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Crown of Success. A traditional hoodoo formula.
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Cleansing and Dressing your Prosperity Candles!!!
Wk 10 Of witchyversity is about financial/prosperity magicks. My next couple videos will pertain to that subject!! Blessed Be!!!!
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Van Van Oil
Heres our van van oil at The Mysterious Spirit!! Check us out to get your hands on a bottle for yourself!! ITS A MUST HAVE! www.themysteriousspirit.com
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Prosperity Magick!!
Wk 10 witchyversity!!!
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Short Intro & Witchy Space Tour
Hello Witches. Just wanted to say hey and give a quick tour of my witchy space in its current state. I figured I will do a seperate Introduction video where you can get to know me a little better!!! Like and subscribe to me if you wanna see more videos!!!! I have so much knowledge I will be sharing and I am so excited to start my youtube journey within our witchy community!! Blessed Be !!! www.facebook.com/carltonsistrunk Find me in Ember HoneyRavens Witchyversity group!!!!! I am also on instagram!!!!!
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A quick haul from my local marshalls showing off some unplanned puchases I made today that will be used in later videos. Ill show it to you as i use them!!!!! :)
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Blockbuster Oil
Hey guys!!! Here is a quick video and explanation of our blockbuster oil we make over at The Mysterious Spirit!!! Check out our spiritual TNT and other conjure supplies!!! Stay tuned for more! We have lots to show you!! www.themysteriousspirit.com Facebook: Spiritus Arcanum: Old Style Apothecary and Conjure Shop
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Welcome to “The Curio Cabinet” Ep.1
Welcome to a new series I will be doing as regularly as possible to introduce some herbs, roots and curios and some basic ways to use them in Conjure and the craft! If there are any particular herbs you’d like me to talk about, please leave a comment and I will add it to the list! Also feel free to like and share this video which helps grow my audience and allows me to produce more content! Thank you! Visit our shop for all your spiritual supplies! www.themysteriousspirit.com Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/themysteriousspirit And instagram: @themysteriousspirit We do free consultations via email to help you work out a plan of action to manifest your results complete with a shopping list so you know what you need! Many blessings! Carlton and Chris
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Crossing Oil!! A most loved and powerful formula!!!
Hey guys! I wanted to introduce to you our crossing oil!!! This potent formula is pretty basic and works some serious mojo when you want to trip someone up, cause a little mischief or really lay a smackdown on your target!!! Check it out! Purchase yours here: www.themysteriousspirit.com FB Page: Spiritus Arcanum: Old Style Apothecary and Conjure Shop
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FLOOR SWEEPS! What, Why and How plus a recipe!
Here’s a bit of info on floor sweeps. This just scratches the surface! Each practitioner and tradition may do it a bit different. This is just what works for us! Much love and light! visit our shop! www.themysteriousspirit.com
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Florida Water!!!
My recipe on florida water! Sometimes you just gotta make your own!
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candle reading and a message in fire!
Just a quick video on candle reading brought on by a candle on my altar going haywire with energy. ALWAYS read your candles!!!!
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Witchy Tip for Selenite.
This is just one way I like to use selenite. They are so many applications that you can incorporate selenite in. DONT limit yourself. Im the type of withc to think outside the box and will make my own way. Share with me your favorite uses!!! Blessed Be.
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Dragons Blood! A most potent oil formula!!
Hey guys! Here's a brief introduction to our amazingly potent Dragons Blood Oil going up in the shop this week! Check us out at www.themysteriousspirit.com www.facebook.com/arcanumapothecaryandconjure Instagram: @themysteriousspirit Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter and our updates for the shop with your email address on our home page! Much love and many blessings!
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My girl Ember taking it home as my first lovemail provider!!!! Many blessings Ember! Blessed be yall!!!!
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Brick dust in spellwork?? Not just a one trick pony!
MY thought on brick dust, and how i have adapted to using in in spell work, not just the traditional hoodoo way!!!
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Stinging Oil
My Recipe for a condition oil I have come to call stinging oil!!! Use with care. www.luckymojo.com www.shop.conjuredcardea.com
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Empower Your Athame.
Here is my personal insight on Athames and their uses, and my story/tutorial (kinda) on my process to empower and consecrate your athame as a sacred tool to be used, not just looked at. Blessed be.
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A very special oil! Abramelin Oil!!!
This oil is a special formula used to connect with higher spiritual beings, to use in works of freedom, and for opening doors to abundance and prosperity! Made in small batches and charged for potency! Check out our conjure oils: www.themysteriousspirit.com www.facebook.com/arcanumapothecaryandconjure Instagram: @themysteriousspirit
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HOW TO FIX A 7 DAY JAR CANDLE! And some insight into workings and how we operate!
Here’s a video chris and I filmed showing a basic setup and process to loading (preparing or fixing) a 7 day jar candle! We use a process like this for every single candle we use. The intention and power behind the spellwork is incredible when done right!!! Stay tuned because we will be offering kits to fix your own candles, OR we will be offering pre fixed candles that chris and I prepare for you and send with instructions on how to use! Visit our shop for all your spiritual supplies: www.themysteriousspirit.com Connect with us! We would love to talk more with you! IG: @themysteriousspirit Facebook: facebook.com/themysteriousspirit Definitely make sure to subscribe to our channel and share with your friends or family who may be interested! You would be helping us to grow our business! Thanks for watching! Much love and many blessings! Carlton and Chris.
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Poppets and sympathetic protection and healing!!!
A quick look and story of a poppet based healing spell I had done a couple years ago thats still active now. Also my insight on some different forms of protection.
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Enchanting a crystal for love and acceptance!!!
Enchanting a crystal as a gift to a fellow witch, struggling with love and finding full self acceptance. Rose quartz piece. I cleanse the space and then cleanse you so you may join me. Next i take the spell paper that this person has handled alot and burned it starting the working. I add cinnamon and a dried rose to the burn. Then the rest is me enchanting the crystal after i drop it in, and building the nergy. Notice the energy drop as i drop in the crystal. Thats a sign the crystal was taking in what i was feeding it. This will probably be made into a pendant for him. If you listen close enough you might be able to hear me chant ;)
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SPIDER WEBS!!! Super powerful!
Heres a quick witchy tidbit on spider webs and their uses. We are collecting some we have been letting grow for a bit and will be using them soon! Do throw yours out! Keep them! They can kick some serious ass for you!
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Essential Oil Spotlight: Eucalyptus
A little insight into the wonders of Eucalyptus. Message me to get started on oils!
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Lust Spell FAIL
Here I talk briefly about spell failure and why certain spells can fail if the other party involved isnt interested or resists the energy sent their way.
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Black Water: Finished With some ideas for use!!!!
Heres my finished recipe of protective and cleansing black water. I also talk about a few idea on how to properly use it!!! Blessed Be!!! If you would like to know where to order essential oils like those used in my video, or have questions about HIGH QUALITY oils, please message me and ill send you the info!!!!
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Favorite Incense
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Dragons Heartfire oil!!!
Just some insight from Chris (Validus) in the dragons heartfire oil. This is a special recipe he has crafted that has a very particular purpose! Definitely worth having in your witchy arsenal! Check out our ritual bundles! Don’t miss them as they’re selling quickly! www.themysteriousspirit.com
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Botanica Haul and Prosperity Altar update!!!!
Here I show you my haul from a local botanica in my town, and I also show my prosperity altar in its current state (under construction). At the end of the video I discuss how I cleanse and Dress my main altar candle for successful altar energy.
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Essential Oil Spotlight: Clove
Essential oil spotlight on CLOVE!!! One of the must have oils. If you want to get oils in your home or practice, or are interested in starting a business let me know!!!! Clove is amazing for purification and protection. USE IT! LOL
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Spiritual Baths: How, Why, and Our Tips and Tricks
Heres a quick video talking about spiritual bathing, why you should be doing it, how to do it and where to get your hands on a quality bath!!! Get a spiritual bath from here: https://www.themysteriousspirit.com/spiritual-baths Check our our facebook page!! We update it frequently and there is more content there for you!! www.facebook.com/themysteriousspirit and follow us on instagram for behind the scenes stuff and tips and tricks and a view into some of our spells! IG: @themysteriousspirit Please feel free to support us and our growth by sharing our shop and social media pages!! WE truly appreciate your support!!! Much Love and many Blessings! - Hex and Validus
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Incense Haul!!! YES MORE!!!!!
Yes I got more incense!!!!! HAHA Ill never stop!!! I need incense rehab yall!!! www.thedipper.com
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Money Drawing! An oil for all your financial needs!
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WITCHY HOW TO: Cleaning Your Candle Jars for Re-Use!!!
Heres how I clean my candle jars so i can re use them!!!! Give me some ideas for more videos yall!!! Im making my schedule for uploads!!! Blessed Be!!!
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Here’s a little clip on how I use a special formula of Florida water I make, to clean my space for work and our altars etc. and I also give you a quick glimpse into part of our work space! Check out our shop! www.themysteriousspirit.com Find me on Facebook: Facebook.com/themysteriousspirit Instagram: @themysteriousspirit Stayed tuned for more content! I’m planning lots of good videos!
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Hair Loss Oil and Treatment
My recipe for a treatment for hair loss or thinning hair using essential oils! All opinions are my own and these are not key claims via the FDA Or doterra. Recipe: 15 drops rosemary EO 15 drops lavender EO 5 drops cedarwood EO Top with castor oil Learn More about essential oils or get some oils in your home at www.mydoterra.com/carltonsistrunk
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Essential Oil Storage Update and EOs as a Business??
Just an update on my current storage of all my essential oils!! If your interested in more info on oils or you would like to get your hands on some, shoot me a message or visit my website! www.mydoterra.com/carltonsistrunk
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WITCHY HOW TO: Spiritual Bath
This is a behind the scenes on how we make our dragons blood spiritual bath. All spiritual baths can be made in a similar way! Just change your ingredients based on the result you are trying to manifest! They are time consuming, and can be tricky depending on your herbs, but totally worth it if you need a good spiritual bath to help you add another level of energy to your workings! Get your own spiritual bath from The Mysterious Spirit: www.themysteriousspirit.com Find me on Facebook: Facebook.com/themysteriousspirit Instagram: @themysteriousspirit Let me know in the comments below what subjects you guys would like to see a video about! Thank you all for your support! Much Love and many blessings! Hex and Validus
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The Rose of Jericho and Our Prosperity Maintenance
Hey y’all! A quick little video on some VERY basic info on the Rose of Jericho, how we use it in our prosperity work on our altar and just me saying hey! We miss you all and will be back VERY soon! Just scheduling some stuff! Blessed be! Check out our shop: https://www.themysteriousspirit.com On Instagram @themysteriousspirit
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CAUTION!!! ANIMAL CURIOS IN USE! Chickens Feet in witchcraft!!!
This video is my response to lady gravedancers video on chickens feet!!! I think every witch who uses animals in their practice should have some chickens feet in their cabinet!!! There are so many uses!! Let me know if yall want to see a more in depth video on the subject and i can break it down for you!!! Otherwise check out tequilas video!!! Its brilliant!!!
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Spell Work For A Client
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Spiritus Arcanum: Old Style Apothecary and Conjure Shop
HI Everyone!! Im so excited to bring to you Spiritus Arcanum: Old Style Apothecary and Conjure Shop!!! Chris and I have been working so hard to make this happen! We are now selling our handcrafted conjure oils, incense, essential oil perfume oils, bath bombs and much more!!! WE will be introducing more product to our core collection over the next few weeks so stay tuned!!! visit us at www.themysteriousspirit.com facebook: Spiritus Arcanum: Old Style Apothecary and Conjure Shop IG: @themysteriousspirit
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Samhain and Ancestral Magick
RIP Mary Zeulecka-Anne Parr. Thank you all for letting me share my thoughts quickly on Samhain and ancestral workings. Thnaks for watching!! Blessed Be!
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Introducing my other half! VALIDUS IS HERE!!!
Chris wanted to come and introduce himself and I have been promising this video for you guys for a long time so here he is! We just want to thank you all for your love and support of our shop and our love of the craft!! Definitely check us out: www.themysteriousspirit.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/themysteriousspirit Instagram: @themysteriousspirit Stay tuned for some more videos as myself and Chris have plenty more to share!!! Much love and many blessings!! Hex and Validus
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VR to Ember Honeyravens FAMILY
My soul sister Ember just posted a vidoe about family and I wanted to share how appreciative I am of her and the whole witchy community or family, good and bad. Much love and many blessings to you Ember, and to all of my friends and viewers coming from the youtube world!
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Top 6 Essential oil Blends
My list of the top 6 must have in the blends from Doterra!!!!
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