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Money Laundering And How You Can Prevent It' demo
A short demo introducing Unicorn's new Money Laundering and How You Can Prevent It course
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Unicorn Training - Off the shelf eLearning
With our extensive library of off the shelf eLearning, it's safe to say we've got it covered. We've lovingly crafted each course with help from our industry partners and subject matter experts to ensure you can't get a better learning experience. We have courses covering: Anti-Bribery Banking Regulation Banking Qualifications Consumer Lending Complaints Handling Direct Debit Employment Law Financial Crime Financial -- Technical Health and Safety Insurance Regulation Insurance Qualifications Microsoft Office Mortgages Soft Skills / Business Skills
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The Future of eLearning with Craig Weiss - Part 1
In the first part of this short series Craig provides an overview of the boom and bust growth areas he anticipates, all of which have implications for how eLearning is designed and how companies deliver online training to employees in the very near future.
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Steve Wheeler at LT 2016 - "Learners are now prosumers"
We caught up with professor Steve Wheeler at LT 2016, an expert on the new paradigms triggered by learning technologies where learners become content creators, commentators and sharers. http://steve-wheeler.net
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Cathy Moore at LT2016 - "In at the deep end"
Our LT 2016 video diary caught up with Cathy Moore, Action Mapping guru and one of the most influential voices in eLearning. http://blog.cathy-moore.com
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Countering Bribery & Corruption course demo
A short demo introducing Unicorn's new Countering Bribery & Corruption course
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How will MOOCS and SPOCS effect the eLearning world?
There's no denying that MOOCs and SPOCs have revolutionised the education industry. In fact, the New York Times dubbed 2012 'The Year of the MOOC'. But how will MOOCs and SPOCs effect the eLearning world? Influential eLearning guru Craig Weiss reveals all.
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Conduct Rules
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QuizCom steals the show at WOL 2018
Some highlights from a great week at the World of Learning where our fantastic QuizCom app stole the show (with the help of some fluffy unicorns).
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Deborah Frances-White takes a shine to Alex at the LT Awards
So much for a quiet night at the Learning Technologies Awards! Deborah Frances-White took a shine to our Business Development Manager, Alex, and this is what happened...
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Adrian Smith at LT 2016 "Engagement, games and learning"
We caught up with Adrian, one of the UK's most experienced games entrepreneurs, and joint creator of Lara Croft. www.amuzo.com
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BIBA's Kirsty Wingrove on BROKER ASSESS
BIBA's Kirsty Wingrove discusses BROKER ASSESS
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Unicorn Training - eLearning Solutions
We specialise in bespoke and tailored eLearning, and have unique strengths in the financial sector where our experience and subject matter expertise sets us apart from the competition. At Unicorn, we think and work a little differently to create cost-effective, award-winning solutions that look great but never lose sight of the core purpose -- effective, practical learning. We believe in action learning, and so create truly engaging eLearning using case studies, scenarios, games and simulation. And because we live in a mobile world, we've made our eLearning mobile so people can study anywhere, at any time, on pretty much any device. Quite simply, our goal is to give you what you need and leave you in control -- with the power to make your own updates to your courses as required.
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Alan Bellinger at LT 2016 "Are you a faster horse or a car?"
A thought leader and driving force in LPI for many years, Alan talks grandkids, golf and the power of technology to create a learner ecosystem where learners pull at the point of need. http://www.learningandperformanceinstitute.com/consultant-trainer/alan-bellinger/
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The Future of eLearning with Craig Weiss - Part 2
In the second part of this exclusive series, Craig reveals how he got into eLearning and how his education space experiences helped him foresee the future of the industry.
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Will the LMS still be a viable platform for eLearning in 2020?
In part three of our exclusive interview with eLearning guru Craig Weiss, Craig reveals why he thinks the Learning Management System (LMS) industry is here to stay. In fact, by 2017/2018 it's projected to explode into a $7.8 billion industry.
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Sheena Whyatt at LT 2016 - "Personal branding"
The LT 2016 video diary caught up with award winning trainer and entrepreneur Sheena Whyatt, who shares her thoughts on developing your personal brand. http://www.lightningtraining.com
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Bookboon | Announcement Video
Unicorn in partnership with Bookboon: https://bookboon.com/
Unicorn Training | Quarterly Update (Q4)
- October-December 2018 - The Off-The Shelf team discuss what's been going on in the last quarter and what's coming up. Presented by Richard Whittington. Property of Unicorn Training Group.
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David Guralnick at LT2016 "Stories and emotion in learning"
David Guralnick, President of the International eLearning Association, talks to our LT2016 video diary about the importance of adding emotional appeal - stories, humour - to engage learners and enhance learning effectiveness. http://www.davidguralnick.com/
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"The best LMS in the financial services market, bar none" - Craig Weiss Interview at LT19
We interviewed Craig Weiss, an LMS market guru and asked him to share his thoughts on our very own Unicorn LMS. Filmed at Learning Technologies 2019 at Excel, London.
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RNLI & Quizcom
Learn how the RNLI used our fantastic QuizCom app to engage 30,000 volunteers across the country with GDPR training.
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Unicorn Training Group - Digital Showreel
Bespoke eLearning to meet your specific training requirements. Please watch our digital showreel and check out our website for more information: www.unicorntraining.com All content created and owned by Unicorn Training Group.
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Unicorn Training: SkillsServe LMS presentation
Video version of a presentation displayed by Unicorn Training at The 2011 Learning Technologies Exhibition. Highlights the features of Unicorn Training's Learning Management System (LMS), SkillsServe. Visit http://skillsserve.com/ to find out more about SkillsServe.
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Unicorn Training: Retail Distribution Review
This Unicorn Training clip shows Steve Jenkins from the CII talking through the changes in retail financial services...
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The Learning Ecosphere Explained
Mark Jones talks about the Learning Ecosphere at Learning Technologies 2017. A brief overview of how we believe it's possible to leverage the learning opportunities presented by new technologies, without compromising established training methods. A marriage of enterprise, and learner focused solutions.
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Ben Betts at LT 2016 "R&D for L&D"
Back on the LT 2016 exhibition floor, we caught up with Ben Betts, who reveals all about Learning Locker, the unique open source LRS. http://ht2.co.uk
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Juliette Denny at LT2016 "Unleash your inner superhero"
The video diary visited the exhibition hall and caught up with Juliette Denny of Growth Engineering to find out more about their next gen LMS. www.growthengineering.co.uk
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Mike Hawkyard at LT2016 - "Making learning fun"
MD of leading games studio Amuzo, Mike talks to our video diary at LT 2016 about the power of games for learning. www.amuzo.com
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Unicorn at Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018
Highlights from this year's #LTSF18 - and a big thanks to all our partners and industry friends for their involvement!
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Ed Monk at LT 2016 - "Learning efficacy and impact"
We tracked down Ed Monk, MD of the LPI at this year's LT 2016. Here he shares his thoughts on the need to show how learning activity is improving an organisation's performance. http://www.learningandperformanceinstitute.com
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Want to embed a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance that is reflected instinctively in your staff conduct? ComplianceServe is the trusted and effective solution designed to align with the regulated environment in your industry. Its unique features will enable you to manage your compliance training needs through one easy-to-use, secure portal. Safeguard your business with ComplianceServe.
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Sambit Mohapatra at LT2016 "The future is now - virtually"
More from the LT exhibition floor. Here Sambit, founder of Siyona, talks about the potential of augmented and virtual reality for learning.
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Jo Cook at LT 2016 - "Making virtual classrooms engaging"
Jo is an expert on blended learning programme design and live online virtual classrooms. We tracked her down at LT 2016. https://lightbulbjo.wordpress.com
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VIDEO BLOG 3 - What makes Unicorn special?
Unicorn founders, Peter Phillips and Henry Phillips, discuss why our clients keep coming back to Unicorn
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Welcome to SkillsServe 2016
Our award-winning learning and performance platform, SkillsServe, is your gateway to a whole world of learning. Our customers tell us they love it because it's all about the people who use it. Find out more in this short video...
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Unicorn Rebrand - Raspberry Thursday 2013
Unicorn Training have launched their Rebrand! #Raspberry Thursday 2013 @unicorntraining
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What is minds-i? | Promo
We have an award-winning app called 'minds-i' and in this video, you will get to know what it's all about.
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Unicorn Training: UK Compliance Show
UK Compliance with Dean Curtis and Mark Jones...
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