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Disney's Cinderella - A Secret Garden(Score)
i dont own this By Patrick Doyle DIsney's Cinderella
Views: 17187 DJ066rapunzel
A Secret Garden Patrick Doyle w/lyrics
I got tired of listening to Cinderella music and not being able to sing with it so... I wrote my own lyrics.
Views: 56 Caleb Chen
La Cenicienta - Soundtrack 19 "A Secret Garden" - HD
Música de Patrick Doyle.
Views: 27251 CanalBandasSonoras2
Kindle My Heart - Patrick Doyle (from A Little Princess)
This is a little video I put together for the song Kindle My Heart, from the classic 1995 film, A Little Princess. I hadn't gotten around to watching it (even though I'd seen the 1993 Secret Garden), but then I was made curious after hearing and watching Pogo's brilliant and beautiful track and video, Whisperlude. :) Even though I'm a guy, and the film is mainly directed towards girls, I still found the film to be very well-made and deeply moving, and I can understand why so many women count it among their favorite films. :) So this video is for the ladies, you might say. ;) Enjoy, feel free to comment, and make sure to see this film if you haven't already, because it's worth seeing. :) Check out Pogo's Whisperlude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4jmB9fdZc8 also, listen to LittlexPixi's cover of this song, it's lovely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PRXThEHZIo
Views: 35134 Kayin Colwyn
A Little Princess - Patrick Doyle
This is the music from the movie A Little Princess. Composed by Patrick Doyle.
Views: 61792 Nelwina
Disney's Cinderella - The Great Secret(Score)
i dont own this By Patrick Doyle DIsney's Cinderella
Views: 16555 DJ066rapunzel
The Secret Garden - Winter Light (Piano Cover)
Here's a beautiful song cover from the movie " The Secret Garden" called "Winter Light". It was performed by Linda Ronstadt and also Sarah Brightman. Composed by Zbigniew Preisner. Enjoy dreaming!
Disney's Cinderella - La Valse de L'Amour(Score)
i dont own this By Patrick Doyle DIsney's Cinderella
Views: 98686 DJ066rapunzel
Patrick Doyle - Ella Suite (Cinderella)
Suite orchestrale de Patrick Doyle réunissant les moments forts du personnage Ella interprété par Lily James dans le film "Cinderella" de Kenneth Branagh sorti le 25 mars 2015.
Views: 10509 Clockbuster
A Little Princess OST - 28 - The Goodbye
A Little Princess OST - 28 - The Goodbye Music - Patrick Doyle (Sung by Liesl Matthews)
Views: 51290 xosoundtrackloverxo
Disney's Cinderella - Courage And Kindness(Score)
i dont own this By Patrick Doyle DIsney's Cinderella
Views: 117519 DJ066rapunzel
Sense and Sensibility - Weep You No More Sad Fountains (Piano Cover; comp. by Patrick Doyle)
I'm a fan of film composer Patrick Doyle, so here's the next amazing recording of him. In a typical classical and romantic style. In the original a vocal version btw. Enjoy!
La Cenicienta - Soundtrack 02 "The Great Secret" - HD
Música de Patrick Doyle.
Views: 54516 CanalBandasSonoras2
Liesel Matthews - Kindle My Heart
From the movie A Little Princess.
Views: 185472 salikonsrosor
A Little Princess OST - 08 - Angel Wings
A Little Princess OST - 08 - Angel Wings Music - Patrick Doyle
Views: 39168 xosoundtrackloverxo
Patrick Doyle - A Little Princess
On anothers sorrow (:
Views: 22666 stevensfan93
Cinderella (2015) Orchestral Suite - Patrick Doyle
My Accounts: http://www.facebook.com/LkdRsvd
Views: 6734 Julio Leal
A Little Princess OST - 13 - The Attic
A Little Princess OST - 13 - The Attic Music - Patrick Doyle
Views: 43050 xosoundtrackloverxo
the secret garden(1993) soundtrack 1-. Main title.wmv
The Secret Garden soundtracks 1-. Main Title. Enjoy,
Views: 106851 thebestsounds100
Cinderella - Patrick Doyle - The Stag
Cinderella - Soundtrack - Patrick Doyle
Views: 502 mollemania
A Little Princess OST - 24 - Touched By An Angel
A Little Princess OST - 24 - Touched By An Angel Music - Patrick Doyle
Views: 22009 xosoundtrackloverxo
Cinderella 2015-LA POLKA DE PARIS #349
Disney 2015 CINDERELLA Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack LA POLKA DE PARIS Music by Patrick Doyle Piano Music Sheets distributed by Hal Leonard
Views: 4106 melodyfingers
Disney's Cinderella - You Shall Go(Score)
i dont own this By Patrick Doyle DIsney's Cinderella
Views: 29071 DJ066rapunzel
Kindle My Heart - A Little Princess - Abigail Doyle & Liesel Matthews Duet
I messed around in Audacity and mixed tracks 19 and 28 on the Little Princess soundtrack to make it sound like they were singing a duet. Patrick Doyle's daughter Abigail Doyle sings Track 19: Kindle My Heart and Liesel Matthews (Sara Crewe) sings the rendition of Kindle My Heart in Track 28: The Goodbye. It's not perfect but let me know if it sounds good!
Views: 365426 Chizpurfle52595
Patrick Doyle: On Another's Sorrow (A Little Princess)
Disclaimer: I do not own this! Ownership belongs to Warner Brothers. Based on the poem by William Blake. Can I see another's woe And not be in sorrow, too? Can I see another's grief And not seek for kind relief? Can I see a falling tear And not feel my sorrows share? Can a father see his child Weep, nor be with sorrow filled?
Views: 11424 Kate Price
A Little Princess OST - 18 - For The Princess
A Little Princess OST - 18 - For The Princess Music - Patrick Doyle
Views: 26332 xosoundtrackloverxo

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