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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 6: Detailed Vid of Cobalt Blue (H.lividum)
In-depth overview of the Cobalt Blue. This video will also apply to their other members of the genus
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Pulling Out the P.regalis eggsac
What a cool experience. This sure got me shaking. Probably around 50-70 eggs in there. T A lot of People ask why I removed the sac. I did it for 3 reasons 1) Spiders are cannibals...so it's very possible that the mother can eat the babies or vice versa 2) To monitor closely the eggs and feed the female since she hasn't been fed in over 2 months because she had the sac 3) The tarantula is known for being extremely defensive, moves like greased lightning and has a strong bite. I didn't want to deal having this many babies with an angry mother in the same tank
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T Recommendation Video Series - Good Beginner Species
In depth video of tarantulas I recommend for a first time hobbiest.
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Aphonopelma Seemanni (Costa Rican Zebra) Caresheet
Overview of the Costa Rican Zebra
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Tarantula Mythbuster 10 - Detailed Vid on B.albopilosum (Curly Hair)
Overview of the Honduras Curly Hair (Brachypelma albopilosum)
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P. regalis Slings Finally Molting into 2nd instars!
After a somewhat a harsh day due to subbing and one of my L.fallax R.I.P, the best news I have are the P.regalis molting into 2nd instars... FINALLY! 2nd instar simply means their 2nd molt.
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Mistakes Happen :(
Turns out I got a mislabeled T. Thanks to Liv0 and Dawn from Tangled in Webs for determining the species. What I thought was an O.schoiedtei was ACTUALLY a C.schmidti dark form. Time to rehouse her in the PROPER setup
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 17 - Detailed Vid on Australian species
In depth video of the 2 Australian species I have in my collection. This video can apply to the other Australian species out there in the hobby.
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Tarantula Mythbuster 9: Detailed Vid on the GBB (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)
Now for the Green Bottle Blue - Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
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My 600th video: Heteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst Baboon) Rehousing
As predicted, Libby did a great job in scaring the pants out of me.
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 3 - Detailed Vid of P.regalis (Indian Ornamental)
In depth video of the P.regalis
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A Word About Tarantula Molting
Excellent tips on how to tell if your T is in pre-molt and what you can do to help it molt successfully. Also featured on my backup account
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T Mythbuster Vid 4 - Detailed Video on Avic Avic (Pinktoe)
Covering the Common Pinktoe
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Avicularia Avicularia (Pinktoe Tarantula) Mating Attempt 1 - 10/20/2013
Time to mate Marcus (Rose's MM) with Annabelle (my female). Let's see how they do on their first date
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Annabelle's (Pinktoe Tarantula) Surprise Gift for the New Year...an Eggsac
My Gravid female avic avic (Pinktoe) just dropped a sac about a month and a half after I mated her with Marcus (Rose's MM). It will take around 2-3 months for them to develop.. For these species...they will do a lot better if you leave them with the mother, so that's what I will do. I will definetely keep you posted on it. I'll post links on the mating attempts Mating attempt 1 Oct 20, 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLGn4hztT0A Mating attempt 2 Nov 24, 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ-iRZxt5io Eggsac: Jan 7, 2014
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Receiving A Pamphobeteus sp Chicken Spider - AbraxasComplex  Review (Arachnoboards)
Wow, this is a big and a really RARE T...She's a feisty one. Shoutouts to: http://www.youtube.com/user/Daylitor http://www.youtube.com/user/isaiahcrow
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Rehousing 3 Pokies: P.striata, P.metallica and P.subfusca
Giving my Sora (my P.striata), Mia (P.metallica) and Kandy (P.subfusca) new homes
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New Molts with a Very Angry OBT
Whose more evil... Carmella or my pair of P.cancerides LOL... New vid just before the feeding video... New molts form the P.murinus RCF, B.albiceps, T.gigas and V. sp madagscar. Also forgot that Aragog, the female B.albo molted...I'll show her off tomorrow :)
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Choices for Beginner/Handeable Ts Part 1of 2
So you want to buy your first Tarantula, this vid is for you
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How to Make an ICU for your Tarantula
Credit goes to Tarantulaguy1976 Showing how to prepare an ICU for a sick tarantula
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How To Care for A Tarantula After It Molts
Yet another surprised molt for my 5 inch female Psalmopoeus Cambridgei (Trinidad Chevron)
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Rehousing the B.emilia (Mexican Painted Red Leg)
Rehousing Amelia into Mario's enclosure...I think she likes it. Stay tuned for a handling video
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January 2014 Arachnotour Vid - Part 1 - Old World Species
Sorry for the long wait. I've decided to split my tour video in two parts. One's showing the old worlds and new worlds. Old world Ts are species that are found in Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. All of these species do NOT have urticating hair. Therefore, they'll be more defensive/skittish in their temperament and will have more potent venom. These are by no means beginner species.
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Grammostola Rosea (Chilean Rose Hair) Caresheet
How could I forget the most popular T in the hobby
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KingBaboon85 Review - More Centipedes and Diplurid
I'm proud to bring you 3 new additions to my collection. Its a shame that my centipede escaped but I've learned a valuable lesson...Use TALL deli containers!!! Thanks Angelo! Additions include 3'' Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans - Viatnamense Giant Centipede 3.5'' female Linothele megatheloides - Brazilian Diplurid (Funnel Web) 6-7'' Ethmostigmus trigonopodus - Tanzanian Blue Ringed Centipede
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 37 - Detailed Vid on the Monocentropus Species
In an depth look at the ultra rare and pricey Monocentropus species. The creme de la creme. I go through the care sheets and specifics for the M.lambertoni (Madagascar lamberton's T) and M.balfouri (Socotra Island Baboon) in order to successfully raise these species. These tarantulas are aimed for the experienced owners due to their defensiveness and their potent venom Changes to the video - I know the prices in Europe are cheaper. The prices here are in North America - M.balfouri DOES NOT do well in humid environments. Just keep the water dish full Dealers: Canada http://www.tarantulacanada.ca http://www.averyexotics.com http://www.theforrestemporium.com US: http://www.jamiestarantulas.com http://www.tarantulaspiders.com http://www.swiftinverts.com http://www.kenthebugguy.com UK: http://www.thespidershop.co.uk http://www.virginiacheeseman.co.uk/ WORLDWIDE http://www.arachnoboards.com
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 22: Detailed Vid on the  Nhandu Species
Here's the video of the Nhandu species covering all the 4 species in the genus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LCMUXEvnyc
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 46 - Detailed Vid on the Dolichothele diamantinensis (formerly Oligoxystre)
EDIT: Just added from annotations in the video: The spelling on the board is not correct: Thanks Frankus A new mythbuster video of the O.diamantinensis (Brazilian Blue Dwarf Beauty) Online dealers: CANADA: http://www.tarantulacanada.ca/news.php http://www.arachnophiliacs.com/tar.html http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/ - Canadian Forum US: http://www.tarantulaspiders.com/ http://www.kenthebugguy.com/ http://www.swiftinverts.com/ http://www.jamiestarantulas.com/ http://www.net-bug.net/ http://www.petcenterusa.net http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/ UK: http://www.thespidershop.co.uk/insect/index.php http://www.virginiacheeseman.co.uk/ Europe: http://www.vogelspinnen-scheller.de/1,000001091323,8,1 http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/ - European Forum
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New October Arrivals....sweet!!
New Ts: 1-2) Cyriocosmus perezmilesi - Bolivian Dwarf 3) Grammostola rosea RCF - chilean rose (red form) 4) Psalmopoeus pulcher - Panama Blonde 5) Poecilotheria pederseni - Ghost Ornamental 6) Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli - Wessel's tiger ornamental
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 8 : Detailed Vid of Thrixopelma ockerti (Peru Flame Rump )
Detailed Vid of the T.ockerti, a must have
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Tutorial on Basics of  Tarantula Mating
Revised Video of how to mate Ts, includes how to tell if you have a mature female (you have no idea how often this question comes up). Mistake at 2:00 in the vid: should be "ALL Mature males possess BULBOUS PALPS, NOT tibial hooks". Sorry :p
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Brand New 2011 STIHL FS - 90R (4-MIX) Review
I finally got this beauty for $350 Canadian + tax (I know that they're a lot cheaper in US). I love the way this machine sounds. Definitely more quieter than my FS-70RC The STIHL FS90-R is powered by STIHL's 28.4cc 4-mix engine. The same engine also powers the FS-100RX (31cc), FS-110 (31cc) and FS-130 (36cc) trimmers and the BR500, BR550 and BR600 Magnum Backpack leaf blowers (65cc)). The engine is designed to be a single cylinder 4-stroke (valves unlike 2's) with mixture lubrication (2-stroke gas), which is why it sounds so much different. This engine is also designed for torque but at the same time to burn clean, efficiently and reduce emissions. Best of both worlds.
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Brachypelma albiceps (Mexican Gold Red Rump)
Here's a video of the B.albiceps. As of now the male is now back to his original owner. Shame if he would have matured, definitely would of tried him out with her :( The updated tour video shall be made tomorrow
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Some Big Genus Revisions  - It's Time to Change Those T Labels LOL
Alas, there's some big name revisions here in the T hobby that are now made official. Thought I should share it with you since I'll be using these names from now on. - Cyriopagopus/Lampropelma species are now Omothymus species - Haplopelma species are the new Cyriopagopus - Oligoxystre species are now Dolichothele - Holothele incei is now Neoholothele incei - Phormingochilus species have been expanded 1 - sp sulawesli - P. carpenteri 2 - sp borneo - P.pennelhewleti sp.nov (sp.nov means new species) 3- sp sarawak - P.kirki sp nov Links to ab forums: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?279522-New-genus-Neoholothele http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?279412-Lampropelma-Haplopelma-and-Cyriopagopus-revision. https://www.facebook.com/tarantupedia/
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My List of Great Tarantulas for  Beginners
** Also more info here** Ah, a question that I get asked a lot. Here's another freshener of new beginner Ts. Here's a list of possible tarantulas I feel that would be suitable for new beginners and a list of Ts NOT to own as your first one. All of these species are very easy to keep and raise and are relatively good eaters. Most of these can be handled safely, but individuals will vary. Always be sure to test your T's temperament with the paintbrush before you handle. My list for docile, handleable species - Aphonopelmas species like A.chalcodes (desert blonde), anax (texas tan), hentzi (oklahoma brown), carlsbad green - Brachypelma like smithi (mexican red knee) , albopilosum (curly hair), emilia (mexican painted red leg) - Euathalus sp red, orange or yellow - Eupalaestrus campestratus (pink zebra beauty) or E.weijenberghi (white collared) - Grammostola pulchripes (chaco golden knee) - usually docile but can be moody - Grammostola pulchra (Brazilian Black) - usually docile but can be moody - Grammostola rosea (rose hair) - few are docile but can be unpredictable...Also famed for going on feeding fasts - Avicularia species like A.avicularia (pinktoe), A.metallica (whitetoe), A.huriana (ecuadorian wooly pinktoe), A.miniatrix List of Ts that are good first beginners but not necessarily handeable - Avicularia versicolor - Antilles Pinktoe - Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - Green Bottle Blue - Lasiodora parahybana - Salmon Pink Ts to Avoid for the first time (these are very fast moving, defensive and potent venom) - Any of the pokies (like P.regalis, P.ornata, P.metallica) - P.murinus rcf (OBT) - P.muticus (king baboon) - H.maculata (togo starburst) - H.lividum (cobalt blue) Where to Buy Tarantulas online Dealers: Universal: http://www.arachnoboards.com Canada: Amanda and Martin: http://www.tarantulacanada.ca Bruce Carr: http://www.arachnophiliac.com Dawn: http://www.tangledinwebs.com UK http://www.thespidershop.co.uk http://www.thevirginiacheeseman.co.uk Europe: Michael Scheller: http://www.vogelspinnen-scheller.de/1... US: Kelly Swift: http://www.swiftinverts.com Anatasia: http://www.net-bug.net Ken: http://www.kenthebugguy.com Paul Becker: http://www.petcenterusa.net
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Meet my New Evil Monster T  - Another P.cancerides (Haitian Brown)
After a tough loss for losing Midna and the H.gabonensis DOA from the package I got (will not upload the video), I needed to brighten my day. Angelo, my friend that works at my local pet store, called me in to see this lovely female. At the price...how can I say no. She's EVIL!! Starting to grow fond of this genus
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 13 - Detailed Vid on H.maculata
Detailed video on the Togo Starburst Baboon Shoutout to: http://www.youtube.com/user/brb224 http://www.youtube.com/user/MrJasperapp
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Avicularia Avicularia (Pinktoe Tarantula) Mating Attempt 2 - 11/24/2013
I mated her last night but nothing happened. I mated them again this morning and it was a great success :) He's now with Tarantula Canada mating with other females :)
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 25: Detailed Vid on Ceratogyrus marshalli (Straight Horned Baboon)
AB is back up and running, so time for a new mythbuster video on our horned species. This will apply to all the members in the genus http://www.arachnoboards.com
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 7 - Pterinochilus murinus RCF - The OBT
Detailed video of the Orange Baboon T - P.murinus rcf. Will also apply to P.lugardi and P.chordatus
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Tarantula Mythbuster Vid 5: Detailed Vid on Lasiodora Parahybana (Salmon Pink)
Detailed Video of the L.parahybana. I also cover the L.difficilis and L.klugi (since they are similar species that can be cared the same). It also applies to L.itabunae,L.fracta, L.striatus and L.striatipes
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Tarantula Mythbuster Video 1:  Detailed Video of G.rosea (Rose Hair)
Dispelling the myths about the odd behaviors that rose hairs do to potentially frighten new T owners
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Molting Ts and Poecilotheria Species Caresheet
Had my P.cancerides to molt and now my larger T.gigas Caresheet applies to all the pokies
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2 FAQS: Why Tarantulas Stop Eating and How Often You Should Feed Them
THE most 2 popular questions. I've received more than 20 comments so far this year about these so it's only appropriate to make a video on this. Hope it helps everyone
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Phormictopus Cancerides (Haitian Brown Bird Eater) Caresheet
Excellent intermediate species. Also applies to cubensis and sp.auratus
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Babycurus jacksoni - Rusty Thick Tail Scorpions- Overview and Care
Yep, I still have them. Here's a long - waited update of these African Scorpions
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Montreal Reptile Expo - 4/7/13 - Exciting New Additions
Here's what this expo has to offer. I fell in love with the geckos and bought me some new additions. At 12:03...I should mention that the true T.blondi doesn't have the colors. But it was a treat to see that centipede...$666 LOL. Anyhoo, my wallet gave me these striking new additions - Sexed Pair of A.chalcodes - Desert blond - Heterothele gabonensis - Gabon Dwarf - Sexed pair of Heteropodra venatoria - Brown Huntsman Spider
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Tarantula Feeding Video 130 - Part 1/3 - Late Late Showing LOL
Sorry guys for the long delay in uploading I recorded the feeding video from May 10th- May 11th, with a bonus part 3 made yesterday. Lawns have growing like weeds, and I was struggling to keep up. Enjoy the alphabetized feeding video. Phoneutria WILL be in part 2 Animals with Time Stamps 1) Acanthoscurria geniculata - Brazilian Giant White Knee 0:54-1:56 2) Acanthoscurria suina - Sulfur Brown Bird Eater 2:00 - 2:31 3) Aphonopelma seemanni - Costa Rican Zebra 2:32 - 3:09 4) Avicularia avicularia - Pinktoe 3:10 - 4:39 5) Avicularia sp metallica (?) - Metallic White Toe 4:40 - 5:23 6) Avicularia versicolor - Antilles Pinktoe 5:24- 6:50 7) Bonnetina sp Guerrero - Mexican Blue Beauty 6:51 - 7:39 8) Brachypelma albiceps - Mexican Gold Red Rump 7:40 - 8:25 9-10) Brachypelma albopilosum - Curly Hair 8:26 - 9:38 11-12) Brachypelma annitha - Mexican Giant Orange Knee 9:39 - 11:21 13) Brachypelma angustum - Costa Rican Red Rump 11:22 - 12:01 14-15) Brachypelma auratum - Mexican Flame Knee 12:02 - 13:05 16) Brachypelma boehmei - Mexican Fire Leg 13:06 - 13:58 17-19) Brachypelma emilia - Mexican Painted Red Leg 13:59 - 15:13 20) Brachypelma klaasi - Mexican Pink 15:14 - 16:38 21-22) Brachypelma smithi - Mexican Red Knee 16:39 - 17:49 23-24) Brachypelma vagans - Mexican Red Rump 17:50 - 19:23 25) Brachypelma verdezi - Mexican Rose Grey 19:24 - 20:20 26) Ceratogyrus marshalli - Straight Horned Baboon 20:21 - 20:59 27) Chaetopelma olivaceum - Isreali Black 21:00 - 22:47 28) Chilobrachys dyscolus blue - Vietnamese Blue 22:48 - 23:36 29) Chilobrachys fimbriatus - Indian Violet - 23:37 - 24:22 30) Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - Green Bottle Blue 24:23 - 25:05 31) Crytopholis ramsi - Cuban Pygmy 25:06 - 26:06 32) Cyriopagopus sp hati hati - Sumatran Blue - 26:07 - 27:25 33) Cyriopagopus lividus - Cobalt Blue 27:26 - 28:35 34) Damon diadema - Tailless Whip Scorpion 28:37 - 29:40 35) Ephebopus murinus - Skeleton - 29:41 - 30:41 36) Euathlus pulchermiklaasi - Chilean Blue/Green Femur 30:42 - 31:50 37) Eupalaestrus campestratus - Pink Zebra Beauty 31:51 - 32:31 38) Eupalaestrus weijenberghi - White Collared 32:32 - 32:59 39) Hypo Yellow Morph Leopard Gecko 33:00 - 34:47 40) Grammostola actaeon - Brazilian Red Rump 34:48 - 35:24 41-42) Grammostola pulchra - Brazilian Black 35:25 - 36:45 43-46) Grammostola pulchripes - Chaco Golden Knee 36:46 - 39:11 47- 50) Grammostola rosea NCF/porteri - Rose Hair 39:12- 41:51 51) Grammostola rosea RCF - Red Phase Rose Hair 41:52 - 43:32 52) Grammostola sp maule - Orange Fluff 43:33 - 44:39 53) Haplocosmia himalayana - Himalaya Banded 44:40 - 45:41 54) Haplopus sp colmbia large - Pumpkin Patch 45:42 - 46:45 55) Harpactira pulchripes - Golden Blue Legged Baboon 46:46 - 48:39 56) Hysterocrates gigas - Cameroon Red Baboon - 48:40 - 49:34 57) Kochiana brunnipes - Brazilian Dwarf Pink Leg 49:35 - 50:23
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