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claudio bindella dot com,  gay art, male nude paintings, portraits ...
Introduction to https://claudiobindella.com , website of the artist Claudio Bindella, mainly gay art, male nude, portraits, ... . Oil paintings, mixed media, drawings, illustrations and photos. An energic, colorful, open minded Word of Happiness!
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Gay Artists Male Models
A chronological history of gay artist targeted by homophobic Devon & Cornwall police - http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com (Make a cup of coffee/tea before reading - there's a lot) Male Art A Tribute to some of the beautiful young men I have known in my life that made my former Art, Painting, Drawing & Sculpture possible...ALL of whom gave their permission to use the photographs in the creation process of my Art. Please note: a nude photograph has to have an element of sexual activity to be illegal. Nudity alone is not deemed indecent. Irronically the age of sexual consent dropped from 18yrs to 16yrs on 1st Jan 2001 ,but the age at which subject model of a nude photograph might be deemed indecent in the UK rose from 16yrs to 18yrs on the 1st May 2004. Please note the ages of the models who personally assisted me. The law applies to photographs, and not intended to penalise paintings (or indeed family photos) and was made quite clear in application of the law debate in the UK House of Lords, before the Bill was passed! Up until May 2004 it had been perfectly legal for the largest British National newspaper THE SUN to print topless photographs of nude /semi-nude 16yr old girls in its national tabloid. Likewise, image of male genitalia, rule of thumb has always been Michelangelos sculpture (now in the Vatican) of David as a guide to acceptable depicted male arousal. Following my two suicide attempts as a DIRECT result of relentless Devon & Cornwall Constabulary HOMOPHOBIC attitudes & practices, I no longer create any Art & suffer from severe panic attacks as a result, which have left me house bound, to fearful to leave the house without a witness due to repeated targeting by homophobic Cornwall police. The police homophobes DID have to admit in Court & in an IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) enquiry that there were NO ILLEGAL images on my computer! But when did anything as trivial as 'the law' prevent homophobes like Cornwall police, who take NO NOTICE of the Human Rights Act Freedom of Expression (through Art) or Freedom from discrimination & prejudice, which includes sexuality (when in conjunction with another HRA article) I mean, its not rocket science to work out if police seize a computer used for business purposes...and then do not return it EVEN after it has been given the ALL CLEAR by the criminal forensics...(as established by the IPCC) that it will have an adverse affect upon that business. Instead the police slung it in a lock up garage somewhere. Nope thats too big a concept for the neo-Nazi homophobes of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary to grasp. I know this is Cornwall and it's a very backward county especially within the police, but Cornwall police have still yet to grasp that homosexuality was decriminalized over 40 years ago.... So what comes next, burning the books of Oscar Wilde? Police = They ARE the HOMOPHOBIC HATE CRIME problem!
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Naked- Black, Gay and a Man
This is my one man show called Naked which I wrote, produced and starred in Minneapolis, MN. The production was directed by Dawn Renee Jones and funded by the Jerome Foundation. The play explores what it means to be black, gay and a man.
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Gay Art by Zane Maxwell
http://www.zanemaxwell.com features gay erotic art paintings. The artist draws sexy men and male nude in watercolors on Japanese card stocks designed for calligraphy and sumi ink paintings. The snow white and rough paper texture compliments his distinctive brush touch and artistic simplicity. His artwork is simple and yet provocative to stimulate intellect and humor. He also writes contextual Japanese characters in his drawings. His extensive knowledge about those characters enhances his quality art. In these multiple respects, his art is unique to say the least.
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Gay: Male Nude Art Photography
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ Photographic work of celebrated photographer: Robert Mapplethorpe Another Gay Male Homo-centric video from Pink Pasty to combat continuing Institutional Homophobia of Cornwall Authorities & Police (UK). http://www.pinkpasty.blogspot.com
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Gay Male Digital Cartoon Art of Sven de Rennes (1971 - living)
Gay Male Digital Cartoon Art of Sven de Rennes (1971 - living) Rennes - France
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Z3N8 Rave Male Art 2236- raver art gay art gay men gay male twink stud gay artist PLUR
Art=Life 5.1 . This is the Art that goes along with the Z3N8 Gay blawg on Tumblr Trippy as can be
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Gay Art Video That's Not Porn
Gay Video not Gay Porn, Gay Art, Sexy Men of Gay Art, Naked Gay Classical and Modern Gay Art, Pics of Sexy Gay Hunks, Gay Music Video set to Bizet. Gay Paintings.
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Z3N8 Rave Male Art 2116 - raver art gay art gay men gay male twink stud gay artist PLUR
ArT= Life - aRt=liFe = @rT = Lif3 ArT= Life - aRt=liFe = @rT = Lif3 ArT= Life - aRt=liFe = @rT = Lif3 ArT= Life - aRt=liFe = @rT = Lif3
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My Porn Eye, exhibition about the influence of gay porn on artists
This video shows a part of the exhibition 'My Pon Eye' at MooiMan male art gallery. www.mooi-man.nl How are artists influenced by pornography? From February 5, 2017 to be seen at MooiMan male-art gallery. Art in which uncensored erotic seduction and passion for men is shown openly, inspired by the world called porn. Drawings: Tom of Finland, Hannes Steinert, Teun van Staveren Video: Antonio da Silva, Photography: Menno Van Der Meulen Paintings and watercolours: Cornelius McCarthy, Rinaldo Hopf, Collages: Norbert Münzer, Dmitry Bitjukov Art Sculptures and ceramics: Ivo Blanck, Marcel Joosen, Hinrich Kröger, Eddy Varenkamp and Antoine Timmermans www.mooi-man.nl
Gay Camping - Cedars Campground
This gay campground located near Toronto Canada welcomes both men and women. It also has clothing optional areas for the gay nudist in all of us! You can see the rest of our gay campground tour on my gay travel video blog at http://www.staywithfamily.com/blog/2017/05/more-gay-campgrounds-continued...
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Male Models Gay ( Photoshop Section )
This is a section of photos you took for a audiccion of beautiful boys and I hope you like it Artist Mylene Farmer Universal Music Group France
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Delos Art  oil Painting - Nu masculin peinture huile  male nude art gay
Demonstration de peinture de Delos. Delos Art Oil Painting - Nu masculin - male nude art gay. pintura de Delos . pintor desnudo masculino . Pintura gay. Pintura oleo. Oil painting desmotration http://www.delos-art.com
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Gay artist hires a hot gay hunk model ;)
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Boy with Beer - The UK's First Black Gay Play (1991)
A recording of Paul Boakye's original 'Boy with Beer' production at Man in the Moon Theatre, London (UK), January 1992. On a set appropriately dominated by a double bed, comes the turbulent and downright erotic encounters of well-to-do Karl and closeted homeboy Donovan. – TimeOut This video uses an abridged version of Paul Boakye's groundbreaking play, which is now available in full from Amazon as a Kindle download. Find out more here: https://www.amazon.in/Boy-Beer-Paul-Boakye-ebook/dp/B01B50162Y
Gay Male Art -  Japanese Knotwork
*NEW BLOG* Male Nude Sculpture http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ Okawa Tatsuji (1904 - 1994) Japan Tatsuji Okawa up until the 1970's specialized in fine illustrations of beautiful young men, mainly Japanese, in bondage. Parallels can be drawn between his bound and tortured males & those of European Christian Art works depicting those of St. Sebastian Homoerotic Gay Male Art interest
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Male Nude (1) Gay Art
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ Homocentric Art The digitally altered Male Nude Homocentric paintings by Malcolm Lidbury Relentless homophobic attitudes & practices of police officers from the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary. The continuous homophobically motivated vendetta on the part of the police lead to attempted suicide of the gay artist. http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com
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Christian Gay Male Naked Art : Michelangelo
*NEW BLOG* Male Nude Sculpture http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ The 'ignudi' of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling 1508-1512 'Ignudi' Italian = naked Painted by homosexual artistic genius; Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (6 March 1475 18 February 1564) Fundamental to Michelangelo's art is his love of male beauty, which attracted him both aesthetically and emotionally. In Michelangelo's art there is clearly a sensual response to this aesthetic both in his sculpture & paintings The greatest written expression of Michelangelo's homosexual love was given to Tommaso dei Cavalieri (c. 15091587), who was 23 years old when Michelangelo met him in 1532, when Michelangelo was age of 57. Michelangelo dedicated to Cavalieri over three hundred sonnets and madrigals, Cavalieri was open to the older man's affection: "I swear to return your love. Never have I loved a man more than I love you, never have I wished for a friendship more than I wish for yours". Cavalieri remained devoted to Michelangelo until his death.
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Naked Gay Male Nude Parody
*NEW BLOG* Male Nude Sculpture http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ The Digital Artwork of CENTARUS http://www.gayartparodies.com The digital manipulation of traditional classical Artworks replacing the female form with that of the male. These are the digital works of CENTARUS who owns all copyright to the digital works. Visit here to see more of his excellent work. The video is created by PinkPasty http://www.pinkpasty.blogspot.com Enjoy Hugz x PP
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Achilles gay themes 10m55s claymation of nude men ready for war
Um a linda historia de amor grega, mas homossexual!
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gay painter homosexual artist queer art paintings homoerotic artworks erotic male nude
gay painter homosexual artist raphael perez queer art paintings homoerotic artworks homosexuell konstmålare gay artistmålningar homoerotiska konstverk konstnärer queer målare lgbt målning Eşcinsel sanat ressam eşcinsel sanatçı resimleri homoerotic sanat eserleri sanatçı queer ressamlar lgbt boyama санъаткорони ҳунарпешаи генотсервии рассомони гиёҳнависҳо artichokes артистҳои рангҳои решавӣ Pintor de arte homosexual Pinturas de artista homosexual Obras de arte homoeróticas Artistas pintores Pintura 同性戀藝術畫家同性戀藝術家繪畫藝術家藝術家酷兒畫家繪畫 समलैंगिक कला चित्रकार समलैंगिक कलाकार चित्रों कलाकृति कलाकार queer चित्रकार चित्रकला homosexuální umění malíř umělec obrazy homoerotický umělecká díla umělci malíři malba Гомосексуал урлагийн зураач гей жүжигчин зураачдын уран бүтээлийн зураачдын уран бүтээлчид зураачдын зургийг зурсан 동성애 예술가 화가 동성애자 그림 동성애 작품가 예술가 동성애 화가 그림 Homoseksuele keunstskilder Homo-skilderende keunstners skilderje keunstners keunstskilder lgbt skilderjen
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Gay, Pagan, Cornish Male Nude Art Sculptures by Malcolm Lidbury
A chronological history of gay artist targeted by homophobic Devon & Cornwall police - http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com (Make a cup of coffee/tea before reading - there's a lot) Following ten years of relentless Devon & Cornwall police homophobic vendetta & hate crime against me personally & my Art. This police homophobia led directly to my attempting suicide.... however, I have returned (in part) to my Art via sculpting. I still no longer paint due to the panic attacks I suffer from as a result of the Cornwall police vendetta. In Feb & March of 2010 6 hrs of video taped witness statement, documentation & other evidence was presented to Devon & Cornwall police cover the six year HATE CAMPAIGN run by named & identified Cornwall. police officers. Despite a 'Freedom of Information Act' request, Cornwall police have refused to investigate the catalogue of interconnected police violations & incidents....and are suppressing the tape. Police, they STILL are the HOMOPHOBIC HATE CRIME problem TODAY!
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Gay Art and Gay Artists
​Should Art Galleries and Museums acknowledge the work of Gay Artists in their collections ??????????????
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Naked Gay Male Youth Nude II
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ NEW BOOK! http://www.lulu.com/browse/search.php?search_forum=-1&search_cat=2&show_results=topics&return_chars=200&search_keywords=&keys=&header_search=true&sitesearch=lulu.com&q=&fSearch=Lidbury&fSearchFamily=0 Classic antiquity photographic Art of Baron Wilhem von Gloeden (1856 -1931) Art images of nude & semi-naked youth. This 'Pink Pasty' video is made as a response to the HOMOPHOBIC attitudes & practises encountered from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary against Gay Artist & Homo-centric Art (Male themed) as carried out by Cornwall (UK) police in 2004. http://www.pinkpasty.blogspot.com
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Gay;  Prolific American Male Nude artist
*NEW BLOG* Male Nude Sculpture http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ Paul Cadmus born in New York City December 1904 -1999 A prolific C20th gay artist of the male nude Art works by Paul Cadmus can be found in major public collections in the USA including:- Whitney Museum of American Art; National Museum of American Art; Smithsonian Institution; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio; and The Metropolitan Museum of Art A most prolific C20th artist of the male nude. *This Pink Pasty video created to educate & challenge Homophobic police prejudicial attitudes & anti-gay discriminaton practises protected within the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in the United Kingdom
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Mexican Gay Male Nude Artist : Felix d'Eon
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ Mexican Gay Male Nude Artist : Felix d'Eon http://www.felixdeon.com The classically trained Art work of Mexican born male nude artist Felix d'Eon, who now lives & works in San Francisco. If you join Felix's art email listing, please say the Pink Pasty sent you! Only through education can ignorance & prejudice be over come regarding both homophobia & creative representation of the male nude through art NB: *This Pink Pasty video created to educate & challenge Homophobic police prejudicial attitudes & anti-gay discrimination as practised & protected within the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary in the United Kingdom...the adverse affects of homophobic police anti-gay discrimination & prejudice which is still having an abusive impact in 2010. Music license Creative Commons CC.BY.30
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gay art
just a few art pic's I like and wonted to show Fallow me and fallow you're dreams
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Clothing Optional: The Surprising Work of a Gay Erotica Pioneer
Known to many as the "the Hugh Hefner of gay publishing," the photographer Bob Mizer has been noted primarily for pioneering so-called "beefcake" photography--seductively posed shots of nude, muscular men that prefigured the modern gay porn industry. But 80WSE's "DEVOTION: Excavating Bob Mizer," the world's first major show of the artist's work, reveals that the erotica he published in his magazine Physique Pictorial represented just one of many genres Mizer pursued over the course of 50 years. The exhibition presents 45 black-and-white and color photographs spanning the artist's career, while students from the NYU Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions work on processing never-before-seen prints and negatives from the 2 million pieces of photographic material in the Mizer estate.
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Gay Male Youth Nude
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com Testimony given by gay adult & Child Sex Abuse survivor to statutory GODDARD Child Sex Abuse inquiry set up by Theresa May Home Secretary UK government 2015 http://www.pinkpasty.blogspot.com Do Devon & Cornwall Constabulary ignore Human Rights Act Article 1998, Articles 10, 13 & 14. Does the Independent Police Complaints Commission ignore HOMOPHOBIA? Is the Devon & Cornwall Police Authority HOMOPHOBIC? The work of Henry Scott Tuke 1858-1929. An Artist based in Cornwall, UK. Today Henry Scott Tuke would undoubtedly be Discriminated against and Victimised by the HOMOPHOBIC conduct & practises of Cornwall Police force for the Male Youth subject matter of his Art work. Homophobia:- Alive & Well, Thriving in the Devon & Cornwall Police Force. http://www.pinkpasty.blogspot.com
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Male Body sexy naked gay boys lgbtq Paintings Drawings  by Bernard Teklic
Old Masters Rubens, Caravaggio, Goya by Bernard Teklic Downloable Wallart Decor, Downloable Paintings, Downloable Class Art, Printable Class Art Drawings, Class Interior Modern Home Decor AVAILABLE on Online SHOP https://www.BernardTeklicArt.com https://www.etsy.com/shop/BernardTeklicArt SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bernardteklicart/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/artbernardt/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbernardteklic/
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Banned Male Nude Art by Gay Artist under ATTACK!
*NEW BLOG* Male Nude Sculpture http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ The depiction of the male nude in art is under attack. Anti-gay History, Art & Culture groups like Cornwall Pride, Intercom Trust & the deeply Homophobic Devon & Cornwall police talk much about 'equality & diversity' whilst in reality they are actively attacking gay people & gay creative art & culture in Cornwall in the UK Cornwall Pride: Have banned pagan & male art created by local gay artist from Cornwall pride Intercom Trust: Have attacked & tried to eliminate the Cornish art of Henry Scott Tuke RA from any reference in Cornwall's LGBT history Cornwall Police: Targeted a gay artist, driving him to attempted suicide for his lawful & legal paintings The adverse influence of organisations traditionally anti-gay (like Cornwall police) has excluded & barred many aspects of gay history, art & culture from involvement in Cornwall Pride.
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gay art erotic homoerotic men paintings male photos man
게이 가수 그림 에로틱 한 남성 판터 사진 동성애 예술 동성애 화가 그림 li-gay baetsi ba litšoantšo ba tlohelang batho ba nang le maikutlo a sa tšoaneng ka panter photos homosexual art homoerotic paintters litšoantšo геј уметници сликање еротске мале слике пантера хомосексуалне умјетничке хомоеротске слике сликара luchd-ealain gay a 'peantadh dealbhan eireachdail fireann dealbh-camara co-sheòrsach ealain peantraichean homoerotic dealbhan tagata tusiata gay ata vali ata paga ata paga ata ata feusuaʻiga tusiata ata homoerotic ata vali гей художники живопись эротический мужской пантер фото гомосексуалист искусство гомеографические картины живопись gay artiști pictura erotic masculin panter fotografii homosexual art picturi homoerotic pictori ਸਮਲਿੰਗੀ ਕਲਾਕਾਰ ਪੇਟਿੰਗ ਚਿੱਤਰਕਾਰੀ ਸ਼ਰਮਨਾਕ ਪੁਰਸ਼ ਪੈਨਟਰ ਫੋਟੋ ਸਮਲਿੰਗੀ ਕਲਾ ਸਮਰੂਪ ਪੇਂਟਰ ਚਿੱਤਰਕਾਰੀ
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Gay Art gallery
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100 years of gay art history, from repression to liberation
(3 Apr 2017) LEADIN: On the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, the Tate Britain gallery is launching a major exhibition exploring Queer British Art. The new exhibition showcases 100 years of art and artists from the repression of the Victorian era through to the love and lust of 1960s Soho. STORYLINE: The first exhibition dedicated to Queer British art opens at the Tate Britain with works spanning 100 years during a time of seismic shifts in gender and sexuality. So when some of the artists in this room were alive, sodomy was a crime punishable by death. But despite the prudish reputation of the Victorians, many trailblazing artists were kick-starting the queer movement. Fredric Leighton and his highly sensuous male nudes offered room for homoerotic interpretation and same sex desire. By the 1960s - a century later - artist like David Hockney were presenting queer art for final submission at the Royal College of Art. Hockney was interested in the 'beefcake' magazines, admiring the well-toned male figure, and cheekily satisfied the College's submissions criteria that all students produce a life drawing. This portrait by Francis Bacon is of his lover Peter Lacy. Lesbian artist Hannah Gluckstein paints this striking and defiant self-portrait. Clare Barlow is the curator of Queer British Art at Tate Britain and she explains the scope of her exhibition. She says: "So this is the first time that this story has been told for British art and it's really exciting to have the opportunity to do that. The show moves from 1861, which is the year for the end of the death penalty for sodomy, all the way through to 1967 which is when sex between consenting adults in private, obviously male homosexuality is partially decriminalised in England and Wales." The timescale of the exhibition encompasses the formation of the queer art movement and the beginning of a more considered understanding of gender and sexual identity. Although the terms we use today - like lesbian, gay or trans - might be unknown to the early artists, they were laying the foundation stones for a community that would follow them. One of the highlights of the exhibition is works created by the so-called Bloomsbury set, famous for a bohemian attitude towards sexuality. "This is people who are finding ways to be themselves, they're falling in love, they're going out, they're enjoying saucy songs at the music hall, they're going to see plays with queer actors, they're finding each other and they're building communities and they're starting to come together and forge identities," says Barlow. Estelle Lovatt is an art critic and historian from London and she's looking around the gallery. She ponders how important the sexuality of the artists was in the creation - and merit - of their artworks. "It's really interesting as to whether or not we should be concerned with the sexuality of an artist when we consider the merits of his artwork, because really what he does behind closed doors – or she does – has nothing to do, or shouldn't have anything to do with the impact of the artwork as we see it. But what is important is the artist can use that material of their personal life and create a work that is almost a personal diary but visually," says Lovatt. The exhibition, framed between the two legal landmarks of 1861 and 1967, looks at how the artists challenged the established views of gender identity. The show is full of personal stories - many of which would have been illicit at the time they were created. Most of the works are accompanied by text explaining the sexual orientation of the artist and the backstory behind the piece. But the show isn't just about paintings and art in the traditional sense. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/5595a1eaa23d8bca6dd7219044c8df25 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Looking for sexy naked gay boys Nude Male body Figure painted Drawings Paintings
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Gay Furry - Naked love...
All of these pictures can be found on their artists profile on furaffinity[dot]net. I do not own any rights for them, the video is just for promotion. Check out my Furaffinity profile: http://furaffinity.net/user/barnus321/ Song: 'Naked Love' by Adam Lambert Thanks for the watch!
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PinkPlanet: Gay Nude Erotic Art in Hawaii USA
PinkPlanet: A Global Search for Gay Culture is a TV series exploring LGBT life all over the world. In this episode we explore the Gay Erotic art scene in Hawaii with an in-depth feature of artist Douglas Simonson. He has dedicated over 30 years to immortalizing the male body though his art.
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The Art of Donald Rizzo; Homoerotic Fine Art & Gay Male Art
A quick 13s video showing all the Limited Edition Prints by Donald-Rizzo check out his website http://www.donald-rizzo.com/ or store front http://store.donald-rizzo.com/
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Art of Gay Male Love
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com Testimony of gay adult & Child Sex Abuse victim survivor to statutory Child Sex Abuse inquiry (set up by Theresa May Prime Minister when Home Secretary UK government 2015) Paintings:- Steve Walker Music:- Frankie Goes To Hollywood Title:- Power of Love Video:- Pink Pasty All copyright of paintings exclusive to Steve Walker, visit his website http://wwwstevewalkerart.com Video by Pink Pasty in memory of Andrew Roger Smith. All pinkPasty videos are as a reaction & responce to continuing homophobic police practises & attitude AGAINST gay people by the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
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Timelapse Oil Painting Gay Nude Male Figure Sketch - Studio Sneak Peek 17 - Paul Richmond Studio
Did you like? Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1lTU4Yv Studio Sneak Peek 17 Here's a timelapse video showing me sketching out the composition for a new painting - a gay nude male couple figurative piece. Watch to the end for a sneak-peek at my brand new studio in Monterey, California! --- Step into the weird and wonderful world of artist Paul Richmond, where anything could go down -- even a pin-up boys' pants! We're all a little high on paint fumes around here, so grab a brush and join the painting party! Music from Jukedeck - create your own at jukedeck.com Want more? Website: http://paulrichmondstudio.com Store: http://paulrichmondstore.com Shirts: http://paulrichmondswag.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paulrichmondstudio Twitter: http://twitter.com/paulrichmondart Instagram: https://instagram.com/paulyworld/ Tumblr: http://paulrichmondstudio.tumblr.com/
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artist studio with   gay erotic photos paintings of male nude images
raphael perez studio אירוע אוהבים אמנות - עושים אמנות, שמציין חגיגית את פתיחת עונת הגלריות, ומתקיים זו השנה התשיעית. יחל ביום חמישי ה-14.10 עד שבת ה-16.10 ויתפרס על כ-75 גלריות, חללי תצוגה ומוזיאונים שיהיו פתוחים לתוך הלילה. החל מהשעה 19:00 בערב, תוך כדי סיור בין המוזיאונים והגלריות, יוצגו במרחב הציבורי יצירות חדשות אשר הקול (סאונד) הוא מרכיב מרכזי בהן, תחת הכותרת "שומעים אמנות". האמנים שהוזמנו ליצור עבודות חדשות במיוחד לערב זה הם: קבוצת זיק, אורי דרומר, ענת פיק, נבט יצחק, גיא שרף, טליה קינן, גבי קריכלי, ביניה רכס. עבודות אלה, הכוללות גם עבודות וידאו, סאונד ומיצבים, יוצגו ברחבי העיר תל אביב: שד' ח"ן, גן יעקב, שדרות רוטשילד וגינת השרון. בנוסף, תתקיים פרזנטציה של פרויקט אקסטריטוריה של האמניות מעין אמיר ורותי סלע, בפארק גני יהושע הגלריות והמוזיאונים שייקחו חלק באירוע אוהבים אמנות - עושים אמנות 2010: אינדי — גלריה לצילום עכשווי, אלון שגב, אלפרד, אנגל, אפרט.ארט, אפרת, ארטורא, בית האדריכל, בית האמנים, בית הספר אורט גאולה, בית יוסף באו, בית מאני לאומי, ברוורמן, גבעון, ג'ולי מ, גורדון, ג'ינא, גל-און מקום לאמנות, גלריה 121, גלריה 39, גלריה דן, גלריה משרד, גלריה תיאטרון תמונע, גלרית מגדל שלום, גלרית מנשר, גרשטיין, דביר, דרך צילום, הגלריה של בצלאל הוראס ריכטר, החדר, החללית, המגדלור, המרכז לאמנות עכשווית (קלישר), המשכן לאמנויות הבמה, הנגריה, הקיבוץ, הרצלילנבלום - מוזיאון לבנקאות ונוסטלגיה, זומר, חזי כהן,חלון אמנות נגה היקרה, חנינא, טבי לאמנות, טובה אוסמן, יאיר, ליטבק, מוזיאון בית ראובן, מוזיאון נחום גוטמן לאמנות, מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות, מיקה, מכון אבני, מלון ארט , מלון פרימה, נגא, נלי אמן, נמל יפו, סדנאות האמנים, סטודיו, סטודיו 20, סלונה בר, עינגע, עמליה ארבל, פינס 10, פלורנטין 45, צדיק, צילום בעם, קו 16, קיבוץ גלויות 45, קיימא, קישון, רוזנפלד, רוטשילד אמנות, שטרן, שלוש, קונטמפוררי בי גולקונדה, RAWART.
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Gay Men & The Shirtless Selfie
Social media let's us pick and choose what we present about ourselves, but how can we tell when it becomes more indulgent and less authentic? In my latest video, I speak with my friend Raymond Braun who previously worked at YouTube and knows a little something about social media trends particularly within the gay male community. We talk about the need to get likes, how a lot of gay men get them, and some of the issues from it all. Raymond's Channel - https://www.youtube.com/raymondbraun Our video on "Gay Guys And The Friend Zone" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrXKzBdoPVc
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Livre / Book GAY ART (Arsenal Pulp)
La librairie La Petroleuse (http://www.la-petroleuse.com) présente le livre GAY ART (http://www.la-petroleuse.com/erotisme/804-gay-art-a-historic-collection-978155152205.html) When originally published in 1972, A Historic Collection of Gay Art was the first book of its kind to document expressions of gay male sexuality as depicted in visual art, from antiquity to pop culture. Its frank, unapologetic survey of the pleasures of the flesh was, for gay men, unprecedented, and it remains the starting point for modern-day discussions of erotic gay male art and comics.
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The Art of Donald Rizzo; Homoerotic Fine Art & Gay Male Art
A quick 13s video showing all the Limited Edition Prints by Donald-Rizzo check out his website http://www.donald-rizzo.com/ or store front http://store.donald-rizzo.com/
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Sensual Male Figurative Paintings, Gay Nude Bedroom Art, Implied Nude Figure Artwork
A series of Sensual Male Figurative Paintings by artist Michelle Geromel. These sexy male figurative art paintings are semi nude and contemporary in feel. Implied nude, and sensual art paintings are great paintings to hang in any bedroom. Some of the original sensual paintings are available to buy. And some are available only as art prints on Etsy and Amazon. These sensual paintings and art prints are popular with gay as well as straight clients. About the Artist: Michelle is an internationally collected artist, with contemporary paintings collected all over the world. Her art hangs in client’s homes throughout North America, Europe, the UK, Australia and Africa. She was chosen to participate in Sony’s The Talented project. And in 2009 residents of Orange County, California voted her Best Visual Artist for OC Magazine’s Best of Edition. For more original paintings, stop by the website: http://www.michellegart.com Follow us on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/michellegeromel To receive updates on new artwork, and upcoming promotions sign up here: https://goo.gl/bJPBsf
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Gay Male Naked Images
http://www.gayhistorycornwall.com http://www.malenudesculpture.blogspot.com/ The Homo-centric paintings of Raphael Perez.
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Nude gay beach in Sydney - Lady Bay Beach
Here's the bluff top view of the gay nude beach in Sydney, Australia. You take the ferry from The Rocks area to Watsons Bay, and then go to your left for a good hike. It's a bit tricksy to get to but you can just follow the guys getting off the ferry and ask. The place is tiny but the water is nice. Sometimes it's also called Lady Jane Bay Beach.
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gay painter homosexual artist queer painters artists history male nude art
gay painter homosexual artist queer painters artists history male nude art by raphael perez homofil kunstnere male erotisk mannlige panter bilder homoseksuelle kunst homoerotiske malere malerier समलैंगिक कलाकारहरूले कामुक पुरुष प्यान्ट फोटोहरू समलैंगिक कला होमोरोटिक चित्रकार चित्रहरू चित्रण गर्छन् gay artiști pictura erotic masculin panter fotografii homosexual art picturi homoerotic pictori гей мастакоў жывапісу эротыкі мужчыну Panter фота гомасексуальнага мастацтва гомоэротичных мастакі карціна
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