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Tim Duncan Drinks Bad Gatorade
San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan takes a break on the bench to drink gatorade. It's not tasty.
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My Toy Drums-2  Yamaha DD-55  Jamming To Daughtry
Just Another Night Jam on "My Toy Drums" Not perfect, but Fun to play. Jamming to Daughtry's "There and Back Again" Song. I-B-Reel!
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My Toy Drums DD-55 X2
Just playing around. 2 Yamaha DD-55 Drum Pad Kits set-up back-to-back to create one cool Toy-Drum-Kit. For Kick I'm using the Yamaha KP65 Kick Pad Plugs right in, an you can attach any normal Drum Pedal to it. I have a TAMMA Double Pedal mounted on mine! For Hi-Hat I'm using the Yamaha HH-65 Both of these pedals... REALLY Makes the Kit Feel REAL! Thanks for Viewing, I-B-Reel
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Re: Intoxicados - Fuego
I have a Fun ReMIX for you!!! Intoxicados - FuegoBReel
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Beatles & Jim Carrey Perform  "The Walrus"  Side by Side
Together, Beatles & Jim Carrey Perform "The Walrus" Side by Side, with a little HELP from... "5th. Beatle" George Martin. Saw both of these Videos on YouTube, So I played them Side By Side, Looks like it was meant to be.
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King William Neighborhood in San Antonio Tx. / My Backyard
Video Tour of Historical King William Neighborhood & Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio Texas. 1st day rain 2nd day Beautiful & Sunny
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My Toy Guitar   Nintendo-DS Jam Session
Actually borrowed my son's Nintendo-DS And using "JAM SESSIONS"
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Beyonce Clown More Cowbell
Beyonce Clown More Cowbell TV Dance with Will Ferrell. This way, it looks like it was meant to be,,,,, TV Reaction at the PUNCH just worked, -VH1- Behind The Music
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CACTUS-MAX    Metal Art Design Studio
Video of CACTUS-MAX STUDIOS in ACTION. Custom metal works, plus a few words from the owner.
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Magic Dragon illusion
Video I shot of a paper dragon. One of the coolest optical illusions I've ever seen. It's made of paper and folded. Very interesting.
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Sean Elliott Puts Rabbit Ears On Coach Pop !
San Antonio SPURS - Ex-Player Sean Elliott Puts Rabbit Ears On Coach Pop!
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"MYTH"  The Rock Band's 1989 Drum Solo At Sneakers Rock Club
"MYTH" The Rock Band from Texas. Drum Solo in San Antonio at the Rock Club "Sneakers" in 1989. Shot on VHS-Cam, by Benny.
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"MYTH" Performs "RUN" Featuring Eric's Guitar Solo
"MYTH" The Rock Band from Texas. Performs their song "RUN" in San Antonio at the Rock Club "Sneakers" in 1989. Featuring Eric's Guitar Solo. Shot on VHS-Cam, by Benny.
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HB Montage
A sample of some of my real work.
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King William San Antonio Photo Montage with Infrared Filter
King William Neighborhood San Antonio Infrared-Photo Montage to music
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Backyard Fun - With a Tree
Video of trying knock a stubern tree down. Funny attempts.
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Super Nick Show-Open
Show Open for Nick's 30th B-Day Slide Show Video.
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Tower of the Americas
Lighting behind tower during my bike ride
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B-Reel (short)
B-Reel (short)
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Marco Dribble
12 yr old Marco doing some Basketball drills like the Just-doit-commercial.
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