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Choices for Beginner/Handeable Ts Part 1of 2
So you want to buy your first Tarantula, this vid is for you
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January 2014 Arachnotour Vid - Part 2- New World Species
Here's Part 2 of the Arachnotour video. I just recently got myself a new E.pachypus (stout legged baboon) so thought I should include her in this part. This part exclusively deals with New World Species...that is Ts ONLY from North, Central and South America. Most of them have urticating hair (except for Tapinauchenius, Iridopelma, Psalmopoeus) so they do not have extremely potent venom.
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P. regalis Slings Finally Molting into 2nd instars!
After a somewhat a harsh day due to subbing and one of my L.fallax R.I.P, the best news I have are the P.regalis molting into 2nd instars... FINALLY! 2nd instar simply means their 2nd molt.
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Aphonopelma Seemanni (Costa Rican Zebra) Caresheet
Overview of the Costa Rican Zebra
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How to Keep Tarantulas Warm
Use a small room heaters..Heat mats are not needed nor they should be recommended. They do more harm than good
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 6: Detailed Vid of Cobalt Blue (H.lividum)
In-depth overview of the Cobalt Blue. This video will also apply to their other members of the genus
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Tarantula Mythbuster 9: Detailed Vid on the GBB (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)
Now for the Green Bottle Blue - Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
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Montreal Reptile Expo - 4/7/13 - Exciting New Additions
Here's what this expo has to offer. I fell in love with the geckos and bought me some new additions. At 12:03...I should mention that the true T.blondi doesn't have the colors. But it was a treat to see that centipede...$666 LOL. Anyhoo, my wallet gave me these striking new additions - Sexed Pair of A.chalcodes - Desert blond - Heterothele gabonensis - Gabon Dwarf - Sexed pair of Heteropodra venatoria - Brown Huntsman Spider
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 3 - Detailed Vid of P.regalis (Indian Ornamental)
In depth video of the P.regalis
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My 600th video: Heteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst Baboon) Rehousing
As predicted, Libby did a great job in scaring the pants out of me.
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Tarantula Mythbuster 10 - Detailed Vid on B.albopilosum (Curly Hair)
Overview of the Honduras Curly Hair (Brachypelma albopilosum)
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Pulling Out the P.regalis eggsac
What a cool experience. This sure got me shaking. Probably around 50-70 eggs in there. T A lot of People ask why I removed the sac. I did it for 3 reasons 1) Spiders are cannibals...so it's very possible that the mother can eat the babies or vice versa 2) To monitor closely the eggs and feed the female since she hasn't been fed in over 2 months because she had the sac 3) The tarantula is known for being extremely defensive, moves like greased lightning and has a strong bite. I didn't want to deal having this many babies with an angry mother in the same tank
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A Word About Tarantula Handling
Excellent advice on How and Not to handle a tarantula. Also featured on my backup account
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How to Make an ICU for your Tarantula
Credit goes to Tarantulaguy1976 Showing how to prepare an ICU for a sick tarantula
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February Arachnotour 2011
Tour of all my inverts; Ts, scorpion, mygales and Maggie
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How Dare You Alex080/Turtle24569 - AVOID!!
Sorry for the blurry camera work, I think my lens needs cleaning. Please read below My Review: F- (does that even exist, LOL) Everyone's dying to see this one. That lying S.O.B stole $400 of my hard earned money, a university student, towards the purchase of 14 tarantulas. I am a lawn cutter (as you know from many of my lawnmower videos) and making $400 is hard work.. Since this purchase I have yet to see my money or my tarantulas. He sent me a total refund of $7.62, which was left in his bank account. What an damn insult!! Hard to reach by phone, email, and gives lame excuses about when he's shipping or more often why he isn't. At this point, I will most likely never see the money nor my Ts. All I know is he sent off my GBB to Louis, so I don't know what happened to my dozen. Alex is a conniving thief that will keep your money and may send you what looks like to be stolen Ts. Avoid him like the plague. This was my first time ever dealing outside of Canada. Tarantulaguy1976 has removed his website, and I don't know if he still has another one that's up and running (I hope not), but im sure its not under his alex080 name anymore. Be warned...Always get a RECIEPT before buying anything whether it be Ts, gas or anything to show proof you paid for it. What I forgot to mention in the video, is that I spent $10 to send a registered letter addressed to his mother. Of course they ignored it, so I filed a report on IC3 website (INTERNET CRIME COMPLAINT CENTER) to bring him down. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!! He blames everyone but himself....what an EPIC FAIL!! I'm not the only one who got ripped off. Haplofool, Robc, Kaydyn1512, Irishknight, tony77tony, DansDragons, Mina and a whole lot others. See his reviews here... http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=144754 Also if anyone has videos of Alex080 sending you Ts...delete them! He should not be supported. Thanks for watching
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Avicularia Avicularia (Pinktoe Tarantula) Mating Attempt 1 - 10/20/2013
Time to mate Marcus (Rose's MM) with Annabelle (my female). Let's see how they do on their first date
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 33 - Detailed Vid on Cyriopagopus/Lampropelma species
Well...this is unfortunate. As you can tell from the vid, I don't look happy. R.I.P Dimitra (3'' female L.violaceopes) and P.ornata (3'' male). Also found a 3rd death from A.laeta...What is going on??? Here's a vid on a detailed overview and care of the species in the Cyriopagopus and Lampropelma genera. Shoutout to http://www.youtube.com/user/DansBallPython
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New Molts with a Very Angry OBT
Whose more evil... Carmella or my pair of P.cancerides LOL... New vid just before the feeding video... New molts form the P.murinus RCF, B.albiceps, T.gigas and V. sp madagscar. Also forgot that Aragog, the female B.albo molted...I'll show her off tomorrow :)
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T Recommendation Video Series - Good Intermediate Species
These tarantulas will be good for having like your 3rd or 4th one, depending on how well you're good at dealing with slightly faster and more defensive species
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Rehousing The 29 P.regalis Slings
Zelda and Link produced a grand total of 28 slings. I had one escapee...he was recovered...making it a total of 29
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A Chilobrachys package and A.metallica replacement
Got the package...awesome packaging job. Sadly the freebie C.perezmilesi did not make it. The other person in the video is my bro's girlfriend.
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Tarantula Canada Visit and 36 New Ts
This is an example of a reputable tarantula dealer - Tarantula Canada Martin and Amanda are lovely people and were nice enough to give me permission to film their store. Picking up 30 Tapinauchenius gigas - I will be selling 15 of them in 2-3 weeks time. I'm not selling them right now because its too cold for shipping, and I want get them well started since they haven't eaten yet...will soon. 31 - Pamphobetus antinous - steely blue leg 32 - Cyclosternum schmardae - Costa Rican green rump 33 - Poecilotheria fasciata - Sri Lankan Ornamental 34 + 35 - Avicularia sp. metallica - French Guyana... - these specimens were collected in French Guyana so it is uncertain if they are the true A.metallica... They are on sale for $25 each at Tarantula Canada, reduced from $40 since the sac was larger than they anticpated 36 - Avicularia Avicularia - Pinktoe
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 25: Detailed Vid on Ceratogyrus marshalli (Straight Horned Baboon)
AB is back up and running, so time for a new mythbuster video on our horned species. This will apply to all the members in the genus http://www.arachnoboards.com
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 7 - Pterinochilus murinus RCF - The OBT
Detailed video of the Orange Baboon T - P.murinus rcf. Will also apply to P.lugardi and P.chordatus
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New Additions from Santa Claus
Santa surprised me with cool new additions that you'll get to see in a upcoming feeding video. Happy Holidays!!
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How To Care for A Tarantula After It Molts
Yet another surprised molt for my 5 inch female Psalmopoeus Cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron)
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 37 - Detailed Vid on the Monocentropus Species
In an depth look at the ultra rare and pricey Monocentropus species. The creme de la creme. I go through the care sheets and specifics for the M.lambertoni (Madagascar lamberton's T) and M.balfouri (Socotra Island Baboon) in order to successfully raise these species. These tarantulas are aimed for the experienced owners due to their defensiveness and their potent venom Changes to the video - I know the prices in Europe are cheaper. The prices here are in North America - M.balfouri DOES NOT do well in humid environments. Just keep the water dish full Dealers: Canada http://www.tarantulacanada.ca http://www.averyexotics.com http://www.theforrestemporium.com US: http://www.jamiestarantulas.com http://www.tarantulaspiders.com http://www.swiftinverts.com http://www.kenthebugguy.com UK: http://www.thespidershop.co.uk http://www.virginiacheeseman.co.uk/ WORLDWIDE http://www.arachnoboards.com
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Receiving A Pamphobeteus sp Chicken Spider - AbraxasComplex  Review (Arachnoboards)
Wow, this is a big and a really RARE T...She's a feisty one. Shoutouts to: http://www.youtube.com/user/Daylitor http://www.youtube.com/user/isaiahcrow
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 5: Detailed Vid on Lasiodora Parahybana (Salmon Pink)
Detailed Video of the L.parahybana. I also cover the L.difficilis and L.klugi (since they are similar species that can be cared the same). It also applies to L.itabunae,L.fracta, L.striatus and L.striatipes
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Brachypelma albiceps (Mexican Gold Red Rump)
Here's a video of the B.albiceps. As of now the male is now back to his original owner. Shame if he would have matured, definitely would of tried him out with her :( The updated tour video shall be made tomorrow
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P.regalis (Indian Ornamental) Eggs  - Day 79
About 46 of the eggs are now 1st Instars :)
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My List of Great Tarantulas for  Beginners
** Also more info here** Ah, a question that I get asked a lot. Here's another freshener of new beginner Ts. Here's a list of possible tarantulas I feel that would be suitable for new beginners and a list of Ts NOT to own as your first one. All of these species are very easy to keep and raise and are relatively good eaters. Most of these can be handled safely, but individuals will vary. Always be sure to test your T's temperament with the paintbrush before you handle. My list for docile, handleable species - Aphonopelmas species like A.chalcodes (desert blonde), anax (texas tan), hentzi (oklahoma brown), carlsbad green - Brachypelma like smithi (mexican red knee) , albopilosum (curly hair), emilia (mexican painted red leg) - Euathalus sp red, orange or yellow - Eupalaestrus campestratus (pink zebra beauty) or E.weijenberghi (white collared) - Grammostola pulchripes (chaco golden knee) - usually docile but can be moody - Grammostola pulchra (Brazilian Black) - usually docile but can be moody - Grammostola rosea (rose hair) - few are docile but can be unpredictable...Also famed for going on feeding fasts - Avicularia species like A.avicularia (pinktoe), A.metallica (whitetoe), A.huriana (ecuadorian wooly pinktoe), A.miniatrix List of Ts that are good first beginners but not necessarily handeable - Avicularia versicolor - Antilles Pinktoe - Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - Green Bottle Blue - Lasiodora parahybana - Salmon Pink Ts to Avoid for the first time (these are very fast moving, defensive and potent venom) - Any of the pokies (like P.regalis, P.ornata, P.metallica) - P.murinus rcf (OBT) - P.muticus (king baboon) - H.maculata (togo starburst) - H.lividum (cobalt blue) Where to Buy Tarantulas online Dealers: Universal: http://www.arachnoboards.com Canada: Amanda and Martin: http://www.tarantulacanada.ca Bruce Carr: http://www.arachnophiliac.com Dawn: http://www.tangledinwebs.com UK http://www.thespidershop.co.uk http://www.thevirginiacheeseman.co.uk Europe: Michael Scheller: http://www.vogelspinnen-scheller.de/1... US: Kelly Swift: http://www.swiftinverts.com Anatasia: http://www.net-bug.net Ken: http://www.kenthebugguy.com Paul Becker: http://www.petcenterusa.net
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Handling Mona, My Avicularia Avicularia
90% sure its a male
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Tutorial on Basics of  Tarantula Mating
Revised Video of how to mate Ts, includes how to tell if you have a mature female (you have no idea how often this question comes up). Mistake at 2:00 in the vid: should be "ALL Mature males possess BULBOUS PALPS, NOT tibial hooks". Sorry :p
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January 2014 Arachnotour Vid - Part 1 - Old World Species
Sorry for the long wait. I've decided to split my tour video in two parts. One's showing the old worlds and new worlds. Old world Ts are species that are found in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. All of these species do NOT have urticating hair. Therefore, they'll be more defensive/skittish in their temperament and will have more potent venom. These are by no means beginner species.
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Rehousing the MM P. cancerides (Haitian Brown Bird Eater)
Giving Big Ol' Stavie a MUCH needed upgrade. Let's see how the King of Spawn fairs against me :)
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2 FAQS: Why Tarantulas Stop Eating and How Often You Should Feed Them
THE most 2 popular questions. I've received more than 20 comments so far this year about these so it's only appropriate to make a video on this. Hope it helps everyone
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Tarantula Mythbuster 11 - Detailed Vid on Goliath Bird Eater (Theraphosa species)
Very detailed vid of the 3 Theraphosa species T.stirmi (Burgundy Goliath) - Originate in French Guyana (usually WC specimens in Pet stores are these) - males are brown colored, no tibial hooks, and no patella hair - females are brown colored, no patella hair, stridulating organs in palp and leg pair I, and legs pairs I and II - juveniles: Pink foots on Leg pairs I and II T.blondi (Goliath Bird Eater) - Originate in Brazil (hard to find) - males are brown colored, no tibial hooks, and has patella hair - females are brown colored, patella hair, stridulating organs in palp and leg pair I only - juveniles: no pink feet T.apophysis (Pinkfoot Goliath) - Originate from Brazil - males are purple colored, tibial hooks, and long curved patella hair - females are brown/purple colored, patella hair, stridulating organs in palp and leg pair I, and legs pairs I and II - juveniles: Pink feet on alI leg pairs
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General Sling Caresheet
Where to buy them Canada: http://www.tarantulacanada.ca/ http://www.averyexotics.com/ http://www.rockymountainspiderfreaks.com US: http://krazy8sinvertebrates.com/catalog/ http://www.swiftinverts.com/ http://www.kenthebugguy.com/ http://www.petcenterusa.net/ http://robc.arachnophiles.com/ UK: http://www.thespidershop.co.uk/insect/index.php?cPath=21
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 15 - Detailed Vid of P.muticus - King Baboon
Detailed video of the 2nd largest African species, the King Baboon
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Receiving a MM P.irminia (Venezuelan Sun Tiger) From Gregory
Doing a 50/50 breeding loan with this male, let's hope he does the job :)
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Brand New 2011 STIHL FS - 90R (4-MIX) Review
I finally got this beauty for $350 Canadian + tax (I know that they're a lot cheaper in US). I love the way this machine sounds. Definitely more quieter than my FS-70RC The STIHL FS90-R is powered by STIHL's 28.4cc 4-mix engine. The same engine also powers the FS-100RX (31cc), FS-110 (31cc) and FS-130 (36cc) trimmers and the BR500, BR550 and BR600 Magnum Backpack leaf blowers (65cc)). The engine is designed to be a single cylinder 4-stroke (valves unlike 2's) with mixture lubrication (2-stroke gas), which is why it sounds so much different. This engine is also designed for torque but at the same time to burn clean, efficiently and reduce emissions. Best of both worlds.
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Babycurus jacksoni - Rusty Thick Tail Scorpions- Overview and Care
Yep, I still have them. Here's a long - waited update of these African Scorpions
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Unboxing my Dream Tarantulas
Isaiah and I unpack our dream tarantulas. We're all very excited and Happy. Stay tuned for a P.vittata rehouse as I found the perfect cage. Thanks Paul for the package, you're the best
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 14: Detailed Vid on A.chalcodes
This will apply to many other of the Aphopelma species. I will make a separate video for A.seemanni. I forgot to mention lifespan...females live 25 years +, males will live around 8-10
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Aphonopelma chalcodes (Desert Blond) Mating Attempt #4 - 2/10/12
Another Mating Attempt of the A.chalcodes...Again no luck
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Rehousing the B.emilia (Mexican Painted Red Leg)
Rehousing Amelia into Mario's enclosure...I think she likes it. Stay tuned for a handling video
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