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High vs Drunk - Who will bake the best cake?
2 teams, 2 people, 1 high 1 drunk on each team. Who will bake the best cake? please subscribe to my new youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCccj6Uk8F2VQUYIxJ2vxXQA
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Walking into spider webs
Compilation video of people's reactions to walking into spider webs.
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VidComp: Parrots Rocking Out
"LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR!!!!!!!" You won't believe how these birds rock!
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VidComp: Funny Sedations
You've seen them and you've laughed....hilarious moments when people are still all doped up, rambling about some random, crazy thing that isn't there, and you....you dirty scum....laugh hysterically at their sedation visions. Well so do we...so here it is...your chance to keep on laughing.
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VidComp: Walking And Texting
Who knows a texting zombie? You know the people who see nothing, stumbling along, staring at the phone in their hand... Well, we decided to highlight some of the funniest accidents ever caused by texting zombies.
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VidComp: Cactus Dares
What the hell are people thinking? No...it won't hurt to jump into a giant cactus! You won't believe what these people will do for a moment on the screen.
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VidComp - Let the Sh**T fly...and the piss and the snot...
You get the idea (we hope) from the title. Enjoy these poor fools humiliating moment in the spotlight.
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VidComp: Animals Learning To Walk
No explanation needed with this one...because who doesn't love watching newbies learn the ropes of the animal kingdom?
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VidComp: The Best of PullingTeeth
You remember losing your first tooth...the anticipation, the fear, the relief as the little white jewel left your mouth...well these parents have taken the act of pulling teeth a step further. You won't believe the ways people have figured out to pull those little gems.
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VidComp: Animals Invading Fields
These little guys just wanted to be a part of a team! Yon won't believe these animals that have invaded sports events and the chaos they caused.
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VidComp: Ghost Sightings
It's that lovely month when we fear for our lives because of the ghosts and goblins that will soon be knocking on our door...okay we may not fear for our lives, but this weeks video may make you think twice about turning out the lights at night. Enjoy the fear.
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VidComp: Satisfying Dominoes
Oh the satisfaction of watching these fall...well it's mind blowing. Enjoy!
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VidComp: Firework Fails
In honor of the 4th of July we thought we would give you a good dose of the greatest firework fails on the net. These are ridiculously fantastic!
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VidComp: Scaring People
Halloween is just around the corner! With that in mind we thought we would take a look and a laugh at those who seem to frighten easily! Enjoy their terror.
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Our Founding Father Cody's Brilliant Birthday Movie
Article Cats is a website, made by a guy. His birthday is today. We made him a video as a metaphor for his thought process and the direction he leads us daily. He's as good a boss as one could get. And you're welcome.
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VidComp: Stephen Colbert at his BEST!
This weeks VidComp is a little bit of humor. Enjoy the Colbert...we do.
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VidComp: Bad Animal Adoptions
Okay...so in the defense of the adoptable pets in this video...they aren't bad. They just got a little too excited during their big moment. You won't believe how excited though!
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VidComp: Great Sports Breaks
These sports disasters are cringe worthy. But we just can't stop watching!
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VidComp: Skateboard Fails
Why do we find such joy in others pain? because we have all been there...maybe not this far, but none the less. Enjoy the pain of these skateboarding fails after all June 21 is National Skate Day!
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VidComp: Best Of Step Brothers
Need we safe any more...Best Of Step Brothers. Enjoy!
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VidComp: Mothers Day Pranks
In honor of all the mothers out there..here's our vidcomp of the greatest mother's day pranks. We love you Mom!
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Who doesn't love a tiny animal overflowing with cuteness? Check out these adorable little guys.
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Not everyone gets all sentimental on the big V-Day! Some folks like to get in a good laugh. Enjoy these Valentine's Day pranks.
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VidComp: Sauntering Day
World Sauntering Day has come and gone but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the joy of these hilarious saunterers!
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VidComp: Welcoming Cats
Who cares about the dogs...check out these cats welcoming their owners!
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VidComp-Adorable Animals
Sometimes you just need a little "awe" in your life. Enjoy these "awe"dorable animals!
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VidComp: Our Tribute To Prince
Gone too soon. No words can express the sadness we feel over the loss of this beautiful soul. We'll let his music speak for us.
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Drunk On Margs Happy National Margarita Day
There is nothing better then grabbing a margarita after a hard days work. Well, we were wrong...the fact there is a National Margarita Day is definitely better and gives us all a license to rip it up on tequila and lime!
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VidComp: Ghost Sightings
We've all heard the stories about the chairs that move, the lights that turn on and off on their own and the bumps in the night that were unexplainable. So we decided to put together a few of the ghost sightings we found. Enjoy!
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VidComp: Slam Poetry
It's national poetry month so we decided a little slam poetry was in order! Enjoy!
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Watch Donald Trump's Latest Interview
Donald Trump is asked about some of President Obama's policy decisions, and gives an honest answer.
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This boy just can't hack it...
In today's age when girls are progressively becoming more prevalent in what used to be "male" sports it's fun to see how the guys handle getting their masculinity handed to them in a cute little girl sized purse. To be fair...they are just kids and this may be this little guys first time losing to a girl, but man this guy has a lot to learn about accepting defeat when it comes to women.
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CBD Dog Biscuits = StonedDogs
There's a new biscuit on the market for your four legged best friend...CBD Bacon Biscuits. No, they don't actually get your dog stoned, but these dogs didn't know that.
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Vid Comp - April Fools Pranks
It's quickly approaching....the day on which we are allowed...encouraged....to cause havoc for others by playing any and every prank possible. Enjoy this wonderful comp. of people doing it with style.
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VidCop: Olympic Funnies
We love fails...but what's even funnier is a full on pro dropping the ball. Check out these hilarious Olympic Funnies.
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