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Trumpet Solo - Another Time and Place by Ellis
Trumpet solo for Another Time and Place by Ellis is performed by Will with piano accompaniment. Performance date 2/13/2015 at Solo and Ensemble event at Baldwin Middle School in Baldwin, FL. Will is in 11 years old and in 6th grade. Mr. Shepard is accompanying on piano. Will was award a "Superior" rating on this performance by the Adjudicator.
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Piff The Magic Dragon Flash Paper Airplane
Piff The Magic Dragon launches flash paper airplane lit with butane torch by Lumberg in slo motion.
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Fat Guy Speed Spin Kick Board Break Tang Soo
At my Tang Soo belt promotion doing a speed spin kick board break. Alex was a great board holder - I hit high and it still broke (phew!) Honestly a bit surprised it broke on my first try! Having a blast with great folks at Pak's Karate #oldfatmensclub #nevertooold
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ToadStool vs Snugalug - Giant Toad Battle
Giant toads try to eat each other. And pee everywhere in the process. July 9, 2015
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Ninjas attacking a watermelon with cards.
Teaching my friends the deadly art of card throwing. Watermelons evildoers beware!
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Will - In To Out (Axe Kick) Board Break
Will does an Axe Kick board break at his blue belt black stripe Tang Soo Do promotion.
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Baby Raccoon at Fort Clinch
We spied a baby raccoon cleaning himself at Fort Clinch. He acted like he didn't see us. 7/15/2015
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How to Fold an Origami Frog from a Dennys Menu
Folding a Dennys Menu Origami frog. Need a boredom buster while waiting for your Moons Over My Hami? Here's how you turn the paper menu into an adorable jumping origami frog.
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Sara Tang Soo Do Sparring
Sara sparring at her belt promotion on 5/23/2015. She earned her green belt black stripe.
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Snugalugalug - The Giant Florida Toad
We found a biblical swarm of giant toads out by the ballfields last night. Sara caught one the size of her hand and named it Snugalugalug. However, the relationship ended badly. July 9, 2015
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Sara Board Break - Hook Kick
Sara's board break for her Tang Soo Do green belt black strip promotion. The required kick is a power hook kick.
Bill's Speed Spin Kick Board break - Practice and Break - Tang Soo Do
Not bad for an old fat guy. This is the board break for my green belt promotion. It's a speed spin kick (only bottom of board is held so you have to kick harder and more accurate.) The video shows my practice kick on a foam pad and my actual break. I edited out the 2 times I kicked my black belt on his hands :) Tang Soo!
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Yulee Middle School Beginning Band Surfing USA
Yulee Middle School Beginning band performs The Beach Boys Surfing USA in their final concert of the year. Band Director is Andy Shepard. Performance date: 5/18/2015.
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Lumberg Flash Paper
Lumberg plays with flash paper.
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