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Why Do Women Treat Good Men Bad?
Do women cheat more than men?Nathaniel Coy talks to a gentleman that feels thats women cheat just as much as men & feel that women hide it more than men.
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Lord Jamar Speaks on Afrika Bambaataa Sexual Abuse Accusations With Ronald Savage
Rapper/Actor Lord Jamar speaks on Hip Hop Pioneer Afrika Bambaataa being accused of Having sex with under age boys "Ronald Savage" aka Bee Stinger and how it will effect Hip Hop History if the allegations are true
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5 Steps On How to Approach A Black Woman In Person
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Lord Jamar Says Iggy Azalea Is Going To Replace Nicki Minaj
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Why Do Women Date Older Men?
http://www.asknathaniel.org/ Nathaniel Coy interviews a woman on how healthy her relationship is and why the fact her mate is older than her which adds success to her relationship
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Thicker Dominican Woman Are A Black Mans Preference
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Dominican Women Use Men
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Lord Jamar speaks on Trinidad James & Maino
http://www.asknathaniel.org/ Asknathaniel interviews Lord Jamar and speaks with him on how he felt about ATL Rapper Trinidad James comments of "Atlanta runs New York" and how he was not offended.Rapper Maino was more of a target from the atlanta rapper
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Love Lies In The City  (Web Series) Episode 19
Love Lies In The City starts the New Year for 2017 with Episode 19 where Nathan is at again trying to catch another woman (Ale Camargo) to not only to steal her heart but,putting her freedom at risk with his scams.Charming her to his best way possible,he knows that he will be persistent in meeting his next victim. Elijah also addresses Rachel about his Sister and not being invited to Rachel's Sweet 16 a few days back.
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Dudes Be Stuntin On The Gram & Dont Have A Thing
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Love Lies In The City (Web Series) Episode 6
"Love Lies In The City" Episode 6 features 2 of our newest characters "Lavish" & Ashley who are a couple that goes through the up & downs of Love & Trust.....Ashley,wants her soon to be Husband to accept her lifestyle but she cannot seem to convince him.Find out how she take matters into her own hands. log onto http://www.asknathaniel.org/
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Love Lies In The City (Web Series)  Episode 4
Enter Episode 4 of the Newest Drama series of Lies & Deceit all over the cities log onto https://www.asknathaniel.org/
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Ramsey Orta Witness Who Filmed Eric Garner
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Former Bad Boy Artist "Loon" Daughter Speaks
http://www.asknathaniel.org/ Former Bad Boy Artist "Loon" daughter speaks
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Cold Chillin Records "Fly Ty"
This video features Hip Hop Icon Tyrone "Fly Ty" Williams from 1980's Hip Hop record company "Cold Chillin Records"
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Asian women treat men better than most women
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Lord Jamar Speaks On Charlemagne From The Breakfast Club?
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Older Men In Shape Appeal To Younger Women
http://www.asknathaniel.org/ Older men in shape and younger women are more attracted to them
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Most Women Are insecure
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Do Older Black Women Have Too Many Demands?
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Professional Home Recording Studio Tour
This Professional Home Studio KTIZO Studios in Clifton,New Jersey Features a tour with Engineer "Chuma" www.ktuzostudiosnyj.com Intstagram @kitzostudiosnj Twitter @kitzcostudiosnj Facebook @kitzcorecordingstudiosnj
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