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Sex Advice - Does Penis Size Matter - AskMyGF
Text your questions to 305-834-4847 —http://askmygf.com - Does penis size make any differnt to ladies? (i.e. is big or small size preferred?) - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-toys/penis-size
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Sex Advice - Girlfriend Won't Have Sex - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Me and my girlfriend have been dating for almost 2 and a half years. We both are freshmen in college and and we still have not done any type of sex penetration. She has given be hand jobs multiple times and we make out alot which makes me think she IS attracted to me but whenever I bring up the question of putting it in her she just giggles and tells me "not now" or she tries to give me an excuse. I'm all up for waiting for her and all but it's been 2 and a half years. It just seems like it will take years before we even progress to any type of sex penetration. I love her so much but I feel like we need to have sex in order to take that next, intimate step in building our relationship. Should I just continue to wait until she is ready?..which I think will be in another 10 years. - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/girlfriend-does-not-want-to-have-sex
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Sex Advice - Gay Porn for Straight Men - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I'm a young guy whose really into my porn. However, recently, I've really been into gay porn. Now, I've never had fantasies or anything like that about other dudes. I don't think I ever want to have sex with other men. But, I found some old DVDs in my former roommate's closet (he was gay). I put in the DVDs and discovered that it was all hardcore gay sex, some with guys just masturbating in front of the camera and others that are gangbangs and group sex. Soon, I got hard and I had to jerk off. I don't get it. So, does watching gay porn make me gay? Why am I so into? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sexual-orientation/gay-porn-for-the-straight-man
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Sex Advice - Looking for Casual Sex - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I'm recently divorced from my wife. I'm living on my own now and I'm feeling pretty lonely. I don't know if I want to step into a committed relationship because I still have some feelings for my wife and I need to work on those before I move on. I do, however, want to start dating again, but more so as a sexual pursuit than to meet new women. I really just feel like hooking up with a girl or two, but I don't want them to feel as if there's a future with me. How can I seek out good women for casual sex? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/divorced-and-up-for-casual-sex
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Sex Advice - What's Outercourse? - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Why, all of a sudden, am I hearing people use the word 'outercourse' instead of 'intercourse'? I heard someone explain it to me once but I just don't get it. I'm a guy, goes to school, and I date every now and then. I really enjoy having sex. I'm single now and I'm not looking for much down the line. But, I do like improving my sex techniques and I try and read up on all the latest moves and lubes and porn. Not until recently did I hear about outercourse. It was explained to me that it's sex without penetration - But isn't sex penetration anyway? Can someone explain this to me? At least let me know if it'll make me a better lover! - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/what-the-heck-is-outercourse
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Sex Advice - Good Time for Sex - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Is there a specific time during the day in which sex is most enjoyable? I have heard upon waking up, midday and late at night. I've heard it all. When is the time for the greatest maximum pleasuring sex to take place? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/what-time-is-best-for-sex
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Sex Advice - Penis is Too Big - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - My girlfriend and I are new together and so far everything has been going above and beyond expectations, EXCEPT in bed. We have been best friends for 10 years and already are in love. In the bed we both are clearly very attracted to one an other... I am always hard as a rock and she is always dripping, however try as we might but I just don't fit, I get about two inches in leaving about three quarters out. I am seriously looking to make this work anyway I can. - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/your-penis/mr-too-big
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Sex Advice - Period Consistency Problems - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Im having a really hard time getting a consistent cycle going for my period. It shows up really late sometimes, and I never know when to expect it. I dont get cramps like most women, so I literally just wake up with blood in my bed. This is frustrating and embarrassing. What can I do to help my period come at a normal time? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/your-vagina/period-problems
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Sex Advice - Get Laid on the First Date - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - What is the best way for me to get laid on a first date? I'm gonna be completely honest here....I have NO GAME with the ladies. None at all. I'm not even sure how I got the date in the first place because I almost never get the chance to go out on dates. I'd love to seal the deal for this one on the first night. Any recommendations on how to get a girl to initaite to want to have sex on the first night of the first date? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/how-to-get-laid-on-the-first-date
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Sex Advice - Am I Gay? - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I recently found out that my father who left when I was a child did so because he was gay. This wouldn't be a big deal or anything, but his father led his life as a crossdresser and he was bisexual. I know it sounds stupid to think that homosexuality is hereditary, but all of this has started to make me think...am I gay? Or will I be here soon? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sexual-orientation/am-i-gay
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All About Heaven
http:www.askmygf.com You asked, she delivered. Heaven answers all your burning questions.
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Sex Advice - Too Much Masturbation - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I think Im addicted to masturbation. I feel the urge to release my juices at least three times a day, and I just cant seem to stop. Is there anything wrong with masturbating this much, and if so, how can I stop it? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/masturbation/do-i-masturbate-too-much
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Sex Advice - Lopsided Boobs - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - One of my boobs is lower and smaller than the other one. I dont get it. Is there any way I can fix this aside from going under the knife? How can I at least make my boobs look the same size? I want to know how normal this all really is. - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/your-tits/lopsided-tits-ah-help
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Sex Advice - Can Anal Sex Feel Good? - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Can anal sex feel good? So my husband of five years has decided that he is now into anal sex. I want to be able to experiment with him, but I'm super worried about the pain I might feel. What all do I need for anal sex, and is it even going to feel good? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/anal-sex/can-anal-sex-feel-good
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How To Last Longer In Bed
http://askmygf.com Tired of cumming just when the sex is heating up? Heaven goes over what you can do to make sure you cum when you want and not a second sooner.
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Sex Advice - My Girlfriend Fantasizes about Women - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - my gf visualizes another women with us while having sex. she says she s never been with another woman. she says how jealous of a person she is though. ive never mentioned any fantasy or desire on my part about this. we use toys to simulate this and it really turns her on. what is she saying to me? what does she really want? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-toys/what-does-she-really-want
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Sex Advice - Married Man Cross Dressing - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Recently my wife asked me to wear high heels (5" spikes), garterbelt and nylons when we made love, she did also. I have a high heel fetish and have masturbated with them. Even I was still amazed at how much this aroused me to actually wear them and I will have to admit I enjoyed it very much. Is there anything wrong with this? Am I crazy? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/cross-dressing
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Why Girls Swallow
http://askmygf.com Text in your questions: 305-834-4847 and Heaven will send the answer to your phone! Heaven lays out why girls swallow, how they feel about it and what you can do to make your girl feel like swallowing more often.
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Heaven explains the art of holding back from that final moment. AskMyGirlfriend.com Text or call 305-834-4847 Ask Heaven a Private Question: http://askmygf.com/ask/
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3 Easy Ways to Get More Blowjobs
askmygf.com Blowjobs are great! There's never too many of them, but most guys find themselves wanting more at the end of the day. If you don't get BJ's as often as you'd like, Heaven lists three simple things you can do to get your girl begging for your dick.
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Sex Advice - Sex Hurts My Girlfriend - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - So I recently took my serious gf's virginity. She's at school most of the time so we don't really have the opportunity to have sex, but when we do she doesn't really enjoy it yet. Its still uncomfortable for her. How long or how many times will it take for her to gain enjoyment? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/no-pleasure
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Sex Advice - Cold Sores and Oral Sex - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - If my girlfriend has a coldsore on her mouth and she gives me a blowjob will I get the coldsores on my penis from it? I don't want an std if I can help getting one. She said its okay but I don't believe her. - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sexual-health/cold-sores-and-oral-sex
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Sex Advice - Sex in a Hot Tub - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I get to house sit for some buddies of mine while they go on a trip out of the country. They have a great hot tub in their back yard, and I think it would be a really hot place for my girl and I to have sex. Are there any positions that may work best in there? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-positions/sex-in-a-hot-tub
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How to Climax at the Same Time
Couples do a lot of things together.. You eat together, sleep together, why not cum together? Heaven gives you tips on making sure the money shot and big O are both in the same scene.
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Tips When Texting Girls - Dating Tips & How To's
http://bit.ly/1GhZB2e Click the link for the best tips when texting girls! The ultimate text messaging product currently on the market! We currently recommend this product as being the best by far! Three quick tips on what NOT to do when texting a girl you really want to date! These are tips to always keep in mind! We know what women want when it comes to being turned on. Avoiding these 3 simple things will make it that much easier to connect with the girl you want! For more advice and tips please visit: http://askmygf.com http://www.hayleyquinn.com
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3 Ways to Get More Sex
askmygf.com If you're girlfriend doesn't want to have sex with you, you're doing something REALLY wrong. Heaven lists three things you can do to make sure next time you're ready to fool around, you're girlfriend will be wet and waiting.
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Sex Advice - Bad in Bed - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I can't ever seem to make my wife orgasm, and it is starting to get me very depressed. I don't think I'm bad in bed, but she never gets any pleasure. I've tried going down on her and I've tried vaginal intercourse but nothing will make her orgasm. She just lets me go and then we're done. It's sad. What can I do to get better in bed? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/why-am-i-so-bad-in-bed
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Sex Advice - Straight Guy, Gay Fantasies - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I'm a 19 year-old guy currently in a 3 month relationship with a gal I adore, and I've always considered myself straight since I don't have any romantic feelings towards men. However, over the last year I have begun having fantasies about large penises, usually in the context being taken by a girl wearing a big strap-on or fucked by an attractive well-hung transexual. Lately I've also fantasized about having a female/male/male threesome with my girlfriend and a hung guy where we "share" the experience of pleasuring his penis. Are these normal fantasies and should I bring them up with my girlfriend? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sexual-orientation/can-a-straight-guy-still-have-big-penis-fantasies
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Sex Advice - My Girlfriend Won't Swallow - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - My girlfriend doesn't like to swallow. She's all for giving me head, and likes it when I cum on her boobs especially, and she doesn't mind when I cum in her mouth. But she really doesn't like to swallow (she's only done it once or twice). She says that the texture is the problem for her. Since sperm coagulates once it touches another fluid (saliva for instance), she says it coats her throat when she swallows and really can't stand the feeling because it's hard to get rid of. This happens no matter what, even if she swallows immediately, as I'm cumming. Is this a common problem, and is there any way around it? Swallowing is a huge turn on for me and I would love it if there were some way to make it better for her. - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/oral-sex/swallowing-sperm
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How To Spot A Fake Orgasm
http://www.askmygf.com TEXT questions to : 305-834-4847 Heaven gives you the tools to spot a fake orgasm from a mile a way.
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Losing Your Virginity
Haven't lost your virginity yet? Heaven sheds some light on the subject. AskMyGirlfriend.com Text or call 305-834-4847 And check out the AskMyGirlfriend Podcast on iTunes http://tinyurl.com/44trytu
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Sex Advice - Small Penis, Big Problems - AskMyGF
Check out more questions like this at http://askmygf.com! Feel free to ask one while you're there.
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Sex Advice - Getting a Cum Facial - AskMyGF
Text your questions to 305-834-4847 —http://askmygf.com - Me and my man have a really great sex life. He has never given me a facial before. I think he wants to because I've seen him watch porno movies and download pictures where the girls' faces are always covered in cum. As much as I would like to do this for him, I wonder if there's any sort of health risks or any other downsides to receiving a facial. Is there any negative side effects from getting cum on your face, especially if you're doing it more than once? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/all-about-facial
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Sex Advice- Foursome Leads to Trouble - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - My boyfriend and I recently moved into an apartment building, which is a big change for us because we used to own a house together down south. Since we're new here, we threw a small house-warming party and invited a few of our neighbors down for drinks. We end up speaking to another couple who lives two floors below us. We hung out with them the entire night, and eventually we all became friends. Sometimes we would go out to the local bar for a drink or plan a day away in their home near the beach. Then, one night, while we were spending the night at their house, after a few drinks our neighbors started fooling around. Well, my boyfriend and I were pretty surprised, but we didn't interrupt. In fact, we started making out with each other. Then, as the night went on, we all ended up having a foursome. It was really unexpected; I hadn't thought about this couple in a sexual way before. But, the sex was amazing! Now, since then, I've had sex with this couple (with either girlfriend or boyfriend or all three of us together). My boyfriend used to be into it, but not so much anymore. I ask him if there's anything wrong and he just tells me that he lost interest. I know it's something else because now he's become really bitchy to me and feels like I spend more time with them than I do with him. I never really looked at it that way; I just thought this was a really exciting chance for us to try something different. Should I dump the other couple and stick with my boyfriend? I just want us all to get along! - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/foursome-leads-to-trouble
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Sex Advice - I Don't Like to Give Blow Jobs - AskMyGF
Check out more questions like this at http://askmygf.com! Feel free to ask one while you're there.
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How to Swallow
AskMyGF.com TEST questions to: 305-834-4847 Heaven shows you how to swallow your pride (and something else!) to make your man happy.
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Sex Advice - Lesbian Fantasies - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few months now. I haven't cheated on her and from what I gather, she's been pretty loyal to me too. But, I do feel guilty because whenever we have sex, I fantasize about other people. I don't know if the types of fantasies I have are important, but I don't know why I need them to get off. I feel like if my girlfriend knew, she would be upset about it. Should I feel guilty about fantasizing while I'm having sex? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sexual-orientation/i-fantasize-about-other-women-while-im-with-my-girlfriend
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Sex Advice - Husband Masturbates Too Much - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - My husband mastrubates a lot watching porn online infront of me instead of having sex with me. He ignores me instead. What should I do? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/masturbation/husband-mastrubating
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Sex Advice - I Cum Too Much - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Hey i got an important question. See i'm a guy that loves sex & its even worst now because i find my girl friend so amazingly attractive that when we make love, after ejaculating a full load, its like i didn't cum at all. My dick still stands up & i'm ready to go again. Also i'm able to have sex literally all day without worrying about getting back up (although my sperm count runs low). I use to think that once your body is low on sperm count it would affect your sex drive or would prevent a guy from getting back up but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. So i just wanted to know if that's normal or if something is wrong with me? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/what-the-hell-am-i
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Sex Advice - Big Dick at Young Age - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Is it normal to have a 7.5 inch penis at 13 yrs old? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/your-penis/is-it-normal-to-hve-a-75-inch-penis-at-13-yrs-old
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Sex Advice - I Like Eating Cum - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I like to eat a lot of sperm, but my boyfriend won't make enough. We decided to save up the cum in a cup and keep filling the cup until there was enough for me to eat. Is there anything bad with storing cum in an open cup? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/about-sperm
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How To Get Your Girlfriend To Swallow Your Load
http://askmygf.com What's for dessert? Heaven gives you all the details you need to make your girlfriend skip the ice cream, and go straight for the cum.
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Pop Your Cherry
Heaven gives the ladies some tips in breaking their hymens. AskMyGirlfriend.com Text or call 305-834-4847 And check out the AskMyGirlfriend Podcast on iTunes http://tinyurl.com/44trytu
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Sex Advice - I Like to Eat My Cum - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I am fond of eating my own sperm. I want to know that what the health benefits are of sperm eating, and is cum good for my skin? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-basics/about-sperm-3
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Heaven teaches you to put your best foot forward... on a dick. AskMyGirlfriend.com Text or call 305-834-4847 And check out the AskMyGirlfriend Podcast on iTunes http://tinyurl.com/44trytu
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Sex Advice - Do Using Male Anal Toys Make You Gay? - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - Is it considered gay when a guy uses anal toys during masturbation? I have a lot of fun with mine, but Im not attracted to guys at all. It just feels good. I dont think Im gay, but if I am I guess it would be nice to know. - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/anal-sex/is-it-gay
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Sex Advice - Swinging and Marriage - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - We are a married couple and we wanted to try the swinging lifestyle. We both agree and are 100% willing, but my wife is a little shy. My question is how can I help her and make her go for it? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/sex-positions/swinging
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Sex Advice - Girlfriend Doesn't Blow Me Well - AskMyGF
http://askmygf.com - I am my girlfriends first BF and she's never had any sexual experiences prior to me. Getting a BJ, to me, is a close second to actually having sex, but she doesn't really do a good job. How can I tell her to give better head or teach her, she won't look this up herself and probably won't look at any how-to videos or stuff. So, what can I ask/tell her to do when she's giving me head so it'll be better for me? - http://www.askmygirlfriend.com/oral-sex/my-girlfriend-doesnt-give-head-well
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How to Hook Up
http://bit.ly/1RYJ3AQ Click the link for the best date hookup site! The ultimate text messaging product currently on the market! We currently recommend this site as being probably the number one free dating hookup site...the best by far! Get your rocks off consistently with Heaven's latest advice video. However, without having the opportunity to hook up with someone then you're out of luck. I'd suggest checking out the link above and joining since it's completely free to join too! AskMyGirlfriend.com
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Body Language - Reading a woman's signals - AskMyGirlfriend
Hayley Quinn is back! This time to tell you a little bit about reading a woman's signals. Learning the body language and how to respond. http://askmygf.com http://www.hayleyquinn.com
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