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How to take advantage of a layover
life of a flight attendant...Don't turn into a hermit....Enjoy every second of a layover.. Its been a while but I am back to my videos..Subscribe to catch all my new vids.
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What does it take to be a Flight Attendant
instagram: i_am_mariah I answer a few questions about some of the things it takes to be a Flight Attendant.
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Life of a flight attendant . Tatts, Piercings, and hair
Instagram. : i_am_mariah
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What to wear on a Flight Attendant Interview "Exclusive Look"
Instagram: i_am_mariah What should I wear on a Flight Attendant Interview . Hair, Clothes, makeup advice . It worked for me hope it works for you!!!
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Life of a Flight Attendant..  imune System..getting sick
Fighting a cold . My home remedies for getting better.
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Where does a flight attendant live?Crash pads
instagram:i_am_mariah I give insight on what a "crash pad" is Life at home after you get the job of a flygirl.
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Super Wet..This Flight Attendant got soaked in New York
In New York city on a layover out with another flygal doing some sight seeing. Got stuck in the rain with no umbrella. Gotta make a dash for the Subway station.
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Do U need education to be a flight attendant ?
I'm chillin on my day off .. I answer a quick question ..
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How much do flight attendant Make .... Im rich in Happiness!!
So u wanna be a flight attendant huh..How much? and what is it worth to you...Introducing Snickers the Chiwinni..
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Hotel Room in Tampa .NYE  life ofa flight attendant.
Have to hurry and get dressed to celebrate in my hotel .
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Early Mornings..How to wake up being a flight attnedant
I am not a morning person at all......
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"The Exclusive"...In my Bag! Life as  Flight Attendant
instagram: i_am_mariah Whats in my bag..."The Exclusive " look into my luggage and the secrets behind my world of being a FlyGirl...
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Flight Attendant Travel to Panama City
Just getting back from Central America... Check out my New Look...
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the wake up.  flight attendant life.
I'm beat .. But the show must go on .
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Flight Attendant..Never a dull moment
I answer a couple questions about what it is like being a flight attendant.. What to expect and what not to expect...
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Super Bowl Weekend in New Orleans (Hotel room) (Life of a Flight Attendant)
I got a good trip over the weekend for work and was able to fly to NOLA for Super Bowl weekend.
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Working on Christmas... 24Hours .life of a flight attendant
Chillin with Snickers...Just another day being a flygirl Flight Attendant Life.... Happy Holidays!!!
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Flight attendant life at home. Question and answer . (Flight Attendant Life)
Instagram : i_am_mariah I update every day with photos.... Hello All!! My little brother came to visit for a couple weeks. Nice to enjoy family time on my days off from flying. He got to ride first class ..... I answer a question about where I work.
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Flight Attendant . Questions and Answers? Random....
I answer subscribers questions... follow on instagram for up to the day info!!! i_am_mariah
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A day in Costa Rica (flight Attendant Life)
I had a day to myself in Costa Rica so i decided to Zip Line thru the Rain Forrest for the first time.TERRIFIED!!
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Back to the airport..layover .Crossing the bridge.life of a flight attendant
Heading back..Leaving SFO going to Houston ... What a long day..But a great Day!!! Life as a flight attendant
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My bargain Find.Life as a flight attendant..School girl style
Check out my special find of the week. You will not believe it...
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I will answer your questions. Life as a Flight Attendant
Hey!!! Its time for some questions and answers. Lemme know what you want to know to prepare to be a flight attendant or if you just want a look into my world. My mom is here at my house.... and she wants to be a star...No I'm just kidding..I love messing with her...,its all in good fun. Life as a flight attendant. Disclaimer : no animals were harmed in this movie leave comments below...
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Quick outing with my oldest Brother. Life as a flight attendant
Went to San Francisco for the day... Quick trip..
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Hello pants!!..Flight Attendant Style...check out my thrity find
Check it out... This girl loves to shop....Super duper steal....Bargaining on a dime...
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In my Hotel Room , flight attendant life!(the exclusive)
Another day , another trip.. Checking into my hotel room Follow me on instagram: i_am_mariah
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Exclusive quick look . Flight Attendant Layover New Orleans
instagram: i_am_mariah I had an awesome layover during Mardi Gras in New Orleans . walking through Boubon street..tons of people beads on the ground and great times!!!..Im with another flight attendant who was part of my crew.
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Flight Attendant Life.. Inside my lunch bag and room
ADD ME INSTAGRAM: i_am_mariah Some great things I packed on this trip . Room is nice !!
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Behind the scenes as a Flight Attendant .Welcome to my Hotel Room...
instagram: i_am_mariah Hey ... Long flight but rewarded with a nice room and some goodies ... Check me out in my lady hair and earrings.... PS: (I shoot all my videos raw, No editing, no retakes... What you see is what you get. No tricks or redos... Live in the moment and see where it takes you) Life as A Flight Attendant
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Flight Attendant Life
instagram: i_am_mariah A look into my world of being a flight attendant. My journey. Travel tips, Fashion Advice, Beauty, and insight at the World of being a Fly girl in the friendly skies.
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Life of a flight attendant. My tips on International travel and not getting sick.
Hey guys and gals I always want u to know the real me and give u a glimpse of my flygirl life. here's a couple of my tips for not getting sick in foreign places.
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Bored at home. Life of a Flight Attendant. Behind the scenes
So... I know it has been sometime since I have uploaded a video with great information. But I found this video on my computer. This is what I do when I am bored. In real life I am kinda a "nut". Theres no info on here but didnt want to leave you guys hanging. I am in the process of uploading new and exciting vids .. Don't judge me Thanks for the Love Instagram: I_am_mariah
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working holidays???. traveling..life of a flight attendant
Instagram me!!.. i_am_mariah Hello ALL! Happy New Year!! Finally back from a long week of travels...
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Another awesome trip!! Cancun..life as a flight attendant
Just checked in at the resort on the beach . I love my job !
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This Covergirl nail poilish is the bomb!! Flight attendant Life..
My find of the week..I love it!! Follow me on instagram::: i_am_mariah
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