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Men with Brooms trailer
Men with Brooms is a 2002 Canadian romantic comedy film, starring and directed by Paul Gross. Centered around the sport of curling, the offbeat comedy tells the story of a reunited curling team from a small Canadian town as they work through their respective life issues and struggle to win the championship for the sake of their late coach. The cast also includes Connor Price, Leslie Nielsen, Peter Outerbridge, Kari Matchett, Molly Parker and Polly Shannon. Members of the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip make a cameo appearance in the film as a competing rink representing Kingston, Ontario, the band's home city. Winnipeg curler and two-time Brier champion Jeff Stoughton also made a cameo appearance throwing his trademark "spin-o-rama" shot.
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Men With Brooms the shot
Men With Brooms The Shot
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Men with Brooms - Not Just a Rock
From the movie, "Men With Brooms" (Lionsgate). To purchase: http://www.lionsgateshop.com/search_results.asp?Search=MEN%20WITH%20BROOMS
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Men with Brooms
Trailer for Men with Brooms, part of the REEL CANADA catalogue of Canadian films.
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Men with Brooms - Full Movie
Men with Brooms 2002
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Paul Gross - Men With Brooms
Fanvid of Paul Gross in Men With Brooms. Music: "Watching Over You" by Holly McNarland
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Paul Gross - Men With Brooms
Screencaps of Paul Gross as Chris Cutter in "Men With Brooms" Music: "Kiss You Till You Weep" by Paul Gross
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Men With Brooms-Music Video: Silver Road
Un video de Men With Brooms con el tema Silver Road de Sarah Harmer.Espero les guste.
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Stomp Live -  Part 1 - Brooms
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Men with Brooms
Trailer for Men with Brooms, part of the REEL CANADA catalogue of Canadian films.
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Men with Brooms
Trailer for Men with Brooms, part of the REEL CANADA catalogue of Canadian films.
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Crackhead neighbors fight with brooms
(For licensing or usage, contact [email protected]) My down stairs neighbors have had allot of problems lately. Today things escalated quickly to a Hilarious fight.
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Men With Brooms Trailer
Comedia. Deporte (Curling) / Sí, también hay películas sobre ese deporte tan peculiar que consiste en lanzar por una pista de hielo una cos... algo con un asa, y que se desliza mientras tus compañeros de equipo pulen la pista con unas escobas-cepillos para que se pare en no sé dónde. Reparto: Paul Gross, Connor Price, Leslie Nielsen, Kari Matchett, Molly Parker, Michelle Nolden, Peter Outerbridge, Jed Rees, Polly Shannon, James Allodi
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Men with brooms clip
Tragically hip cameo
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Men with Brooms
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men with brooms-paul gross music video
this is only for entertainment nothing else,all things in this video belong to the rightful owners,please do not block me and mute my video
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Olympic Movie Review Episode 6 - Men With Brooms
My review of "Men with Brooms." (2002)
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Raccoon vs man with broom
A mother raccoon very protective over babies while man tries to kick them out
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men with brooms - philosophical debate
Weird (drunk) philosophical debate from the movie 'men with brooms'
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Christmas traditions around the world | Hiding Brooms, Pooping man and many more
Christmas traditions around the world | Trending 360 Make sure you subscribe the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ntypUB5CaJktkgntg7PLw?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Trending_360 Blogger: trending360news.blogspot.com Contact us: [email protected] This video uses clips only for informational purposes under fair-use. Under section 107 of Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Music: www.bensound.com Christmas Traditions around the world! Hiding the brooms - Norway: Perhaps one of the most unorthodox Christmas Eve traditions can be found in Norway, where people hide their brooms. It’s a tradition that dates back centuries to when people believed that witches and evil spirits came out on Christmas Eve looking for brooms to ride on. To this day, many people still hide their brooms in the safest place in the house to stop them from being stolen. Cavalcade of Lights - Toronto: In wintry, wonderful Toronto the annual Cavalcade of Lights marks the official start to the holiday season. The Square and Christmas tree are illuminated by more than 300,000 energy-efficient LED lights that shine from dusk until 11 pm until the New Year. On top of that, you’ll get to witness spectacular fireworks shows and engage in some outdoor ice skating. The pooping man - Catalonia: We all know three wise men visited the baby Jesus - but in Catalan tradition there's an extra chap on the scene. In Catalonia, a nativity wouldn’t be complete without a sculpture of a pooping man, the Caganer. He is usually tucked away in the corner of nativity scenes. Spider web decorations - Ukraine: The Ukranian custom of adorning your Christmas tree with a fake spider and web is believed to bring good luck and stems from an old wive's tale about a poor woman who couldn't afford decorations. The story goes, she woke up the next morning to find a spider had covered it in a glittering web. KFC Bargain Buckets - Japan: Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan, but when a group of foreigners tried and failed to find turkey in the country on Christmas Day and opted for chicken instead, KFC saw a gap in the market. Thanks to the successful 'Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!' (Kentucky for Christmas!) marketing campaign in 1974, Japan now can't get enough festive bargain buckets. Burning effigy - Guatemala: Guatemalans sweep out and clean their homes before Christmas. Each neighbourhood will then create a large pile of dirt, before placing an effigy of the devil on top and burning it. Filling the shoe - Germans: German children leave their shoes outside the house on December 5th which is then filled with sweets overnight. Naughty children awake to find a tree branch in the shoe instead! Watch Indian Beauties | Complete list of Miss world from India: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l77U8iEWsfg&t=1s Watch the Funny moments of Sophia the Andro-humanoid Robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ3KOMqkUCE&t=8s This video uses clips only for informational purposes under fair-use. Under section 107 of Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research.
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Anand Rajaram in Men With Brooms
Anand Rajaram as Pramesh in the 2010 CBC Series Men With Brooms, based on the town where the Paul Gross movie, of the same name, was set. Also featured in this demo are some of the other stars of the show, Glenda Braganza who plays Rani, Joel Keller who plays Bill and a brief appearance by Aliyah O'Brien who plays Tannis, with a guest appearance by Laura Carswell.
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Men with Brooms Full Movie
Men with Brooms 2002
Men With Brooms
Paul Gross & Leslie Nielson interviewed to MwB
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TUFF Video: Men with Brooms
Men with Brooms, The documentary: real men, real brooms, real life and real time. A candid eye / slice-of-life video by a woman with a zoom. Gerda Cammaer is a film maker, programmer, scholar and teacher. She has a BFA and MFA in film and has been making work since 1998.
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Men With Brooms   Delinquents
Clip From Men With Brooms (2002) The boys are wisely advised by law enforcement.
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men with brooms !!
antz and ben cleaning the floors lmao
Views: 296 Elissa Imbriglio
Men With Brooms Vancouver Olympics Curling
Men With Brooms Vancouver Olympics Curling Photos: http://vwayner.com/olympics8.htm
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Men with Brooms vs. A Bat.
Paisley 2008
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Dances With Brooms: Part 1
In the mean streets, there are men who dance alone with brooms. Now it's up to one man to stop them, that man is....T-Lamb. (2005) 2 Parts Part 1 of 2
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Opening to Men With Brooms 2002 DVD (Canadian Copy)
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ATTENDED!!!! 1. Warning screens (English, French) 2. CP/Macrovision logo 3. Alliance Atlantis logo 4. Menu 5. Alliance Atlantis logo 6. Serendipity Point Films logo 7. Opening titles That's all. All rights belong to Alliance Atlantis/Entertainment One, Serendipity Point Films and Whizbang Entertainment.
Brooms are for girls, real men use blowers
My husband "sweeps" the floor
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Misha Collins: GISHWHES Green Screen   'Broom Man'
In case you guys didn't see the Vimeo vids: Misha needs help (surprise, surprise). This year we asked him to make a Gishwhes Promo video. He decided that a “green screen thingy might be cool.” The gishwhes gnomes left him alone in a studio with a few friends for a couple hours and we’re not totally sure what happened. We need your help putting something behind him on the green screen for our promo video. So please help us (and him). Green screen away! Do as many as you like. Put him in any situation you like - in front of one of your former submissions or in front of something entirely unrelated to gishwhes. But please remember gishwhes is a family-friendly Hunt so keep it clean & SFW. Good rule of thumb: if you think Misha’s mom wouldn’t want to see it, don’t post it (hi Misha’s mom!). 1. Upload your Misha Collins Green Screen submissions to YouTube or Vimeo 2. Post the link on Twitter, FB, Tumblr or Instagram 3. IMPORTANT!!: TAG #gishwhes so we can find it and maybe use it in our promo video. A few random creators will even get a special surprise from Misha or Gishwhes! You have until April 25. Get on it, Gishers! Don’t know how to green screen? The gnomes got that solved: http://bit.ly/howtogreeen
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Broom Man vs. Rake Man
One man is brooming the balcony, and one man is raking the lawn. There is no other option than to fight! Year: 2007 Cast: Broom Man: Christoffer Frank Rake Man: Dennis Åström Filmed by: Alexander Frank
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Ballad of Green Broom for men's voices
Score available at http://www.cadenzaone.com/product-p/dws896839.htm or http://www.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-85741_the_ballad_of_green_broom.html#195168 (D major version) and http://www.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-85741_the_ballad_of_green_broom.html#195169 (B major version) Trio arrangement by David W Solomons of the old English folk song about a young man who is sent out to work and finds a lady who wants to marry him All parts sung by Matthew Curtis (www.choraltracks.com) This version is for low voices (tenor, baritone and bass) a version for high voices (soprano, mezzo and alto) is also available at http://www.cadenzaone.com/product-p/dws372285.htm and http://www.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-85741_the_ballad_of_green_broom.html#85741 There was an old man and he lived in the West, And his trade was a-cutting of broom, green broom; He had but one son and his name it was John, And he lied abed till was noon, bright noon, Oh he lied abed till was noon. The old man arose and to his son goes, And swore he'd set fire to his room, his room, If he would not rise and unbutton his eyes, And away to the woods for green broom, green broom, Oh away to the woods for green broom. Then John he did rise and did sharpen his knives, And he went to the woods cutting broom, green broom; To market and fair, crying everywhere: O fair maids, do you want any broom, green broom? O fair maids, do you want any broom? A lady sat up in her window so high, And she heard Johnny crying green broom, green broom; She rang for her maid and unto her she said: O go fetch me the lad who cries broom, green broom, O go fetch me that lad who cries broom. Then John he came back, and upstairs he did go, And he entered that fair lady's room, her room, Dear Johnny, said she, O can you fancy me? Will you marry a lady in bloom, in bloom? Will you marry a lady in bloom? Then John gave consent, and unto the church went, And married this lady in bloom, in bloom, Said she: I protest there is none in the West Is so good as the lad who sells broom, green broom, Is so good as the lad who sells broom.
Views: 648 David Solomons

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