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Ferrari 458 challenges Turbo Supra on the highway!
SUBSCRIBE TO THAT RACING CHANNEL ►http://bit.ly/2y3uBqb We were out testing the new tire setup on the Supra when we encountered a Ferrari 458 Italia in the wild! As we were getting ready to do some 2nd gear brake boost traction testing the Ferrari did an eargasmic flyby. We caught up to him and he wanted to give it a go! knowing we were faster we gave him a good head start before reeling him in. Props to the ferrari owner for actually having some fun with his supercar! Supra is powered by @precisionturbo
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Mustang destroys built Porsche on the street (Mustang in car)
AV Boys Mustang had another bad ass money race setup with the Izzy Performance built 2012 VRT Porsche. This run was for $5k, the porsche got 1 car length, and the hit. Big shout out for the footage sent to us by: AV Boys, ActiveHoodRich, yaboipolo, and westcoastgrinding for the bad ass footage. Mustang vs GTR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWfYJyBUl5o Mustang vs 900hp Vette - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCTVy1_xCZg
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Lamborghini Aventador challenges Toyota Supra on highway!
After a night of racing we came across this beautiful Lamborghini Aventador on the way home. He was a little froggy so we gave him a run. This was an awesome night!
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Mom goes for ride in 1500HP Supra - Real Street Performance
Geo from Real Street Performance takes his mom for a spin in his 1500HP Toyota Supra!
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Worlds Fastest Datsun 4 Cylinder Nissan SR20 Powered -NDIMA- (NEW WORLD RECORD)
Worlds Fastest Datsun 4 Cylinder Nissan SR20 Powered -NDIMA-
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2007 Jeep GC SRT8 Built 6.1L HEMI by Mark Hedrick Precision ProMod 94mm turbo Turbo kit, all fab, and Jeep built by us at Stage 6 Motorsports in Jacksonville Fl. Custom Intake Manifold by Dwight Baldwin at Stage 6 Motorsports TH400 built by Dave Klaput at Proformance Racing Transmissions ProTorque Gen X Bolt together converter SCS Gearbox Full time 50/50 transfer case Ford 8.8 Rear end, bone stock 100K mile front end 3000hp core liquid to air IC with ice chest Tuned by Joel Applegate aka JerseyBoy using Diablosport CMR Software with factory ECU RacePak dataloging system Weld Wheels with M&H DR's, 275/325
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Upgrading Valve Springs Jay's Tech Tips #23
We're back today with a new Tech Tip from Jay as he explains what we need to know about valve springs!
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World Record 1850HP 2.0L Honda Civic 7.6@201MPH
World's Quickest & Fastest stock chassis FWD car! This absolutely insane Honda Civic built by SpeedFactory is just damn impressive. They are pushing over 1850HP at the crank(1600+WHP) out of a 2.0L 4cylinder engine powered by a PTE 86MM Turbo, rocketing them to a new world record of [email protected] and a best trap speed of 201MPH.
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Insane launch 347ci Foxbody Mustang 5 speed Nitrous 9.8 @ 135
Music by SadikBeatz Mustang Specialties 347ci Foxbody Mustang 5 speed Nitrous 9.8 @ 135. www.ThatRacingChannel.com
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TX2K13 - 1500+hp UGR TT Gallardo battles 1700hp LMR Corvette (Tejano Blue)
Enjoy the Teaser! Here's a badass run with two amazing cars from Under Ground Racing and Late Model Racecraft. These two cars are both extremely well built and unbelievably fast. The Corvette usually puts down 2,200hp for the mile race, the setup in this video is set to 1700hp. The UGR Gallardo is setup with the UGR Race Package pushing over 1500hp.
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Clutch Break-in & Disk Wear and Tear Jay's Tech Tips #15
Jay explains how to properly break-in your clutch disk without ruining it in the process! Comment below and suggest our next tech tip for Jay to demonstrate!
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$11,000 Race  900hp Corvette Z06 battles AV Boys Mustang
Thanks GPRAuto.com and AV Boys for the footage! C6 Z06 Mods: 400+ci LS7 Vortech YSI Supercharger Single stage nitrous 900whp 1/4mile - [email protected] 325 drag radial Mustang mods 495 rwhp 331 all motor pump gas afr 205 heads super victor intake (carb) t5 trans
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John Force battles daughter Brittany Force for the first time! - Top Fuel Race -
We spent the day at the Pro Winter warm up at Palm Beach International Raceway and got a chance to witness history with John Force going heads up with his daughter Brittany Force for the first time! Here is a quote from the legend himself about the race. "I have raced all my daughters I never knew if I would get a chance to race Brittany. The pairings worked out so we could match up and they asked if we would consider running together. I wouldn't race anybody else. I want to race my own teams at a deal like this. You want to put on a show for the fans. It was great," said John Force. "She said she couldn't see me when we pulled up to stage because she sits back in that dragster with the canopy. We both flickered the bottom light trying to get shallow. I knew if she went (down the track under power) she would beat me. Even with that 4.01 or if I ran 3.98 if she ran a 3.80 she would have me. I tried to get after her on the light but she actually left on me. It was fun for the crowd. We had great racing all weekend."
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Worlds Quickest 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 - Lethal Performance
Lethal Performance's Shelby GT500 has come back with a bang. Since we last saw it with its stock blower/nitrous setup, it has come back with a helluva lot more power. Built motor and a 4.0L Whipple and no nitrous, this beast screams down the track. Exact dyno numbers will not be released until later, but we can assume it is up there... The 9.3 pass broke the world record for quickest 2013 Shelby GT500. These guys definitely know how to make a Mustang move down the strip. This was all made possible by these shops/people: Power by the Hour 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine Lund Racing Ken Bjonnes UPR Products Jeremy Martorella McLeod Racing SCT DivisionX Whipple Superchargers MPR Racing Engines American Racing Headers JLT Performance Palm Beach International Raceway Outro music can be found here: http://audiojungle.net/item/movie-trailer-credits-intro/156037
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TX2K14 - INSANE 1800hp Gallardo races Alpha 16 GTR on the street
TX2K14 - Insane 1800HP Gallardo races Alpha 16 GTR on the street
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Engine Break-In Jay's Tech Tips 19
Jay goes into specifics with how to run break-in your engine on today's tech tip. Follow us and suggest which tip we should venture into next!
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ROWDY 1000HP 13B RX7 Cracks 7's - Bacon RX7
Len Bacon is an absolute beast behind the wheel of his 13B powered RX-7. Running a best of [email protected] on factory IRS is just damn impressive. We had a blast watching this nasty machine fight its way down the 1/4 mile, can't wait to see Len keep pushing the envelope. PS. Len we're sending you a #Drivermod shirt
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Nitrous Systems! Choosing the right parts Jay's Tech Tips # 27
Thinking about a nitrous system? In today's Jay's Tech Tips, Jay covers what makes a nitrous system kick and how to choose the best options for your application.
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Supra battles two CBR1000RR's - Stock vs Modified Comparison
DOWNLOAD THE NEW TRC iOS APP HERE: https://appsto.re/us/DYjf2.i We brought the Supra out to test it against a few bikes for comparison. The black CBR1000RR just has a slip-on while the white CBR1000RR has power commander, exhaust, tune, and is lowered. We have a Power House Racing Triple Walbro pump setup on the way for the supra, once thats installed we will be able to crank up the boost so stay tuned!
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1100HP Huge Turbo Mustang battles 350shot SRT Viper!
Fox Body Mustang (1100+whp) 83mm turbo, 363ci built dart block, race heads, built auto trans SRT Viper (972whp/1075tq) 350 N20 shot headers stock motor stock clutch
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Two 1000+HP Supras battle Texas Streets - TX2K
Two Toyota Supras making over 1000whp each from Real Street Performance having some street fun! supra
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Fastest Street Cars and bikes in the world - AMAZING Acceleration!
We bring to you a compilation showing the speedometer view of some of the fastest street cars and bikes in the world!
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90 DSM 36psi 750hp dyno+street pulls built motor billet 6266
groden rods, 10.5.1 Wiseco HD pistons, stock Port head, kelford 272s, 6266 DBB T3 36psi stock ignition coil and wires
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1851HP 2JZ - RS1600 Engine Development - Real Street
An advanced engine program requires more than just bolting parts together. It takes time, effort, funding, research and development, and lots and lots and lots of testing. Real Street Performance has been working with Manley Performance to create Pistons and Rods that can be used by the masses to make big power without negative compromises. This test puts our RS1600 engine to the test. Music: Kayoh & Nick Noel - "Cook It Up"
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Kids in Lamborghini get SPANKED by Turbo Supra on Highway!
For more videos please subscribe and don't forget to turn on mobile notifications! :-D Baltic Supra went out for a cruise to do some testing with their new Real Street Performance built engine and came across a couple young guys in a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. Watch the video to see how it plays out! Baltic Supra Mods: Built engine by Real Street Performance Borg Warner 7687 Turbo Boost Logic 4" Exhaust AEM EMS v2 e-85 fuel www.ThatRacingChannel.com
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Mustang battles R35 GTR from a DIG on the street
Footage provided by AV Boys. Thanks guys! Race was for $3K. Race was on asphalt and the GTR owner also stipulated no street prepping just burnouts. 1989 Ford Mustang hatch back mods are: 331 all motor pump gas 495rwhp 205 heads super victor intake Teds carb shop 750 hp T5 trans 28-10.5 slicks 2013 R35 GTR mods are: Full bolt ons DPS Tune Water/alcohol injection Drag radials (Toyo Proxes R888)
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TRC's 1000+HP Supra built by Real Street Performance
After years of searching, we finally found the perfect 6-speed Supra for TRC. Even before taking delivery of the car, we had it sent straight for the Real Street treatment! Jay Meagher did a fantastic job of building and tuning the Supra, using Manley performance parts. We are extremely excited to hit the streets and make some cool videos for you all! www.RealStreetPerformance.com DOWNLOAD THE NEW TRC iOS APP HERE: https://appsto.re/us/DYjf2.i We are working to get everything developed on the iOS platform first then we will port over to Android ASAP! Thanks for the support! Quick spec list: 1995 Toyota Supra Turbo 6 speed manual Built motor (Manley internals) Precision GT42-7675 Turbo E-85 Fuel Comp FX850 twin disc clutch AEM v2 EMS Dual Walbro fuel pumps HKS 272 cams
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1100+HP NighTTmare Mustang battles TRC Supra - 180mph race!
This time on TRC we drove the Supra on a 3+hour trip deep into Mexico to battle one of the baddest street mustangs around. The "NighTTmare" Coyote is running an MPR built motor, built 6r80 trans with twin Precision gen 2 6466 turbos(hellion kit), running a best 1/4 mile time of [email protected] and still has more boost left in it! This is one of the fastest mustangs we've had the pleasure of racing on the street, the most impressive part is the mustang owner setup the car so well it's able to put the power down on 19" Mickey Thompson drag radials. We also ran into a 1000HP turbo C5 Z06 Corvette and had some fun. 1995 Toyota Supra mods: -3.0L built by Real Street Performance -Manley internals - Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft -Hypertune Race Intake Manifold/90mm TB -PHR S45 Billet collector exhaust manifold -PHR Triple Walbro fuel system -Porting solutions built/ported head -Precision GT42 7675 DBB -AEM V2 -2200cc Siemens injectors -Clutch Masters FX850 Twin Disc clutch
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Maria "Evo Girl" Rides in 1200HP BEAST Supra!
SUBSCRIBE TO THAT RACING CHANNEL ►http://bit.ly/2y3uBqb Last time on TRC we featured Maria and her awesome Evo VIII. As you've seen Maria loves taking her friends/family for a ride in her Evo and scaring the piss out of them. This time Maria goes for a ride in one of her all time favorite cars... 1200+HP Toyota Supra! 1995 Toyota Supra mods: -3.0L built by Real Street Performance (RS1600) -Manley internals - Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft -Hypertune Race Intake Manifold/90mm TB -PHR S45 Billet collector exhaust manifold -PHR Triple Walbro fuel system -Precision GT42 7685 DBB http://www.precisionturbo.net/Street-and-Race/ss/1-200-1-500HP/details/Street-and-Race-Turbocharger---PT7685-GT42-Style/282 -AEM V2 -2200cc Siemens injectors -Clutch Masters FX850 Triple Disc clutch
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TRC Supra battles "White Widow" CBR1000!
Click here for more videos ► http://bit.ly/1HZU52L This time on TRC we put the supra up against one of the baddest stock motor CBR1000's around and a BMW S1000RR. Last time out he put bus lengths on the supra. We changed from an undivided no name brand exhaust manifold to the twin scroll PHR s45 turbo mani, mild port head to porting solutions race port/built head, and from HKS 272's to GSC S2's. we also upgraded the fuel system with PHR's triple walbro pump setup which allowed us to turn up the boost! these runs were done at 38psi to test the new setup. 45+ coming soon! TRC Supra mods: Real Street Performance built Manley engine internals(stock compression) Precision 7675 Turbo Porting Solutions race port head (pricing contact 954-639-3600) https://www.facebook.com/PortingSolutions Powerhouse Racing S45 Turbo Manifold Powerhouse Racing Triple Walbro pump setup GSC S2 cams Stock intake manifold clutch masters fx850 clutch CBR 1000 mods: air filter Velocity stacks Timing retard eliminator Full Exhaust Gearing Rider mod/light weight rider Special thanks to: Rich Auto Works [email protected] Andre EMS BDB Phillips
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How to avoid "Crank Walk" and properly clean your crank passages - Jay's Tech Tips
Stay tuned for our new weekly Tech Tips from Real Street Performance! http://www.RealStreetPerformance.com Contact us 407.695.7223 Tech Tip # 1 Tech Tip - Shown on a crank that has just been washed and not polished.. The oil passages on most crankshafts are plugged at the factory as they are diagonal drilled. These passages will acquire trash/debris during the service life of the engine. If the engine has lost/spun a rod bearing there will be even more debris. Bend the straw on the brake clean and flush out this passage that centrifugal force has filled with junk! It will help get all the contaminate out that would have/could damage your new build. Most machine shops will not do this step so always check it. It's a 20 minute process that could save you a lot of money. Tech Tip # 2 How to avoid crank walk by checking your thrust bearings.
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Lambda VS AFR - Jay's Tech Tips
Do you understand what the display on your Wideband AFR Gauge is telling you? does it get confusing when you switch back and forth between E85 and Gasoline? This week's tech tips will help simplify things for you.
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Racing Excuses 101 - Don't be that guy
It doesn't matter what industry you are in, there is always "that" guy in the group. These excuses are all too familiar in the racing world! Don't be that guy!! Don't forget to check out real street on facebook and IG @realstreetperformance Actor- Clay Marsh from Real Street Performance Www.realstreetperformance.com
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Insane 1065HP Evo battles Spongebob's 950HP Evo - Street Race!
Insane 1065HP Evo battles Spongebob's 950HP Evo - Street Race!
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Real Street Supra takes down TWO 2000HP Lambos and more - TX2K15
Click here for more videos ► http://bit.ly/1HZU52L Geo from Real Street Performance took a trip out to the Roll Race Nationals at TX2K15 facing some of the fastest "highway" cars in the nation. While he did not win the competition he did beat some pretty impressive cars along the way including 2 2000HP UGR Lamborghinis!
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TRC Supra 50psi battles UGR Twin Turbo Lambo
The TRC Supra goes up against one of the baddest cars on the street... a Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo built by Underground Racing. Needless to say it was an amazing night of racing and at the end of it both drivers were happy to each take home a win. Tie breaker rematch coming soon?! TRC Supra Mods: 3.0L built by Real Street Performance Manley internals Hypertune Race Intake Manifold/90mm TB PHR S45 Billet collector exhaust manifold PHR Triple Walbro fuel system Porting solutions built/ported head Precision GT42 7675 DBB AEM V2 2200cc Siemens injectors CM FX850 Twin Disc Nitrous Express kit (For spool only)
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Torque Converter Selection & Setup - Jay's Tech Tips
Today, Jay talks about selecting the right torque converter for your application. This could make or break a possible good setup, choose wisely!
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Lamborghini Huracan Surprises Turbo Supra on The Street!
TRC Official Apparel: https://teespring.com/stores/TRC SUBSCRIBE TO THAT RACING CHANNEL ►http://bit.ly/2y3uBqb While out cruising in a friends single turbo Supra we encountered a Lamborghini Huracan and it surprised the heck out of us! *Clarification: we think the lambo's clutch was slipping, not the supra... its common for big power lambos on stock clutch to have issues shifting once the clutch gets hot.
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TX2K14 - 1800HP Gallardos battle GTR's - Battle of the Titans!
Insane 1800HP Gallardos battle GTR's - Battle of the Titans!
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Insane nitrous S1000RR pulls hard on 1000HP Porsche!
Props to the owner of the porsche for agreeing to go up against such a monster of a bike. These BMW's are some of the fastest bikes on the street in stock form, this one not only has bolt-ons but also a hefty shot of nitrous! During the first race the rider forgot to strap down the bike so the front end was lifting. He strapped it down for the 2nd race which stopped the bike from coming up so much. The bike was on a nitrous tune so both races were done on nitrous. BMW S1000RR mods: brocks pipe Bazzaz Nitrous q16 race fuel
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Jay's Tech Tips #12: Turbo Oil Line Etiquette
On today's episode of Jay's Tech Tips, Jay goes over turbo oil line etiquette! Stay tuned for weekly tech tips from Jay! http://www.realstreetperformance.com
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Rod Bolt Torque and Stretch - Jay's Tech Tips # 7
In this episode of Jay's Tech Tips, Jay checks rod bolt torque with a rod bolt stretch gauge.
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Jay's Tech Tips # 10: Spark Plug Heat Range
In this episode of Jay's Tech Tips, Jay goes over spark plug heat range and how adjustments can affect performance for your ride!
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Ethanol Do's and Don'ts - Jay's Tech Tips #17
Today's episode of Jay's Tech Tips features the do's and don'ts of ethanol! Stay tuned for more tech tips and comment below with your next tech tip suggestion!
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GIRL on Hayabusa TROLLS Hellcat!
SUBSCRIBE TO THAT RACING CHANNEL ►http://bit.ly/2y3uBqb While testing our new DSS driveshaft(installed by Gearhead Fabrications) and K&N filter on the Hellcat we were trolled by this badass chick on a modded Hayabusa! https://www.gearheadfabrications.com/hellcat-performance-packages
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Mitsubishi Evo World Record 1291HP - "The Family Sedan"
AG Autosports Evo aka "The Family Sedan" put down 1291whp making it the worlds highest horsepower Mitsubishi Evolution. We were lucky enough to go for a ride along straight off the dyno to see what this BEAST could do on the street. Evo Mods list: 1291hp/767ftlbs Precision Turbo 7685 Gen2 turbo http://www.precisionturbo.net/Street-and-Race/ss/1-200-1-500HP/details/Street-and-Race-Turbocharger---Sportsman-GEN2-PT7685-CEA%C2%AE/605 AG 2.0L wet block. with GRP aluminum rods. AG Competiton cyl head with Ferrea valves, Supertec valve springs, Kigley HLA regulator and custom AG spec race camsafts. Driven Innovation intake manifold modded for 8 FIC 2150 injectors Full blown 70mm throttle body. AG forward facing large frame(Gt42+) turbo kit. Custom twin scroll T4 turbo manifold. TiAl 44mm wastegate. Custom 4 inch down pipe. Buschur Racing 4.5 race FMIC TiAl 50mm BOV. Weldon 2345 fuel pump & FPR. AG spec 5 speed transmission. Modded Exedy triple clutck kit. AG spec transfer case. AG Aluminum Drive shaft M&W Ignition Crispeed Tuned Haltech ECU Elite 2500 Evo 8 kit. E98 Ethanol.
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Turbo K20 Civic battles modded Corvette ZR1
TD Autowerkes recently finished building this Civic, working out the bugs against the infamous "driver modded" Corvette ZR1. ZR1 MODS: Pulley Tune by jeremy formato Injectors e85 fuel Headers 603RWHP (Mustang Dyno)
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Grand National: Father's Day Restoration!
Geo’s father has owned this 1987 Grand National since the early 1990s and had since retired it prior to 2000. Recently, it showed up at our doorstep for a full restoration and we made it happen just in time for Father’s Day.
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900HP Turbo Fox Body Saleen
1988 Mustang Saleen -Full weight street car,A/C, and sound system. -Built 331ci Motor- -4R70W Auto Trans- -80mm Turbo- ~900whp
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"White Widow" CBR1000 battles TRC Nissan 240sx
Click here for more videos ► http://bit.ly/1HZU52L "White Widow" CBR1000 battles TRC Nissan 240sx Stock Motor 2JZGTE (Factory internals) Precision 7175 JB Factory Toyota trans(a340e) built by ATF ( http://www.atfspeed.com/store/ ) AEM V2 GSC S2 cams Tuned by Lance https://www.facebook.com/TunebyLance e85 fuel twin walbro pumps w/boostapump Rich Auto works 4" exhaust paint and body work done by SFC https://www.facebook.com/SOUTHFLORIDACUSTOM fabrication done by Rich Auto Works https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rich-Auto-Works/113382772011674?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser Special thanks to: Andre EMS Stefan at STP BDB Phillips CBR 1000 mods: air filter Velocity stacks Timing retard eliminator Full Exhaust Gearing Rider mod/light weight rider Music by: MartijndeBont
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