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Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud - Planning Central Demo
Learn about Oracle's exciting new Supply Chain Cloud offerings. Watch this demo of the Oracle Planning Central Cloud that balances supply and demand and monitors your supply chain for success.
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Advanced Supply Chain Planning - Intro (ASCP)@Click4learning
ASCP - Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning Demo. For any questions, inputs, feedback or trainings, please get in touch with us at [email protected] Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning is one of the best in solutions available in the current ERP Market. Click4learning is a leading Oracle ASCP training provider and helping students globally at their convenient timings. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for any of your ASCP courses or ASCP online courses / VCP courses. We will also help you out with the relevant Oracle ASCP training material during the course instruction. Oracle APPS ASCP training has plenty of opportunities in the current market scenario, where all the clients are upgrading their business solutions from Oracle SCM execution to Oracle VCP planning solutions. We also provide students with the self paced training videos to learn at their own pace.
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Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud
Today's supply chains are more global, complex and volatile than ever. To increase revenue and reduce costs, you need adaptive supply chain planning that's faster, simpler and more intelligent than your competition. Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud gives you that edge. Let's see how.
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Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud
When your industry is as dynamic as an intricate piece of music, you need a solution that keeps your supply chain planning in tempo. Achieve end-to-end, demand-driven orchestration with Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud.
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Oracle Cloud Applications - Supply Chain Planning : Intro to  Sales and Operations Planning
You can view the entire series @ https://oracleug.thinkific.com/courses/oracle-applications-fusion-cloud-Supply-Chain-Planning Oracle Cloud/Fusion Supply Chain Planning training will help you develop the fundamental skills required to set up and use various SCP - DP, SP, Planning Central, SOP - modules. Training covers all the tasks, setups, forms and reports used in SCP and related modules Supply Chain Planning Introduction Getting Started Roles Basic Concepts SCP Work Area Highlevel Process Flow Data Collection Demand Planning Inventory Planning Supply Planning Demand & Supply Plan Planning Central Work Area Planning Central Page Layout Manage Planners Review Plan Messages Planning Notes Planning Security Forecast To Plan End to End Process Flow Item and Structure Planning Profile Running Data Collection Assignment Set Review Item & Structure In Planning Central Create Demand Plan Prepare Shipment History Load Shipment History Review Process Status Review Uploaded Data Run Demand Plan Review Demand Plan Create Supply Plan Run Supply Plan Review Demand & Supply Plan Mark For Release Release Planned Order Release Planned Order - Buy Planning Measures Create New Planning Measures Duplicate Planning Measures Edit Planning Measures Configure Planning Analytics Create Measure Catalog Assign Measure Catalog in Demand Plan Use Measure in Tables/Forecast Profiles View Measure Data Measure Expression Copy Data from One Measure to Another Planning Measures - Units Of Measure Planning Measures - Currencies Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting : Local Overrides Importing Measure Data Forecast Profile Forecast Methods Create Forecast Profiles Create Table Members Layout Forecast Trees Add Forecast Profiles To Demand Plan Data Collection Collecting Planning Data Source Systems Collecting Global Entities Collection Types Loading Planning Data from Files Data Collection Sequence External Data Collection Sequence Prepare Calendar Generate Calendar Upload File Work Definitions and Item Structures Prepare Final Shipments History Load External Forecasts Review Data in the Planning Data Repository Review Forecast Import Zones Collection Template Collection Template Filter Managing Demand Plan Demand Planning Process Create Demand Plan Defining Scope - Organization Defining Scope - Items Defining Scope – Plan Parameters Run Demand Plan Prepare Forecast Measures – Item & Organization Level Upload Forecast Measures Review Uploaded Planning Measures Copy Demand Plan Review Demand Plan Approve Demand Plan Copy Demand Plan Supply Plan Supply Planning Process Create Supply Plan Defining Scope - Organization Defining Scope - Items Defining Scope – Plan Parameters Safety Stock Upload Safety Stock Demand Time Fence Control Planning Time Fence Control Forecast Spreading Past Due Forecast Forecast Consumption Automatic release Advanced Options – Consume Forecast Advanced Options – Release Recommendations Advanced Options – Supplier Capacity Advanced Options : Dimensions for Supply Plan Measures Demand Schedules Run Supply Plan Requirements Explosion / BOM Explosion Backward Scheduling Review Demand & Supply Review Build Plan Review Demand Fulfillment Release Plan Recommendations Review Released Orders Next Plan Run & It's Impact Supply Plan Status Publishing Order Forecast Copy Supply Plan Simulation Sets Maintain Supply Network Model Supply Network Model Organizations Buy and Sell Transfers (PO-SO) Forecast and Consume Internal Orders Drop Ship Validation Organization Customers Suppliers Shipping Networks Carriers Sales and Operations Planning Business Process Plan Types Process Review Stage / Activity Category Planning Cycle Configure Planning Cycle Planning Cycle – Create Activity Process Review Details Planning Cycle : Product Reviews Planning Cycle : Demand Reviews Planning Cycle : Supply Reviews Planning Cycle : Financial Reviews Planning Cycle : Executive Reviews Create SOP Plan Copy SOP Plan Defining SOP Plan Defining Scope – Plan Parameters Create SOP – Demand Tab Create SOP – Supply Tab Using Constraints in Plans Organizations Run SOP Plan Comparing Sales and Operations Plans Archiving SOP Plan
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Oracle ASCP Intro and Concepts | Advanced Supply Chain Planning@Click4learning
For any of your training needs, please reach out to [email protected] Here we have provided you the oracle advanced supply chain planning intro and concepts. Also you can find oracle ascp training online videos in our channel.
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Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training: Complete Guide
A complete guide to Oracle Fusion SCM Course. This video will show you exactly how to learn Oracle Fusion SCM Course completely. In this Video, It was explained module wise for easy understanding.
Demand Planning S&OP and Inventory Controlling Model   Created by Kunal Jethwa
Demand Driven Forecast with S&OP and Inventory Controlling Method with necessary stock levels Helps avoid stock outs and reduce sales risk. Also promotes optimum stock levels and organises working capital better. Very helpful for short term as well as long term forecasting and demand generation Hope you like this video. Cheers! Kunal Jethwa
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How Oracle's Value Chain Planning helps in Optimising Supply Chain
Oracle's Value Chain Planning is complete array of modules which help in Supply Chain Optimisation. Oracle Value Chain helps a lot in optimising Supply Chain and helps to reduce supply chain costs and improving supply chain performance. Mr. Kirit Goyal, CEO & Managing Director, Gazelle Information Technologies (a leading Supply Chain Consulting Company of India), explains top innovations taking place in Supply Chain Industry For more information check: https://supplychainconsulting.in/ Music By http://instrumentalsfree.com
AI for Supply Chain
Every product in your home is there as a result of being distributed across whats called a supply chain. The path that a commodity takes through manufacturing, transport, distribution centers, etc. is called the supply chain. The supply chain for most companies is riddled with inefficiencies. Late drivers, bad weather conditions, suboptimal planning, timing issues, the list of things that can go wrong is endless and most of this coordination is done by humans. AI can be used to optimize this entire pipeline, from planning to autonomous transport. In this video i'll demo an app using IBM's Logistic Wizard to optimize a simulated companies supply chain, as well as build a time series forecasting model using Keras to predict the price of a shipment on a certain date. Code for this video: https://github.com/llSourcell/AI_Supply_Chain Please Subscribe! And like. And comment. That's what keeps me going. Want more education? Connect with me here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirajraval Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirajology instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval More learning resources: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13675560902736537 https://news.crunchbase.com/news/alloy-raises-12-million-to-bring-ai-to-supply-chain-management/ https://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/foreign-exchange/articles/using-AI-in-supply-chain-management/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2018/03/07/data-the-new-ai-supply-chain/#2499f7b16049 https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/supply-chain-insights?S_PKG=OV60982&cm_mmc=Search_Google-_-IBM+Watson+Customer+Engagement_Watson+Supply+Chain+-+Supply+Chain+Insights-_-WW_NA-_-ai+in+supply+chain_Exact_OV60982&cm_mmca1=000020LZ&cm_mmca2=10006656&cm_mmca7=9061263&cm_mmca8=aud-295225167539:kwd-427960545262&cm_mmca9=9f6dfb3c-4b94-4f53-a67e-219704bef887&cm_mmca10=265871013815&cm_mmca11=e&mkwid=9f6dfb3c-4b94-4f53-a67e-219704bef887|1467|21744&cvosrc=ppc.google.ai%20in%20supply%20chain&cvo_campaign=000020LZ&cvo_crid=265871013815&Matchtype=e https://medium.com/@KodiakRating/6-applications-of-artificial-intelligence-for-your-supply-chain-b82e1e7400c8 Join us in the Wizards Slack channel: http://wizards.herokuapp.com/ Sign up for the next course at The School of AI: https://www.theschool.ai And please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3191693 Signup for my newsletter for exciting updates in the field of AI: https://goo.gl/FZzJ5w Hit the Join button above to sign up to become a member of my channel for access to exclusive content!
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What is SCM (Supply Chain Management) Software?
Learn more about SCM: https://www.oracle.com/applications/supply-chain-management/ A supply chain management (SCM) system is a set of software solutions that manages and oversees the flow of goods, data, and finances as a product or service moves from point of origin to its final destination.
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Oracle ASCP Introduction | Advanced Supply Chain Planning Demo
https://goo.gl/kybcEE Click4learning is a leading online education provider with expertise in Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and other Software Trainings. For any of your Oralce ASCP Online Training needs, reach out to [email protected] For more details visit our website www.click4learning.com.
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Oracle Supply Chain Cloud: Plan to Produce Self-Running Demo & Overview
View this video for a brief overview of Oracle's Plan to Produce supply chain solution for manufacturing and planning in the cloud.
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Sales & Operations Planning S&OP
S&OP is one of the core principles that have played a key role in optimising the supply chain during the last decade. This is necessary to create a truly lean, agile model for global supply chain management. The main goal of the S&OP process is balancing marketplace demand and resource supply. If demand exceeds supply, the company will be unable to meet marketplace requirements for goods and services. The S&OP brings together all the plans for the business (sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, sourcing, and financial) into one integrated set of plans. Key Takeaways: S&OP Process Overview Major Attributes of S&OP Conduct Demand Planning Develop Supply Forecasts Product & Service Development
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Why Oracle Value Chain Planning
Learn why it makes sense to use Oracle Value Chain Planning. In this Video you will understand why and who should should go for Value Chain Planning. Oracle Value Chain helps a lot in optimising Supply Chain and helps to reduce supply chain costs and improving supply chain performance. Mr. Kirit Goyal, CEO & Managing Director, Gazelle Information Technologies (a leading Supply Chain Consulting Company of India), explains top innovations taking place in Supply Chain Industry For more information check: https://supplychainconsulting.in/ Music By http://instrumentalsfree.com
Oracle Supply Chain Cloud: End to End Demo Flow
This end-to-end demonstration of Oracle SCM Cloud applications shows the usability and key features necessary for organizational success. By implementing Oracle SCM Cloud solutions, you can transform your supply chain processes to help your business grow.
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Oracle Supply Chain Cloud: Plan to Produce Overview
Check out this latest video featuring an overview of how Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud and Oracle Manufacturing Cloud and how they come together in the Oracle Plan to Produce business flow, which combines planning and manufacturing capabilities into a single flow.
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ORACLE Apps R12 SCM & MFG Training Course Demo. Supply Chain Management.
Tech Leads IT provides Real Time Training for Oracle Apps R12 E Business Suite. This video features the training of R12 SCM & MFG, in Oracle apps. About this Course: We provide this course training in Release 12 2.2.4 Version in Oracle EBS. Freshers and working professional can choose this training for best career opportunities in ERP Sector. Training is given by an Corporate Oracle Fusion & EBS Certified consultant with real time scenarios for better learning. Trainees will receive hard copy and soft copy of Materials with full documented screenshots of setups with navigation. Training videos are accessible in our website. Supply Chain Management Modules: Inventory. Purchasing. Order Management. MFG Modules: Bills of Materials Work In Progress Contact us: 8125 32 32 32, 8125 824 824. Whats app: 8125 32 32 32 Skype: techleadsit Email: [email protected] Website: https://www.techleadsit.com
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Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud: Modern User Experience
See how Oracle’s Supply Chain Planning Cloud solutions use a modern user experience to visualize information and improve productivity.
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Oracle Fusion Planning Central Cloud Online Training
Rainbow Offering Oracle Fusion Planning Central Cloud Online Training More details Contact +91-8686193926 ,[email protected]
Oracle Fusion Planning Central Cloud Online Training Demo
Rainbow Offering Oracle Fusion Planning Central Cloud Online Training More Details Contact +91-8686193926 or drop a mail to [email protected]
How Oracle's Advanced Supply Chain Planning Module helps in Supply Chain Optimisation
Do you know about the ASCP Module of Oracle Value Chain? The Advanced Supply Chain Planning Module helps in planning the supply chain effectively Mr. Kirit Goyal, CEO & Managing Director, Gazelle Information Technologies (a leading Supply Chain Consulting Company of India), explains top innovations taking place in Supply Chain Industry For more information check: https://supplychainconsulting.in/ Music By http://instrumentalsfree.com
Oracle Supply Chain Cloud:  Now the First Choice for JD Edwards
Supply Chain Planning has never been more available for the JDE community as it is today. Join us as we review why Oracle’s Cloud Supply Chain solutions should now be the first option considered for any JDE environment – and for a demonstration by Oracle of Cloud Demand and Supply Planning.
Oracle Solution for Service Supply Chain
Learn about Oracle's Supply Chain Planning Solution for service parts, and how Oracle used it to cut it's Sun worldwide spare parts inventory by 50%.
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Live Webcast: Adopt next-generation Supply Chain Planning on Oracle Cloud powered by On-Premise ERP
Learn how you can quickly adopt next-generation supply chain planning capability on Oracle cloud platform that seamlessly communicates with your On-Premise ERP and drives home supply chain and operations efficiency.
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05 02 18 Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management Demo
www.srdtechnologies.co.in, Contact: +91 9703756999 Oracle Fusion Financials, General Ledger, Account Payables, Account Receivable, Oracle Fusion Procurement, Oracle Fusion supply Chain Management Oracle Human Capital Management
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Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud
Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud transforms your business, giving you end-to-end supply chain management cloud services. Oracle Cloud technology will modernize your SCM processes, including product development, order fulfillment, inventory management, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery.
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LiDestri's Supply Chain Runs on Oracle
John Matrachisia, CIO of LiDestri Food and Drink discusses the reasons for moving from Oracle legacy planning to Oracle Planning Cloud: the strong partnership and business results.
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JD Edwards SCM | Supply Chain Management Online Training
[email protected] +91- 888 556 0202 +1-707 666 8949 What is Oracle's JD Edwards SCM ? Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Management is the core for demand-driven manufacturing and distribution. These software modules promote revenue growth and cost reduction by improving fulfillment rates, allowing better asset and capacity utilization and expanding market dominance while reducing inventory, shrinking lead times, and achieving overall cost-of-goods improvements.JD Edwards Supply Chain Management is part of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne family of applications.
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Oracle Applications Release 13 Spotlight on Supply Planning
Watch the Release 13 spotlight video on top level messages and product themes of Oracle Supply Chain Management - Supply Planning. For more information on SCM Cloud, visit https://cloud.oracle.com/scm
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Trinamix Webinar -  Integrated Demand & Supply Planning with Oracle Planning Central
Integrated Demand and Supply Planning with Oracle Planning Central By Prantik Chakraborty & Dushyant Jain For more information visit www.trinamix.com or mail us at [email protected]
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24 ASCP Release 12.2.4 Enhancements Tutorial | Advanced Supply Chain Planning @Click4learning
For any of your training needs, contact us at [email protected] Click4learning is a leading online education provider with expertise in Advanced Supply Chain Planning. Reach out to www.click4learning.com for any of your Oracle ASCP Online Training needs.
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Oracle Applications R13 (update 18C) Spotlight on Supply Chain Management Cloud
Watch the R13 (update 18C) spotlight video on top-level messages and product themes of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud. For more information on SCM Cloud, visit https://cloud.oracle.com/scm
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Oracle Cloud Supply chain Management Training
www.srdtechnologies.co.in, Contact: +91 9703756999 Oracle Fusion Financials, General Ledger, Account Payables, Account Receivable, Oracle Fusion Procurement, Oracle Fusion supply Chain Management Oracle Human Capital Management
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Supply Chain Planning with Plex
A demo of Plex's supply chain planning and demand plan user interface to create a master production schedule. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud manages operations via a single source of data to effectively manage your supply chain planning so you can focus your business—not on maintaining software functionality, disparate systems, or upgrades. Learn more about supply chain planning with Plex, www.plex.com/industries-and-solutions/supply-chain-planning-scp.html. About Plex Plex is the Manufacturing Cloud, delivering industry-leading ERP and manufacturing automation to more than 400 companies across process and discrete industries. Plex pioneered Cloud solutions for the shop floor, connecting suppliers, machines, people, systems and customers with capabilities that are easy to configure, deliver continuous innovation and reduce IT costs. With insight that starts on the production line, Plex helps companies see and understand every aspect of their business ecosystems, enabling them to lead in an ever-changing market. Learn more at www.plex.com.
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Oracle SCM (Supply Chain Management) Training | FREE Classes
Hi, We are starting Oracle SCM New & FREE batch from today, If you or anyone interested to attended the classes please keep in touch: Contact us: USA Number: +1 646 491-6833, India Numbers: +91-88860 96632, 96661 83940, http://www.erptree.com/ Mail: [email protected]
Oracle Value Chain Planning: Vision, Release Overview, and Product Roadmap
Roger Goossens and Malcolm Scott from Oracle product management share the vision of Oracle’s value chain planning solution and how recent and upcoming developments take your value chain to the next level while working faster and smarter. This material was presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.
Oracle’s Projects Driven Supply Chain Industry Solution
Video overview of Oracle’s Projects Driven Supply Chain Solution: Improving Project Performance throughout a Complex Turnkey Lifecycle incorporating Oracle’s Primavera, Primavera Risk Analysis and Value Chain Planning Solutions
Oracle Applications Release 12  Spotlight on Plan to Produce
Watch the Release 12 spotlight video on top level messages and product themes of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud - Plan to Produce. For more information on SCM Cloud, visit https://cloud.oracle.com/scm
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Unleash Business Value and Meet Supply Chain Challenges with Oracle SCM Cloud
Hear Simon D. Ellis, Program Vice President, IDC, speak about how Oracle SCM Cloud can help supply chain organizations to unlock business value. Landing Page: https://go.oracle.com/LP=71718?elqCampaignId=162579 Webcast: https://go.oracle.com/LP=72215?elqCampaignId=156783&src1=:se:lw:ie:pt:SEO100725843&evite=NAMK180515P00132:se:lw:ie:pt:SEO100725843
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Job seekers Introduction to ERP and Supply Chain and Logistics
If you are intimidated by job descriptions or interviews that require ERP (Oracle, SAP, Dynamics, NetSuite) experience, this video should help. Here is my recommendation for getting the most out of this video: (1) watch it and take cheat sheet notes. (2) Review this cheat sheet before every interview. (3) Come back to this video and watch it after you have had a couple of days to think about the topics. If you find this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up. If you have a recommendation for making it better, please comment. Thanks!!
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Top 5 Reasons to See Supply Chain Planning at Modern Supply Chain Experience 2017
Counting down your Top 5 Reasons to see Supply Chain Planning at Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience 2017! Register today at www.modernsupplychainexperience.com
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Oracle Apps R12 SCM Recorded/Self-Paced Training@ERP OCEAN
Sample Video-03-PUR-Organization Structure config Oracle Apps SCM- Purchasing,Inventory,Order Management Recorded/Self-Paced Training Videos. Contact +91-88008416­­77 www.erpocean.com +91-8800841677 [email protected] [email protected] Oracle Apps Functional,Technical,DBA,Developer,train­ing in USA,UK,India,Middle East,Japan Oracle Apps Demo Oracle Apps Functional Finacial,SCM,HRMS,Project Accounting,Technical,DBA,Developer,train­­ing in USA,UK,India,Middle East,Japan,Noida,Delhi,Bangalore,Hydraba­d,Pune Online,Classroom Training at NOIDA.GL,AP,FA,AR,CM,Org Structure,P2P,O2C,Assets Life Cycle,Demo Class @ERPOCEAN
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ORACLE Fusion Cloud SCM Training (Supply Chain Management) Online Training Demo
Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Training (Supply Chain Management) Real Time|| Online training Course Demonstration. We also give Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM Training in Bangalore, Oracle Cloud SCM Online Training in Pune, Oracle Fusion SCM Training in Chennai, Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management Training in Delhi, Oracle Cloud SCM Training in Noida, and Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training in Hyderabad. Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management is trained by Mr. Krishna with 10+ years experience in R12 SCM and 2.5 years in Fusion SCM. He is Oracle Certified Corporate Trainer and Certified Consultant in SCM, Procurement, Manufacturing. Mail us to [email protected] to start your training course. We provide Selfpaced training, Online training, Corporate training for Oracle Fusion and EBS R12 Courses. Visit our website " https://www.techleadsit.com " or See the complete course details at "https://www.techleadsit.com/oracle-fusion-scm-online-training-course/" . Subscribe to this channel for more videos.
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Oracle's Supply Chain of the Future
Experience the Supply Chain of the Future, a new exhibit unveiling at the Modern Supply Chain Experience 2017. See how an interconnected and integrated supply chain can enhance value, improve efficiency, and increase quality to help you with your own digital transformation. Register Today at www.modernsupplychainexperience.com
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