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Narcissists Love to Guilt Trip You: NPD and Manipulation Psychology
Narcissists guilt trip you like crazy - and who among us hasn't been on one of those? Only sociopaths are able to NEVER feel guilt - and for those of us who do feel it, guilt is distressing and draining. More help with guilt trips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABdP-ebKSaI&list=PLKJkV-gn8oaaUFJUXiUjWsJp04aW_kZJ1 There doesn't seem to be a cure. You've done or said something you regret - or you've been made to feel guilty when you didn't deserve it - thanks to narcissistic manipulation. In any case, you're uncomfortable without an obvious solution. What can be done about it now? Narcissists Love to Guilt Trip You: NPD and Manipulation Psychology Discover. Understand. Overcome. It's how smart people change their lives! Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AuthorAngelaAtkinson?sub_confirmation=1 On this channel, I offer free daily video coaching to help you discover, understand and overcome narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships! I like to call it toxic relationship rehab. If that sounds good to you, hit that subscribe button. **LIVE EVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY! Never miss a live session! Just text "AngieLive" (no spaces) to 33222 and I'll send you a text each time I get ready to go live! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/AuthorAngelaAtkinson?sub_confirmation=1 Schedule a coaching appointment with me at http://narcissisticabuserecovery.online Learn more at http://queenbeeing.com. Get my books at http://booksangiewrote.com, schedule a coaching appointment and/or pick up your free 5-day fear-busting email course (specially designed for narcissistic abuse survivors) at http://narcissismsupportcoach.com. Join SPAN (Support for People Affected by Narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships) - AKA "The SPANily" - at http://queenbeeing.com/span. Let's Also Connect On: Facebook at https://facebook.com/coachangieatkinson. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachangieatkinson/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/angyatkinson/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/angieatkinson
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Drake - Guilt Trip Ft. Bryson Tiller (NEW 2018)
Drake - Guilt Trip Ft. Bryson Tiller (NEW 2018) Welcome to TrillTunes. Subscribe if you enjoy what you see & hear. We upload new & upcoming artists, unreleased music & much more. We also promote smaller artist’s who we think deserve more exposure. Follow our SoundCloud , Instagram & Second Channel ►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0gIbnr2buhcrd-nm3M5HKA ► https://soundcloud.com/user-416760169 ►https://www.instagram.com/trilltunes/ * If you want to promote us to promote your music on our channel or want information on anything else such as promo prices, send our company an email at [email protected] - Please include a link to the song as well. * If any producer has an issue with any of my uploads please contact us by email & we will reply & delete the video within 24 hours. Title of music is to promote the artist only, this is merely a platform for artist promotion and sharing great music with the audience. If there is an issue, do not hesitate to contact us and a solution can be met. Stay Tuned for more. Original Artist Credited Below Artist: Support Artist Here:
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SAY NO TO GUILT TRIPS!   Guilt Doesn't Have to Be Destructive. Guilt and Codependency.  Expert
Ross Rosenberg, relationship and codependency expert talks about the destructive elements of guilt. He explains that guilt is just a feeling that we have when we experience a mistake or something we regret. He explains that we have a choice about what we do with the guilty feelings. We can either let them hurt us or we can make guilt a reminder of our human vulnerability, and learn from our mistakes - does this define loving relationship? “Guilt tells us when we did something wrong and helps us to be accountable for it. Thus, the bad feeling we identify as guilt, is a gift- one that teaches us what to not to do wrong in the future. To feel guilty because of what others believe as “wrong or bad” is waste of energy and time. Insist on feeling guilty when a real mistake has been made. Cast aside “guilt trips” as they are judgment of right and wrong and someone else’s mandate to feel bad. However, own your mistakes and make your guilt a sweet reminder of your human vulnerability. Let yourself feel bad only long enough to grow and learn from your mistake.” It's important to understand how to go about identifying emotional manipulation as well as guilt manipulation and identifying guilt. Ross Rosenberg's latest book, The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap (2018) and his personal development, seminar, workshop and other services can be found at www.SelfLoveRecovery.com or www.HumanMagnetSyndrome.com. Ross Rosenberg’s work on codependency, narcissism, trauma, Self-Love Recovery™, and his "Codependency Cure™" has earned him international recognition. He owns Clinical Care Consultants, a multi-location Chicago suburb counseling center, and the Self-Love Recovery Institute. He has traveled to 30 states and twice to Europe to present his workshops. Ross's first book, “The Human Magnet Syndrome" sold over 50K copies and is published in French, Spanish and soon in Czech. His latest Human Magnet Syndrome book, a complete re-write of the first, is available on February 1st. Ross’s 7 million video views/68,000 subscribers YouTube platform has established him as global phenomenon. Ross owns Clinical Care Consultants, a counseling center located in Arlington Heights and Inverness IL. . Ross's articles at http://goo.gl/XEVxgE Dysfunctional Relationship Information.
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Every Sample From Kanye West's Yeezus
Ahhh...Yeezus. How Bandstand hates you so. But me being a "professional" sample channel, I'mma make a dope video for you. Here's all the samples and interpolations from Kanye West's sixth studio album, Yeezus. Eccentric samples such as Dutch E Germ's "HBA War" are put to good use for there dirt and grime. But more traditional samples are employed as is the case for Nina Simone's stark "Strange Fruit" Hope you enjoy the video. Patreon ▶ https://www.patreon.com/Bandstand Instagram Giveaway ▶ https://www.instagram.com/joshuatealeaves/ Intro/Outro Song (summer knows) ▶ https://wilkiemusic.bandcamp.com/album/dont-leave-home Tracklisting & Producers 1. On Sight 2. Black Skinhead 3. I Am a God ft. Kid Cudi 4. New Slaves ft. Frank Ocean 5. Hold My Liquor ft. Chief Keef and Justin Vernon 6. I'm In It ft. Assassin (Reggae) and Bon Iver 7. Blood on the Leaves 8. Guilt Trip 9. Send It Up ft. King Louie 10. Bound 2 ft. Charlie Wilson 1. Kanye West, Daft Punk, Mike Dean, Benji B 2. West, Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein, Brodinski,Dean, Lupe Fiasco, No I.D., Jack Donoghue, Noah Goldstein 3. West, Dean, Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke 4. West, Teachers, Dean, Travi$ Scott, Goldstein, Shama Joseph, Pope 5. Dean, West, Arca, Goldstein 6. West, Evian Christ, Dom Solo, Goldstein, Arca, Dean 7. West, Mohawke, Lunice, Carlos, Broady, 88-Keys, Dean, Arca 8. West, Dean, A1, Travi$ Scott, Ackee Juice Rockers 9. West, Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Arca, Dean 10. West, Pope, Eric Danchick, Goldstein, No I.D., Dean, Kanye West Yeezus Sample Breakdown Album
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Yeezus-Guilt Trip(Xecution Styl)
Yeezus-Guilt Trip(Xecution Styl)
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V/Line Guilt Trip media launch
A Guilt Trip is a trip someone makes when they haven't made the effort to visit their friends or family often enough. Here, V/Line can help you create, send and even book a Guilt Trip ticket to bring someone home or book your own Guilt Trip ticket to visit someone you haven't seen in a while.
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Send It Up [Instrumental] - Kanye West
LIKE & SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE BEATS DOWNLOAD: http://limelinx.com/fmz08 01. On Sight 02. Black Skinhead 03. I Am A God (Featuring God) 04. New Slaves (Featuring Frank Ocean) 05. Hold My Liquor (Featuring Chief Keef & Justin Vernon) 06. I'm In It 07. Blood On The Leaves 08. Guilt Trip (Featuring Kid Cudi) 09. Send It Up (Featuring King L) 10. Bound 2 (Featuring Charlie Wilson) Twitter: @FarooqDidThis
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The Guilt Trip Movie Official Spot: First Ever
Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand star in The Guilt Trip! See it in theaters December 19th! Visit The Guilt Trip official movie site: http://www.GuiltTripMovie.com Follow The Guilt Trip on Twitter: www.Twitter.com/GuiltTripMovie LIKE The Guilt Trip on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/GuiltTripMovie
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Narcissistic Mothers [How to Fight Guilt and Shame]
Find more in-depth resources designed to help you break free from narcissistic abusers at https://lisa-a-romano.mykajabi.com/store/SWd7Wy8Y Narcissistic mothers control their children by using guilt as a weapon against them. Although there are many emotional weapons, guilt and shame are amongst the top tactics, narcissistic mothers choose to manipulate their daughters. Narcissistic mothers also abuse their sons, however the dynamic between a mother and daughter seems to present with some troubling blindspots many of us miss. It is possible that mothers transfer abuse they experienced in their own childhoods down to their daughters. Narcissistic mothers hijack their daughters emotions, thoughts and sometimes physical bodies. NM are emotional manipulators that use words to cripple the way their daughters think and feel. Narcissistic Mothers are unable to 'see-hear-value' their daughters as individuals with rights to think and feel on their own. When a daughter begins to set boundaries, the Narcissistic Mother will go on full attack. She will curse at the daughter, judge the daughter, criticize the daughter and sometimes fake being ill just to gain the daughters attention. The goal of a NM is to annihilate her daughters ability to think independent thoughts. Some NM manipulate their daughters to depend on them for lifetimes--crippling the daughters self esteem--and any ability to live life on her own without mommy dearest looming overhead. This style of control--allows the NM to stay in la la land--where she does have to face herself--or her own issues. As long as the focus stays on the daughter--mommy dearest never has to look within--as she has no connection to her own soul. Other NM use guilt and condemnation to control their daughters. Hidden jealousy for the daughter, (which is totally coo coo for Cocoa Puffs :D) drives them to obsess about where the daughter is, what she is doing, and with whom--and so on and so on. Conflicted within, the NM has a difficult time hiding her envy for her daughter and in moments of heightened anxiety--mommy dearest will explode on the daughter and twist words to the point that the daughter begins to feel like she deserved the wrath of her unstable mother. It is sad, unfair and twisted...but we as daughters must learn how to mother ourselves in proper ways if we are to break the cycles in our lifetimes. Children of narcissistic parents, who are now suffering from codependency symptoms, may be struggling to learn how to love themselves after narcissistic abuse. Narcissists tend to attract people pleasers or codependent personalities. Because codependents are eager to please, because they seek outside validation, they are easy targets for narcissistic lovers, and friends. It is not easy to learn how to love yourself after narcissistic abuse, but with the right codependency recovery tools, it is possible. It is even possible to find love after codependency. Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach, bestselling author, and mentor. She is also the creator of the 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. Her books are; The Road Back To Me My Road Beyond The Codependent Divorce Codependent Now What? It's Not You-It's Your Programming Loving the Self Affirmations 1 & 2 Quantum Tools To Help You Heal Your Life Now To learn more about Lisa A. Romano please visit https://www.lisaaromano.com Workbooks and Mp3’s https://www.lisaaromano.com/downloads Books https://www.lisaaromano.com/books Blog https://www.lisaaromano.com/blog 12 Week Program https://www.lisaaromano.com/12-week-breakthrough-coaching-program For more information about codependency please visit the work of Ross Rosenberg, Pia Mellody, and Melody Beattie
Cannes Lions Grand Prix 2014 Creative Effectiveness VLine McCann Melbourne Australia
Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. This is a story about how V/Line used the extraordinary power of guilt to motivate young Victorians to leave the bright lights of the city to visit friends and family in the country, all with a tiny budget (US$400,000). When running a train company, it's normal for trains to be at or near capacity during peak periods. The trains hardest to fill are those travelling against commuter traffic and those in the middle of the day. V/Line calls these customers its "Visiting Friends and Families". They represent a potentially huge opportunity if they can be captured, but they are difficult to isolate and as V/Line discovered, even harder to motivate. Young Victorians were fleeing rural towns for the big city, and put simply, they were just too busy with their new lives to visit friends and relatives back home in the country. And they felt guilty. They felt they were neglecting their friends and family back in the country. But as a train company we couldn't make people feel guilty. But we could create a new product to advertise -- The Guilt Trip, a pre-purchase ticket that people could send to someone who would feel guilty for not visiting. Through this, we used the power of guilt to get people back to the country. To sell our product, there were three parts: 1. Tell Victorians about our new product, The Guilt Trip: We used traditional media and public relations to kick off the campaign. 2. Get country people to do the selling for us. To empower friends and family to ply on the guilt. Online films, regional media and Guilt Trip handbooks offering tips on how to ply guilt. 3. Use social media to enhance the guilt. The Guilt Trip platform was designed to allow users to publicly guilt their family and friends to come home -- through Facebook and Twitter (Image 6). The Results. We saw a 12% increase in off-peak sales with an additional 123,000 tickets sold, smashing our 5% kpi. Guilt Trips generated $4 Million in additional revenue; exceeding our KPI by 167%. Consideration also increased with call-center enquiries for VFR travel rising on average 28%, well exceeding our 10% target. This campaign helped more V/Line employees to realise that they do not simply drive trains; they help to bring loved ones back home to their families, their friends and their country towns. One Guilt Trip at a time. SOURCE: http://winners.canneslions.com/2014/index.cfm
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The Simpsons , your sending me on a guilt trip
no copy right ,Homer Bart and Millhouse crash in to a fire station causing the fire department to be injured all rights received to 20th century fox no copy right . homer says to a injured fire man "are you a travel agent because your sending me on a guilt trip"
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Remember me...Mom wants son to call from college
A mom gives her son a serious guilt trip for going off to college and not calling! In this tongue and cheek video she tried to jog his memory on all that was done for him in the last 18 years! To use this video in a commercial player or in a broadcast please email [email protected]
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J. Cole - Power Trip (Explicit) ft. Miguel (Official Music Video)
J. Cole's official music video for 'Power Trip feat. Miguel'. Click to listen to J. Cole on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/JColeSpot?IQid=JColePT As featured on Born Sinner. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/JColeBSiTunes?IQid=JColePT Google Play: http://smarturl.it/JColePTplay?IQid=JColePT Amazon: http://smarturl.it/JColeBSAmz?IQid=JColePT More from J. Cole Work Out: https://youtu.be/6PN78PS_QsM Lost Ones: https://youtu.be/y-vQ_VsTkn0 Sideline Story: https://youtu.be/fwux1A5hBdQ Follow J. Cole Website: http://www.jcolemusic.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JColeMusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/JColeNC Instagram: https://instagram.com/realcoleworld/ Subscribe to J. Cole on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/JColeSub?IQid=JColePT More great Hip Hop/Urban videos here: http://smarturl.it/HipHopUrban?IQid=JColePT --------- Lyrics: Got me up all night, all I'm singin' is love songs She got me up all night, constant drinkin' and love songs She got me up all night, down and out with these love songs She got me up all night, drownin' out with these love songs She got me up all night, all I'm singin' is love songs She got me up all night, constant drinkin' and love songs She got me up all night, down and out with these love songs She got me open all night, got me open all night [Verse 1: J. Cole] Okay, back when I was sleepin' in my mama's crib Even back then when I was up there in Mohammed crib Payin' seventeen-hundred for the rent, money well spent No heater, but a nigga made heat, may I vent? Had a thing for you, even wrote the song dreams for you Cause I had dreams for you, thoughts of a ring for you Childish shit, you know childish shit Anonymous flowers sent, you know coward shit Now a nigga signed to Hov, took a power trip Back home I'm grown now and this city's my throne now The same clubs that I used to get tossed out Life got crisscrossed, Totally Krossed Out Cause now I'm in this bitch and I'm totally bossed out Old chicks cryin' cause they know that they lost out But I'm still on you, I'm still on you My drink spilled on me, while I feel on you I'm saying... [Hook 2: Miguel & J. Cole] Would you believe me if I said I'm in love? Baby, I want you to want me Would you believe me if I said I'm in love? Baby, I want ya And we are, we are, we are Got me up all night And we are, we are, we are All I'm singin' is love songs And we are, we are, we are Got me up all night And we are, we are, we are She got me And we are, we are, we are She got me [Verse 2: J. Cole] Well this has gotta be the longest crush ever If I ever get to fuck it'd be the longest bust ever Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever And, fuck it I'm on one, you feel me? She on a power trip, she got me where she want a nigga Wifin' in the club, man my homies gon' disown a nigga Like, give me 20 dolla, dolla Ass stupid, how you get to college, college I'm in your city and I'm wonderin' if you're home now Went and found a man, but I'm hopin' you alone now Can't help but feelin' like I dropped the ball, cliche? I used to pop up on you at the mall each day Now typically I kick game like Eastbay But you got a nigga freeze-framed yellin', "Please play!" For Pete's sake, homie pull it together Just fuck her one time and be through it forever But... [Hook 2] [Hook 1] #JCole #PowerTrip #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Guilt trip instrumental (Popcaan's real voice)
Making the pitch of ''Blocka'' staying normal :)
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Guilt Trip
pls send help music: kazoo..?... idk
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Feeling Guilty about No Contact with a Narcissistic Mother
Feeling guilty about No Contact with a narcissistic mother: "I´m 59 years old and have always carried around a constant sense of shame and anxiety, but I didn't use to know why. My 2 siblings went no contact with our mother a few years ago and I have very little contact with either of them. In spite of the terrible feelings I have about my mother, I feel deeply sorry for her, so I continue to communicate with her and occasionally visit her, most of the time in a gray rock state, but on a bad day I resent and loathe her and it just sometimes just seethes inside of me. Even on a good day, I feel anxious about her. It´s like my little girl inside totally loves her and remembers good times when she seemed like a loving human being. But, now, as an adult, I realize I don´t like her at all. What kills me is that I am the mother of three kids myself and I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak if one of them went NC with me. I'm all she has left and going no contact just doesn´t seem like a black and white decision to me, in fact, in my case, it seems a cruel thing to do. Also, even if I did go NC, I would continue to feel tormented mentally and emotionally. Just to let you know, I am in therapy and on medication for depression. I guess I would just like to ask you to talk about making such a decision when I know I would feel terrible about myself. I just can't seem to find my way out of her grip on my soul. I just signed up for your sana recovery course, but if you could speak a little about what I am describing I would really appreciate it." Mothers Who Can’t Love: A Healing Guide for Daughters https://www.amazon.com/Mothers-Who-Cant-Love-Daughters/dp/0062204343 Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1439129436/ref=pd_sbs_14_t_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=W9JHW0G2TVRX9CN47TYT Meredith’s book THE JOURNEY: A Roadmap for Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse — http://bit.ly/TheJourneyMM Get a FREE beginners course to help you start self-healing after narcissistic abuse now. Just enter your name and email on the homepage — http://www.InnerIntegration.com Are you ready for the NEXT LEVEL? The 12-WEEK SANA (Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse) course will help you get from Stage 1 (Victim/Powerless) to Stage 2 (Survivor/Empowered) — http://bit.ly/12-WeekSANA Are you ready to create a whole NEW RELATIONSHIP with yourself and eradicate your people-pleasing (self-abandonment) patterns? The SELF-CARE MASTERY COURSE is what you’re looking for — http://bit.ly/TheSCMC WEBSITE: http://www.InnerIntegration.com SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST — iTunes (Apple): https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inner-integration-podcast/id1418633395 — Stitcher (Android): https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/inner-integration-podcast — Mental Health News Radio Podcast Network: http://www.mentalhealthnewsradionetwork.com/our-shows/inner-integration/ — BINGE Network TV app on your smartTV in the Mental Health and Relationships genre! CONNECT WITH US FOR MORE FREE CONTENT — Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/InnerIntegration — Instagram @inner_integration — YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/InnerIntegration NOTE: Meredith Miller is not a therapist or counselor — She is a holistic integration coach, helping you to self-heal after abuse and transform your life. She works with a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness that is a valuable complement to traditional psychotherapy. She recommends that you also seek out a licensed therapist who has experience with narcissistic abuse and understands these dynamics extensively in order to help you with the Complex-PTSD, especially in the early stages of recovery. Thank you for taking responsibility for yourself! Thank you so much for your support and for tuning into this message. If you find this content helpful, PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Thank you for helping to share this message with those who can benefit from it. #narcissistmother #guilttripping #nocontact
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We Gave Rachel Bloom a Mom-Style Guilt Trip
At the recent Vulture Festival event in Los Angeles, Rachel Bloom dropped by the Vulture video studio in a robot-print outfit, and ended up acting out a long overdue call with her mother, who just wishes she would pick up the phone a little more often or at least send a text. Honestly, would that be so hard?
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Covert Narcissist Manipulation--How They Control With Guilt
Please Share and Subscribe!! :)) PAYPAL DONATIONS WELCOME!! PLEASE SEND ONE TODAY TO [email protected]
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Atheist Discrimination
Just got the "I'm disappointed in you for not being Christian" lecture/guilt-trip from a family member. Awesome, I needed more drama and stress today. Made this around 4am so the lighting sucks... ATHEIST/LOGIC shirts: http://www.jaclynglenn.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Main channel: http://www.youtube.com/Jaclyn Vlog channel: http://www.youtube.com/JaclynVlogs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaclynglenn Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/JaclynGlenn Tumblr: http://jaclynglenn.tumblr.com/ Google +: https://plus.google.com/+JaclynGlenn Instagram: http://instagram.com/jaclynglenn I only accept friends that I know, but this is if you want to follow my personal facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JaclynLovesCats BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be my patreon! http://www.patreon.com/Jaclyn *Please help support this channel!* Use the email [email protected] to donate via PayPal, or go to https://www.youtube.com/user/JaclynGlenn?feature=watch and click the "donate" button at the top right corner. =) Send me shit! PO BOX 643051 LOS ANGELES CA 90064 music http://incompetech.com
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Guilt Tip Your Waitress - "Guilt Trip" (Kanye West Cover)
Andrew Gerdes and company performing at the Palatine High School Variety Show on April 26th, 2014.
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Games that guilt trip you
Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=PrettyGrumpyBearGame My twitter: https://twitter.com/PGBgame
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How To Get Your Parents to Say Yes To Anything
How To Get Your Parents to Say Yes to Anything - This is the first video in my Kids How To's Playlist !! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOR A SHOUTOUT! http://instagram.com/ethandrewofficial Subscribe to join the DrewCrew :) _______________________________________ Sometimes we really need something from our parents, but we don't know how to get it without looking like an idiot. Watch this video until the end to get the best information from Ethan Drew on How To Get your Parents to Say Yes To Anything _______________________________________ CAN WE GET THIS TO 200 LIKES?!?! ➢SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS http://youtube.com/c/DrewComedyTV ➢CHECK OUT MY LAST VIDEO http://bit.ly/IphoneLeak ➢FOLLOW ME twitter // https://twitter.com/DrewComedyTV vine // https://vine.co/DrewComedyTV instagram // https://instagram.com/drewcomedytv/ music- Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com/ Comment "DrewCrew" if you're seeing this! -DrewComedyTV
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The 666th Subscriber Guilt Trip Special (Subscriber Specials)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BibleIllustrated Bible Illustrated blog: https://bible-illustrated.blogspot.rs/2015/04/the-bible.html Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BibleIllustrated Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bibllustrated Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bibleillustrated Illustration and Narration: Me (Reader Bojan Teodosijević) First music part by Luka Čubrilo (commissioned for this channel, used with written permission) Music by Kevin MacLeod (Darkest Child). Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license Download link: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100783
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Things I Feel Guilty About
so much guilt in this video,,, so much guilt Other animator buds: Pivots: https://twitter.com/ThePivotsXXD ehlboy: https://twitter.com/ehlgirl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE for more animations! https://www.youtube.com/c/jaidenanimations MERCH: http://tidd.ly/ddef0d00 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JaidenAnimation INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/jaiden_animations/ DEVIANTART: http://jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/ Behind the Scenes: https://www.patreon.com/jaidenanimations?ty=h If you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: https://frdr.us/Jaiden Wanna Send Fanart? You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :) [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D i'll rummage around in a trash to find you a chip
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021: Guilt Trip
Millie II has a guilt trip after a severe telling off for trying to send Lizzie to prison - created at http://goanimate.com/
Doing the Right Thing - stop guilt-tripping, manipulation, disobedience to the Lord
On doing the right thing sometimes requires actions that are unpopular to others, God doesn't always lead the believer to do what society thinks is right. We can't manipulate, guilt-trip, or disobey the Lord to get others to do things. ABOUT NM ENTERPRISE 7 The truth you hear may be cutting on this channel: difficult to digest, cause you to think about right, wrong, good and evil, motivate you to get God involved in your storm, move you to consider accepting Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior or rededicate your life to Him (for real this time), and inspire you to speak Your Truth...that's NM Enterprise 7, you came to the right place, blessings to you! Nicholl is the author of the following books: PRINTED BOOK EDITIONS Know Your Enemy: The Christian's Critic Laboring to Love Myself What Else Can I Do on The Internet? Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate When Mothers Cry Too Much Too Soon Internet Dating Blues Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men Should I Go to the Party? Say Goodbye to Dad Genealogy X: What to Expect When Researching Family History She's Crazy Tell Me Mother You're Sorry Black Friday, Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round Business Plan from Start to Finish (NOTE: This is a CD). Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/904839 Spiritual Poems By Nicholl http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3113926 http://spiritualpoemsbynicholl.blogspot.com THREE WAYS TO SHOW FINANCIAL SUPPORT 1) Thank you for taking the time to listen to spiritual podcasts and watch serious videos. Do you feel inspired by this message and want to do something different in your life? Be a blessing and share what you have heard with others, feel free to like, subscribe to NM Enterprise 7, comment with helpful thoughts or give here: https://www.paypal.me/nichollmcguiremedia 2) We recently joined Patreon, learn more about the site and how you can help. https://www.patreon.com/nichollmcguire 3) Monetary gifts are also welcome via Google Wallet to [email protected] eBOOK EDITIONS Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men Face Your Foe on Confronting the Critics https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/729330 Should I Go to the Party https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/595947 She's Crazy https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/595466 Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategies to Use Year Round https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/596746 Genealogy X What to Expect When Researching Family History https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/587712 Say Goodbye to Dad https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/554313 Tell Me Mother You're Sorry https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/549977 Below you will find blogs that accept blog sponsored posts. You are welcome to pay for your content to be posted on sites that have been around as far back as 2006. All welcome advertising. Send email to [email protected] with your business inquiry. BLOGS Face Your Foe http://faceyourfoe.blogspot.com When Mothers Cry http://whenmotherscry.blogspot.com Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate http://laboringtoloveanabusivemate.blogspot.com Everything You Need to Know About Parents, Babies, Children http://parentsbabieschildren.blogspot.com Bored? http://thingstodobored.blogspot.com Enjoy home organizing or need a bit of inspiration? http://organizerhome.blogspot.com African American View http://africanamericanplanet.blogspot.com Dating Advice http://lovedatingadvice.blogspot.com Join Nicholl on other sites like: https://audioboom.com/nichollmcguire
Guilt Trip - Salomon TV [Full Movie]
The only thing greater than this group of skier's desire to claim a first ski descent on Greenland's second highest peak is the size of their carbon footprint to get there. Loaded with guilt, they decide to bring along renowned glaciologist, Alun Hubbard, who’s scientific hypothesis, if proven, could rewrite popular projections of global sea-level rise. However, the entire expedition is put in question when they arrive in Greenland and discover their objective is beyond the range of all available aircraft. Shot on location in Greenland To learn more and see more episodes go to: http://tv.salomon.com/story/guilt-trip/ Film Tour & virtual reality experience: November 5 & 6 Banff Mountain Film Festival (tix banffcentre.ca/festival-s...) November 16 New York City (tix guilttripbrooklyn.com) November 17 Toronto (tix bit.ly/greenlandto) November 18 -20 Kendal Mountain Film Festival (tix mountainfest.co.uk/) December 1-4 Whistler Film Festival (tix whistlerfilmfestival.com/) December 9-18 Bilbao Mendi Film Festival (tix mendifilmfestival.com/MFF/inde...) More to come... Featuring Alun Hubbard, Chris Rubens, Kalen Thorien, Simon Thomson, Pierre Muller Directed & Produced by Anthony Bonello, Mike Douglas Executive Producers Bruno Bertrand, Ben Aidan Narrated & Edited by Anthony Bonello Cinematography Mike Douglas, Anthony Bonello Photography Bruno Long Associate Producer Susie Douglas Original music by Alex Hackett Sound design & Mix by Jeff Yellen Illustration by Jessa Gilbert Graphics by Blair Richmond
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5 Ways Parents Drive You Insane!
5 WAYS PARENTS DRIVE YOU INSANE! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1HiqYG0 | Follow my FB: https://facebook.com/IISuperwomanII/ My Parents: https://youtube.com/watch?v=EPHMXbZml_s&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLOGQynSYvxaqUgvNl7Ovz8x SUPPORT GIRLS EDUCATION, BUY MY GIRLLOVE RAFIKI HERE! ❤️http://GirlLove.com Follow IIManjeetII: Instagram: https://instagram.com/iiparamjeetii/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iiparamjeetii/ Follow IIParamjeetII: Instagram: https://instagram.com/iimanjeetii/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iimanjeetii/ Get HOW TO BE A BAWSE: https://lillysinghbook.com Follow IISuperwomanII: Facebook: https://facebook.com/IISuperwomanII/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/iisuperwomanii/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iisuperwomanii SuperwomanVlog Channel: https://youtube.com/user/SuperwomanVlogs Official Website: http://lillysingh.com/ Watch More IISuperwomanII: Types Of People: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eR_nzGqYXNw&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLMu81JnF6AOnRHzG6Csbd6y My Parents: https://youtube.com/watch?v=EPHMXbZml_s&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLOGQynSYvxaqUgvNl7Ovz8x Skits: https://youtube.com/watch?v=jyxi0rfEDnE&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLMhu9PU0tAaHbnqloWibwl0 The Super Rants: https://youtube.com/watch?v=KYadw8gNOok&list=PLuBXqtS2jaLPopv899QwFphiirmD_XWdq Latest Uploads: https://youtube.com/user/IISuperwomanII/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=2 -- SHOT ON -- ▹Canon 80D // EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Thanks for watching and don't forget to keep smiling. You're worth it! xoxo
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LeaViolet  "Guilt Trip"
Shot by | MDXFILMS
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Extended Preview - The Guilt Trip - Meet the Peetes
Despite landing her dream job in Vancouver, Holly’s overwhelming mom guilt prevents her from enjoying the experience; Rodney and the boys embark on adventures in Canada; the Peete’s offer hope and inspiration to families impacted by autism. Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/meet-the-peetes
Views: 2410 Hallmark Channel
THE GUILT TRIP - Official Film Clip - "Middle Sex" - English
THE GUILT TRIP - Official Film Clip - "Middle Sex" The Guilt Trip -- Starring Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen - At Cinemas February 2013 http://www.theguilttrip.co.uk
Guilt Trip: Driving with Jelly
Miracles do happen y'all :') -Jelly ________________________________________________________________ HELP US GET TO ITALY AND SOUTH KOREA: GOFUNDME ACCOUNT https://www.gofundme.com/travel-to-it... ________________________________________________________________ Send us Stuff! P.O Box #670807 Coral Springs 33067 ________________________________________________________________ Intro/Outro music by Jeon Frost! ________________________________________________________________ Follow us on Social Media Jelly~ Twitter------[email protected]_straps_ Insta-------------boot_straps_ Swan~ [email protected]_sasso Insta--------------morri_swan Tumblr-----------guiltlessswan.tumblr.com Mojo~ [email protected]_my_mojo Insta-------------moya.pudding Tumblr---------my-no-no-square.tumblr.com Group~ [email protected] Insta--------------jellyswanmojo Snap-------------guiltlessgirls [email protected]
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Nightcore - Guilt Trip (Julia Bergan)
Original: Julia Bergan - Guilt Trip ---- Lyrics: I leave it on a bad note Starting of the screaming match Bring all of our issues back to life Going down a bad road When you've got somewhere else to be I will take you down with me 'Cause I'm always imagine the worst When you're out drinking with the guys I picture girls on girls on girls surrounding you And they'll be stupid enough to fall 'Cause you're too easy on the eye So when you're walking out the door I start with you I make you leave on a bad note That way you'll be right back where you belong Yeah, if you leave on a bad note I know that your conscious won't leave you alone Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you back in my arms Guilt trip you all the way home I know when you get there You'll get a drink and check your phone Tell your friends it's nothing wrong, but I I know you'll be second guessing every word you said And if the couch will be your bed tonight I make you leave on a bad note That way you'll be right back where you belong Yeah, if you leave on a bad note I know that your conscious won't leave you alone Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you back in my arms Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you back in my arms Guilt trip you all the way home I make you leave on a bad note Yeah, if you leave on a bad note I know that your conscious won't leave you alone Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you all the way home Guilt trip you back in my arms Guilt trip you all the way home --- Fair Use - "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use If you are the producer or owner of this song and you want it to be removed, then let me know and send me a pm and i will remove it.
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send this to no one without any context
alone on valentines day? don't feel bad... watch this video instead! Yee Haw lovers happy valentines day. Hope yall enjoyed this video twas fun to make. Don't be sad that you're alone on v day guys. It's an overrated holiday that generates a lot of trash that end up in our oceans. Not to guilt trip you or anything but do you want turtles to be chocking on your fereroches? didn't think so. Anyways, subscribe if you wanna I love yall peace out. Tik Tok @spicynooodle Ig @_ainsleylee VSCO @ainsley-lee
Views: 108 Ains Lee
One of Kanye´s most artistic and interesting sounds off a project in his impressive musical discography. an 8.5/10 my favorite tracks: - blood on the leaves & Guilt trip. tracklist: I.On sight II Blkkk skkknhead IIIi am a god (ft god) IV. new slaves (ft. Frank Ocean) V. hold my liquor VI im in it VIIblood on the leaves VIII guilt trip VIIII send it up X. bound 2 -2nd album; "Childish Human Being LP": (includes songs from this video.) https://soundcloud.com/user-645102942/sets/childish-human-being-lp Tracks from the video: I´ve been late //20:43 psycho interlude Hate it /// or rate it
How to Not Get Taken on a Guilt Trip
Most of us like to travel, but I don't know anyone who enjoys being taken on a guilt trip! Last week, I posted an article on Psychology Today in which I discussed how to not get taken on a guilt trip. The editors loved the article and featured one of my quotes: "Nobody can take you a guilt trip if you aren't willing to pack your bags and take the ride." Within 24 hours, the article had 4.8K LIKES! Seeing all the interest in this topic, I knew I had to devote an entire show to the issue.   So, join me this Tuesday when I will dissect the anatomy of guilt tripping. We'll discuss the many reasons why people lay them, including buried anger, a lack of communication skills and an inability to directly state one's needs, which can result in the manipulation of others. We will also be looking at why some people are more willing than others to be taken for a ride. These reasons include having been blamed or abused as a child, having a guilty conscience and feeling deserving of blame, and much more. Lastly, we'll be talking about what victims of the trips do, without knowing it, to reward the guilt tripper, which only encourages more of the same. And, most importantly, I'll be showing how to put a stop to the trips. Tune in for what is sure to be a very eye opening and liberating show.
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!! Yeezus Album "Guilt Trip" twist by Caleb Minter! MUST HEAR!!
Caleb Minter performs "Guilt Trip" by Kanye West
Views: 8257 Caleb Minter
The BIGGEST Thali in Ahmedabad - GUJARATI HERITAGE THALI 25+ ITEMS! | Ahmedabad, India
After I fell in love with the food, culture, and people of India during my first trip to the country in February of 2018, I started thinking about going back almost immediately. I got that chance ten months later in November, when I spent 18 days exploring seven new cities with my travel buddy Sam from Samuel & Audrey. It was the trip of a lifetime! Subscribe to Samuel & Audrey: https://www.youtube.com/user/BackpackingTravelTV Follow Rutu on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youeatmeinsane/ Our second day in Ahmedabad continued as our guide and new friend, Rutu, and her brother Haardm, took me and Sam to an amazing house dedicated to the life of India’s most prominent freedom fighter, followed by an award-winning restaurant that sells the biggest Thali in Ahmedabad! Subscribe & Click the Bell for 2+ Videos Per Week ► http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB My Film Making Kit ► https://kit.com/davidsbeenhere Our afternoon started at the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati, a house where Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India and a world-famous freedom fighter for peace, lived for a period of time with his wife, Kasturba. He believed in humanity, nonviolence, and the idea that all men and women are equal. We took a tour of the house, where I learned a lot about Gandhi, his life, and his work, and got to view items and artifacts he used during his life. It was an honor to visit this amazing man’s home! From the nearby riverfront, you can get amazing views of the Sabarmati River, the adjacent boardwalk, and the city across the water. On the grounds is a museum that houses exhibits depicting Gandhi’s life as well as personal items. After leaving the Gandhi Ashram, we arrived at Agashiye, an award-winning fine dining Gujarati restaurant that was voted best vegetarian restaurant in the entire country! I couldn’t wait to try their giant Thali! This Gujarati Thali (1500 rupees, or roughly $22 U.S.) was enormous! It contained breads including rotis, bhakri, and puris; rice; appetizers; salads; and chutneys alongside the main dishes, which included four different types of Sabzi, Rasawala Bataka, Ringan Bharthu, Dahiwala Mug, Bhaat & Khichadi, and more. I was so excited to dive in! First up was the makhan, a type of butter, which I tried on the bhakri with a lentil curry, which was way too much butter! I tried it with the aloo, which was a soft and tasty potato mash that wasn’t spicy at all, followed by a smoky eggplant dish called Baingan Ka Bharta that was delicious and reminded me of something I had in Rajasthan. The cauliflower I had next was spicier, while the Mug Dal Shira was sweet! Next was a soupy dal, a somewhat sweet curry made with curd, and pea-and-potato kachori with a thick, tamarind chutney that was a little sweet. I liked it better than the tomato chutney! Next, I tried the dhokla, which was soft and spongy and not too sweet, followed by the crunchy rice papadi with some sabzi, a spicy pickle chutney, and a sweet mango chutney. The Khaman with a thicker mint chutney was next. It was moist, spongy, and minty, and so delicious! I followed that with a sour yogurt dish with cucumbers and a pomegranate garnish called raita, which was very nice and felt very Greek. The Mohanthal was a sweet dish containing lots of sugar, ghee, and honey that reminded me of baklava. It was fantastic! The basundi was a really good sweet milk drink. After that, I went with the cucumber, tomato, carrot, and green pepper salad, which was nice and refreshing, and the beetroot and prune juice! I followed that with a spicy pepper and a rice and lentil dish called khichadi, which was served with more rice that I mixed with a soupy dal. It was a combination of spicy, sweet, and tangy, and was amazing! The khichadi was almost like a polenta or risotto. Next, it was Sam’s turn to try! He loved the cauliflower and Mohanthal and the fact that you can alternate between savory and sweet with a Gujarati Thali! Wow! This was an incredible meal. If you ever come to Ahmedabad, you have to try this amazing Thali. And don’t forget to visit the Gandhi Ashram for a poignant look at the life of an incredible man who did a lot of good in the world. I hope you enjoyed this video of our Gandhi Ashram tour and our massive Thali lunch! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell! ☆ CONTACT ☆ ► Business: [email protected] _____ BLOG ►http://davidsbeenhere.com/ _____ BOOK YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE: ► https://app.trilltravel.co/u/davidsbeenhere _____ FOLLOW ME: + INSTAGRAM ►https://instagram.com/davidsbeenhere + FACEBOOK ►https://www.facebook.com/davidsbeenhere1 + TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/davidsbeenhere _____ #Ahmedabad #India #DavidGoesToIndia #Davidsbeenhere #IndianStreetFood _____ SEND ME STUFF: 5858 SW 81 ST Miami, FL 33143 USA _____ P.S. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing!
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The Guilt Trip trailer
See the trailer for The Guilt Trip released on the 01 March 2013 at selected Cineworld Cinemas. Visit http://www.cineworld.com for more info and booking. Comic hijinks ensue when a young guy and his mother embark on a road trip across America. Inventor Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is awaiting the arrival of his overbearing mum Joyce (Barbara Streisand). When she turns up, it's as if nothing has changed -- she still treats Andy like a child and pries into his love life. He then makes the rash suggestion that they both take a road-trip across the country whilst he attempts to sell his new invention door to door. Can they survive the trip, or is the car too small for the both of them? It certainly seems that way! Yet during their massive 3000-mile journey, mother and son move closer together, bonding over such impressive sights as the Grand Canyon -- and not so impressive ones like all-American steak houses. Rogen and Streisand make an irresistible pairing in this funny and affectionate story about the importance of loving who you've got. Cert: 12A Running time: 95 minutes http://twitter.com/cineworld‬ - Follow us here ‪http://www.facebook.com/cineworld‬ - Become a fan here
Views: 681 Cineworld Cinemas
Andrew McCourt / The Uncomfortable Comforter
The Comforter. The Advocate. The Spirit of Truth. Jesus reassures the disciples in John 16 that when He goes away, He’ll send Someone to not only guide believers in truth, but to also convict us about our sin. Any “guilt trip” that the Holy Spirit takes us on, is to ultimately draw us closer to Jesus!
Views: 2338 Bayside Church
SUGARY Gujarati Indian BREAKFAST Food Tour Amongst Tombstones | Ahmedabad, India
One thing I’ve learned about India during my trips to the country in February and November of 2018 is that the food there is incredibly diverse. The flavors you encounter can vary widely from state to state, and many states and cities have dishes, dish variations, and cuisines that are unique to them. All of that makes the entire country an amazing smorgasbord of gastronomy that I can’t get enough of and I’m glad I got to eat my way though India with my travel buddy Sam from Samuel & Audrey in November! Subscribe to Samuel & Audrey: https://www.youtube.com/user/BackpackingTravelTV Follow Rutu on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youeatmeinsane/ After a jam-packed first day in Ahmedabad, day two dawned bright and early for me and Sam. We met back up with our friend Rutu and her brother, who took us on a delicious and sugary Gujarati breakfast food tour of the city! Come along with us as we continue exploring the final city on our seven-city trip, Ahmedabad! Subscribe & Click the Bell for 2+ Videos Per Week ► http://bit.ly/DBH-SUB My Film Making Kit ► https://kit.com/davidsbeenhere We started our day at Lucky Restaurant in the old part of Ahmedabad, a unique eatery that features graves, tombstones, and even a tree that comes up from the floor and goes into the ceiling! This site was actually a graveyard, and the restaurant was built around it. Our first dishes were two types of bun: a Maska bun which contains butter, and a jam Maska bun, which adds a fruit jam to the butter. We had them along with masala chai, which contained cardamom, ginger, and mint. The Maska bun was fluffy with an overload of butter, and dipping it in the chai added a rich, cardamom flavor. The chai itself was really thick and almost chocolatey! The Maksa bun with jam was sweeter and made with a mixture of different fruits. I loved dipping it into the chai! Overall, it was a rich, fatty, calorie-rich way to start our day! Right across the street, we visited the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, which was built between 1572 and 1573. It’s one of the most famous mosques in the city and is known for its intricately carved stone latticework windows, which depict the tree of life, the unofficial logo of Ahmedabad. Next, we took a mile-long tuk tuk ride (50 rupees) to continue our breakfast tour with some Gujarati sweets at Kandoi in the Old City of Ahmedabad. This sweet shop has been around since 1845 and I couldn’t wait to try their food! We tried six different sweets, all of which looked very nutty. The first one was called Mohanthal, which was a soft and incredibly sugary grainy cake that was full of ghee and nuts. Next was a dried fruit halwa, which was soft, crunchy, dense, and bursting with cardamom flavor. Our next sweet was a dense cake or cookie made with almonds and cashews that had a minty flavor and an edible foil on top. Next, I tried another halwa that contained raisins and cashews. It was so soft it started falling apart as I held it. It was rich in sugar, but was my favorite so far! The next halwa was made of cashews, ghee, and milk and felt like a Rice Krispies Treat. It was super dense and was a total sugar overload! The last halwa was a barfi, which was kind of chocolatey with nuts and cinnamon flavor. I could also taste lots of sugar and ghee. They were the most sugary treats I’ve ever had in my life, but they were also delicious! After that sugar rush, I needed something savory, so we hopped in another tuk tuk to grab some more Gujarati food, including gota, which is a fenugreek leaf fritter, and nylon khaman, which is a type of dhokla, and a potato fritter called Aloo Vada. The nylon khaman was spongy, airy, and moist, with a little bit of spice and coconut flavor. I loved it! The gota was like a fried vegetable fritter and the Aloo Vada was made of a soft potato mash. The gota and Aloo Vada together were amazing! All four items together came to just 40 rupees. What a deal! Wow! What an amazing morning this was. I loved every moment of it, especially the sweets and that crazy tuk tuk ride! I hope you enjoyed this video of our sweet breakfast food tour of Ahmedabad! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my upcoming food and travel content! ☆ CONTACT ☆ ► Business: [email protected] _____ BLOG ►http://davidsbeenhere.com/ _____ BOOK YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE: ► https://app.trilltravel.co/u/davidsbeenhere _____ FOLLOW ME: + INSTAGRAM ►https://instagram.com/davidsbeenhere + FACEBOOK ►https://www.facebook.com/davidsbeenhere1 + TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/davidsbeenhere _____ #Ahmedabad #India #DavidGoesToIndia #Davidsbeenhere #IndianStreetFood _____ SEND ME STUFF: 5858 SW 81 ST Miami, FL 33143 USA _____ P.S. Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing!
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Young SmoKe A.R. - Guilt Trip (Official Audio)
Make sure to check me out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and everywhere. (Prod. Nyombo) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPt-lVIAEMkwPwWCuwevVPw If you want to contact me [email protected] Please send feedback for more!
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Gilbert Arenas Hit With Restraining Order After He Threatens To Send Explicit Pics To Ex’s Son
Gilbert Arenas AKA No Chill Gil, as he likes to call himself, is at it again. This time with his ex Janelle Reeves. Ms. Reeves claims that she dated Gilbert on and off since 2016 and everytime she would try to break it off with him, he would put on a guilt trip. Well this last straw did it for her. She was officially done for good and he was not trying to hear it. He then texted her saying that he was outside of her sons school and he was going to get her sons number from his sons and send her son pictures of his mom in the nude. Also send graphic videos of Gilbert and Janelle to her son. She knew at that time, enough was enough. She went to court and go a restraining order issued against him and the judge granted it temporarily, ordering Gilbert to stay 100 feet away from both she and her son and also not to text or communicate to her or her son. Gilbert then went online and said that it was all lies and put out a list of numbers from all the women he has had to block. What do you think about this situation?
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a little sample of my next mixtape
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My Opinion on Traveling
traveling and all that jazz~ go follow Jomm he's the greatest: https://twitter.com/FlashJomm ari plushes: http://tidd.ly/ddef0d00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE for more animations! https://www.youtube.com/c/jaidenanimations MERCH: http://tidd.ly/ddef0d00 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JaidenAnimation INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/jaiden_animations/ DEVIANTART: http://jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/ Behind the Scenes: https://www.patreon.com/jaidenanimations?ty=h If you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: https://frdr.us/Jaiden Wanna Send Fanart? You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :) [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D I'd walk on a moving sidewalk next to you ;)))))))))))))))))))
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Obligatory Guilt Trip: Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Become a member of tastytrade. Your relationship may depend on it. For more, subscribe! And visit https://www.tastytrade.com/#/ to become a member.
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