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Danish Adventure Weekend - Girls sword fight
Indy Summit 2009 - Elsa and Lara (Morgan and Kit) fighting with rapiers
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Stella Angelova Super slow motion
Bulgarian World champion gymnast and stunt woman Stella Angelova in a Promo spot for IDT camera. At a normal speed it is under 4 seconds long. Watch it at 0:56 in this Stunt Reel http://youtu.be/sargmwMdUwU
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Anime Sword Girls Tribute!
I Hope You Like It
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10th World Wushu Championships - Women's Duilian China
10th WWC - Women's Duilian China 9.82 (1st) Gao Jing, Liu Hai Yun Fist vs. Spear This is amazing... listen close at 1:04 for something interesting.
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HOT Female Sword Duel KFF
Get The 5 Superhero Secrets @ http://www.VictoriaVives.com THANK YOU for watching, sharing, subscribing, commenting, and rating. Much Love :) V . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Enjoy this hot Female Sword Duel by KFF! In This video: VICTORIA VIVES. IMDb credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2020345/ NATASHA CORDOVA http://www.natashacordova.com/ Sword fight choreography by TERRY TANEIE http://www.studioshiners.com/ Written and directed by TONY LAUDATI http://www.kungfufemmes.com Thank you Tony, Terry and Natasha for a great video together :)
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Danish Adventure Weekend - Girls sword fight
Indy Summit 2009 - Kit and Morgan
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Kill Bill - The Bride VS. Gogo and The Crazy 88's (Alternate Version)
KILLING IN ALL ITS GORY GLORY This is taken from the Japanese Unrated Limited Edition DVD of Kill Bill. It contains extra scenes that were cut from the original and is completely in color. Reasons why the movie theater and regular dvd versions were in black and white: + Tarantino was forced to censor the scene in some way to limit the visual of obscene gore. The MPAA did not specify how to do this so he decided to cut a few scenes and change it to black and white (Black & White was also intended for artistic purposes and to fit the flow of the movie (such as the beginning) that happened to fit well with censorship.) + He also chose black and white as an underlying obscure/random reference to the 70s and 80s. There are 88 keys on a standard piano, the Crazy 88's wear black and white (the colors of a piano). [Why Piano? Tarantino likes to use instrumental metaphors in almost all of his works] + During production they under estimated the amount of blood needed to shoot the scene. They ran out of blood and thus made the scene B/W to hide some of the clear splatters and spray effects. ***There might be MORE than 88 members in The Crazy 88's. During this fight scene alone, I can count 81 gang members either killed or with sliced limbs (There are even more because some shots were too fast to count). Don't forget the others that were killed before GoGo and the others killed right after this scene before the final fight with O-Ren ***Officially there are about 40 actors listed in the credits of the film as Crazy 88 members. This is because in the movie industry, extras or background actors, have to have a minimum total of screen time (2-5 minutes total) in order to be officially listed in the credits of the film. Most of the actors in this scene had a screen time of less than a minute combined total, meaning that a lot of these people were not listed in the credits. **I apologize for not getting the entire scene, especially the spanking katana scene. I uploaded this video back when YouTube restricted normal users to 10 minutes only. Songs (Some of them): 4:57 - Cane/White Lightning by RZA & Charles Bernstein 7:56 - Opening theme song to Karate Bullfighter entitled Kenka Karate Kyokushin Ken 9:15 - Nobody But Me by The Human Beinz Copyright © 2003 A Band Apart Productions / Miramax Films / Quentin Tarantino (This video is not intended for personal commercial purposes. I receive no revenue from this video)
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Sword Fight
Scene from "Samurai Spirit", still in production.
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Eve Bellydance - sword solo- Big Girl's Song of Joy to  Lilith
I'm still learning to work with my Beloved Lilith...Be gentle :)
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Stop fighting like a girl, Bradley!
NOTE (27/09/2014): As some of you still seem to think that it was Colin, who shouted "Stop fighting like a girl, Bradley!", I'd like to make an official statement: IT WAS NOT HIM!!! It was a guy in the audience who did that, NOT Colin! ;) It has been discussed a lot of times in the comments, and I always said it wasn't Colin. So, even if it's a disappointment for some of you, you can believe me. I was there, I know it. ;) NOTE (24/1/2012): This video is just for the fun of watching it. This is NOT the place to insult people or bash the show. If you don't like it, that's okay, but please refrain from discussing/bashing it here. Just move on and do it elsewhere...the internet is huge! ;o) Stunt fight scene with Bradley James. BAFTA event - Inside the World of Merlin November 21th 2009 at the Barbican in London Have fun! :D
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Medieval Festival - Sword Fighting
The MiddleAges festival on the Loreley (Easter 09). A guy and girl were dressed up and fighting with swords.
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girls sword fighting wii
this is me and cheyenne kicking ass on the wii
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Girls Sword Fighting
The girls battle it out in Matthew's room.
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Naked Sword Girl.
What Picture did you think was the best? Get the picture to photoshop for my next video here: http://bit.ly/8k5tqC Send your pictures to me at: [email protected] Check out the rest of the best entries here: http://www.flixya.com/gallery/50360/theseotitle (I'm still adding more) Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/fluffeetalks Read story at: http://www.wqow.com/Global/story.asp?S=11682017
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sword fight oj
2 girls sword fighting!!!!!!!!
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Girl Vs. Guy! Sword Fighting! Part 2
Haha They Sword Fight and she wins!
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Bradley James Swordfight
The amazing and talented Bradley James swordfighting on stage at Inside the World of Merlin (Bafta event) - November 21st 2009.
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Kung Fu Girl with Sword
A girl doing a Kung Fu Sword Demonstration.
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Sword vs ninja
Roy and some girl is fighting
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The Sword in the Stone - Mim's song (japanese Version) マダム・ミムの歌
This is the scene with Madame Mim from The Sword in the Stone in japanese ^_^
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soccer girls sword fight.
atascocita high school...maggie and i having a sword fight in coach armstrong's room with little mini-heart-swords from anai's birthday cupcakes.
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kung fu tournament 2009--sword girls
las vegas kung fu tournament 2009 - wu shu weapons, girl's sword
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Sword Fighting Little Girl
At a festival, a reenactor challenged little Jo-Jo to a sword fight. Little did he realize what he had gotten himself into. Jo-Jo may be tiny, but she knows how to make up for her size.
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Wudang Sword
Wudang sword vs. Wudang sword. Sword Contest at Salt Lake 盐湖论剑 (Trailer #1). No CGI, no wires, no camera cranes and dollies, no stuntman and stunt woman, no short and slow fight sequences. We had a few hours to shoot under desert heat, blinding light, and unpredictable gust. And we got lucky. 武當劍 http://wudangdao.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkfiWvW6gjU&feature=related
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Sword Fight
Larp sword fight between a girl and a man.
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Sword fight :)
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Sword Fight
fighting with swords
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Crazy Sword Girl 2
This is her a second time, JUST AS AWESOME!
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Girl Vs. Guy! Sword Fighting!
Haha They Sword Fight and she wins!
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Little girl Wii sword fighting
My 3 year old girl trying her best to sword fight on the Wii sports resort game, and winning, good job they have safety straps now!
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sword girl
i do not oun adio
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Boy Beats Up Little Girl With a Fake Sword
this is a video of a little boy that i was babysitting totally beating up my little sister with a fake sword. really funny!!
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Highland Sword Dance
Competing in the sword dance in Windsor, ON, Canada, in February, 2009. My dancer is in the black and red.
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Re: Naked Sword Girl.
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Princess Bride - The Sword Fight
My favorite scene in the movie.
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Cute little girl and her dad sword fighting
I have NO idea who these people are - if you know them, have them contact me and I'll credit them. But this is so funny. My friend and I watched this at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival today and it makes me cry re-watching it. This little girl is too cute. And like someone behind us apparently said "WHY DIDN"T HE LET HER WIN??"
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The Sword Fight!
I ma a bad person! i busted MewDesuChan's lip open and its still scared.
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Re: Naked Sword Girl.
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Wudang Sword -- Fire and Water
A sword fight on the Salt Flats in the blistering Great Salt Lake Desert between Master Zhong Xue Chao (aka "Master Bing") and one his students just finishing her first year of study.
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Revolutionary Girl Utena Ep.26 - Utena versus Miki
The duel between Miki Kaoru and Utena Tenjou in the second episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Sadly it seems that cutting .mkvs in Windows Movie Maker removes the subtitles... Sorry for that. Although at least nothing is spoiled this way. I uploaded this primarily to demonstrate RGU's splendid design, such as Utena's entrance to the arena and the looks of it itself, which will get even more surreal at the end of the series. You think cars spouting out of the ground isn't enough yet?
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Recital 2009 The Sword
The Girls dance the sword at the 2009 recital
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Sword fighting daddy
The girls had fun beating up daddy and daddy tried to fight back! Viewer descretion adviced!!!! LOL
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Sword Fights
Nova Vs. Stephanie, Alex Vs. Stephanie WHO WILL BE THE CHAMPION!?
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Goodnight sword fight
Brigid and Danielle's vicious sword fight. It's especially funny because they're both the sweetest girls in the world. This fight was choreographed at the drama studio in Springfield under the direction of Dan Morbryn
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Like a Sword (original) - Todd Kuffner
Copyright Todd Kuffner. All rights reserved. My Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Todd-Kuffner/146225391208 This song is on my first album "Squirrel Hunter in Training" available now from my website or iTunes/Amazon. On my website, it's £10 which includes shipping to anywhere in the world--a great price for 35 songs on 2 CDs! http://toddkuffner.com/musicsite Find me at: http://www.twitter.com/toddmakesnoise http://www.youtube.com/toddmakesnoise Facebook: Todd Kuffner http://toddkuffner.com Lyrics: This sentimental life is such a chore I'm reaching into this box for more I'm addicted to the highs And running from the lows And turning upside down In search of love I walk the streets alone most days I carry all my thoughts in my heavy head My enemy's inside me He doesn't bother hiding He's the twinkle in my eye And cause of these desires And the ambassador to my heart of discontent And it cuts like a sword Through this pillow My head rests on Dividing in two my conscience And I can't decide I'm watching out for thieves on this stroll Who want to steal my hope, oh no But that's the only thing I have now To fight against this devil Who's telling me I'm nothin' Who's taking me to hell And it cuts like a sword Through this pillow My head rests on Dividing in two my conscience And I can't decide
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Part 1 of 2: Classic Game Room HD reviews ONECHAMBARA ZOMBIE BIKINI SLAYERS for the Nintendo Wii video game console. Slaying zombie in bikinis has never looked so good (actually it looks like a 2000 Sega Dreamcast game called Sword of the Berserk: Gut's Rage). Splatter the screen and your enemies with blood as you hack and slash your way through waves of zombies and mutated bird zombie monsters and all kinds of other mayhem. This CGRHD review of Onechanbara Bikini Zombie Slayers has gameplay footage from the video game being played with bikini clad girls wielding katana swords splattering zombies with might. Bikini Zombie Slayers uses the Wii controllers to play the game, you hack 'n slash with the Wiimote and it works rather well. Hack up, thrust, slash and pull of special moves and combos. The game may not be the best looking game out but the controls and gameplay are solid, you can unlock new outfits for the girls and as the packaging says "Hotties against Zombies!". It also says "Bombes Sexy contre Zombies!" and "Tias Buenas contra Zombies!". Wow, even other languages appreciate half naked young ladies in bikinis slaughtering wave after wave of zombies! Hooray for video games! Published by D3 games and available for Nintendo Wii, Bikini Zombie Slayers is goofy, fun and over the top with violence and gore. It's a pretty good time with pretty girls that don't really exist but you probably wish they did, right? Did I mention there is a character in a dirty Japanese schoolgirl costume who hacks and slashes mutated evil zombies too? Classic Game Room reviews all kinds of games with girls in bikinis because we are a bikini girl video game review show reviewing games with girls in bikinis, not a show in bikinis. Slash zombies with swords! Booya!
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The Florida State samurai sword massacre
this is a true story the names and places have been changed out of respect for the family In the summer of 97 two young girls went two Florida on a road trip and they were never seem again Due to the graphic nature of this film the parts of Stephanie and marissa will be reenacted by my scene Barbie dolls.
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Magic's Biggest Secrets - A sword on the girl
my friends may suggest what other type you want me to upload. i will try.
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