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#11 Laravel Search Functionality | Product Search | E-commerce website in Laravel 5.5
In this video we will cover Laravel Search Functionality. Source Code: https://github.com/Hardeepcoder/larashop55
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Functionality - Video of the product
Video of the product - Computer Science IA by Ángel Miguel Gonzalez
Show Product Features and Functionality
MAKE YOUR PRODUCT STORY ! We Can Present wonderfully to the AUDINECE. As far as Product promotion videos are concerned, research says that 97% marketers have the firm belief of the fact that videos helps customers to understand the products in a more elaborate way. Besides this, videos also lead to direct sales via internet. EXPLORE MORE ! https://www.mororai.com/
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15 Mobile Version Product Functionality
The detailed flow of how Product Functionality works in the mobile app has been demonstrated in this video.
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-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Evaluation- Testing the Functionality of the product
St Paul's Catholic School Bebina Augustine Testing the Functionality of the final prototype with potential consumers
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1) C# Tutorials In Urdu - How to Add Product Key functionality to your applications
In this tutorial, we will discuss how to add product key functionality to your winform application in urdu and hindi using c#.
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Configuring Product Functionality - Part B
Free courses and tutorials : http://www.zazboard.com
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product functionality
Blueline solution monitors your voice and data pathways before anything enters your internal information systems. When a Blueline Platform channel component detects customer-defined private data, such as credit/debit card number, health card or state ID, our system removes the sensitive information and replaces it with a sanitized encrypted version of the data, for the client to transact to their internal business applications.
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2) C# Tutorials In Urdu - How to Add Product Key functionality to your applications
In this tutorial, we will discuss how to add product key functionality to your winform application in Urdu and Hindi using C#.
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SuccessFactors Learning   Key Features and Product Functionality
Exaserv's Eric Wood delivers a webinar highlighting some key features and product functionality included in the b1402 release of SuccessFactors Learning
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BlackBerry KEYone Keyboard Functionality - Sprint Product Ambassador
*Correction - In the video I mention that swipe typing is enabled by default, this is incorrect. The feature needs to be enabled via the device settings. The BlackBerry KEYone is the near perfect combination of Android software and BlackBerry hardware, specifically the BlackBerry Keyboard we know and love! Get the scoop on the various functions of the BlackBerry KEYone Keyboard! Visit my blog here: https://community.sprint.com/t5/Android-Influence/BlackBerry-KEYone-Keyboard-love-Sprint-Product-Ambassadors/ba-p/976452 Visit a Sprint Store near you today to pick up your own KEYone, or simply go to www.sprint.com to purchase. BlackBerry Mobile has a YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC36LzAw0_cvj2E5a5xk6jkg) that you can go to for more details and videos. How to enable gestures like swipe to delete while using type swiping on the BlackBerry KEYone (https://youtu.be/dWOlhpYhIOg) How to enable type by swiping on the BlackBerry KEYone (https://youtu.be/9021lfa5qew) There are more videos to check out there, so have fun! Sprint Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee
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Product Design And Functionality Basic to Honey-Can-Do's Success
Steve Greenspon, CEO, talks about how this company works with leading retailers to be a "full-house" solution, providing everything from closet organizational tools to kitchen products. This company is continuing to grow with speed thanks to acquisition targets, new product roll-outs and a warehouse in Asia.
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3) C# Tutorials In Urdu - How to Add Product Key functionality to your applications
In this tutorial, we will discuss how to add product key functionality to your winform application in Urdu and Hindi using C#.
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#123 Make E-com in Laravel 5.7 / 5.8 |  Product Video Upload Functionality (I) | Add/Edit Video
In Part-123, we will start working on video upload functionality, starting from admin panel. First we will add its column in products table and then CRUD in admin panel. 1) Update products table :- First of all, add video column with varchar,255 datatype in products table. 2) Update add_product.blade.php file :- Add Video field with input type file and id and name as video in add product form at add_product.blade.php file. 3) Update addProduct function :- Now update addProduct function to write code to upload video at videos folder and also save it in products table. Now add new product with video and check if the video has been uploaded in videos folder and added in products table as well. 4) Update edit_product.blade.php file :- Add Video field with input type file and id and name as video in edit product form at edit_product.blade.php file. Also, add current_video hidden field in which we will pass current video in case new video not added by admin. 5) Update editProduct function :- Now update editProduct function to write query to upload and edit the video. We will add current video in products table if new video not get uploaded in products edit form. Now check both add and edit product video functionality is working fine in admin panel. In next video, we will work on view and delete video functionality as well. And, also will show the video at products detail page as well. Thanks for watching :)
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3D Product Functionality Animation
3D animation demonstrating the hot and cold air flow from a server rack in a data centre.
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Pricing Your Tech: Your Technology Product’s Functionality Is More Important Than Its Cost
Pricing lower than your competition isn't the only way to get ahead when entering a market. In this video, I talk about how creating products with better functionality than your competition (even if you have much higher prices) is an excellent strategy that can help you dominate your chosen market and scale your company faster. Don't stop here--check out my written blog version of this topic, with distinct, clear sections that are great for reviewing this content: http://kenehrman.com/2017/11/pricing-your-tech-what-your-product-does-is-more-important-than-what-it-costs/ Follow me on Twitter for more updates, news, and helpful tips: https://twitter.com/kehrman1 Let's connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ken-ehrman/
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Angular 7 | CRUD Functionality - View product Details
In this vide tutorial I will show you, how to view the details of the product from list of available products. User will be navigated to another component to view the details of the product. Code for the Project https://dev.azure.com/techhowdy/_git/NG_Core_Auth My Blog http://techhowdy.com/ Angular Components, Angular 7 Routing, Angular 7 Tutorials, Angular DataTables, Datatables Angular, Angular 7 Datatables, Display Items Angular 7, Angular 7 Crud, CRUD Tutorial Angular, Angular 7 CRUD Tutorial, Asp.Net Core Web API, Asp.NET Core Angular 7, JWT Authentication, Asp.Net Roles, Asp.Net Identity, Installing Datatables, Auth Guard Service, JWT Interceptor, Angular Auth Guard Service, Datatable Error Fix, Angular 7 Font Awesome, Angular Font Awesome, Installing Font Awesome, Validate JWT, JWT Expiry Validate, Verify JWT, Decode JWT, JWT Decode
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OnGuard™ Collision Mitigation System - Product Functionality
OnGuard™ is a radar-based active safety system that offers Collision Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). OnGuardACTIVE detects moving, stopped or stationary vehicles ahead and measures the vehicle’s position in relation to others on the road to warn the driver of possible rear-end collision by providing audible, visual and haptic warnings. When appropriate, the system will apply the brakes to help avoid or mitigate an unavoidable collision. For more information visit http://www.meritorwabco.com or http://www.meritorwabco.com/product/OnGuard-CMS
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product team chat on new features and functionality in AutoCAD 2010
Product Team Chat Subscribe to the official AutoCAD YouTube channel to get the latest and greatest tutorials, tips & tricks and product news: https://www.youtube.com/user/AutoCADExchange Stay connected. Join AutoCAD on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/autocad Twitter: https://twitter.com/autocad Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/autodesk/autocad/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/autodesk Xing: https://www.xing.com/companies/autodesk Find more AutoCAD videos in our playlists: AutoCAD Webinars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7j0hRhJOqc&list=PLXEyem_18syOEpO-jBqnZTvGLIE7K1rxV Lynn Allen's Tips & Tricks for AutoCAD 2016: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXEyem_18syPyQePI33Jon9KnsLemPJjD About AutoCAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRMoziUJSbk&list=PLXEyem_18syO3pvMLSJLrN0jKhgCKZgwZ Simulate and animate stunning 2D and 3D designs with AutoCAD. Professionals rely on our animation software for the simple reason that AutoCAD offers a solid workflow between desktop, cloud, and mobile apps. On the AutoCAD YouTube channel, we keep you up-to-date regarding new trends in animation technology and design. Our intuitive modeling, drawing and drafting software has engineers, architects, and designers convinced from all over the world. Closing the gap between digital and manual design and drafting, AutoCAD helps you bring your ideas to life.
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IB Computer Science Internal Assessment—Product Functionality Demonstration
Criterion D for the Internal Assessment of the IB Computer Science 2016 Course—demonstration of my product
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1 Problem Definition, Product Functionality | Bryan Woode
Throughout the beginning of the summer I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Bryan Woode, M.E. 2019, on an undergraduate research project to develop a robotic prototype. Bryan led meetings to identify product functionality, designed mechanical components, retrofitted/optimized CAD models and drawings, produced 3D printed prototypes, selected required materials, and personally machined all of the parts. The robot that he has helped to design/build will be used as a platform in my PhD research implementing novel sensing and control algorithms to compare, contrast, and improve their performance. As the first in a series of videos, we share clips of initial problem definitions and prototyping. In future videos, we share the machining process, final assembly, and robot testing. YouTube: George Leno Holmes Jr www.linkedin.com/in/george-holmes-b4a87b27 IG: @georgos_technology
Angular 7 | CRUD Functionality - Add New Product - Part 1
In this video tutorial we will learn the process of Add new product to the existing Database. We will use bootstrap modal to create the new product. Please note as per the project requirements only Administrator Can Create, Update And Delete Products whereas the Customer can only View the Products. Therefore I had to Change the Role Id in Database for the user to Test the Functionality. Code for the Project https://dev.azure.com/techhowdy/_git/NG_Core_Auth My Blog http://techhowdy.com/ Angular Components, Angular 7 Routing, Angular 7 Tutorials, Angular DataTables, Datatables Angular, Angular 7 Datatables, Display Items Angular 7, Angular 7 Crud, CRUD Tutorial Angular, Angular 7 CRUD Tutorial, Asp.Net Core Web API, Asp.NET Core Angular 7, JWT Authentication, Asp.Net Roles, Asp.Net Identity, Installing Datatables, Auth Guard Service, JWT Interceptor, Angular Auth Guard Service, Datatable Error Fix, Angular 7 Font Awesome, Angular Font Awesome, Installing Font Awesome, Validate JWT, JWT Expiry Validate, Verify JWT, Decode JWT, JWT Decode
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Search Products || Jquery Autocomplete functionality || Ecommerce in Laravel 5.3 - Part 64
In this video you will learn how to implement jquery Autocomplete functionality in our laravel website for search products. Get Code: https://github.com/Hardeepcoder/Laravel-5.3-Tutorials
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Stock functionality || Check Stock || E-commerce in Laravel 5.3 - Part 62
In this part we will check if user entered quantity more than stock of products in shopping cart then we will show error message otherwise he can add and update quantity under stock which we fetching from products table dynamically. Enjoy video 😀 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Paypal Integration in laravel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFrUF8UQEig -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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General Features and Functionality of Office 365 (Product: Office 365)
“With built-in data security and flexible collaboration tools across devices and platforms, Office 365 lets you work with confidence from anywhere.” This Netcom Learning video will give you a detailed overview of customization and description of various Office applications. For details on the Office 365 Certification & Training from NetCom Learning, click here: https://goo.gl/JiYzhp With this video, learn more about: » Cloud computing using Office 365 » Navigating Office 365 » Customization and Description of Office Web Apps » OneDrive Functionality » Document Sharing and Collaboration For latest updates and news, you can visit us at- https://goo.gl/U7sfWC or you can follow us on our Social Channels here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/netcomlearning Twitter: https://twitter.com/NetComLearning LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/2T2amH Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Netcomlearning
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Explain the two major functions of transportation functionality namely product movement and product
Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets Project Report and Thesis contact [email protected] www.mbacasestudyanswers.com ARAVIND – 09901366442 – 09902787224
Angular 7 | CRUD Functionality - Deleting Product
In this vide tutorial I will show you, how to delete the product from list of available products. Deleting the product also deletes the product from the database. Code for the Project https://dev.azure.com/techhowdy/_git/NG_Core_Auth My Blog http://techhowdy.com/ Angular Components, Angular 7 Routing, Angular 7 Tutorials, Angular DataTables, Datatables Angular, Angular 7 Datatables, Display Items Angular 7, Angular 7 Crud, CRUD Tutorial Angular, Angular 7 CRUD Tutorial, Asp.Net Core Web API, Asp.NET Core Angular 7, JWT Authentication, Asp.Net Roles, Asp.Net Identity, Installing Datatables, Auth Guard Service, JWT Interceptor, Angular Auth Guard Service, Datatable Error Fix, Angular 7 Font Awesome, Angular Font Awesome, Installing Font Awesome, Validate JWT, JWT Expiry Validate, Verify JWT, Decode JWT, JWT Decode
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Innovative Packaging Products Combine Shelf Appeal with Functionality
http://www.euromonitor.com/ Shelf appeal and pack functionality are two of the main trends Euromonitor observed at interpack 2014, and some the innovative brands are combining these trends into one package. For instance, Japanese canned preserved food brand Meidi-Ya recently changed its corned beef packaging from a metal can to a plastic container. This switch helps the product stand out on the shelf due to the material used, and is easier to open than a metal can with a key. Another instance of these converging trends is found in the Lancôme product Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Reviva-Concentrate, which is hot stampped to produce a metal look and has an innovative closure that twists to open or close the product to prevent spillage.
Segmentation of market audience influences your digital product features and functionality
It is often mistaken how Target Audience is taken for granted - you could say your target audience are parents from NYC with their first child that is not a year old yet and has an income $80-$100k. However, think of how many different parameters influence parenting, such as their upbringing, conditions they grew up with, are they separated, etc etc etc... Even though this seams to be influencing your marketing campaign, think about how much would this be influencing your very digital product! #marketing #segmentation #digitalmarketing #digitalproduct #ivanagecy #apps #concepting #innovation #web
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ClickShare Product Video: CSE-800 Demo on the moderation functionality
https://www.barco.com/en/clickshare - Discover our latest ClickShare model, the CSE-800, in this demo video. Guest technology expert, Angela Lamont, interviews Barco’s Product manager Michaël Vanderheeren at Barco's new headquarters.
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Fluke Networks Versiv Product Line with SmartLoop Functionality
The new SmartLoop function in the Versiv tester is a subset of the OptiFiber OTDR function. When you're doing OTDR testing, you're actually required to test a fiber in both directions. While this requires a lot of transit back and forth, Fluke Network has established the SmartLoop testing and onboard OTDR averaging in the tester itself. The SmartLoop two fibers, two directions in seconds from one location. You no longer have to offload the test to any kind of PC to get the job done. It will save miles of time and miles of distance if you've got a really long run to do. If you want to do it right, the SmartLoop is the easiest, quickest and cheapest method of doing it. Leran more http://www.graybar.com/manufacturers/fluke-networks/accelerator-solutions Subscribe to our contractor and installer newsletters http://www.graybar.com/newsletter Like Us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GraybarESP Follow us on Twitter @GraybarESP https://twitter.com/graybaresp
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Search Functionality In ASP.NET MVC  | Using Jquery Ajax
Description Blog Post Link → Project Download Link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-Y5NNpgn96SVVNKbnFDUkRiakk "Search Functionality In ASP.NET MVC | Using Jquery Ajax" ====================================================== In This Video Tutorial I Am Going To Show You, Search Functionality In ASP.NET MVC | Using Jquery Ajax, searching data,data filtering... This Is A Best Simple,easy But Most Value able Tutorial.. I Hope This A Best Searching Tutorial In Youtube..... I Hope This Is A Nice Tutorial For You And You Enjoy This Video , So Must Watch This Video ✪ ✪ ✪ https://youtu.be/aQPZ-Lf_A_4 Working Process : 00:20 Show Expected Output 00:57 Step 1 : : Create A Database Table 01:15 Step 2 : : Click On Visual Studio Create A New Project 01:45 Step 3 : : Connect Your Database. 03:36 Step 4 : : Pass The All Database Data Controller to View 04:12 Step 5 : : Write Simple Html Code For Client Side Design 08:31 Step 6 : : Pass The Searching Value View To Controller 12:00 Step 7 : : Receive Searching Value From View then Compare It With DataBase Data 15:08 Step 8 : : Receive Filtering Data From Controller 19:00 Run Project Connect With Us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abctutorialbd Twitter: https://twitter.com/abctutorialbd?lan... GooglePlaus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/102073812... Subscribe And Watch The Video Again: https://youtu.be/aQPZ-Lf_A_4 Tags:
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Wisetail Product Tour Pt. 3: Social Functionality
When learners discuss, collaborate, and engage with one enough, they grow as people and employees. And as individuals grow, companies grow. Wisetail’s LMS feels like a familiar social media site. They can comment, rate, and explore training with their colleagues for an experience that will keep them coming back for more.
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Design Your Own Product Functionality for Volusion, Magento, Shopify & More!
Does your online business sell products that can be easily customized with various features and/or designs? Perhaps your products can be used for company, club, or organization swag. Or maybe a school or sports team would appreciate customized products from your store. If this is something your business can do, then you might consider implementing the Design Your Own Product functionality to your eCommerce website. This functionality is ideal for eCommerce websites that feature customizable and mix-and-match products. For example, a company that sells a variety of colored t-shirts or other products that can be designed with uploaded images and different designs could use this functionality to show customers what their customized orders would look like. Want to implement this functionality on your store? Contact us at https://www.optimum7.com/ Or call us at (866) 848-6072 Click here to read more about this functionality, https://www.optimum7.com/custom-functionality/design-your-own-product
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Product Demo - Validation of Segment Routing Functionality
To know more about Ixia's tools please visit us at - https://www.ixiacom.com/products/ixnetwork
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Capture and classify FAQs based on product, functionality etc. in Vtiger CRM
Help your L1 agents find answers to common questions with a well-organized FAQ. For more information, visit https://www.vtiger.com/docs/faq-module
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Apparel Innovator - Web Based Apparel PLM, Functionality Illustrated
Only open source PLM tool in market for Apparel and Footwear, Manufacturers and Retailers Benefits: • Reduce time to market • Improve Product quality • Reduce total product cost • Improve Information Exchange • Open source advantages
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What is FUNCTIONALITY DOCTRINE? What does FUNCTIONALITY DOCTRINE mean? FUNCTIONALITY DOCTRINE meaning - FUNCTIONALITY DOCTRINE definition - FUNCTIONALITY DOCTRINE explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ In United States trademark law, the functionality doctrine prevents manufacturers from protecting specific features of a product by means of trademark law. There are two branches of the functionality doctrine: utilitarian functionality and aesthetic functionality. The rationale behind functionality doctrine is that product markets would not be truly competitive if newcomers could not make a product with a feature that consumers demand. Utilitarian functionality provides grounds to deny federal trademark protection to product features which do something useful. Patent law, not trademark, protects useful processes, machines, and material inventions. Patented designs are presumed to be functional until proven otherwise. Aesthetic functionality provides grounds to deny trademark protection to design features which are included to make the product more aesthetically appealing and commercially desirable. Aesthetic features are within the purview of copyright law, which provides protection to creative and original works of authorship. Courts will look to the following factors when determining utilitarian functionality: Whether a feature is essential to the use or purpose of the product; or Whether a feature affects the cost or quality of the product; or Whether granting of trademark for the exclusive use of the feature would put competitors at a significant non-reputation related disadvantage As of 2014 the federal circuit courts are split on their utilitarian functionality analysis. Most circuits, such as the Fifth Circuit and the Sixth Circuit follow the Supreme Court's analysis in TrafFix Devices, Inc. v. Marketing Displays, Inc., which focuses on whether the feature is essential to the use or purpose of the product. The Federal Circuit in contrast focuses its analysis on whether permitting a product feature to be trademarked would impair competitors. In the United States, the “functionality” doctrine exists to stop a party from obtaining exclusive trade dress or trademark rights in the functional features of a product or its packaging. The doctrine developed as a way to preserve the division between what trademark law protects and areas that are better protected by patent or copyright law. Thus, the functionality doctrine serves to prevent trademark owners from inhibiting legitimate competition When the aesthetic development of the good is intended to enhance the design and make the product more commercially desirable, trademark protection may be denied because the consumer is drawn to the design. The distinctiveness of the mark serves to identify the product rather than the source, and trademark protection becomes inappropriate. The underlying theory as aesthetics become integrated with functionality, the resulting product strongly resembles product design, which may receive no trademark protection absent secondary meaning. This defense is generally seen in the fashion industry. Clothing brands can only be protected if they've acquired secondary meaning, and most of clothing design is held to be functional and is afforded no protection.
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05-Web Version-Products Functionality
The detailed flow of how Products Functionality works has been demonstrated in this video.
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Add to Cart || Ajax functionality in Laravel || Laravel Shopping Cart website tutorial - Part 74
Here we will make new ajax request function for add product to cart with reload(refresh) the page and display success message. Code: https://github.com/Hardeepcoder/EasyShop---Laravel-5.3-Tutorials
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New OMS Product Page - Introduction and Functionality
Try new smart product page http://www.omslighting/portfolio
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WCHangout 16 -- CEO Jesse Powell w/ Kraken --Features, Functionality & Trader Focused Products
We will be doing a Google Hangout w/ Jesse Powell of Kraken Bitcoin Exchange -- focusing on features, functionality & trader focused products -- the format will be a panel interview made of traders from TradingView, /r/bitcoinmarkets, & IRC Raw Google Document Notes/Questions: **Background** • GIve us your background Jesse and that of your Team leading into how you came to found Kraken • How many people work there ?  • What is overall vision of Kraken ? Is it an exchange or a trading platform etc?  • Do you have any VC or angel funding ? Sustainability of the business is a key component for traders as it cultivates a resource rich talent pool for future products and exchange functionality • Have they ever had any security breaches ? What was going on with the recent down time in withdrawals ?  • What is your current security process or proof-of-reserves system ? Will this become more costly if you have more customers and hence more funds to protect? *Trading Platform** UI/UX:  • Why are your fees so high ? 0.35% http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/309939/9f4858ec30183c20b329ca772bf0661e • $250,000 worth of monthly trade volume gets me to 0.20% flat rate fee structure on Kraken -- while that is starting taker fees for BFX & BFX has a maker fee that starts at 0.1% and scales down based on volume -- how do you expect to compete with that ?  • Charts: only line charts? but the site is clean -- however I would suggest you just try and get on TradingView and utilize their suite rather than spend a tremendous of time and resources re-inventing the wheel • What kind of APIs are you offering for pulling data and pushing orders ?  • XBT versus BTC -- the on-going debate *sighs* -- I realize XBT is the official designator but I still don’t like it. **Exchange Ecosystem** • You expressed that Kraken is looking to add margin ? explain the current product you are looking at implementing and the thought process of how this will be appealing to active retail traders like ourselves ? (I am not here to advise you as to what you are to do with your business but we are traders and our priority is active trader features over basic fiat to BTC exchange) • As far as competing in a global exchange space we still see a very defined trend of much of the BTC trading volume happening offshore -- how does Kraken from a strategic perspective look to tackle the fact that many offshore competitors have little to no KYC/AML and draw the lionshare of the trader ? http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/309865/d0697dea01962bc2701985c5d98b27d7 • What kind of referral system do you have in place or are looking to implement ?  **Flibbr** USP (Unique Selling Point) Why do you think no one is using your platform right now ?   If I’m on 20x futures with minimal fees why should I move to Kraken ?  If I’m on bitfinex with better liquidity, why should I move to Kraken ? You guys have more expensive fees and worse liquidity, so whats the incentive.  Where do you see your exchange, 6 months and 12 months from now ?
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Product Image Watermark Functionality For Magento, Shopify, Volusion & Many More!
You’ve seen watermarked images before--photographers typically use watermarks so people cannot save images without purchasing pictures. Adding watermarks to photographs is an effective way to prevent people from saving images without paying for pictures. It can also be a great way to build up business, because a business’ name can be the watermark. Optimum7 created the Product Image Watermark functionality that makes adding watermarks to images simple for Ecommerce businesses. This functionality has been used in a variety of websites such as apparel & accessories, home & bath, electronics among others! Looking to implement this on your website? Contact us at https://www.optimum7.com/ Or call us at (866) 848-6072 Go here to read more about this functionality, https://www.optimum7.com/custom-functionality/product-image-watermark
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