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#12 What does it mean when you dream of a frog ?
When you dream of stepping on a frog or a toad, this could be an indication of your wanting to capitalize on the power you have over weaker people that you encounter. You could be abusing your power in an effort to take advantage of the situation. Read more: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-frogs-meaning-and-interpretation.html
Dreams About Jesus - Interpretation and Meaning
If you view Jesus as your savior and he shows up in your dream, then this means that your struggles and pain might soon be coming to an end. It could be a sign that you will finally achieve your goals and life as you know it will completely change for the better. Read more: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-jesus.html
#10 Dreams About Green Snakes Meaning and Interpretation
🔗 https://alodreams.com/green-snake-dream-meaning.html A green snake in your dream could mean good luck with matters involving love and creativity.
#14 Dreams about Lizards - Lizard Dream Meaning and Interpretation
Seeing A Green lizard: When you see this kind of lizard in your dream, this could be an indication of your current great love life or that a great love life will soon be happening to you https://alodreams.com/seeing-lizard-in-dream.html
#6 Dreams About Horses: Why You Have Horse Dreams ?
Often times horses are positive symbols in our dreams because they represent our ability to stay enthusiastic in working towards making our future bright https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-horses.html
#36 Dreams about Maggots - Meaning and Interpretation
Dreams of maggots could be as a result of negativity. You might be experiencing a lot of negative energy, negative thoughts, and negative companions. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-maggots.html
Dreams About Dead Father: Meaning and Interpretation
👨 https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-dead-father-meaning-interpretation.html A dream about a father, in general, signifies security, power, and authority. When you dream of your dead father, it means that he must have been very important in your life
# 23 Cat Dreaming: What Does Dreams about Cats Mean ?
Dream symbols mean different things to different people; for a man dreaming of cats might represent a different meaning to that of a woman dreaming of cats. https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-cats.html
#16 Interpretation of a brown dog dream
Read more: https://alodreams.com/brown-dog-dream-meaning.html Depending on how the brown dog behaves and his attitude towards you in your dream, you can tell what the dream means
#39 Black Snake Dream Meaning & Interpretation
If the black snake is chasing you in your dream that can mean you were uneasy toward something. Probably, there are some things come up that you dread or you are worrying you will make the wrong decision in your real life. In this case all you need to do is just to sit back relaxed and wait for the things to come. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-black-snakes.html
#14 Dreaming about Crows - Meaning and Interpretation
When you see a crow, in general, this could be a sign of your relationship with someone. This relationship could only be based on physical attraction and lacks any feelings or emotions towards each other. ☪️ https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-crows-meaning-interpretation.html
#29 Dreams About Winning The Lottery - Dreams About Receiving Money
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White Wolf Dream Meaning & Interpretation
Read more: https://alodreams.com/white-wolf-in-dream.html
#28 Yellow Snake Dream Meaning and Interpretation
Read more: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-yellow-snakes.html The dreams about yellow snakes are very often and as all the other snake dreams they depend on the situation and actions that snake takes in your dream.
Dream About Someone Being Sick - Meaning and Interpretation
Read more: https://alodreams.com/dreaming-of-being-sick-dream-about-someone-being-sick.html
Seeing Marriage In Dream Is Good Or Bad
When you dream of a marriage in your dream or a wedding, this could be an indication of a great opportunity that will come your way. It could be a job or business opportunity or an opportunity to do something great. 🔗 Read more: https://alodreams.com/seeing-marriage-in-dream-is-good-or-bad.html
#07 Dreams about ducks: Common Duck Dream Scenarios
Dreaming about ducks is something you should give more thought to. Often times the dream will symbolize great happiness and good things to come. Other times it may not symbolize pleasant things. https://alodreams.com/dreaming-of-ducks.html
Biblical Meaning of Lions In Dreams and Interpretation
Seeing a lion in a dream is symbolic of the leadership qualities which you possess. It signifies the fact that you are born with the ability to lead that compel you always to take control and be in charge when the situation demands. Read more : https://alodreams.com/biblical-meaning-of-lions-in-dreams.html
#12 Biblical Meaning of Ants in Dreams & Interpretation
A dream of having been bitten by ants entails a minor misfortune in the near future. Read more : https://alodreams.com/biblical-meaning-of-ants-in-dreams.html
Dreaming of Silver Coins – Meaning & Interpretation
Dreaming of silver coins can also mean that there is a person who cares for you deeply and will do anything to make you happy. Most times when you have someone like that in your life it’s always advisable that you don’t take their love for granted or disrespect their feelings of affection towards you because in most cases these kind of people are the ones that will help you get through the toughest times in your journey through life. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreaming-of-silver-coins.html
Dreams about house fire - Interpretation and Meaning
If you have a house fire dream especially where an old house is burning, then this could be an indication that the time has come when you need to change your old ways of thinking. Read more https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-house-fire.html
Biblical Meaning of Keys in Dreams & Interpretation
This dream can be a sign that you are willing to adapt in different situations. You never fail to see the good in all things. You can smile even on tough conditions. You are a friendly and sociable person and can get along with different people well. Read more : https://alodreams.com/biblical-meaning-of-keys-in-dreams.html
Biblical Meaning of Bees in Dreams & Interpretation
Dreaming of running after and trying to catch a bee means that you may finally take a rest now from the issues that have been keeping you up lately. You had been feeling cornered and stuck but your dream tells you that a breakthrough is coming soon. Make sure you prepare yourself for it. Read more : https://alodreams.com/biblical-meanings-of-bees-in-dreams.html
#18 Dreams About Eagles - Meaning and Interpretation
Dream about watching an eagle fly - Watching an eagle fly in your dream is a good sign. This dream means that you are going to be successful in the near future. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-eagles.html
#23 Dreams about feeding a baby - Meaning and Interpretation
Dream about another person feeding a baby - This dream has an implication of someone close to you being in need. It might be a friend or someone you are related to. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-feeding-a-baby.html
#26 Dreams about toilets - Interpretation and Meaning
I believe that dreams about toilets are basically a reminder of how we should always give time to listen to ourselves – to what we want and what we need. Generally, these dreams are interpreted as negativities that have been bottled up for a long time - Read more: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-toilets.html
#45 Dreams About Feces -  Meaning & Interpretation
Dreaming about stepping on poop - This dream usually brings about good news. You may possibly be receiving a gift or a monetary gain that has not been anticipated. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-feces.html
Dreams About Hummingbirds - Interpretation and Meaning
Spider Dream Meaning - Dream About Tarantulas
Dreams About Tarantulas: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-tarantulas.html Dreams About Spiders: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-spiders.html
#26 Dreams About Shoes - Meaning and Interpretation
Dreaming about wearing new shoes means that you are going to be lucky. Your wealth is going to increase and if by any chance you are involved in business, it means you are going to make more profit. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-shoes.html
#22 Dead Grandmother Dream Meaning & Interpretation
🔗 https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-dead-grandmother.html Dream Of Talking To Deceased Grandmother: If you have this dream it could be a sign for you to be careful. Make choices after careful thought and always avoid situations that will make something bad happen to you.
#72 Dreams About Church - Meaning and  Interpretation
Dream about an abandoned church - This is not a good sign dream for it tells that a period of bad luck in your life is coming. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-church.html
#15 Reasons Why You Dream Of Someone Dying
Dreams about dolphins - Interpretation and Meaning
Read more : https://alodreams.com/dolphins-dream-meaning-interpretation.html
Why you dream of snakes in water ?
You could be experiencing these dreams because good luck awaits you. Blessings and success could be coming your way. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreaming-about-snakes-in-water.html
Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams and Interpretation
Dream About Feeding A Bird - This dream could be an indication of the many goals that you have in your life. You are doing everything you can to achieve them which results in your working very hard. The dream also shows that you are a very optimistic person and have great hope that despite your struggles, all will be well. Read more : https://alodreams.com/biblical-meaning-of-birds-in-dreams.html
#81 Dreams About Tomatoes - Meaning and Interpretation
Dreaming Of A Tomato Plant - To see a whole plant in your dream reflects the resistance that you have built towards a particular situation or individual. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-tomatoes-meaning.html
#24 Koi Fish Dream Meaning & Interpretation
Koi fish have always been related to abundance and prosperity. This is the very reason why most business establishments insist on getting a pond for koi fish. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-koi-fish.html
Vomit Dream Meaning & Interpretation
When you dream about vomiting you are most likely full of negative thoughts and feelings that you would love to purge https://alodreams.com/vomit-dreams-vomit-dream-meaning.html
#38 Dreams About Lobsters - Meaning and Interpretation - Lobster Dream Symbol:
Generally, lobsters are a symbol of strength, perseverance and courage. When you have frequent  lobster dreams, depending on the context in which they are presented, they could be positive.
#57 Dreams About Lemons - Interpretation and Meaning
https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-lemons.html - Lemon dreams can also occur as a sign of delayed achievements. You could be doing all the right things but for some reasons, your plans are not bearing fruit.
#46 Biblical Meaning of Cows in Dreams
In the bible, cows were referred to as neat cattle, of which many hundreds were consumed in sacrifices or for the uses of food. These justify how the cows are associated with abundance and fulfillment. Read More: https://alodreams.com/biblical-meaning-of-cows-in-dreams.html
#15 Dreams About Spiders   Meaning ang Interpretation
🔗 https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-spiders.html Before we start explaining the most common meanings of dreams about spiders, it would be good to introduce you with spider symbolism in different ancient civilizations. This will be helpful to understand the meaning of these dreams in a right way.
16 Biblical meanings of Dreams about Babies & Interpretation
To dream of babies symbolizes the fresh beginning and a new phase of an individual’s life. They sometimes are critical reminders of a time that is passing by fast or sometimes they appear as an indicator of a change. Read more : https://alodreams.com/biblical-meaning-of-babies-in-dreams.html
#13 Demons in Dreams - Demon Dream Meaning & Interpretation
Dreaming about Demons - https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-demons-meaning-interpretation.html#Common_Dreams_About_Demons
#19 Dreams About Baby Snakes : Meaning and Interpretation
The baby snakes dream could also be happening because of some kind of healing transformation in your life. This is the case especially if you see a snake or several of them hatching from an egg. When there are many baby snakes, this could mean that the healing transformation is happening in many aspects of your life. Read more : https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-baby-snakes.html
#13 Snake Bite in Dream  - Meaning and Interpretation
In case you are bitten in the back that can mean that you should pay attention to ill words or suspicious action of people surrounding you in real life.
#21 Dreams About Hugging - Meaning and Interpretation
Hugging someone you love in your dream is not a good sign but you should not worry. It means that you are going to have a difficult time in your future. Read more: https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-hugging.html
Dreams about Dead Dogs - Dream of My Dead Dog Meaning
https://alodreams.com/dreams-about-dead-dogs.html , When you have dreams about dead dogs, it doesn’t have to be that your dog(s) died. There are various interpretations of this and they are as follows: dream meaning dead dog alive dream dead dog came to visit me dream of dead dog coming back to life dreaming of my dog that passed away i had a dream my dog died what does it mean dreams about dead pets being alive
6 Dreams about  Wearing A Wedding Dress - Meaning and Interpretation
Read more: https://alodreams.com/dream-of-wearing-a-wedding-dress-white-black-dress-dream-meaning.html