
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Vintage Kenner Star Wars Landspeeder toy commercial
Released in 1978, Kenner's Land Speeder was one of the original 3 ¾" action figure vehicles released. It was released along with the TIE Fighter, X-Wing Fighter, Death Star Play Set, as well as the JC Penney =exclusive Radio Controlled Land Speeder and the Sears exclusive Cantina Adventure Set. Later releases of the Land Speeder included Luke Skywalker and See-Threepio (C-3PO) action figures. Beyond the standard U.S. version, there were two significant variations released internationally. In the United Kingdom, Palitoy released a version that didn't have an opening hood (or, Bonnet, as it is known in the U.K.), and Australia's TolToys produced a version that had stickered details in favour of Kenner's painted darker brown accents. The TolToys' version was also made available to Canadian consumers through a partnership with Kenner Canada. In 1984, Kenner rereleased the Land Speeder, along with the Darth Vader TIE Fighter and Patrol Dewback, in the Collector Series. This subline only lasted the initial release and for the first time since 1979 saw the original Star Wars logo displayed on store shelves. The Collector series utilized the original packaging with a starburst logo added to the right side corner indicating the unique nature of the rerelease.
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TSR Dungeons and Dragons game TV commercial
Behold the game that started it all! The original Dungeons & Dragons boxed set was published by TSR, Inc. in 1974 and was the very first roleplaying game, introducing concepts that have persisted throughout later editions. It included three small rules booklets in a white box. This commercial embodies what it was like to be a nerdy gamer in the 1970's
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Metroid Theme NES
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Meco   The Force Theme
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Star Wars: Droids 1x09.5 - The Great Heep
The Great Heep was a large, masculine-programmed droid who operated an enormous fuel ore processing plant on the planet Biitu in the early days of the Galactic Empire. The Heep was an Abominor, a member of an extra-galactic species of advanced, self-constructing droids, which enslaved organic life on thousands of worlds before they were driven from their galaxy. The Heep was powered by an internal furnace that required a near-constant supply of fuel and further recharged himself by draining power from astromech droids. In 15 BBY, the Heep formed an alliance with Admiral Terrinald Screed of the Galactic Empire to mine fuel ore on Biitu, enslaving the native population and constructing a "moisture eater" that drained all moisture from the atmosphere to ensure optimum conditions. When the moisture eater was destroyed by the merchant Mungo Baobab and his droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, the stored water was released in a storm that extinguished the Heep's furnace and deactivated the droid.
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Ultima Online.mp4
The Music of Ultima Online
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Run Wrake - Rabbit (2005).mp4
8' 30" Short film, an animate! commission funded through Finetake by Arts Council England and Channel 4. When a boy and girl find an idol in the stomach of a rabbit, great riches follow, but for how long?
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The Legend Of Zelda Soundtrack   Intro
The original opening theme to The Legend of Zelda.
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Saturday Supercade long version.mp4
Saturday Morning Cartoons
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Star Wars Holiday Special - 1978
Don't be fooled by the special effects. This isn't The Force Awakens or Rogue One, It's the Holiday Special! The Star Wars Holiday Special is a 1978 American musical science fiction television film set in the Star Wars galaxy. It stars the series' first film's main cast while introducing the character Boba Fett, who would appear in later films. It is one of the first official Star Wars spin-offs and was directed by Steve Binder. In the storyline that ties the special together, Chewbacca and Han Solo visit Kashyyyk, Chewbacca's home world, to celebrate Life Day. They are pursued by agents of the Galactic Empire, who are searching for members of the Rebel Alliance on the planet. The special introduces three members of Chewbacca's family: his father Itchy, his wife Malla, and his son Lumpy, though these names were later explained to have been nicknames, their full names being Attichitcuk, Mallatobuck, and Lumpawarrump, respectively. The program also features many other Star Wars characters, including Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader and Princess Leia (who sings the film's "theme song", set to the music of John Williams' Star Wars theme, near the end). The program includes stock footage from Star Wars,[1] and also features a cartoon produced by Toronto-based Nelvana that officially introduces the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Scenes also take place in outer space and in spacecraft including the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer. The variety-show segments and cartoon also take place in a few other locales, such as a Mos Eisley cantina on the desert planet of Tatooine and a newly introduced red ocean planet known as Panna. The special is notorious for its extremely negative reception[2] and has never been rebroadcast or officially released on home video. It has therefore become something of a cultural legend, because of the "underground" quality of its existence. It has been viewed and distributed in off-air recordings made from its original telecast by fans, which were later adapted to content-sharing websites via the Internet and bootleg copies, including this one.
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