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The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track Episode 1: King's Cross
Documentary following the staff at London's King's Cross station, the gateway to Leeds, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh for the 47 million people who travel through the station every year. The 1970s concourse at King's Cross is cramped and dark, doing nothing to help the spirits of the passengers - something that Alexis, who works on the passenger information point, knows all too well from her experience of dealing with frustrated travellers. Steve, who sells tickets in the travel centre, says he regularly relies on his conflict resolution training. There is hope that a brand new concourse will lift everyone's spirits. East Coast manager Steve Newland wants the opening to coincide with customer service levels worthy of a five-star hotel, a vision that is frustrated when broken-down trains and fatalities on the line bring everything to a standstill. Laxman has worked at the station for 35 years, during which time he has witnessed both an IRA bombing and the King's Cross fire. He is a much-loved staff member but will not be there to see the new concourse filled with passengers, as retirement beckons. His last day at work is a very sad one for everyone at the station.
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BBC - Italy Unpacked: The Art of the Feast
Andrew Graham-Dixon and chef Giorgio Locatelli travel through Italy exploring the country's history, culture, food, art and landscape. Their journey begins in Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, one of the richest regions in Italy. They find out why the city is know as la Dotta (the Learned), la Grassa (the Fat) and la Rossa (the Red), while visiting its shops, art institutions and the oldest university in the world. Andrew and Giorgio experience the social and friendly atmosphere of the region and meet fishermen casting huge nets at the mouth of the river Po. From there, it is a short journey to Ferrara where they discover the legacy left by the famous dynasty d'Este, and to Modena, home of balsamic vinegar and Ferrari. Finally, Giorgio reveals the source of modern Italian cuisine - at the Palatina Library in Parma he views an original copy of the first cook book of the newly united Italy - while Andrew admires Correggio's magnificent fresco in the dome of Parma Cathedral.
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BBC - Italy Unpacked: Looking to the Future
The second leg of Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli's journey takes Giorgio home, to Lombardy, a region brimming with engineering innovations and the influences brought by the proximity to Northern Europe, always with an eye to the future. The first stop is of course Corgeno, Giorgio's hometown, where Andrew is the guest at a typical Sunday Lunch at the Locatelli's home. Andrew repays him with a visit to some very unusual frescos by Lorenzo Lotto, hidden in a private chapel. The Christ with long fingernails is one of Andrew's favourite frescos. And it's time to reach Milan, the capital, with its temples dedicated to the Gods of religion (The Duomo), art (La Scala) and capitalism (the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele the II and surroundings streets, full of luxury shops). At his restaurant inside La Scala, the chef Gualtiero Marchesi (father of the modern Italian cuisine) would intrigue his custumers with a risotto made with saffron and... gold. But Milan is not just about beauty and style, it has a dark centre. It is an arena of extreme political contrasts. Fascism was very strong here and so was the opposition to it. In Milan the Futurists movement embraced the world of modern art, and expressed the violence that would shape modern Italy under Fascism - a dark but fascinating story, that Andrew and Giorgio will investigate with a visit to the Museum of 900. More amazing art is waiting for them outside Milan, in the gem that is Mantua, a town full of mesmerizing buildings. Among those, the diamond in the crown is Palazzo Te, a former hunting lodge built for the amusement of the Duke Federico Gonzaga and his guests, designed and covered in frescos by Giulio Romano, a disciple of Raphael. And to end this fascinating trip another well kept secret: Cremona, hometown to the one of the most famous luthiers in the world: Antonio Stradivari, where Giorgio and Andrew will have the privilege to be the spectator of a very private concert.
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BBC - The Good Cook: Episode 2
Award-winning food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his passion and expertise as he creates truly delicious meals. Drawing on his years of professional experience, Simon shows how food fit for a restaurant table can be made at home. With useful tips and tricks of the trade, Simon demonstrates how to make the tastiest risotto, delicious parma ham and asparagus pancakes, a quiche lorraine and a very simple yet impressive coffee granita. Across the series Simon will introduce the ingredients he cannot live without. In this episode, Simon shares his love for Italian risotto rice and parma ham.
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The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track Episode 2:Summer Madness
Documentary following the staff, passengers and police officers on the railways in and around Leeds during summer. This is the most challenging season for staff, when binge drinkers, cable thieves and trespassers all threaten to delay the trains. For driver Jason, driving the trains on the 'Real Ale Trail', a pub crawl by train, is the most dreaded shift of the week as drunken party-goers fill his carriages and begin to stumble across the tracks to catch their trains but the real- alers think of it all as harmless fun. Elsewhere, when a teenager is killed after trespassing on the track, British Transport Police officer Craig has the difficult task of breaking the news to the boy's mother. To add to the challenges for the staff running the trains in and out of Leeds, it is the wettest summer in a century and flooding brings the network to a standstill. With costly fines for every minute of delay, just one day of flooding costs the industry over a million pounds and ruins thousands of passengers' days.
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Food Inspectors - Series 2: Episode 1
Enfield Council's food inspectors Mary and Claire visit a Chinese takeaway, where they discover a rabbit which belongs to the owner's daughter and is being kept in a food preparation area. They also find an area awash with mouse droppings and urine, and in an outside storage shed there are the remains of a dead rat or mouse. Matt investigates a countryside crimewave which sounds like something out of the 18th century - animal rustling. Pigs, sheep and cows are being stolen, loaded into lorries and driven away to be illegally slaughtered. If it ends up in the catering industry we could be eating illegal, unsafe, stolen meat without even knowing it. While food inspectors concentrate on businesses, most cases of food poisoning happen in people's homes or workplaces. Chris Hollins visits a fire station in Lincolnshire - the firefighters cook a tasty fry-up at the station, but there are dangers lurking in their kitchen. Our resident expert Ben gives the kitchen a once over and uses a gadget to test for bacteria. Chris Hollins meets Darren, from Lancashire, who ate one mouthful of undercooked pork chop and ended up in hospital. He cooked the pork for five minutes and could tell it wasn't quite right but swallowed one piece. Three weeks later he woke with a headache and tingling in the corner of his face and within 48 hours he was in intensive care fighting for his life. He had contracted listeriosis, and the bacteria went to his brain - causing meningitis. In the UK we devour 11.5 billion sandwiches every year. Making a sandwich may look simple but the lunchtime favourite is a potential breeding ground for lethal bacteria. Chris visits Raynor Foods in Chelmsford which prides itself on food safety and makes 32,000 sandwiches each day.
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The Good Cook: Episode 4
Award-winning food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his passion and expertise as he creates truly delicious meals. Drawing on his years of professional experience, Simon shows how food fit for a restaurant table can be made at home. With useful tips and tricks of the trade, Simon demonstrates how to make his mother's cheese and onion pie, delicious Tuscan tomato and bread salad, Rockefeller-style mussels, tender breast of lamb with onions, and the perfect orange caramel custard/creme caramel. Across the series, Simon introduces the ingredients he cannot live without. In this episode, Simon shares his love for sour dough bread and mussels. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b012w4m3
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Food Inspectors - Series 2: Episode 4
Newham food hygiene officer Matt investigates 'beds in restaurants' - the alarming practice of workers sleeping in kitchens. He has found 12 cases of people living in kitchens in the past few years. Jenny, from the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health, says that anyone sleeping in a kitchen presents a health risk to any customer. It is estimated that there are more than one million cases of food poisoning every year in the UK. And almost half of these are the result of dodgy cooking by family and friends. Chris visits the Brixton home of Dave and Rich, who are cooking that Great British favourite, a roast lamb dinner, for their friends. Our resident expert Ben casts his eye over the kitchen and offers advice on how to cook the lamb and vegetables safely. Lamb can contain E. coli on its surface but properly searing the outside of the meat will kill any bacteria on the surface. But when Ben inspects the fridge he finds cheddar cheese which is way past its sell-by date, mouldy mushrooms and a bag of salad which is swimming in water, all of which need to be binned. Matt visits a farmers' market in Taunton, Somerset, along with Carol, the head of training at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Matt meets some of the stallholders and quizzes them on the lengths they go to in order to store and sell their produce safely. And he visits a farm in Devon, where artisan producer Donna has been rearing her pigs for nine years. She also makes pork salamis which are dried and not cooked. Matt tries his hand at making a salami sausage and learns about the ingredients Donna uses to preserve the meat.
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The Good Cook: Episode 3
Award-winning food writer Simon Hopkinson shares his passion and expertise as he creates truly delicious meals. Drawing on his years of professional experience, Simon shows how food fit for a restaurant table can be made at home. With useful tips and tricks of the trade, Simon demonstrates how to make stuffed roasted peppers (Piedmontese peppers), the perfect steak and chips, roasted aubergines with feta, a smoked haddock pilaf and a scrumptious rhubarb crumble. Across the series Simon will introduce the ingredients he cannot live without. In this episode, Simon shares his love for olive oil and Guernsey cream. Recipes: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/programmes/b012qnq2
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National Geographic HD - Head of John the Baptist
John the Baptist's Bones Found? Excavated from Bulgarian church ruins, remains are from right time and place. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/06/120618-john-the-baptist-bones-jesus-christ-bible-bulgaria-science-higham/
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Food Inspectors - Series 2: Episode 2
Food inspector Mandy from Gravesham Borough Council is on the trail of a Chinese takeaway. Every food outlet in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is rated from zero to five with five being the cleanest. The takeaway Mandy inspects boasts a rating of four. But she finds fried chicken which has been left out of the fridge for six hours and a box which once contained raw, frozen food is now being used to store the cooked chicken. In the food lab Chris meets secretary Sharon Sanderson from Halifax, who suffered from a very serious case of salmonella poisoning. Sharon ordered chicken and noodles from a noodle bar in Manchester - a decision she believes led her to be hospitalised with kidney failure. Food inspector Russell from Reigate and Banstead Council visits a pizza delivery company where he finds fridges at the wrong temperature for food safety, a staff member washing his hands in the food preparation area and a box of chicken wings left underneath the pizza oven to defrost. While food inspectors concentrate on businesses, most cases of food poisoning happen in people's homes or workplaces. Our resident expert Ben visits the home of pet lover Linda in Tonbridge, Kent. Linda has a horse, a pony and a cat and treats them as her family. But not everyone is keen on Linda's love of animals - her daughter Faye refuses to eat at the house when she visits, because she doesn't think the kitchen is clean and she instead brings a packed lunch with her. And Chris visits pie factory Pooles of Wigan. Chris is given a guided tour to show him just how they make a perfect pie while also ensuring food safety and hygiene levels are maintained.
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Harbingers of Doom CH 11 End
第11集 - 大凶兆 末日倒數 Share 過去十集節目,李燦榮、張可頤先後請來各個界別的專家學者,將末日徵兆逐個細數、分析,今集壓軸篇來個一小時大總結,假設現時最多人談論的2012年12月21日這世界末日屬實,在這一年多的倒數時間內,最有可能導致末日的大災難、大凶兆是甚麼?陰謀論專家卓飛、林以諾牧師、地球專家伍世良教授、中文大學通識教育部導師陳志宏,分別以陰謀論、宗教及天災人禍三個角度,與藝人嘉賓謝天華、曾華倩和「糖妹」黃山怡齊來研究一番!眾嘉賓更會進一步探討一旦末日降臨,人類有甚麼可以準備、應變? 末日預言與滅世陰謀如同雙生兒,相存並生。陰謀論專家卓飛指出,一個包括全球政治、經濟重量級人馬的神秘組織,正在策劃一場驚天大變革,預計一觸即發的第三次世界大戰,各國不單在軍事上交鋒,甚至會興起經濟大戰云云,究竟背後隱藏甚麼目的?卓飛又稱,更震撼的傳聞,是一群神秘醫學專家正在尋找人類的完美基因,更不惜透過培植超級病毒,淘汰九成九人口,找出擁有完美基因的一群,到底有甚麼蛛絲馬跡支持這駭人聽聞的陰謀論? 林以諾牧師則從宗教角度分析《聖經》中有關末日的提示,其中記載了耶穌基督將二度重臨人間,但並無提及他會以甚麼形態出現。有人因而聯想到2012年外星人襲地球的預言,林牧師證實《聖經》中亦有提及外星來客,莫非耶穌基督會化身外星人? 以常理推測,可以令人類瞬間滅絕的危機,非天災莫屬。地球專家伍世良教授認為,一旦發生特大天災,人類可說無處可避,其中一個危機就是藏在美國黃石公園的地下火山群,然而這個計時炸彈可有爆發跡象?中文大學通識教育部導師陳志宏則指出,被稱為「末日機器」的歐洲,「大型強子對撞器」威力亦不容小覷,這個原本用作模擬宇宙大爆炸的裝置,有甚麼潛藏危機?天華、華倩和糖妹均禁不住擔憂,一旦有科學家計算出錯,人類會否從此在地球上消失?各位嘉賓還會就如何準備末日來臨,交換意見。
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Harbingers of Doom CH 10
第10集 - 氣象殺機 Share 上集節目探討何謂「超級颱風」,及香港一旦受超級颱風威脅可能引發的危機等問題,今集話題更為深入,進一步分析超級颱風風眼掠過本港上空,及颱風過後,本港會面臨甚麼樣的危機?遍佈市區的樹木在吹襲過後,會否成為威脅生命的「都市殺手」?另外,有陰謀論者斷言,超級颱風以致旱災、地震、海嘯等特大天災都可以人為製造,以氣象作為摧毀敵國的武器,聽來似是科幻小說情節,匪夷所思,究竟有何理據支持?兩位主持請來陰謀論專家卓飛、樹木專家歐永森、歷史掌故專家鄭寶鴻及藝人嘉賓蓋鳴暉齊來研究。 兩位主持李燦榮、張可頤今集再找來一段模擬片段,假設一個中心風力達每小時300多公里的超級颱風風眼掠過本港,將為本港帶來甚麼的危機?留意片中氣象專家詳細分析。樹木專家、國際樹木學會中國地區分會會長歐永森指出,粗略估計,本港市區種植有130萬棵樹木,本港一旦正面受超級颱風吹襲,估計八成以上樹木會受破壞,將斷未斷的樹木,隨時造成重大人命傷亡及財產損失;更甚是,這類都市計時炸彈,風暴過後,才浮現是真正的危機! 鑑古知今,香港以往亦曾受超級颱風吹襲,包括1962年襲港導致逾百人死亡的颱風溫黛,其破壞力有多驚人?歷史掌故專家鄭寶鴻會為大家細說從前;名伶蓋鳴暉亦會分享風暴襲港下在離島登台唱戲時的驚險場面。 對於人造天災、氣象武器等陰謀論,陰謀論專家卓飛肯定由風暴、旱澇以致地震、海嘯等都可以是人為製造,甚至有傳聞指日本311大地震亦是其一,而傳聞中的美國HAARP「高頻主動極光研究計劃」更有製造人為氣象的裝置,這到底是個甚麼組織?卓飛更預計氣象武器將成為未來戰爭新趨勢,不但影響氣候,連人心都可以控制,究竟有甚麼可見的蛛絲馬跡?
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Harbingers of Doom CH 09
第9集 - 超級颱風(上) Share 在「厄爾尼諾」與「拉尼娜」兩大自然現象影響下,香港的天氣變幻莫測,年初就有指今年本港將受多個超級颱風威脅,到底有甚麼根據?所謂「超級颱風」如何定義?其威力又是否足以摧毀香港的重要建設?今集李燦榮、張可頤請來建築安全專家馮穎匡博士、追風族Roger、滑浪風帆好手王合喜和藝人嘉賓王浩信,齊來研究一番。 兩位主持首先與眾嘉賓一同研究一個模擬「超級颱風」形成及吹襲本港的片段,據稱這個「超級颱風」的中心風力達每小時300公里,在太平洋上風形成後直撲香港,全港遍佈摩天大樓,年前就曾發生商廈玻璃幕牆疑受強風影響連環爆裂,甚至被整塊掀起猶如利刀,劈向鄰近住宅的罕見意外,在「超級颱風」威脅下,這些高樓大廈會否化身殺人武器?屹立維港海旁被市民詬病的「屏風樓」又會否首當其衝受襲?留意馮穎匡博士的分析。 追風族Roger每逢本港受颱風吹襲都會與志同道合的友人四出「捕風捉影」,到底他們熱門追風地點在哪裡?王浩信亦會分享早年在美國目擊龍捲風吹襲情況,跟Roger交流一番。弄潮兒一向對颱風吹襲又愛又恨,一方面海面不時翻起巨浪正是大展身手好時機,惟海底又暗潮洶湧威脅生命安全,滑浪風帆好手合喜有甚麼忠告給大家?
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Harbingers of Doom CH 06
第6集 - UFO 入侵(下) Share 上集節目討論UFO及外星人入侵地球之迷,不但嘉賓們討論熱烈,電視機前收看的觀眾亦有頗大回響,主持李燦榮、張可頤今集請來更多對這一課題感興趣的嘉賓跟大家分享經驗,暢談見解!包括香港在內,世界各地都不時有發現不明飛行物體(UFO)的報道,本港搖滾教父夏韶聲(Danny Summer)就曾分別在香港及美國兩度目睹UFO現身,並一直追蹤研究有關課題;另外,兩位美女賈曉晨 (JJ) 與高海寧,亦對外星人及UFO的消息充滿好奇,今集機會難逢,實行要與Danny及兩位主持切磋、研究! Danny鍾情搖滾音樂以外,原來一直留意UFO與外星人消息,並研究了廿多年,他更曾親眼目擊UFO出現。第一次是1985年一個晚上,在調景嶺寺廟附近;而最震撼的一次在美國三藩市見到巨型汽球飛船,旁邊有形狀如黑色「回力鏢」的不明飛行物,究竟兩次經歷具體情況如何?Danny多年來搜集了大量有關外星人與UFO的資料,更以此為題創作漫畫與歌曲,公開神秘故事,到底他掌握了甚麼「猛料」? 外星人乘UFO而來,到底有何目的?有指外星人擁有的高新科技遠遠超出地球人想像,想捉拿地球人做研究實驗;又有人認為外星人的繁殖出了問題,因此向地球人打主意,甚至想掠取地球資源等等,種種「陰謀論」層出不窮,到底有沒有可靠理據?香港80年代亦發生過轟動一時的華富邨疑似UFO事件,外星人來港又有何目標?Danny自有一番獨到見解;賈曉晨 (JJ) 與高海寧(高Ling)又有甚麼看法?
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Harbingers of Doom CH 08
第8集 - 中國末世預言 Share 一直以來,節目內提及的末日預言,無論是《聖經》、馬雅文化或諾查丹瑪斯等等,都是來自西方世界,今集主持李燦榮、張可頤轉個方向,帶大家回歸本土,研究一下中國歷代典籍的中末世預言。被奉為至尊聖典的《推背圖》,據說蘊藏了千多年來重大歷史事件的預言,兩人特別請來易學專家田官達與《推背圖》學者莫天賜,一同解構書中預言。除此之外,道教亦透過扶乩獲得神明預言啟示,該如何解讀,道學研究家余中哲會詳細講解;還有精通塔羅牌占卜的姚安娜占卜香港未來,藝人嘉賓江欣燕亦會參與討論。 中國預言至尊聖典《推背圖》,早於一千三百年前的盛唐貞觀年間已流傳,據說預言了往後一千八百年的重要歷史事件,其中第五十六象更被指預言了第三次世界大戰,關係到全人類存亡的危機?易學專家田官達解釋,書中以圖、象及讖文等,立體化展現當中玄機,其中第三十四象、三十五象、三十八象等,就分別預言了清末英法聯軍攻打京城、太平天國動亂、第一次世界大戰等等。不過,最神奇的第四十象,被指預言了中國新時代的出現,連中國共產黨以至中華人民共和國的開國大典都有提及。田官達和《推背圖》學者莫天賜一一以書中的圖、象及讖文一一解構玄機。 田官達分析,現今世界可對應書中第四十三象,而被指預言第三次世界大戰的第五十六象,將在何時發生?人類會否就此滅亡?當中圖、象應如何拆解?除此之下,道教亦有扶乩這種獨特的占卜方式,透過乩手作為中間人連繫神明化難解憂指點迷津。方法是由乩手扶着特製木架在沙盤入寫出文字及圖形,再作解釋。據講本港亦曾出現過預言中國及香港百年國運的重要乩文,包括香港回歸,道學研究家余中哲會分析當中玄機,他更預言今年陽曆十月三日有重事件甚至災難發生,到底何以見得?姚安娜則會透過塔羅牌占卜嘗試預測可有重大事件發生?
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Harbingers of Doom CH 03
第3集 - 2012末日天機(下) 談到末日,三個月前的「311日本九級大地震」相信大家記憶猶新。這場被指為末日徵兆之一的大災難,引發核電廠洩漏輻射的嚴重事故,令港人重新關注核電安全問題。香港毗鄰既有大亞灣核電廠,未來10年鄰近地區又將陸續設立更多核反應堆,一旦發生如日本的核輻射洩漏,港人可有逃生之門?有關憂慮會否引發港人對末日的恐懼?李燦榮、張可頤今集請來環境生態顧問、臨床腫瘤學系專家、核能專家、臨床心理學家,以及藝人嘉賓楊思琦,齊來探討有關話題;聖經研究專家王生台亦會繼續拆解末日密碼。 日本「311九級大地震」已經發生了三個月,災區仍百廢待興,福島核電廠洩漏輻射的情況仍然嚴重,令港人憂慮同樣事故一旦發生在鄰近的核電廠,香港人該如何應變?據資料顯示,除了大家熟悉的大亞灣核電廠,未來10年本港鄰近地區將最少被50個核反應堆包圍,一旦發生事故,港人可有逃出生天的希望?環境生態顧問莊棣華及港工程師學會核子分部主席陸炳林博士,會為大家分析香港受核威脅的情況,而臨床腫瘤學系教授鄺麗雲醫生則會詳釋輻射感染對人體的影響。 早一陣子傳媒對核輻射洩漏新聞的跟進報道,曾引起市民近乎恐慌的憂慮。臨床心理學家何念慈分析,類似恐慌的反應可以相當極端, 一是幻想末日將至惶惶不可終日;又或對周遭事物漠不關心,這種恐懼情緒應如何舒解?且聽她指點一二。歷代宗教學者先後指出《聖經》當中隱藏着末日密碼,聖經研究專家王生台卻矢言不信世界末日,但卻有獨特方法推算即將來臨的時代終結,且看他尋找到甚麼蛛絲馬跡。
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European Train Travel: Episode 34 - Switzerland
In this video, you will go through the Lake Lucerne and the Lake Lehman. Let's ride on the famous Golden Pass Express train starting from Lucerne and finally to Interlaken via Brienz.
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Harbingers of Doom CH 05
第5集 - UFO 入侵(上) 一連四集討論過關係到地球物種和人類生死存亡、末日預兆等問題後,兩位主持李燦榮、張可頤決定從今集起轉換較為輕鬆的話題!除了地球之外,外太空還有沒有其他生物存在?一直眾說紛紜,世界各地都不時有發現不明飛行物體(UFO),甚至外星人蹤跡報道,就是香港,也曾出現疑似UFO蹤影。有傳外星人造訪地球來者不善,實則有侵略意圖,孰真孰假?兩位主持請來對UFO題材素有研究的幾位嘉賓,包括藝人 陳子聰、紀錄片導演梁偉庭 (阿庭), 及新晉電影導演兼電台節目主持人劉偉恆 ,齊來探討一番! 不說不知,陳子聰Conroy和梁偉庭 (阿庭),不但對不明飛行物體(UFO)和外星人有濃厚興趣,原來更親眼目擊過UFO現身,當時情況如何?發生的地點又是何地?可有與外星人進行第三類接觸?阿庭是本港首位UFO紀錄片導演,他如何搜集資料拍攝?只有五十個州份的美國,卻有一個傳聞有外星人與地球人共同聚居,且有UFO出沒的神秘地區帶「Area 51」。這個地圖上沒有位置的「Area 51」,據說位於內華達州沙漠不毛之地,受軍方嚴密監視,閒人出現即被直升機追截,但竟然曾有港人到此一遊!他正是電台節目主持人劉偉恆 。偉恆5月剛造訪這個被尊為「UFO聖地」的神秘地域,與一般「UFO迷」不同,偉恆抱着質疑態度起行,進行實地調查,結果可有遇上天外來客?
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Harbingers of Doom CH 07
第7集 - 滅世大瘟疫 Share 愛滋病、沙士、禽流感、豬流感、腸病毒......全球各地每年都不斷發現新品種的病毒,並且迅速變種,抗藥性越來越強,形成超級惡菌,隨着科技發達、交通便利,廣泛而快速散播全球,輕易蔓延成世紀疫症,人類會否滅亡於大瘟疫之下? 主持李燦榮、張可頤今集請來醫學專家何栢良醫生、沙士康復者林志釉、社會觀察家梁家權、玄學家李丞責和藝人陳敏之為大家溫故知新,回看過去數個世紀以來全球所出現過的各種疫症,推測世界潛在會出現的新瘟疫,並預測這些疫症造成人類終極末日的可能性! 說到瘟疫,早在1894年,鼠疫橫掃全球之際,香港已被宣佈為「疫埠」,隨後還有「瘧疾」、「霍亂」、「禽流感」人類感染個案;2003年沙士來襲,再令香港成為疫埠,更稱得上浩劫一場!近期又輪到沈寂多時的猩紅熱爆發,瘟疫似乎未離開過香港!醫學專家、香港大學余雷覺雲感染及傳染病中心總監何栢良醫生指出,香港絕對是全球抗藥性惡菌最多的地區之一,其中抗藥性金黃葡萄球菌是大家最熟悉的其中一種,出現此象與濫用抗生素可有關連?這是否足以威脅人類存亡? 2003年的沙士一役令本港猶如孤島死城,沙士康復者林志釉會細訴當年在病塌中的深切體會;而藝人陳敏之的父親當年碰巧因病入院,她亦會分享家人的恐懼與憂慮。八年後的今天,醫學界對這世紀疫症可對抗良方?玄學家李丞責亦會以玄學角度分析疫症對本港的威脅。社會觀察家梁家權直指眾多惡菌由動物傳人,可說是人類殘害動物的天譴,是動物向人類發出的死亡通牒,人類是否必死無疑? 香港彈丸之地,人口卻直逼八百萬,加上居住密度有增無減,未來日子有甚麼超級惡菌可能威脅本港?再次爆發世紀瘟疫的風險有多大?人類最終會否因大瘟疫而滅絕?五位嘉賓齊來研究探討。
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Harbingers of Doom CH 01
第1集 - 2012末日天機(上) 有關世界末日的預言,出現在不少宗教典籍當中,不過,在芸芸預言當中,以「消失的文明」南美洲馬雅民族流傳至今的2012世界末日預言最為人所熟悉。近年頻頻有特大天災發生,被視為有關預言的引證,甚至引起部分人士恐慌。究竟末日之說真確性有多高?主持李燦榮、張可頤今集請來學者專家深入淺出作出剖析。 宗教界代表林以諾牧師、聖經研究專家王生台、社會觀察家梁家權、中文大學通識教育部導師陳志宏及大家熟悉的王喜,一同參與討論。眾嘉賓會分別以宗教角度、天文學角度、社會大眾觀點出發,為觀眾追溯末日預言的源頭、所謂「末日徵兆」包括甚麼現象?當中被視為徵兆之一的全球糧食危機,近年引發國際關注,亦成為眾嘉賓討論焦點之一。
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Jack Russell Terrier looking for crisps
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WP 20141001 21 31 44 Pro
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Harbingers of Doom CH 02
第2集 - 2012末日天機(中) 延續上回2012世界末日預言的話題,主持李燦榮、張可頤今集繼續邀請宗教界代表林以諾牧師、聖經研究家王生台,與新加入的地球專家伍世良教授、天文專家王國彝教授、宗教建築專家鄺心怡建築師,還有大家熟悉的朱茵,齊來探討。除了馬雅族的2012末日預言,及聖經中提到的末日徵兆外,世界各地還有沒有實實在在的建築物,隱藏着末日符號或災難訊息?有關末日預言或徵兆,有甚麼與香港人息息相關? 幾位新加入討論的嘉賓相繼發表對末日的看法,其中朱茵表示對她而言,末日已數度降臨,皆因歷年多前大災難,都令她感到末日來臨。關於末日徵兆,有指愛因斯坦曾預言蜜蜂有消失滅絕的危機,而當這一天降臨,人類亦將滅亡;此外,法國巴黎的宗教名勝聖母院據說暗藏末日符號及災難訊息,而法國南部昂達伊十字架,其基座四面繪有日、月、星辰及神秘圖象,亦被指隱含災難訊息,到底這些符號屬何人留下?代表甚麼?專家學者會一一拆解。 末日徵兆:超級風災、大海嘯、大地震、超級火山,被稱為福地的香港能否獨善其身?朱茵指出,世界知名的美國黃石公園地下隱藏龐大火山群,一旦大爆發,整個地球莫不受影響;地球專家伍世良教授亦提醒大家,香港其實處於地震帶之上,然而發生巨災的機會有多大?
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Victor's Exercise
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Harbingers of Doom CH 04
第4集 - 動物離奇死亡事故 近年,世界各地先後發生動物離奇死亡事故,單在今年上半年,美國、英國、巴西、新西蘭、台灣、意大利,先後有不同種類的鳥、魚、蟹大規模死亡,香港亦不時有雀鳥集體撞向玻璃幕牆死亡事件,有人指出這可能是因為地理和氣候影響而出現的異象,亦有不少人相信是動物預告禍患將臨的預兆,有何根據?今集節目李燦榮、張可頤請來海洋生態專家胡紹燊教授、昆蟲專家饒戈、生物學家翁建霖教授,以及藝人嘉賓張國強,一同研究動物離奇死亡,是末日異象,還是生物自然現象? 李燦榮、張可頤首先為大家展示一幅震撼的「死亡地圖」,標示了曾經發生動物離奇死亡事故的國家及地區,今年其中一宗最震撼的個案,是月前美國有百萬魚群湧入海灣集體死亡事件,整個港灣被銀白色魚屍填滿,相當駭人。事後報告指魚群死於窒息,又有人估計是因為魚群感覺到水流或環境突變而產生恐慌所致,未幾果然有地震發生云云,到底此說是否合理,海洋生態專家胡紹燊教授會為大家分析情況。 隨着科技發展、交通便捷,不同品種的動物被人類運離原居地,遷到氣候環境截不同的地方繁殖;而各式各樣的殺蟲劑出現,據說都會令動物和昆蟲不斷變種,以致醞釀變種瘟疫。曾肆虐本港的禽流感、沙士,甚至去年肆虐歐美的豬流感等,是否都是人類所作的「孽」?一旦動物相繼滅絕,人類還有沒有出路?昆蟲專家饒戈、生物學家翁建霖教授,會和跟嘉賓一同探討。
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Happy Birthday to Me !!
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Operation Love - EP1 Victor & Ar San
Who's next?
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Time to exercise Victor
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