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Three Ways To Add PDF Files To Your WordPress Site
** 2019 GUTENBERG UPDATE VIDEO HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EJq-ea5M6A In this video Spence will show you how to 1) embed a PDF file, 2) add a direct link to view a PDF file, and 3) how to add a Download Monitor link to a PDF file. Each method has benefits, so be sure to watch this video to the end!
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Improve Conversions With WooCommerce Direct To Checkout
Most people don't need to see your shop, product page or shopping cart in order to buy your online product, subscription or service. Our free plugin makes it super easy to grab a ready-to-use direct to checkout link that works with any WooCommerce product, in any location. Perfect for landing pages, buttons, drip email campaigns, Facebook or ad banners!
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WooCommerce GravityForms Add-Ons Setup For WordPress
In this video, Spence shows how to create a multiple option order form for WordPress using the WooCommerce GravityForms Add-Ons Plugin. This powerful combination makes it possible to create all types of creative order forms for events or custom-built product combinations. Easy!
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Get More Done With The Momentum App
In this video, Spence shows you a new Chrome App that provides you just the right amount of "Momentum" to get things done as a Freelance Web Designer.
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How To Add PDF Files To Your WordPress Site With Gutenberg
In this video I update you from my previous video ( https://youtu.be/c7rIfPcnQxQ ) showing three ways to add PDF files to WordPress with a fourth way, using Gutenberg. https://wplaunchify.com/how-to-add-pdf-files-to-your-wordpress-site-with-gutenberg/ With just a few clicks, you have a gorgeous embedded display with full controls over your PDF viewing experience. Easy!
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How To Setup Bundled Products With WooCommerce & CartFlows
https://wplaunchify.com/how-to-setup-bundled-products-with-woocommerce-cartflows/ - In this video you'll learn a simple yet powerful way to entice more sales in your WooCommerce CartFlows by way of product bundles. If you want a higher conversion rate and an alternative to up-sells, cross-sells and product bumps, check out this video.
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Supercharge WordPress With A Mega Pack Of Shortcodes!
In this video, Spence falls in love like a little schoolgirl with the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin for WordPress! If you've never seen a grown man show unconditional love for a snippet of code, then this is the video for you to watch ;-) Seriously though, this plugin provides instant gratification for the creation of hundreds of gorgeous and necessary page and post elements and layouts, with just a few clicks. Since it is a plugin and not a theme, it also prevents the "theme locking" problem that Spence has previously warned about in other videos. Please give yourself ten minutes and watch this video!
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Why You Need The WPFusion Plugin For Marketing Automation
https://wpfusionplugin.com The answer is quite simple! Your CRM and WordPress don’t talk to each other natively. You see, most CRMs include some simple tools for getting users into your contact database, like email signup forms. But once a user is added to your contact list, your website forgets about this person. For some websites this is fine, but for many businesses this isn’t enough. This is where WPFusion comes in. WP Fusion creates a persistent link between each user on your WordPress website and contact records in your CRM. Users can be added as contacts when they register on your site, and events can be triggered based on the future actions a user takes. Things like making a purchase, updating their profile, filling out a contact form, or visiting a page. These triggers can be used to segment customers, send emails, assigns sales reps, personalize content visibility, and much more. With WPFusion, you can now synchronize the back-office power of your CRM with the public facing side of your WordPress website. Best of all, WPFusion allows you the freedom and flexibility of having an open-source solution based on WordPress, instead of being stuck into the gilded-cage of any particular platform. WPFusion allows you the choice as to what features and capabilities you want to mix and match from various 3rd party vendors into the perfect solution for YOUR business.
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How To Setup One Click Upsells With CartFlows & Paypal
https://wplaunchify.com/how-to-setup-one-click-upsells-with-cartflows-paypal/ - In this video, you will learn how to deliver a one-click upsell experience to your Paypal standard buyers when using CartFlows...without having to go through the torture of being approved for reference transactions. This provides almost all of the benefits of CartFlows one-click upsells with almost zero headache and NO delay.
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How To Customize The Responsive Theme Main Navigation Menu
In this video, Spence shows you how to modify the main navigation menu of the Responsive Theme for WordPress. Even with no coding experience, you will be able to customize the look and feel of the menu and all navigation items, or just hide the menu altogether.
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Mirror Your Favorite CRM To WordPress
In this video, you will learn how easy it is to build a custom business solution by connecting WordPress to your favorite CRM with WPFusion. No longer do you need to use custom code or complicated configurations. Just snap together a few off the shelf components for instant satisfaction!
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Cleanup WordPress Admin Notices
https://wplaunchify.com/cleanup-wordpress-admin-notices/ In this video, learn how to remove any or all admin dashboard notices created by plugins and themes. This is particularly useful when you are building a Membership site for yourself or your clients and want to prevent a cluttered mess of distraction on top of all admin pages.
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Easily Build Custom Gutenberg Marketing Blocks
If you build membership, e-commerce or marketing sites with plugins such as CartFlows and WooCommerce, this is a must-see video. It is now possible to create custom Gutenberg marketing blocks that you can re-use again and again, with virtually no coding experience required!
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Streamline Your WooCommerce Checkout For Better Results
In this video I show you how to get better conversion rates at checkout by eliminating unnecessary fields and saving buyers time and frustration.
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Motivate Membership Site Participants With Badges
https://wpautomationlab.com/motivate-membership-site-participants-with-badges/ In this video, Spence shows you two ways to use badges to improve your membership site user experience and motivate participants. Whether you are using WordPress or another platform.
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Instant Access To Protected Content With Gravity Forms
In this video, Spence demonstrates a new feature of WPFusion that allows one to give instant access to protect content on a site as soon as someone submits a Gravity Forms. This is a powerful method for adding someone to your Marketing Automation Platform while also granting them immediate access to members-only content for a limited time period and purpose...since an ordinary WordPress registration does not occur.
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How To Setup The Jeff Walker Launch Formula With WordPress
https://wpautomationlab.com/how-to-setup-the-jeff-walker-launch-formula-with-wordpress/ In this video, Spence shows you how easy it is to setup the Jeff Walker Launch formula when using your favorite Marketing Automation Platform such as Ontraport, along with WordPress.
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Sell Event Tickets With WooCommerce & Ontraport
https://wpautomationlab.com/sell-event-tickets-with-woocommerce-ontraport/ In this video, Spence answers a question from the Ontraport User Community about how to use sell tickets natively in WordPress using WooCommerce and then send the user data up to Ontraport, without having to use Zapier. Fortunately, this is easy when using WPFusion and the E-commerce add ons, both for free RSVPs as well as purchased tickets.
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Onboard New WordPress Customers With Infusionsoft
https://wpfusionplugin.com WPFusion is the easiest and most powerful way to connect your WordPress website with Infusionsoft… as well as dozens of other CRMs. My favorite capabilities of WPFusion are the Webhooks. Webhooks let you trigger user profile updates and other automated actions by sending data back to WPFusion from your CRM. When working inside Infusionsoft, Webhooks are called “HTTP Posts” These allow you to send data back to your WordPress site, and also create or update a user based on automations in Infusionsoft Let’s say I want a way to instantly onboard new users to my WordPress site… but… I want them to have a unique role from the default “Subscriber”. Here we are going to add a new user AND update their role to that of “customer”. This is very handy if you are using other role-based plugins in WordPress where you want to differentiate between users with different roles. By the way, you can also easily mix and match the native Infusionsoft forms with those of any theme or page builder, as I’m showing here. When a person is onboarded with this simple method, they will receive an email with a confirmation of their user account and a link to set their own password. Easy!
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How To Restrict Membership Content With Your CRM
With WPFusion you can restrict membership content based on a subscribers CRM tags. This can remove the need for complex membership plugins and simplify the entire process. In this video we create a basic setup using WooCommerce. https://wpfusionplugin.com/wplaunchify/how-to-restrict-membership-content-with-your-crm/
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Create A Membership Site For WordPress With Marketing Automation
https://wpautomationlab.com - In this video, Spence explains how you can create a powerful membership site today using a CRM and WPFusion to control your WordPress website instead of doing things the old-fashioned way via plugins alone.
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Supercharge Your AccessAlly Membership Sites With WPFusion
https://wpautomationlab.com/supercharge-your-accessally-membership-sites-with-wpfusion/ In this video, Spence explains how WPFusion and AccessAlly now work together to allow anyone to build even more powerful WordPress membership site solutions.
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Create An Abandoned Cart Workflow With WooCommerce & WPFusion
Over 70% of online customers add products to their cart but fail to checkout. Following up with a reminder email can significantly increase the conversion rate. In this video, we create an abandoned cart workflow using WooCommerce, WPFusion and Active Campaign.
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Apply Tags On Click & Conditionally Display Content
With WPFusion it is possible to apply tags when a user clicks on a link. This could be a button, download or any external link. The tags stored in a subscribers profile can be updated instantly allowing you to display conditional content when the page refreshes. In this video, we use these tools to create a simple upsell offer after a subscriber has become a basic member.
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How To Setup A Modern WordPress Business Online
https://wplaunchify.com/how-to-setup-a-modern-wordpress-business-online/ - In this video, I show you how to connect all of the elements of a modern WordPress business with Marketing Automation and your favorite CRM.
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Setup A Simple WordPress Lead Magnet & Onboarding Flow
https://wplaunchify.com/setup-a-simple-wordpress-lead-magnet-onboarding-flow/ In this video, Spence shows you a typical Roadmap from LaunchFlows.com for setting up a simple lead magnet and onboarding flow using three alternative methods.
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Event Ticket Management With WPFusion & AccessAlly
https://wpautomationlab.com/event-ticket-management-with-wpfusion-accessally/ In this video, Spence shows how to combine the power of WPFusion, AccessAlly, WooCommerce and Event Tickets Plus to sell access to events, while also controlling access to content. It's EASY when you follow this formula!
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Remove The Background From Any Image...Automagically!
Remove.bg removes backgrounds from photos..."Automatically" in only five seconds... for free! Perfect for anyone who uses page builders like Divi, Beaver Builder, Elementor or Gutenberg, whether in your pages, Cart Flows, Banners or even Facebook ads. No Photoshop or other complicated tools or skills required. It's EASY!
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RoadMap Consultation System
https://wplaunchify.com/roadmap-consultation-system Hi, it’s Spence! I’ve spent over a decade teaching more than 21,000 business owners how to succeed financially with WordPress, and in particular how to launch profitable Membership Sites. During this time, I’ve learned that most people over complicate the process, and find themselves lost in the mechanical and technical details of their website, instead of remaining focused on what actually makes them money...their customers. My solution to this dilemma is simple. I’ve perfected a focused and discrete process that provides everything you need to achieve total clarity and execution of your vision. It’s called the Roadmap Consultation System, and it enables you to move forward quickly on your own or with the help of my expert team.
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Tracking Visitors Before And After Registration And Login
https://wpautomationlab.com/tracking-visitors-before-and-after-registration-and-login/ In this video, Spence explains the reasons and methods for tracking visitor behavior on your WordPress membership site both before and after they register and login.
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Protect Gutenberg Block Content With WPFusion
https://wplaunchify.com/protect-gutenberg-block-content-with-wpfusion/ In this video, you will see the new Gutenberg block capability of WPFusion. With WPFusion, it's never been easier to create and protect membership content with Marketing Automation using WordPress and your favorite CRM!
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1wd.tv - Freelance Web Designer Training
Feeling stuck? Get a free answer from a WordPress Expert right now!
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How To Painlessly Migrate Your WordPress Membership Site
https://wpautomationlab.com/how-to-painlessly-migrate-your-wordpress-membership-site/ In this video, Spence answers a question about how to migrate a large (3000+ member) WordPress membership site from an existing membership plugin. You may be surprised how painless the entire process can be when using WPFusion and some human psychology!
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Segment Your Subscribers Using Gravity Forms
Collecting qualifying criteria is a great way to improve your marketing campaigns. The more specific you can be in your messaging the more like you are to make a sale. With Gravity Forms and WPFusion you can tag subscribers based on their form field selections. Each tag can then be used to trigger a targeted email sequence in your marketing automation tool. https://wpfusionplugin.com/wplaunchify/segment-your-subscribers-using-gravity-forms/
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1WD.tv - Freelance Fast Track Webinar (January 30, 2015)
Our student Walt lost a bet and made $1500 last week as a Freelance Web Designer. Want to know how?
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Launch And Operate A Profitable WordPress Membership Site
Hi, I’m Spencer Forman... lifelong entrepreneur, WordPress expert, and founder of WPLaunchify. Are you feeling lost in the mechanical and technical details of your Membership website... instead of focusing on your business profitability? Or perhaps you’ve previously retained an Agency, but found that they don’t understand you or the vision you have for your online business? Either way, you’re in the right place.
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