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Go Where You're Wanted
Hangout with SoloTv84: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MxBlVeNqBY Excerpt from BGS IBMOR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GqVshKVizw
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Bringing Balance To The Manosphere
As for my recent observations, I have noticed that most of the men from the Manosphere have adopted either one of two tactics: to go far right in the attack on women, or to go far left in the caping of them. I break down on how to bring balance to the critique of women.
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How To Join the Elite: Part 1 - Change Your Attitude
When your focus is on one thing that has been mostly unattainable, you're going to have a bad time. Listen on what you can do to change your attitude.
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For Those Who Still Fight For The Plantation aka "Da Communitah"
Why are there those who still insist on fighting for "da communitah"? Listen here to find out why.
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How To Join The Elite: Part Four - Have Some Standards
For all of you who feel the need to lower your standards in order to have some company and keep the bed warm, that's the last thing an Elite Man does. Maintain your standards despite the inevitable but short term sacrifice and loneliness.
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Why Nightclubs are Female Casinos
For all of you suckers who are getting ready to floss and stunt at your local nighclub, think twice about how much it's worth wasting time and money to maybe get a number from girl who won't remember you tomorrow. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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How To Join The Elite - Part 18: The Burden of Performance
Snowbunny Sundays w/ SoloTv84: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTAxNzFB3Z8 A lot of guys, even those who are "redpilled" have been adverse to this one thing fact of life...until today, as we talk in detail about the Burden of Performance.
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How To Join The Elite - Part 8: Don't Do Dates
Dating - at least in the case of courting - is so 20th Century. Its time to get with the times.
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How To Join The Elite - Part 6: Exercise and Diet...Sort Of
Just a few tips on how I maintained an above average build, lol. Hopefully you can take this as part of your journey to get an elite body.
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Waggles Are Still The Lesser Of Two Evils
Proposal: https://twitter.com/ChicagoBears/status/1074428406400466944 And yet there are still people who insist on monitoring who BM get with, especially if they're not choose the leftovers in da communitah. We analyze the real deal between Charles Leno Jr and Jennifer Roth
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When Brads Cry About Liberal Broads
Video Response to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ3aedglxP0&t=95s And today, we will analyze why certain guys will complain about certain women and what they really mean when they call these women "liberal broads".
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The Three Fates of Black America
A more in-depth look on how I predict the "African American" group will look like within the next generation or two...or certainly three.
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Why Do You Feel The Need To Trick Overseas?
For all of you who are proponents of going overseas to "spend" on women, why do you feel the need to go thousands of miles and spending as much in dollars to do so?
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Why I Don't Care To Answer The (((Scraggledaggle))) Question
Snowbunny Sundays w/ Solotv84: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTAxNzFB3Z8 Nick Taylor - Why Scraggledaggles Love Pookies and Ray Rays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGIbGqiAH34&t=1385s With all of this questioning and better yet pleading to the (((Scraggledaggle))) and why she does what she does, this video is my explanation on why I don't even care to go into talking about the (((Daggle))) Question.
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How To Join The Elite - Part 12: Its Okay To Be All Alone For Christmas
This is for all of you who find yourselves by yourself this time of the year.
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The Swag Pass
Why do certain guys get off for multiple cases of degenerate behavior while other men are criticized for minor mistakes or even the degeneracy of other guys? Why do certain guys have to abide by the 90 day rule while others get the 90 minute rule? Why are certain guys celebrated in the media while others are refused the spotlight? This video will answer the reason why, at least in the case of certain men.
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Political Spotlight: Stephanie Chang Vs Betty Scott Cook Slur Controversy
We go into the real reason why Stephanie Chang was t the receive end of slurs by one Betty Scott Cook.
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The Truth About "Game"
A lot of dating coaches and PUAs talk about how "all you need is game". But how much game do you really need, if you need it at all?
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How I Fight The Gender War
There is one simple thing I have done that has helped me fight the Gender War to the point of being mostly unscathed. Listen to find out what. P.S.: The Fortnite logo is purely for clicks.
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The Three Things Black Men Must Do Before Leaving America
Despite some breaks and small victories black men might have earn America, the overall trend seems to be bleak. Although the Trump Administration (or rather the averting of a Hillary Clinton presidency) has given black men time to prepare, this video is for the "In Case of Emergency" moment for black men so many black females, alt-righters, and even many liberals wish for to fall upon black men.
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How To Fix The International Migrant And Population Crises
For all of the hooplah about the crises around the world, there is an unbelievably easy solution to this issue. Just listen.
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Why Black Men Struggle With Online Dating?
Most black men have scratched and scraped for crumbs on online dating. And while societal pressure can be blamed as one of the reasons, we have to look at the other reasons black men don't want to admit why they struggle in online dating.
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The Beta Male De-Evolution
Whenever you have Alpha Men on a mission...you can always expect a "Go Bot" to try to hinder their progress.
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To Those Who Want Pieces of the Thug and Thot Culture
There are those who, while otherwise are good people, will sometimes want to dibble and dabble into the degenerate culture that permeates the identity of "da communitah". This is to those who want to taste the exciting pieces of that degenerate culture but don't want to deal with the aftermath.
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How To Join The Elite: Part 3 - Save Your Money!
The title says it all.
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How To Join The Elite: Part 2 - English, Do You Speak It?
For all of you guys who speak like you're from a Master P or Naughty By Nature video (and I like Naughty By Nature BTW), it's about time that the way you change the way you speak. And if you can change, and I can change...everybody can change.
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Why Black Men Should Live Up To Their Full Potential
Even if your own community and nation will not recognize your hard work and potential as a black man, you must still stay the course. For the rest of the world is watching us!
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Where in the World Can Black Men Find Acceptance?
For all of you asking me "Where should black men move to", here are some recommendations. Edit: other countries I didn't mention in Latin America that are good for black men include Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico...yes, Mexico.
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Where In America Can Black Men Find Acceptance (Part 2)
Following the success of Where in the World Can Black men Find Acceptance, here is a follow up analysis of where you can have a shot of finding that same amount of acceptance in the United States. Here is part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkBJ-C6QIDg
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A Message To All Of The Pookie and Ray Ray Defenders
***Edit: It's NOT Desean Jackson. I meant to say Deshaun Watson***
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Legit Reasons Why Black Women Are Turned Off By Black Men
Back to the classic mode of criticizing "you negroes" at least for one video, we need to get on some of these "brothas" who are constantly turning off "sistahs". Here I explain the two legit reasons why your women are getting turned off by you.
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Tips For Black Men Who Want To "Date Outside..."
For all of you who are still hitting your heads on how to date outside your race, here are some tips to do so while avoiding the pitfalls of "hopping the fence".
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Gillette Commercial Reaction and The War Against Toxic Masculinity
Gillette Commercial 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0&t=1s Gillette Commercial 1989: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slcBV38Z4KU
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The Quantitative Easing of the Black Male Image
Something that the average black man hasn't taken into consideration is his image, and how that images affects all of his peers. This is a video detailing how that image has been attacked and how it can be redeemed.
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Brothas Demanding Reparations From Sistas?
Introducing the latest shame tactic some men are demanding from their women...the same women they empowered
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The Thot and Daggle Audit
Catch Snowbunny Sundays this Sunday w/ Solotv84 and our special guest. As for the latest invasion of a certain breed of youtubers, while the short term payout is great for funding manosphere channels, this should be handled with extreme caution. I elaborate why in this video.
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Unwind And Don't Mind
Go on and give to the Call of Duty Fund...while checking out a few videos Too Hot For Youtube: https://www.patreon.com/XanatosClutch In the face of all of the recent tragedies, scandals, and drama, sometimes the best strategy is to Unwind and Don't Mind
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The Leading Cause Of Black-On-Black Crime
And it's not what many may think. And TBH, it's not what many "brothas" want to admit.
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How "Da Communitah" is The Ultimate Cult
The Thinking Man's Templar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb7fZ328aBqOClRuAOOKjqw In today's black "community", there are several parralels between the following and your run-of-the-mill cult. Like the HOTEPs and Man-Mans want you to do with the "leftovers", let's take out the trash.
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A Message to the Pookies and Ray Rays In The Making
Instead of wasting energy on the Has-Been Pookie and Ray Rays, let's expend our energy on those who need it the most: The Youth! For all of you young black men in your teens and twenties who are contemplating going down the Pookie and Ray Ray path, watch this video before you make your final decision.
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This is How The Black Middle Class Looks Like
Case Study Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sQd_0HEE7w This in a nutshell is the Black Middle Class in 2018
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Midterm Results and Analysis, Especially For "TBM"
The following is the long overdue 2018 US Congressional Midterms For the United States House of Representatives and Senate. But unlike other analyses, this will focus on what "TBM" care about and if the "Blexit" as real as some may claim.
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The Three Fates of Black America - Part II: The African/Caribbean Flight
Reference: https://www.npr.org/2018/03/13/593272215/for-the-first-time-2020-census-will-ask-black-americans-about-their-exact-origin If you need evidence of the African and Caribbean immigrants who are planning to make their own image separate from those from the United States
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The Arms Race For...Pookie And Ray Ray??!?
In the latest example of Da Communitah going out of business, there is an unexpected group of women going after an unexpected group of men. References: Waggles Are The Lesser of Two Evils: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=148q_oEL2k0
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Hotep Kombat: Umar Johnson vs Tariq Nasheed
In the last ditch attempt to take attention from Sara Sooth-And-Say and Brotha Pro-White (Women), The Lip Smacking Mack and Jermaine-in-da-Hotel have fallen out to what will be the Beef of the Year.
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