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Line Rider - The Cave Passage
My second Line Rider movie, this one with 3087 lines and a cave background. Plehzz
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Funny Pictures
I caught this on HyperCam 2 because PowerPoint couldn't make it into GIF's and play them as a movie in Microsoft Movie Maker. So I didn't take this movie from the internet. Sorry if you can't see what the sign says, it says: Ninja's has killed my family - need money for Kung-Fu lessons Enjoy!
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Pivot Running Swordsman Chopping Off A Head
This is another Pivot v3 movie. Made with: Pivot v3, Internet (getting fire and sword), Paint & Windows Movie Maker
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Mr. Unlucky playing basketball in Pivot
Ok, this is Mr. Unlucky playing basketball I added the sounds "Start your voting" and "End of vote" from Counter-Strike: Source. Thanks for watching.
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Line Rider Skatepark
This is my third Line Rider movie in YouTube. Enjoy!
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Tall n' Small - funny Pivot v3 movie
Just a Pivot v3 movie with 426 pics.
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LineRider Pro Bold
My fifth LineRider movie here on youtube. I didn't make any background because I'm out of ideas of what it could be :P
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LineRider Cold Day
My fourth LineRdider short movie, Enjoy Plehzz
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One of my Line Rider levels
This is one of my Line Rider levels I've built. Please don't write: "You suck" or "Noob" or something like that, It's my first movie. Give me tips and things I can do better ^^ Plehzz
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Skate and Die Pivot
A stickman skating his last time :P
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Magic Pen in Pivot
Yeah, just what the name of this film is, Magic Pen in Pivot :P
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Counter Strike Source Pivot
This is a short Counter strike Source De_Dust2 movie I made in Pivot. Please comment ^^
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Norther - Victorious One(Pivot v3)
Please read! This is not meant to be a long good Pivot movie, it is music! I put in some Pivot animations instead of ONE picture! OK, I made a newer one. Now with an ending and good sound! Thanks for watching!
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