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Betray My Secrets - From the Goddess
I do not claim or own this song! Betray my secrets is a band from Germany , formed in 1997. From the Goddess - Lyrics We All Come From The Goddess And To Her We Shall Return Like A Drop Of Rain Flowing To The Ocean I Close My Eyes I Feel Your Presence Waves Of Energy You Spread Through Our World Isis, Giver Of Life, Queen Of Heaven Revealer Of Mysteries! Astarte, Queen Of The Stars, You Rule The Spirits Of The Dead! Diana, Mother Of Animals, Protectress Of All Wild Creatures! Hecate, Goddess Of Magic, Goddess Of The Moon! Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna Touch Her Beauty Through The Circle Of Life Feel Her Presence From The First Day To The End Demeter, Goddess Of Fertility, Earth And Sea! Kali, Goddess Of Destruction And Birth, Beginning And End! Inanna, Queen Of The Land, Goddess Of Transformation! Goddess, Goddess, From The Goddess Can You Hear The Goddess? The Goddess Is Calling! The Goddess Is Calling...You! Listen, The Goddess Is Calling The Goddess, A Drop Of Rain
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Betray My Secrets - Betray My Secrets (FULL ALBUM)
Line-up Stefan Hertrich: Voz Harald Winkler: Batéria Christian Bystron: Guitarra Tracklist 1. Shahmanic Dream 00:00 2. Ever Expanding Eternity 07:03 3. God And Me 13:04 4. Oh Great Spirit 17:34 5. Of Things Not Seen 23:57 6. Desert Dance 29:30 7. Forgive Them 35:02 8. Little Wanderer 43:47 9. From The Goddess 47:14 10. Save My Belief 54:25
Betray My Secrets-Spi-Ritual - Pulse - mp4
ex Betray My Secrets
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How to Get Over Break Ups and Betrayal - Jocko Willink
Excerpt from JOCKO PODCAST 66. Join the conversation on Twitter: @jockowillink @echocharles
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SCP: Betraying the Nut
Couldn't think of a video title and thought that one was funny. Some stuff went down irl so I haven't uploaded. I'm back now okay? Twitch: https://goo.gl/a9OU7K Twitch Team: https://goo.gl/J6yvJn Twitter: https://goo.gl/eBEOVw Discord: https://discord.gg/xPX5XwT Business Inquiries: [email protected] All music used was provided by epidemicsound.com
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My Best Friend Turned Out To Be Fake
★ Subscribe My Channel: https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j Meet Rich. The story he’s going to tell today is about betrayal. If you ask people what what scares them, many of them might answer “being betrayed by a friend”. Well, there’s nothing a person can’t survive, including this very situation, but take Rich’s word for it – it’s still a really painful experience. Don and Rich had been friends since they were toddlers. They were together all the time, and people said they couldn’t imagine them ever being separated. They spent all their days together, starting with the times when they used to play in their tree house. Then they started going to school, and naturally they were in the same class, and after school even did their homework together. At one point they were even in the same baseball team! They were so close that sometimes it felt like they were the same person. This went on until they went to high school (obviously, together). At the beginning of the new school year, Rich suddenly noticed that not all the kids were equal anymore. Everyone was measured on a coolness scale. Unfortunately, Rich soon learned that he was in the middle of it – somewhere between cool and unapproachable. That was bad. He was neither super-handsome nor super-successful; just a regular guy with mediocre scores in studies and sports. On the other hand, Don turned out to be a school celebrity – a quarterback (he had given up baseball a couple of years before) with blonde hair and blue eyes (all the girls were madly in love with him) who could strum a guitar like a guitar hero. Rich quickly became Don’s shadow. They were still best friends, but something changed. There was no balance like there used to be – Don was now incomparably higher than Rich in the school hierarchy. To his credit, he wasn’t an arrogant person at all by nature, but he did end up having his own circle of cool guys who didn’t accept Rich. He felt that Don was becoming more detached and distant, because he was trying to keep some balance between his old friend and them, and didn’t want to offend either side. Then one day the situation boiled down to Don making a choice. Rich shared a birthday with a cheerleader girl from Don’s new celebrity club. Rich couldn’t imagine celebrating his birthday without Don, and it went without saying that he expected him to be there like a member of his family. But when he invited him, a look of shame suddenly spread across Don’s face, and he said: “Sorry bro, would you mind if I missed this one? Barbara is throwing a party and the whole school is invited – maybe we could meet there? Should be lots of fun!” Well, all the COOL people at school were invited, so Rich was naturally excluded. You can’t imagine just how bitter Rich felt at that moment. Don had been like a brother to him, and it was a heavy blow. He felt lonely for the first time in his life, and didn’t like it at all. His parents told him to get over it. They said he’d be fine and just needed to get used to the new situation. Soon, Don was dedicating more time to his new friends than ever before, until the point came when they didn’t even exchange a single word for a whole week. It was the ultimate breakdown. For the whole of that long period when Don and Rich had been like brothers, he actually didn’t have any other close friends he could stick to. So now he was one hundred percent alone. It went on for months – he studied alone, did sports alone, and even ate his lunch alone. Until one day a new boy came up to him and asked me if he could join Rich at his table for lunch. Well, what could he say? It was like a breath of fresh air in his monotonous and slightly depressing life. They got acquainted – his name was Dave and he had moved to their town only recently, so he didn’t have any friends. Rich didn’t actually notice the moment when they became friends – but after just a couple of months he realized that he felt that he wasn’t alone anymore. Dave turned out to be a great guy and the best thing was that Rich was not his shadow – they were equals, and he liked it a lot. Rich would really like to end his story on a glorious note like, “One day, Don came up to me and said he was tired of his celeb friends, and I proudly rejected him.” Nope. He’s still out there basking in his popularity, and Rich is still just a regular guy living his life without any fanfare. They still haven’t spoken for ages. But Rich now understands that if you’ve been betrayed by a friend, sometimes it’s just better to get over it and let them go, because your friendship will never be the same. The chances are you can find others who value you more, even if breaking up with old friends is always painful. We’re sure some of you have experienced a breakup with your best friend. Tell us your own story in the comments! Thanks for taking the time to hear about Rich’s story, and if you like it, like and share it with your friends!
Betray My Secrets- Shamanic Dream
its a video with pictures on Betray my Secrets band playing the song "Shamanic Dream"
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7 Ways You (Unknowingly) Betray Your Lover
“7 Ways You (Unknowingly) Betray Your Lover” FREE “8 Secrets to Create a Rock Solid Relationship” << http://goo.gl/FqioIH Need Immediate 1-on-1 Custom-Tailored Coaching? Click here to schedule: https://claytonolsoncoaching.com/1-hour-relationship-coaching-session ↓↓↓ READ MORE ↓↓↓ In this video, I am going to discuss about the 7 subtle ways you may be betraying your partner in a relationship or marriage. The reason this video is created is because these 7 subtle betrayal that comes up in relationships are really important to make conscious. People do these things unconsciously. Some think that these subtle ways are benign and innocent but when these 7 subtle ways of betrayal begin to stack on another they form really bad habits that can potentially form a gap in your relationship. And ultimately rupturing the connection between and opening the door to larger acts of betrayal. [00:43] The First Subtle Act of Betrayal: Invalidating Your Partner’s Emotions Invalidating emotions can come in different ways but the most common is when your partner comes to you with an emotion like anger, sadness and pain. And rather than listening and fully receiving them and allowing them to experience whatever they’re experiencing, you’re saying that whatever they’re feeling is wrong. [01:33] The Second Subtle Act of Betrayal: Emotionally Dishonest Emotional dishonesty comes in several forms as well. One of which could be faking your climax which is pretty obvious. The next one would be saying that you’re fine when really you’re not and leading them to believe everything’s fine where you got all these boiling emotions underneath. One of the most dangerous ways of emotional dishonesty is when you are being emotionally dishonest about your intentions. [03:11] The Third Subtle Act of Betrayal: Stone Walling or Withdrawing This one is I pulled from a book called The Celestine Prophecy. Stonewalling is often looked as one of the most abusive things that you can do in a relationship because you are severing the connection without communicating. [04:11] The Fourth Subtle Act of Betrayal: Undermining Your Partner in Public What this does is it ruptures the connection between the two of you and it creates this me vs. you mentality rather than this us mentality. You’re no longer on the same team and now there’s cheap shots of going back and forth in front of the public. [05:06] The Fifth Subtle Act of Betrayal: Hiding Money This is more applicable to marriage than dating. Hiding money what I’m lumping under this umbrella is maybe you’ve got a gambling addiction, or you have poor spending habit, or maybe you have a tremendous amount of debt that you’re not communicating that you have to your partner. All of these things leads to not letting your partner breath disgust. [05:39] The Sixth Subtle Act of Betrayal: Complaining About Your Partner to Your Friends Sometimes we need to blow off steam, or we need to have as sounding board at times to process our thoughts but if you are consistently complaining to your friends you actually end up creating a support group of people that only see the worst side of your partner. [06:45] Work with a coach [07:01] The Seventh Subtle Act of Betrayal: Secret Relationships The final betrayal act is if you’ve got secret relationships. This could be with coworkers or an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or somebody you’ve met where the nature of the relationship is one that you are hiding from your partner. Your partner may not necessarily know about all your relationships maybe they will eventually find out all of them over time. These are the 7 acts of betrayal that can seep into the relationship and cracks the foundation. If you’re not vigilant and conscious of how you are being in a relationship. Don’t forget to download my FREE “8 Secrets to Create a Rock Solid Relationship”: http://claytonolsoncoaching.com/ This eBook will walk you through the top secrets to build a healthy solid relationship that stands the test of time. In your corner, Clayton Need Immediate 1-on-1 Custom-Tailored Coaching? Click here to schedule: https://claytonolsoncoaching.com/1-hour-relationship-coaching-session Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/claytonolsoncoaching FREE EBOOK: “8 SECRETS TO CREATE A ROCK SOLID RELATIONSHIP” ➜ http://claytonolsoncoaching.com/ CONNECT WITH ME ➜ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ClaytonOlson101/?ref=hl ➜ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ClaytonROlson ➜ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/ClaytonCoaching/ ➜ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/claytonolsoncoaching/?hl=en VISIT THE WEBSITE: ➜ http://claytonolsoncoaching.com/ SEND ME AN EMAIL: ➜ [email protected] Share this video: ➜ https://youtu.be/YjRy1jiueZ0
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Betray My Secrets - Of Things Not Seen
Band: Betray My Secrets Album: Betray My Secrets Country of origin: Germany Status: Split-up Formed in: 1997 Genre: Atmospheric Folk Gothic/Doom Metal ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Members: - Stefan Hertrich - Vocals (ex-Sculpture, ex-SpiRitual, Shiva in Exile, ex-Darkseed, ex-Death of Eden) - Harald Winkler - Drums (Soul Sabotage, ex-Darkseed) - Christian Bystron - Guitars, Bass (Megaherz, ex-Shiva in Exile)
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The secret reason why Figo betrayed FC Barcelona for Real Madrid - Oh My Goal
In July 2000, Figo made a surprising and controversial €62 million move to Barcelona's bitter rivals Real Madrid. There had been a buy out clause in his contract at Barcelona, a new world record fee, which Real Madrid met, and his arrival at Madrid signalled the beginning of Florentino Pérez's "Galáctico era" of global stars signed by the club every year. Figo became the new focus of the Barcelona–Real Madrid rivalry, with Barcelona fans feeling betrayed by his transfer and turned against him. --------------------------------------- ★ Like this video if you want to see more episodes and react in the commentaries section below Don't forget to turn on notifications in order to not miss the next videos. ► Follow us: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/peradze94/featured Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OhMyGoal.KeliNetwork/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ohmygoal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OhMyGoal_US --------------------------------------- © Oh My Goal - Keli Network
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Betray My Secrets-Of Things Not Seen
Betray My Secrets Genre(s) Ethnic influenced Doom/Gothic Metal Lyrical theme(s) Religion, Love, Sadness, Fantasy Origin- Germany (Munich, Bavaria Formed in- 1997 Last label -Serenades Records Status -Split-up Last known line-up Stefan Hertrich - Vocals (Darkseed, Shiva in Exile, Sculpture (Ger), SpiRitual (Ger)) Christian Bystron - Guitars (Megaherz, guest in Shiva in Exile and SpiRitual (Ger)) Harald Winkler - Drums (Darkseed, Soul Sabotage) Discography Oh Great Spirit EP, 1999 Betray My Secrets Full-length,1999
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The Friend I Betrayed ( animated story )
Download Monster Legends For Free ► https://spons.org/youngdonthesaucegod Sponsored by Monster Legends The Friend I Betrayed - Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God Part 2 to the Dating My Friend's Ex Girlfriend animation ====================================================== Watch My Last Animation - Dating My Friend's Ex ►►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe45pJWbYxM Go Check Out All my other animations! ►►► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXWQOb8FRiMtBy8X0rW0ZV-DBTmazWj74 Subscribe to my Channel ►►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfg0SWjIHm_h95e4V8X5og?sub_confirmation=1 Listen To 'One More Time' Here (OUTRO SONG) ► https://song.link/us/i/1454696940 ====================================================== Social Media ====================================================== Follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilovesaucegod/ ====================================================== CREDITS ====================================================== Written, story boarded, edited and animated by: Don Hinds Illustrated By: Don Hinds Coloring Assistant: Noah Horton The Reaction Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=479_5Br6L2s
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Secret Neighbor - Our Second Look! - I BETRAYED MY FRIENDS!!! 1V5!
Pre-Alpha Gameplay! Shop 1 - http://dbh.la/delirious Shop 2 - http://h2odelirious.spreadshirt.com My Social Links! Twitter: https://twitter.com/H2ODelirious Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officially_delirious Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1wjyGOd Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos! https://www.youtube.com/user/MrTOOCHIEF https://twitter.com/SPACEMANCHAOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-spaceman-chaos/id904688257 #Delirious #Secret #HelloNeighbor
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"TO LET OUT A SECRET, TO BETRAY A SECRET" in Cantonese (篤爆) - Flashcard
[dūk baau] "TO LET OUT A SECRET, TO BETRAY A SECRET" in Cantonese (篤爆) - Flashcard. Additional information about the word: to let out a secret, to betray a secret.
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The Untold Secrets Behind Figo's Transfer to Real: Did He Betray FC Barcelona?
It is difficult to accept when the most effective and reliable player in the club chooses the eternal rival’s side. For five years in Barcelona, Figo won seven trophies and twice became the best foreign player of La Liga. He was the most technical player of his generation. When young Cristiano Ronaldo, being a player of Man United, was fooling several defenders in one trick, his speed and dribbling were compared to Figo’s best years. Why did Figo, being the best midfielder in the world and the leader of Barcelona, take such a dangerous decision? Do not forget to subscribe, and let's geek this out.
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Betray My Secrets - Little Wanderer
Para los que amamos el METAL , una banda que nunca morirá...
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Betray My Secrets-God and Me
random pictures on God and Me song played by Betray My Secrets band
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WHY Beast Titan WILL BETRAY Marley! Zeke's SECRET With LEVI? Attack on Titan theory
Why Beast Titan Will Betray Marley! Zeke Secret Plan with Levi Ackerman - Attack on Titan Chapter 103 Assault Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 103 進撃の巨人 103 - Subscribe! Anime Attack on Titan videos Weekly & Anime News 😄 ►► http://bit.ly/AnimeFansUnite Attack on Titan Chapter 103 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g60okY5Pcys Colossal Titan RETURNS! Beast Titan & Armor Titan SURPRISE? All Out War! Attack on Titan Chapter 103 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVrbID3_CcU Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 103 is coming Soon! Will Zeke as the Beast titan turn on Marley? Will Reiner join the battle as the Armored Titan? Which Side will Reiner fight for? Could Gabi injure or take someone out? What are some possible Titan on Titan match ups! Foxen delves into this today. Older Levi Ackerman, Older Jean, Older Sasha Potato girls, older Connie and older Floch return The War Hammer Titan Revealed!! Attack on Titan Chapter 101 Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxlqxThMPbo Levi Vs WarHammer & Beast Titan! All Out War! Attack on Titan Chapter 102 Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4smri7OaV1M Complete Attack on Titan Great Titan War History & Truth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjAHkJ2m3ss Eren's Attack Titan fights against the WarHammer Titan aka Willy's Sister. Mikasa, Jean and the scouts show up to take it down. The current Marley Arc is ongoing for Shingeki no Kyojin. Where are Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Alert, and Levi Ackerman? They’re nowhere to be seen after the 4 year time skip. The Marley Arc has focused on the Beast Titan, aka Zeke Jaeger, Reiner, and the new Marley trainees: Attack on Titan focuses on the story of Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger battling against the mighty Titans of their world. The story begins in 845 after the fall of Wall Maria and Titans started eating humans within the Shiganshina District. This pushed humanity back behind the second Wall, Wall Rose. Only Wall Rose and Wall Sina were left to stop the Titans. ================================= Past Attack on Titan manga Chapter Reviews Eren's CRAZY Declaration of War?! Attack on Titan Chapter 100 Review Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人 ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47dNRJMYdQI Attack on Titan Chapter 99 Review ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hs3WPdnU79U Attack on Titan Chapter 98 Review ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ztggp5zZYwY Attack on Titan Chapter 97 Review ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZYmB-qYOk4 Attack on Titan Chapter 96 Review ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIQ_62tYFiM Attack on Titan Chapter 95 Review ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=burP_HBhzu8 ================================= Other Attack on Titan Videos Attack On Titan Season 3 DELAYED? Season 3 Release Date Announced! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7uFRHNOOgc Annie Lost Girls Anime Series has been announced and is coming out soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnnfHJ1W35s Watch 10 Mikasa Ackerman Facts You Didn’t Know ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuCKL5JDrG8 Watch 10 Levi Ackerman Facts You Didn’t Know ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASUYrrCEuTc Watch 10 Armin Arlert Facts You Didn’t Know ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azDkdcqyYPg Watch 10 Eren Jaeger Facts You Didn’t Know ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5YNcFZLmQk ———————————————— Artist Credit (Non-Commissioned) icrawler, naxshe, NarutoRenegado, Endo, Drumma, Akc3r_man, crogerson19, naxshe, Saturn, uridoz , 01Agito_Jaws99, voheiin, Fatichan, ezekael, animics, crogerson19, Rakyah, burek_japrak, aaf6, lemons, Kanochii, Tobey, voheiin, Vihurah, SoulMadness
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Betray My Secrets -  Forgive them ( with lyrics)
Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own the rights for this song. The tune is dedicated to one of the dearest people to me - my girlfriend. Lyrics: You Fall Into A Hole Into The Gap Between Weak And Strong Eyes Blind Peace Dying Earth Breaks You Fall Eyes Blind. You Fall. Falling Down Life Falling Down Pride Your Weak Heart Feels You Dead Deepest Hole Feel The Fall Of Your Soul See Justice Falls Into The World Of Lies Cruelty Alive Forgive Them, Forgive Forgive Them, Forgive Eyes Blind Hearts Beating Death Peace Dying Earth Crying Misery Forgive Them, Forgive Forgive Them They Did Wrong They Did Wrong! Forgive Them, Forgive Forgive Them And Mankind Fell. Forgive Them Forgive Forgive Them And Mankind Fell. And Mankind Fell
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What Happens If Big Smoke Wins the Last Mission in GTA San Andreas? (Secret Alternative Ending)
GTA San Andreas - What Happens If Big Smoke Wins in the Last Mission - End Of The Line? Secret Alternative Ending! Subscribe for more GTA SA videos! https://goo.gl/M5jFTu What Happens If You Get 10 Stars in GTA San Andreas? (Secret Cheat Code) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pgvvh9mQ1kA GTA San Andreas - Grove Street vs Ballas Gang & Killing CJ, Sweet and Ryder! (Gang War Mission) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KfStC3MFTI GTA San Andreas - Kill CJ's Mom Mission & Playing as a Ballas! (The Death of Johnson's Mother) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D0RAdpdfJU Secret Slenderman Location in GTA San Andreas! (Myths and Facts) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7xdapKl89E GRANNY in CJ's House in GTA San Andreas! (Killing Granny and Taking Her Baseball Bat) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8lBCxcdf0A Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action-adventure video game published by Rockstar Games. It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series. GTA San Andreas is played from a third-person perspective. The game is set within the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, which is heavily based on California and Nevada. The state of San Andreas consists of three metropolitan cities: Los Santos, based on Los Angeles; San Fierro, based on San Francisco; and Las Venturas, based on Las Vegas. The single-player story follows Carl "CJ" Johnson, an ex-gangbanger who returns home to Los Santos from Liberty City after his mother's murder.
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Betray the Secret: Humanity in the Age of "Frankenstein"
"Betray the Secret: Humanity in the Age of Frankenstein" was an exhibition in the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University from April 4–August 5, 2018 as part of [email protected], a larger celebration at Stanford University marking the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein." This exhibition, drawn from the Cantor's permanent collection, explored themes such as the vulnerability of the body, how technology can alter and improve the human experience, and how technology and science are defining what is human and what is not. Betray the Secret was realized with support from the Halperin Exhibitions Fund and curated by Elizabeth Kathleen Mitchell, PhD, and Alexander Nemerov, PhD.
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[SCP: SL] How to Betray your allies and side with the SCP!
Playing #scp multiplayer with fans! SCP Secret laboratory is a fan made game which enables you to play scp containment breach with friends! ==Make sure to check out my social media below== Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/Naddition Discord ►https://discord.gg/bHrha6R Twitter ► https://twitter.com/NadditionYtube Google+ ►https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Naddition Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/nadditionvr
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Befriend and Betray Kokona - Yandere Simulator
These are the ninth and tenth Elimination methods that were added into the game. https://yanderesimulator.com/ https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/
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Secret Service Betray JFK CIA Assassins are Everywere!
Watch as all Secret Service stand down and let JFK ride off with out any protection?! WHY?!? so he can be killed by the CIA seconds later. Look for my other Videos for more footage of what happens JFK was a hero, This is how the new America treats its heros. With a Bullet. He had just been told a very important secret that he was told not to tell anyone He decided to let the American people know the truth and was killed before he could tell us. Tho he did tell his brother RFK and look what happened to him. Look at what happened to his whole family. Whiped out... To keep this secret. They even killed Marilyn Monroe The Truth is that we are NOT alone that there is evil here you can not imagine! Fight the NWO and the illuminati dont let his death be in Vain. For more info contact me please leave comments and rate
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Betray My Secrets-Shamanic Dream
Primera rola del unico album de esta banda de Atmospheric Folk Gothic Doom Metal originaria de Alemania.Disfrutenla!!!
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THE SECRET! Why do people betray each other?
Why do we betray other people, people we love and care about? This video will explain some of the reasons why we stab people, in our circles, in the back. We will also discuss few tips on how we can deal with betrayal. Reasons for betraying others: 1. Self-hatred 2. We don't honour the relationships we have 3. Competition 4. Insecurity *Tips on how to deal with betrayal* (a) Forgive those who betray you (b) Be intentional about how you feel - use affirmations and a grateful journal (c) Learn from all situations - be bitter or better - your choice Thank you for passing by my channel.
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Tangled Theory: The Secret Daughter Of Mother Gothel
Mother Gothel May Have A Real Daughter No One Knew About SUBSCRIBE for more TheThings ► http://bit.ly/TheThingsSub Disney Connections Between Sofia The First And Frozen ► https://youtu.be/sHgz7Ls3vF8 Disney Princesses Who Would Be Besties In Real Life ► https://youtu.be/QnZm2K0ESS4 Back in 2010, Disney brought its fans a movie that would soon become a staple in the Disney world. The movie was none other than “Tangled," which brought the fairytale princess Rapunzel to life. The film was such a hit that a television series known as “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure” was soon developed in its honor. We love watching Rapunzel and her friends embark on new and exciting adventures. Although we never get tired of watching Rapunzel and Flynn make their way through their fairytale, we thought we’d bring up the character who was most recently introduced to the show: Cassandra. Be sure to watch until the very end to get to know this character and the role she plays in Rapunzel’s journey. Some fans are convinced that Cassandra may be connected to the selfish and vein Mother Gothel. Watch until the end to find out if there is a correlation between these two characters. #Rapunzel #Tangled #Disney New Videos!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1jyNKIVfz6NuNT8Hz3SUVDK&playnext=1&index=2 Most Popular Videos!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1jYlgzJKAd6Cn3t_1DgLmmh&playnext=1&index=2 Disney Facts You Will LOVE!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1h06xnRmvgW883ztsGRLGeE&playnext=1&index=2 EVERYTHING Nickelodeon!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1hOTlUYsgJaUbznOme0txut&playnext=1&index=2
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What happens when you betray ONI...
Enter the giveaway for the official ICONIC throne!: https://gleam.io/T0Qg8/win-a-custom-quersus-chair Try Audible for free and get a free Halo audiobook to keep while also helping me out!: http://www.audibletrial.com/HiddenXperia If you enjoy my content, consider supporting me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HiddenXperia Huge props to Elzie for the L I T new intro + outro sequences, you can follow him here: https://goo.gl/GeFF6e Come join the official HiddenXperia discord server!: https://discord.gg/kvDme5C MAJOR thanks to the following Patrons for their extremely generous donations!: ICONIC ONE: Jack Madden Eric Brown Sam Grafton Bruin98 Hayden Woods PRIMORDIALS: TheArdentPrayer TOMAHAWKM468 Taylor Hayden Evan McBride Locust5637 Bruin98 Momo Kawashima Shikata-Ga-Nai Foxy Mjolnir 117 Christopher Johnson Matthew Blankenship Pierre Artigouha Manu Mitrik Toni Redgrave Ben Richards Jim Sisouvong Regan Sink GRAVEMINDS: Ankari Julian Lares Azurane Pirate Lahaie Alex Agui Blade Erebos Toni Redgrave OkiJay Ethan Lutjen Adam TheBlueSensei Thebanana3 Two Penny Props The Office of Naval Intelligence ONI have a record of making people who cross them 'disappear'. Today, we're taking a look at the top secret facility these unlucky few are taken... BItcoin address: 15MBLnFi2Jd6oeVGWZ2u2X4Z42mgFocLGz Litecoin address: LWzHubpGiek2iAgSDz38xHiQw71a6nzdeL Ethereum address: 0xC5032a030a2107189850399A9c075aeE8c4cFC9B Check out the Halo Archive: www.haloarchive.com Follow me on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/HiddenXperia ►►Thanks for watching guys!
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Betray My Secrets - From The Goddess
Milkdrop preset lyrics video
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To Love, Honor & Betray 1999 - full movie
To Love, Honor & Betray 1999 To Love, Honor & Betray 1999
I Betrayed My Brother Who Raised Me After We Lost Our Parents
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The Art of Betrayal  - The Office US
JUDAS Watch The Office US on Google Play: http://bit.ly/2xYQkLD & iTunes http://apple.co/2eW0rcK Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2y5VK8N This is the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments! FB : https://www.facebook.com/theofficenbc Twitter : https://twitter.com/theofficenbc Website : http://www.nbc.com/the-office #NBC #TheOfficeUS #Comedy
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John Terry: The biggest betrayal ever - Oh My Goal
It has to be one of the biggest betrayals in football history. John Terry, captain of Chelsea at the time, was best friends with Wayne Bridge. The two players shared a great friendship, to the point they would go on vacations and nights out together with their respective partners. But, one day, Terry did the unthinkable when he committed adultery...with Wayne Bridge's wife! This nearly became a nationwide scandal... --------------------------------------- Like this video if you want to see more episodes and react in the commentaries section below Don't forget to turn on notifications in order to not miss the next videos. Follow us: YouTube - Oh My Goal: http://bit.ly/2Hu09sN Youtube - Freestyle Football - Oh My Goal: http://bit.ly/2TKSZqS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OhMyGoal.KeliNetwork/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ohmygoal/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OhMyGoal_US --------------------------------------- © Oh My Goal - Jellysmack
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Who Will Betray Rapunzel? - Tangled Theory: Discovering Disney
SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmv DONATE ON PATREON: https://patreon.com/wotsovideos At the end of Rapunzel’s journey, one of her party shall turn against her, but who will it be? Before destinies collide in the epic Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure season two finale, I want to understand who will betray Rapunzel and this answer is not as clear as I originally thought it would be. SUGGESTED VIDEOS: Tangled Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9x9T_WZm_M&list=PLkSX0Xu7IC-NhHA8gsMcSPTnuvAlQR5h9 Rapunzel’s Evil Incantation Revealed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLAssAVOZ64 Does Mother Gothel Have A Daughter?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCVfj3ewcVA&t=2s Varian’s Fall To Evil Explained!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYuCEKNuFN8&t=4s MOVIE LINKS: Tangled: http://amzn.to/2peFWyT Tangled Before Ever After: http://amzn.to/2rlz9od Tangled Queen For A Day: http://amzn.to/2B7xAdQ RESOURCES: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Cassandra_(Tangled) https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Waiting_in_the_Wings https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Demanitus https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Adira This prophecy that was given to Eugene by the ancient Coronan engineer Demanitus references someone Rapunzel has been traveling with throughout her time away from Corona. There’s Lance, Eugene’s childhood best friend, Shorty, Pascal, Max, and of course Eugene himself, but not of them seem to have any motivation to hurt Rapunzel. They all support the princess’s journey to the Dark Kingdom, never shy away from their duties and, other than Eugene, these characters don’t typically have serious conversations with Rapunzel. But Cassandra on the other hand, Rapunzel’s best friend, has been drifting away for a long, long time. I post every Tuesday and Thursday, so check back then for more Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, Star Wars and movie videos! If you have any questions about the Disney universe that you would want answered in a video, please ask away in the comment section! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS TO MY PATRONS WHO SPONSORED THIS VIDEO! Ann Richardson, Austin Burress, Emma Spratt, Eva Bailey, Ines Fuenmayor, Julia Kendall, Karina Santiago, Lea Bose, Mats Furuli, Pixelz Pearson, Rachael Fox, Rachael McIntosh, Ray Clawson Jr., Redbandit, Stephanus Surjaputra, Victoria Hanger & Zachary Levine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME! MERCH STORE ➜ http://wotsostore.com PATREON ➜ https://patreon.com/wotsovideos TWITTER ➜ https://twitter.com/WotsoVideos FACEBOOK ➜ https://www.facebook.com/wotsovideos/ INSTAGRAM ➜ https://instagram.com/wotsovideos GOOGLE PLUS➜ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110603597887196386944/110603597887196386944 Want to mail me something? Isaac PO Box 31 Manitowoc, WI 54221 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not own the rights to Disney or any of the branding associated to the franchise. Discovering Disney is meant for educational purposes which does not take away from the original works, but instead helps build understanding on the cinematic universe. Some links on this page are affiliate links. #Disney #TangledTheSeries #Wotso #Tangled #DisneyChannel
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My Friend Almost Died After Betraying Me
★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO [email protected] IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j This is Jeffry. Do you like watching TV? Well, he wants to tell you a story about how a TV drama helped him to save his friend’s life. Jeffry is just a regular guy – the kind of person that studies well, but isn’t a total nerd. He has friends, and a girlfriend who he really like a lot. Her name is Caroline, she's a really successful figure skater and he’s so proud of her. He’s never missed any of her performances and even attends her training sessions. The only thing he hates about the whole thing is her skating partner, John. Caroline spends so much time with him, because of all their training and so on, and this makes him jealous. At some point, Jeffry began to notice that Caroline had become increasingly irritable. He tried to ignore her bad mood at first, as he assumed that her busy schedule with all the training sessions and studying and everything was the reason she was so grumpy. So he decided that he ought to try and cheer her up. He invited her out to their favorite cafe, which had always sort of been “their place”, and bought her a present. But when she came, she suddenly began accusing him of having an “annoying interest in her life.” That’s how she said it. She said that they spent too much time together, that she was tired of his constant presence, and that he was overly jealous of her training with John. She ended by saying that if Jeffry had had a hobby of his own, everything could have been different, but since he wasn’t interested in anything aside from her life, that they would have to break up. And then she just left. At first it was very hard for him to get used to the idea that Caroline and he were no longer together. Every day after school he would just sit in his room and think. He didn’t feel like communicating with anyone. He remembers how once he came home and found his sister watching one of those dramas on TV. He sat down next to her on the couch and tried to understand what was happening in that episode of “Gray’s Anatomy.” And guess what? It turned out to be a pretty good show, and not as silly as he thought it was. He actually became obsessed with it and started watching the series from the very first season – there were plenty of episodes to get through. And every Thursday he would look forward to a new episode and watch it together with his sister. He began seeing his friends like he used to before he had Caroline, but soon he noticed that his best friend Jim was spending less and less time with the group. He said that he just had some family issues to deal with. But then one day he called Jeffry and said that they had to talk about something, and that he would drop by to see him that evening. When he actually showed up and Jeffry saw his face, he looked pale and almost sick. Then he finally said: “Me and Caroline, we’ve been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now.” Jeffry felt his stomach twist somewhere inside. He was so angry that he just yelled at him, telling him that they were no longer best friends. At that moment, Jim collapsed on the floor and seemed to be unconscious. His sister ran into the room and started screaming something about needing to call 911. One thought after another was rushing through his head. He looked at his watch. It was 8:23 PM. Suddenly he realized what needed to be done. As if someone were giving him orders, he turned his unconscious friend over onto his back and tried to feel around for his pulse. He could tell that his heart wasn’t beating. Jeffry pressed his palms to Jim’s chest and began to do an indirect heart massage – no one had ever told him how to do it, but he’d seen it plenty of times on “Gray's Anatomy”. It seemed like a few hours passed before the paramedics arrived. He looked at his watch again – it only took them three minutes to get there. And even before anyone had asked him what exactly had happened, he told everything to the EMTs. They did their job, and Jim woke up even before they put him in the back of the ambulance. The next day Jeffry went to visit him at the hospital. He said he had a recurring heart problem that got worse whenever he got nervous, and he was definitely freaking out about the situation with Jeffry and him and Caroline. But the doctor promised that he’d be alright after a few days in the hospital. He also said that things would probably have been much worse if no one had done CPR at the right time. “How did you know what to do?” he asked. Jeffry had to confess about his addiction to that medical drama. The doctor smiled. When he was leaving, he passed Caroline. They didn’t say a word to each other. But he noticed the sad and sorry look on her face, and strangely he didn’t felt like getting mad at her. Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com
3 Ways Kara can Betray Alice (Evil Kara Endings) - DETROIT BECOME HUMAN
Get the game on Amazon: https://goo.gl/cECyVj 3 Ways Kara (You) can Betray Alice - DETROIT BECOME HUMAN ScereBro: • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ScereBro/564637156948348 • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_scerebro/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/scerebro • Get Games on G2A: https://www.g2a.com/r/scerebro
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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Arthur Reveals Who Betrayed The Gang Cutscene
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I BETRAY EVERYONE!: SCP: Secret Laboratory
You are tearing me apart Lisa!
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Betray My Secrets God and Me
Betray My Secrets-God and Me by ivanlegions
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SO MUCH BETRAYAL | SCP: Secret Laboratory #2
Episode 2: As requested by so many new visitors on the channel. If you're one of the new subscribers, welcome! I hope this video is as good as the last one! I hope you guys enjoy and I'll be looking for you in the comments! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrVMWYw3X8xOWEp9B2iTzmw Friends in the vid: Borthre 1: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmcRBLQ1QL9q4WIptpP02Kw CasualTryDay: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Rj5DtkbrIbZ5hg9poje2Q Spectral: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgR-hkd1aV6MxwHm9TVJgg Eclipse: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsgwkR0enWAvHWZbNKU8Arg Dogolo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU4FNYMeryT7q9-WL83RdXQ Sack Of Potatoes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmV2inrR_EcF5p3qGc2w1zw Loafers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0y-7LEX5SHxe9Fq1yIIjzA Gaungy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUG3WxzJm1jriLwXsU8E50w Outro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc1tg9qkGyI
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Why Cassandra Betrayed Rapunzel! | A Tangled The Series Theory
SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/hfq9jmv DONATE ON PATREON: https://patreon.com/wotsovideos Destinies have finally collided in a way I was never expecting. Origins have been revealed and motivations have come to life, and now we are just left wondering what will happen next and why all of this occurred. In my first video on the season two finale of Tangled The Series I’m going to be explaining Cassandra’s betrayal so we can begin to understand why she unleashed the moonstone. SUGGESTED VIDEOS: Why Cassandra Wasn’t At Rapunzel’s Wedding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wv_75ZHH8g&t=464s Does Mother Gothel Have A Daughter?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCVfj3ewcVA&t=2s Who Will Betray Rapunzel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ8u2v-MrQs&t=1s MOVIE LINKS: Tangled: http://amzn.to/2peFWyT Tangled Before Ever After: http://amzn.to/2rlz9od Tangled Queen For A Day: http://amzn.to/2B7xAdQ RESOURCES: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Cassandra_(Tangled) https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Zhan_Tiri https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Lord_Demanitus https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Mrs._Sugarby So why did Cassandra turn against Rapunzel and bind with the moonstone? I believe in the door from the hideout of Tromus, Cassandra was communicated to about her descending from a follower of Zhan Tiri and I think the voices that whispered to her pulled at the strain that was being experienced in Cassandra and Rapunzel’s relationship. They tore Cassandra away from Rapunzel and corrupted who she desired to be, and I think by doing that Cassandra became a follower of Zhan Tiri herself. I believe, for these reasons, Cassandra took the moonstone and unleashed its power and betrayed Rapunzel. I post every Tuesday and Thursday, so check back then for more Disney, Pixar, Harry Potter, Star Wars and movie videos! If you have any questions about the Disney universe that you would want answered in a video, please ask away in the comment section! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS TO MY PATRONS WHO SPONSORED THIS VIDEO! Ann Richardson, Austin Burress, Emma Spratt, Eva Bailey, Ines Fuenmayor, Julia Kendall, Karina Santiago, Lea Bose, Mats Furuli, Pixelz Pearson, Rachael Fox, Rachael McIntosh, Ray Clawson Jr., Redbandit, Stephanus Surjaputra, Victoria Hanger & Zachary Levine ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME! MERCH STORE ➜ http://wotsostore.com PATREON ➜ https://patreon.com/wotsovideos TWITTER ➜ https://twitter.com/WotsoVideos FACEBOOK ➜ https://www.facebook.com/wotsovideos/ INSTAGRAM ➜ https://instagram.com/wotsovideos GOOGLE PLUS➜ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110603597887196386944/110603597887196386944 Want to mail me something? Isaac PO Box 31 Manitowoc, WI 54221 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not own the rights to Disney or any of the branding associated to the franchise. Discovering Disney is meant for educational purposes which does not take away from the original works, but instead helps build understanding on the cinematic universe. Some links on this page are affiliate links. #TangledTheSeries #Disney #Wotso #Tangled #DisneyChannel
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Rob Bell: The Secret Ways We Betray Ourselves | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Online
In this video, author and former pastor Rob Bell challenges us to instead look at the ways we have betrayed ourselves. When we become too attached to a goal or certain path, says Bell, we are actually limiting ourselves and our potential. We are taking away life's ability to lead and guide us where we need to be. For more on #OWNSHOW, visit http://bit.ly/1pTmlfQ #OWNTV #OWNSHOW #Oprahwinfrey SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1vqD1PN Download the Watch OWN App: http://bit.ly/2hr1nX2 About #OWNSHOW: #OWNSHOW is a new exclusive digital series on Oprah.com. Packaged into snackable moments, the show brings together stories, life-tips, and personalities from Oprah.com, OWN, and O Magazine with interactive elements from YOU, the community. About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey's heart and creative instincts inform the brand -- and the magnetism of the channel. Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities. Discover OWN TV: Find OWN on your TV!: http://bit.ly/1wJ0ugI Our Fantastic Lineup: http://bit.ly/1qMi2jE Connect with OWN Online: Visit the OWN WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/1qMi2jE Like OWN on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1AXYujp Follow OWN on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/1sJin8Y Follow OWN on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/LnqzMz Follow OWN on PINTEREST: http://bit.ly/2dvfPeN Rob Bell: The Secret Ways We Betray Ourselves | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Online http://www.youtube.com/user/OWN
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A Traitor at Dragonstone, will Varys or Missandei Betray Daenerys?
You know where that subscribe button is... :P More from Secrets of the Citadel: How Will Jon Discover the Truth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RahqS0m_lWI&t=25s What Do the Others Want? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvd9nW_umnA The Five Forts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA3PP9ZyuRg&t=25s The Pact of Ice & Fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdWf211rjeY&t=3s Asshai & Stygai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ7HtICyV9M&t=25s The Maester Conspiracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfYbUlSiUbE&t=25s The Crypts of Winterfell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USJzbylE3GU&t=25s What Will Sam Discover in the Citadel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyoJuSHzR1I&t=34s The Deep Ones, The Drowned God & Chuthulu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D4bsOSqfpM&t=25s Legends of YiTi & The far East: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiNKdz7SDL60cLx3k3dC0N_OHOMbVrvHK Dark & Disturbing Westeros & Beyond: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiNKdz7SDL61BkKoVy7N6tbhfpCk4BU-k The Story of Rhaegar Targaryen: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiNKdz7SDL60uwbuxWfyviAEkosIdBo-h The Reign of Dragons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiNKdz7SDL632JPmNKRbiyvzUmkWxwy5A Ancient History of Westeros & Beyond: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiNKdz7SDL62v59DUwh6KqKjLm-7l_8j2 Game of Thrones GoT Theory Theories Spoiler Spoilers Speculation Predictions Season 7 Season 8
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The Biblical Betrayal of Biggie Smalls
Donate To Gene Deal Link Is Below. Thank You cash.me/$BigGene52 https://www.paypal.me/biggene52 Gene Deal /PO. Box 884 New York, New York 10029
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My Mom Hasn't Spoken To Me For A Year Because I Betrayed Her
★ DO YOU WANT TO GET YOUR STORY ANIMATED? SEND IT TO [email protected] IT WILL BE GIVEN A VOICE OVER BY A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND AN ANIMATOR WILL MAKE A VIDEO OUT OF IT! ★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j This is Sam. He doesn’t feel that great about the story he’s going to tell you right now, or more precisely about the way events took a turn after he did what he did. It happened around a year ago when he was 13, and he probably should have made a different decision. Anyway, this is how it happened. Sam began to feel like his mom didn’t saw him as her little boy anymore after his twin baby sisters were born. She began expecting a lot of help from him all the time, starting with babysitting, and assisting her with house work. Of course, it’s normal to help your parents, but his mom didn’t let him do the stuff he used to do or was supposed to do at his age at all, like playing video games or hanging out with friends. She kept saying that he was a future grown-up man and that he had to start being supportive right now. Luckily, his dad thought the exact opposite. He would help Sam with the work that his mom gave him to do, and always tried to spend some extra time with him, asking him how he was doing. And he would say that mom was simply tired looking after two small babies at the same time, and promised that soon things would change. Things did indeed, when Sam’s mom took him and his sisters to her parents’ house in a town next to the city on summer vacation. He had spent almost no time with his grandparents, so he was happy to be able to go see them. His grandpa took him on fishing trips – he was an awesome fisherman, while his grandma would help his mom with the babies. After a couple of days there, his mother had almost gone back to being like she was before the twins were born. She was friendlier and nicer, and no longer forbade him from using his time however he wanted to use it. Everything was almost perfect except for one thing – his dad didn't come. He would wait for him every night, but his mom said that he had a lot of work to do. One day, it felt like she was starting to treat him like an adult again. She seemed to distance herself from Sam emotionally, and looked nervous. He was wondering what had happened, but nobody explained anything to him. Then one day he overheard his mom talking to his dad on the phone, saying she wasn’t coming back, and that all three of the children were going stay with her. She put the phone down and saw him staring at her with his eyes full of tears. She knew that this time she wasn’t going to be able to escape the conversation. Sam couldn’t believe his mom had done this to him and to their family. He was mad at her because she decided to take him away from his dad without even asking what he thought about all of it. She didn’t even let them say goodbye to each other. He was mad at his little sisters because if it wasn't for them, his mom wouldn’t have become so nervous and tired, and their family would probably have been ok. He was even mad at himself for being so stupid and not calling his dad on his own to ask whether he would come to see them. How was he supposed to start life again, without his school that he’d gotten used to, without his friends, without virtually anything he had back at home? Sam honestly doesn’t know why people say that the sad truth is better than a happy lie. His life was about to crash down all around him. Living there after their talk turned out to be torture. His mom kept insisting that he help her, but now he was offended by her more than ever, so he refused to do anything. He had become unintentionally rude with her and every interaction ended in a terrible fight, but he couldn’t help it, he was a lost cause. He remembers how once, he told her that no matter how hard her own life was, she was the only one to blame for the divorce. This made her cry. And all this time she wouldn’t let him call his dad, so he finally just grabbed the phone, dialed his number, and told him how unbearable his mom had become. As always, his dad tried to calm Sam down and support him, saying that he loved him and missed him, and that he wanted to be there next to him to give him a hug. And this forced him to make a tough decision. One night, when everybody in the house had fallen asleep, he packed up his belongings, went downstairs and called his dad, and asked him to pick him up at the bus stop nearby. At first he tried to convince him to wait until the morning, when he could come and discuss everything with him and his mom, but Sam said that he was literally about to leave the house, so he'd better hurry up. He waited for him for about an hour. But when he saw his dad, worried but happy that he had finally got to see him, his troubles seemed to disappear. The only thing he left for his mom was a text saying that he wanted to live with his father... Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com #actuallyhappened
My Mom Betrayed Us And My Dad Became An Alcoholic
SUBSCRIBE If you like my channel: ► https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j Hello! This is Jenny. It’s a bit sad to say this, but her dad is an alcoholic. But don’t assume that she's therefore going to talk about domestic violence. She loves her dad; he might just have the sweetest personality of anyone she's ever known. And maybe that's the real reason why he drinks. Here's Jenny's experience. Her life was completely normal until she turned 12. Jenny had very loving parents. Her mom was a very energetic woman and her dad was a nice calm guy. She takes more after her mom, and was growing up into an active and optimistic young woman. But one day, everything changed. Jenny's mom revealed that she had met another man, and she was moving to another city with him. And then it got even worse: "Jenny", she said, "I have no intention of going to court to make you live with me. I think you’d better stay with your dad – you spend your life here. It would be better for everyone". If you think this was horrible enough, Jenny has even more to tell you. She felt so betrayed by her mother, and so indignant. Really, is that the right way to treat your own children? At the same time, she realized that if her mother didn’t want her, then she needed to adjust. This is how she ended up staying with her dad. He was so sad – it must be so unpleasant when a woman you love decides that she doesn’t need you anymore. And so, he started relaxing with a drink or two in the evening. "Sorry, Jenny", he said, "it just makes me feel better. Do you mind?" One of her dad's rare defects was his lack of willpower. Jenny was still very young at the time and didn’t realize this fast enough. When it began to dawn on her that he had a problem, it was too late. Two drinks became four, four became eight, then he fell asleep in the armchair and Jenny had to help him towards the bedroom. He said he felt better, he didn’t feel so useless and lonely. At the time, he seemed to be just one step away from full-blown depression, but Jenny would have preferred it if he had taken some medication rather than drink himself into unconsciousness. The real tragedy started when he decided that he'd scared Jenny too much at home with his drinking and decided he had better go out to do it instead. The fact is that social alcoholism is the worst. He found some small filthy bars, disgusting pubs, horrible dens, where he would drink with other alcoholics and talk to them about his miserable life. He would cry and ask for forgiveness, and then promise to give it up. But he just couldn’t do it. The problem was that he now spent every evening drinking, and would crawl home rather than walk. Sometimes he came in with bruises. Sometimes, he forgot to come home. In those cases, Jenny would have to take a taxi and do a pub crawl of her own, looking for him. Not a nice environment for a teenage girl. Imagine it - she had to learn how to persuade his buddies to let him go home, and she sometimes even had to bring a baseball bat with her to make herself understood. Everyone knew that Jenny was not someone to mess with. Of course, she tried to keep her spirits up, but it was hard even for a tough person like her. She felt so sad and lonely, and every day those feelings grew. One day, she went into a bar to fetch her dad, and there was an enormous guy who claimed that her dad hadn’t paid. He was nearly senseless. Jenny doesn’t remember exactly how she managed to get out of there, but she brought her dad home feeling absolutely desperate. She didn’t have any hope left, and thought that she was doomed to spend the next few years searching for her drunk dad every night. It was a dead end. The next day she wanted to tell her dad that she had to leave him and go to her mom, or elsewhere - she just couldn’t take it anymore. She was crying, and her dad was looking at her with a horrified expression on his face – he had never seen her cry. This was the turning point, when he realized that he couldn’t do it anymore – to himself, but above all to his daughter. It was the first time she saw that her dad had willpower after all. The same day he went to his first AA session. The next day was Jenny's 15th birthday, and she decided to stay with her dad for some time to see if he could remain sober. It turned out that life is beautiful even without drinking. He repeats this every day, and constantly apologizes for those hellish three years. But Jenny's not offended, because she managed to learn a useful lesson even from that horror. Now, she's a wrestler, and quite a talented one – they say that she has the character of a warrior. She knows exactly which bars she got it from. Her dad comes to support her at all her competitions - straight from his AA meetings, absolutely clean. And she now knows that even if the situation is worse than you could ever imagine, there is always hope. Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com
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The Silver Betrayal
From Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Episode 14 "Silver Secret" The Rangers finally meet up with the Silver Ranger, but there's something a little off about his story.... Morphin' Legacy: Your Favorite Power Rangers Resource! Your Source for News from All Seasons of Power Rangers; from Mighty Morphin' to Ninja Steel! http://morphinlegacy.com I DO NOT OWN SUPER SENTAI OR POWER RANGERS, ALL RIGHTS TO TOEI, SABAN , NICKELODEON AND BANDAI
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