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Stargate Atlantis - Dr. Keller Fights Back
From The Episode "Missing"
Stargate Atlantis - Not The Ideal Date (Season 5 Ep. 16)
From The Episode "Brain Storm" Description From IMDB - Rodney finally invites Jennifer on a date; to attend a science conference with him. But petty jealousies arise at the conference that have to be suppressed when a proposed solution for global warming has potentially lethal side effects. The rights to Stargate Atlantis are held by MGM
Stargate Atlantis - McKay & Keller.
Nice to see the Geek finally get the girl, Rodney and Jennifer are so great together I just had to make a video. I hope you enjoy...
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Stargate Atlantis Deleted Scene - Vega wants Keller
Vega wants to make lesbian sexy time with Keller :)
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Jewel Staite Connects To Dr Keller - Cast Interviews | Stargate Atlantis
Spotlight on Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite a.k.a. Dr. Jennifer Keller at ComicCon. For more exclusive content such as behind the scenes featurettes, cast interviews and retrospectives across the entire pantheon of Stargate’s storied history, go to https://bit.ly/stargatecommand Stargate Command includes benefits like full episodes, exclusive comics, fan quizzes and more. Subscribe to this channel for new exclusive trailer releases, classic clips, behind the scenes, and more original shows featuring cast and fans. Subscribe now: bit.ly/subscribetostargate
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Stargate Atlantis - Bodies Switched (Season 5 Ep. 18)
From The Episode "Identity" Description From IMDB - An alien mind takes up residence in Jennifer's body and seems as confused as her colleagues are by her erratic behavior. Which begs the question; where is Jennifer? The rights to Stargate Atlantis are held by MGM
Teyla/Keller - Take Me Baby
a remake of my teyla/keller vid song: cast of rent - take me baby
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McKay und Keller flirten #1
Dr. Jennifer Keller flirtet mit Dr. Rodney McKay am Ende der Stargate Atlantis Episode 4-16 (Trio). Laut Audiokommentar musste sie bei den letzten Großaufnahmen dabei andauernd grinsen, weil der McKay-Darsteller David Hewlett bei Nahaufnahmen gerne keine Hose (!) anzieht und sie sich auf den Dialog konzentrieren musste.^^
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SGA Keller Carter
Keller and Carter play "who would you do?" in episode "Trio."
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Stargate Atlantis--Brain Storm
Stargate Atlantis--Brain Storm , Rodney finally invites Jennifer on a date; to attend a science conference with him with his rival, who believes he has solved the problem of global warming. - With Rodney McKay , Jennifer Keller , Bill Nye and Neil de-Grasse Tyson
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Brain storm scenes
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Stargate Atlantis-Season 3-Dr,Jennifer Keller/Dr. Elizabeth Weir-Kate heightmeyer
Stargate Atlantis-Season 3-Dr,Jennifer Keller/Dr. Elizabeth Weir-Kate Height Meyer
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Stargate Atlantis ( Rodney McKay und Dr.Keller)
Stargate Atlantis music vid music fireflies owl city
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SGA || McKay & Keller - Oh!
Rodney and Jennifer are very cute together. :) Song: Micky Green - Oh!
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Ronon/Keller: Something to Talk About
A Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller fanvid.
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Stargate Atlantis - Keller & Mckay first kiss
stargate atlantis mckay and keller
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Jennifer ♥ Rodney - Because You Loved Me
Jennifer Keller + Meredith Rodney McKay
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Dr. Jennifer Keller : Character Profile
Dr. Keller is a sweet and intelligent doctor who just happens to turn into wraith ships on occasion. Taylor, The Stargate Guy, is here with another brief profile of the underrated character. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheStargateGuy Check us out on Facebook and Twitter https://www.facebook.com/stargateguy/ https://twitter.com/TheStargateGuy Support the Channel with Coffee? https://www.ko-fi.com/thestargateguy The Stargate Guy Store! https://www.gearbubble.com/gbstore/thestargateguy Dr. Carson Beckett : Character Profile https://youtu.be/MAF4He7ulrU Samantha Carter : Character Profile https://youtu.be/YzIPUMvsUB4 Music By: www.bensound.com Stargate Copyright: MGM Studios. The Stargate Guy Copyright: Underwood Entertainment LLC
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SGA Ronon and Keller - You Raise Me Up
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Rodney Mckay "heart" Jennifer Keller
My favurit stargate couple
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A Romance for Dr. Keller and Ronon Dex?  Jewel Staite Weighs In... | Stargate Atlantis
Jewel Staite talks about potential love interests for her character, Dr. Keller. For more exclusive content such as behind the scenes featurettes, cast interviews and retrospectives across the entire pantheon of Stargate’s storied history, go to https://bit.ly/stargatecommand. Stargate Command includes benefits like full episodes, exclusive comics, fan quizzes and more. Subscribe to this channel for new exclusive trailer releases, classic clips, behind the scenes, and more original shows featuring cast and fans. Subscribe and hit that notification bell!
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May The Best Man Win - Rodney McKay/Ronon Dex - Dr. Keller
from Stargate Atlantis 5x09 Tracker
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Welcome Dr.Keller
Say hi to our new doctor on stargate atlantis
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I Want You (Ronon/Keller)
SGA Ronon/Keller fanvid. Music by Kelly Clarkson. Stargate Atlantis is owned by MGM.
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SGA: Keller "Stand My Ground"
Shows Keller as she becomes a stronger character to the song 'Stand My Ground' by Within Temptation.
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Dr. Keller/ Todd - Nothing Lasts Forever
I can see me getting smacked around by flamers everywhere. *Puts up flamer-proof shield* My new and lastest pairing! Dr. Keller and Todd, I thought episode 17 of season five was the most interesting episode between a human female and a wraith. And thus Todd and Jen woukd make a interesting couple, they both know about medicine and science, both have very interesting views about the other's station, and yeah I could go on and on, but I still need to write the story for thid video. The Story- Todd views Dr. Keller as one of the most interesting human females he has evered encountered, he likes her in a un-wraith like way. John, Rodney, and Teyla all see this. John warns Todd that if he harms her, he will kill him. Todd informs John that he won't harm her. During all this, Keller is trying to save Todd from the disease that he is plagued with, while trying to survive on a decaying Hive Ship. Todd tells Keller what he thinks and feels of her, which she is surprised of, and she tells him that she felt something for him during their interesting times together. (Thus the scene where Rodney is touching Jen's shoulders, pretend that is Todd doing that ok? For that is what it is suppose to be) Todd ends up saving Jen and the crew when half of the decaying ship starts to fall to the planet. Before he leaves he tells her he will see her again. Stargate Atlantis Season Five Episode 17 Nothing Lasts Forver By Maroon 5 Pairing: Todd/Dr. Keller I don't own the clips or music that made this video, all fan-made.
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dr.Keller gets captured
Dr.Keller from Atlantis expedition is captured by the Runner, Kiryk. Jewel Staite with Mike Dopud in SGA episode "Tracker". The content is a property of MGM. Mike Dopud fans, please join the Facebook Group on: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/group.php?gid=38626487069 xx
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Collide (McKay and Keller)
!!SPOILERS FOR SEASON FIVE!! Yay finally another McKeller video! xD I've been waiting for a chance to make a new one and after "Brain Storm" aired I knew I had to make this. It's kinda just a general video about the two of them. Most of it is from Keller's video but it's meant to be viewed from both point of views, so keep that in mind when watching it. It does favor a Keller point of view but, like I said, it's meant to be mutual. I know I said I'd probably be making a Power Ranger team video next, and that one IS in the works but it's slow going. I'm probably gonna make a Lois and Clark (from Smallville) video next cause they're my favorite versions of Lois and Clark (especially Lois, she is definitely my favorite Lois of all time). I'll either be making just a plain Lois/Clark one or a Lois/Clark/Lana one. I hate Lana but I have this song that fits perfectly for her in season 7 and 8. Anyway, that's probably what's coming next. I know all my Star Wars fans are probably wondering what's going on but, to be honest, I just haven't been in a Star Wars mood lately. I do have an idea for another Luke/Anakin video, as well as an Anakin/Obi-Wan one, but they've kinda been sidelined for now. Clips are taken from Stargate Atlantis episodes season 4 and 5.
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Stargate-Atlantis-Dr.Kate Heigtmeyer and Dr.Jennifer Keller
Stargate-Atlantis-Dr.Kate Heigtmeyer and Dr.Jennifer Keller Season 4 Doppelganger
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Stargate Atlantis Ronon Keller After The World music video
Stargate Atlantis Ronon Keller music video from 4th and 5th season including Tracker and First Contact, with song After The World by Disciple
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SGA: Parasite in Dr. Jennifer Keller
If you find it well, please vote and subscribe! Comments also nice!
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Stargate Atlantis Ronon Keller My Immortal music video
Stargate Atlantis Ronon Keller music video with music Evanescence - My Immortal
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Doctor Keller tries to fire the circuits of Kiryk's tracking device. Property of MGM, I own nothing.
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Beckett & Keller - Because Of You (SG: Atlantis)
Dr. Carson Beckett and Dr. Jennifer Keller love story From Stargate: Atlantis Music: Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
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Keller & McKay | Stargate: Atlantis
I was a fan of Keller and McKay, so made a music video for them to the song My Heart is Open ~Social Media~ Twitter: @wyldefandom Instagram: wyldefandom
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The Serenity of Ronon and Keller
I made this for the 38 sec challenge over on Kawoosh. I choose to give my entry a Keller/Ronon theme. All footage is from season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. The song is "Serenity" from the Serenity Soundtrack. I thought it was approplriate, see how Keller and Kaylee are both played by Jewel Saite. Enjoy!
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Mckay/Keller Because you live
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Ronon/Keller/Mckay -Mr Brightside
yet another ronon/keller love triangle. Keller is with Rodney but they break up and he thinks shes getting with ronon although shes not until rodney decides to talk to ronon and say that its ok for him to go out with keller, so he does but keeps thinking about her and rodney together
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Stargate Atlantis - The Wraith Delegation
From Season 5 - Episode 10 (First Contact) The crew of Atlantis invites Todd onboard the Daedalus. He aids Dr. Keller with the research of the Wraith cure to never feed on humans again.
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Dr Jennifer Keller - Stargate Atlantis
Dr Jennifer Keller - Stargate Atlantis - Season 4 - 2 episodes
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Rodney and Jennifer...Stargate Atlantis...Accidentally in Love
Stargate Atlantis (MGM): David Hewlett & Jewel Staite This is a fan video I made for entertainment purposes only. All music, video and/or photos are the property of their respective owners - no copyright infringement intended. Thanks for watching.
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McKay Funny Moments
Selection of Funny moments from seasons 1-4.
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Ronon Jennifer -  Listen to Your Heart
My advice to Jennifer!!! song: Roxette - Listen to your heart
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