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Men with Brooms trailer
Men with Brooms is a 2002 Canadian romantic comedy film, starring and directed by Paul Gross. Centered around the sport of curling, the offbeat comedy tells the story of a reunited curling team from a small Canadian town as they work through their respective life issues and struggle to win the championship for the sake of their late coach. The cast also includes Connor Price, Leslie Nielsen, Peter Outerbridge, Kari Matchett, Molly Parker and Polly Shannon. Members of the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip make a cameo appearance in the film as a competing rink representing Kingston, Ontario, the band's home city. Winnipeg curler and two-time Brier champion Jeff Stoughton also made a cameo appearance throwing his trademark "spin-o-rama" shot.
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Men With Brooms the shot
Men With Brooms The Shot
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Men with Brooms
Trailer for Men with Brooms, part of the REEL CANADA catalogue of Canadian films.
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Men With Brooms Trailer
Comedia. Deporte (Curling) / Sí, también hay películas sobre ese deporte tan peculiar que consiste en lanzar por una pista de hielo una cos... algo con un asa, y que se desliza mientras tus compañeros de equipo pulen la pista con unas escobas-cepillos para que se pare en no sé dónde. Reparto: Paul Gross, Connor Price, Leslie Nielsen, Kari Matchett, Molly Parker, Michelle Nolden, Peter Outerbridge, Jed Rees, Polly Shannon, James Allodi
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Men with Brooms - Not Just a Rock
From the movie, "Men With Brooms" (Lionsgate). To purchase: http://www.lionsgateshop.com/search_results.asp?Search=MEN%20WITH%20BROOMS
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Men with Brooms - Full Movie
Men with Brooms 2002
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Men with Brooms Full Movie
Men with Brooms 2002
Guy flying on broom.
This guy fly's around his yard on his magical broom.
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Stomp Live -  Part 1 - Brooms
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Paul Gross - Men With Brooms
Screencaps of Paul Gross as Chris Cutter in "Men With Brooms" Music: "Kiss You Till You Weep" by Paul Gross
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Men with Brooms
Trailer for Men with Brooms, part of the REEL CANADA catalogue of Canadian films.
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Men with Brooms
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Men With Brooms-Music Video: Silver Road
Un video de Men With Brooms con el tema Silver Road de Sarah Harmer.Espero les guste.
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Paul Gross - Men With Brooms
Fanvid of Paul Gross in Men With Brooms. Music: "Watching Over You" by Holly McNarland
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Men With Brooms   Delinquents
Clip From Men With Brooms (2002) The boys are wisely advised by law enforcement.
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men with brooms - philosophical debate
Weird (drunk) philosophical debate from the movie 'men with brooms'
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Men with brooms clip
Tragically hip cameo
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men with brooms-paul gross music video
this is only for entertainment nothing else,all things in this video belong to the rightful owners,please do not block me and mute my video
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Olympic Movie Review Episode 6 - Men With Brooms
My review of "Men with Brooms." (2002)
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Anand Rajaram in Men With Brooms
Anand Rajaram as Pramesh in the 2010 CBC Series Men With Brooms, based on the town where the Paul Gross movie, of the same name, was set. Also featured in this demo are some of the other stars of the show, Glenda Braganza who plays Rani, Joel Keller who plays Bill and a brief appearance by Aliyah O'Brien who plays Tannis, with a guest appearance by Laura Carswell.
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Opening to Men With Brooms 2002 DVD (Canadian Copy)
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT ATTENDED!!!! 1. Warning screens (English, French) 2. CP/Macrovision logo 3. Alliance Atlantis logo 4. Menu 5. Alliance Atlantis logo 6. Serendipity Point Films logo 7. Opening titles That's all. All rights belong to Alliance Atlantis/Entertainment One, Serendipity Point Films and Whizbang Entertainment.
men with brooms !!
antz and ben cleaning the floors lmao
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TUFF Video: Men with Brooms
Men with Brooms, The documentary: real men, real brooms, real life and real time. A candid eye / slice-of-life video by a woman with a zoom. Gerda Cammaer is a film maker, programmer, scholar and teacher. She has a BFA and MFA in film and has been making work since 1998.
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Men With Brooms
Paul Gross & Leslie Nielson interviewed to MwB
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Men with Brooms
Trailer for Men with Brooms, part of the REEL CANADA catalogue of Canadian films.
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Men Of Straw, the Broom Dance
its wonderful to spend some time with the Men Of Straw as between them they share som many traditions that they are keeping alive. With this clip Des was sweeping up after some straw work and broke into a broom dance. Augha Killy Maude Men Of Straw have their theatre and workshop beside Knockninny and Lough Erne in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. We visit them with some of our tours.
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Dances With Brooms: Part 1
In the mean streets, there are men who dance alone with brooms. Now it's up to one man to stop them, that man is....T-Lamb. (2005) 2 Parts Part 1 of 2
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Men with Brooms vs. A Bat.
Paisley 2008
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Raccoon vs man with broom
A mother raccoon very protective over babies while man tries to kick them out
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Law Abiding Vlog (Recording ApprenticeToons, Men With Brooms, and A BlogTv Show)
Day 440 March 15, 2012 --- comment winner: Win comment of the day? Email [email protected] --- ApprenticeA Productions http://www.twitter.com/ApprenticeA http://www.facebook.com/ApprenticeA http://www.ApprenticeA.tumblr.com http://plus.google.com/103285064074023191372 ApprenticeEh Daily Vlogs http://www.twitter.com/ApprenticeEh http://www.facebook.com/ApprenticeEh http://www.ApprenticeEh.tumblr.com http://plus.google.com/100320895261333978779 --- Corey Vidal http://www.youtube.com/coreyvidal http://www.twitter.com/coreyvidal http://www.facebook.com/coreyvidal Tim Fierce http://www.youtube.com/timfierce http://www.twitter.com/timfierce http://www.facebook.com/timfierce Tim Deegan http://www.youtube.com/timjdeegan http://www.twitter.com/tim_deegan http://www.facebook.com/timdeegan Joelksullivan http://www.youtube.com/joelksullivan http://www.twitter.com/joelksullivan http://www.facebook.com/joelksullivan Rianna Finch http://www.youtube.com/riannafinch http://www.twitter.com/riannafinch http://www.facebook.com/riannafinch Corrado Coia http://www.youtube.com/CorradoCoia http://www.twitter.com/CorradoCoia http://www.facebook.com/CorradoCoia Saskia Vanell http://www.youtube.com/saskiavanell http://www.twitter.com/saskiavanell http://www.facebook.com/saskiavanell Frankie http://www.twitter.com/metalfrankie http://www.facebook.com/metalfrankie MattG124 http://www.youtube.com/mattg124 http://www.twitter.com/mattg124 http://www.facebook.com/mattgfanpage Chris McGregor http://www.youtube.com/ChrisGMcG http://www.twitter.com/ChrisGMcG http://www.facebook.com/ChrisGMcG --- Outro theme song written and performed by: Andrew Huang http://www.youtube.com/songstowearpantsto http://www.twitter.com/andrewismusic http://www.facebook.com/songstowearpantsto
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Men With Brooms Vancouver Olympics Curling
Men With Brooms Vancouver Olympics Curling Photos: http://vwayner.com/olympics8.htm
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Brooms are for girls, real men use blowers
My husband "sweeps" the floor
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The Hip - Oh Honey
From the Men With Brooms film soundtrack.
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Ozzy Man Reviews: Sheila vs Rat
Here's me critical analysis of sheila vs rat. Source video is via Newsflare. You can see the fight in its raw form on their channel here: https://youtu.be/t4G3m0dhvVU ORDER me book below! Me cheeky book Ozzy Man's Mad World is available to order at the moment. Here are the links: AUSSIE Orders - http://bit.ly/2gOKkSn INTERNATIONAL Orders - http://bit.ly/2xhwv5T It starts shipping after November 8. Get involved! Makes for a mint Xmas prezzie. This video is intended as a cheeky work of Fair Dealing - parody, satire, review, commentary. Music via Audio Network and Terminator 2 theme.
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How to get rid of love handles with a broom
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Protective mother raccoon turns the tides when she bum rushes her broom wielding enemy!
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