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News 8 Archive, 2005: Centralia -- The Land Of Fire And Ice
An empty police station, flame-cracked earth and 11 holdouts were among the remains of Centralia Pa., a fading coal town that sits on top of an underground coal fire that's expected to burn another 500 years.
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Fire and Ice @ The Archive Gallery for the Foundation Record Release 04.30.2011
Fire and Ice @ the Archive Gallery on Saturday April 30, 2011 for the Foundation Record Release "When the Smoke Clears" Played With: Out Crowd, Naysayer, Backtrack, Indecision, and Foundation
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Secrets of the Internet, Draco/Ginny Style
Secrets of the internet revealed! Porn, cats, Draco in tight pants... come on, you KNOW you want to look. ;) Find us at http://www.dracoandginny.com. The Fire and Ice Archive has been the place for D/G since 2004, and we're now getting a major reboot! Lots of new content, new fics, new FB pages, and this channel. All fanvids are welcome. :) Until then, y'all are going to get animation and motion graphics from me! Yay! :) Please let us know if you would like to participate in all the art! Music is "The Great Catsby" under the royalty free VideoBlocks.Com license.
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Mortal Kombat FIRE & ICE - The Cancelled Shaolin Monks Sequel From 2006! (MK: Shaolin Monks 2)
Mortal Kombat FIRE & ICE - The Cancelled Shaolin Monks Sequel From 2006! (MK: Shaolin Monks 2) Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks was a massive success a little over a decade ago. With that in mind, the guys at Midway at the time were initially scheduled to begin working on essentially, a second coming of Shaolin Monks. However this time, the game would be focused on the likes of Sub-Zero and Scorpion! As the development of this game begun, it was meant to be a hardware test for even the upcoming 'next generation consoles' like the Xbox 360. Seemingly, everything should've gone well right? Wrong. The game was cancelled within just a few months and never saw the light of day. In this video, I'll breakdown just about everything that's ever been discussed in regards to one of the few cancelled Mortal Kombat games of our time! Anyways, what do you all think of this? Do you think we'll ever see another game like this created by NRS? If so, what do you want the game to be about? Be sure to let me know inside of the comment section below! With that said, drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for everything Soul Calibur 6, Injustice 2, and MK11 related. Click here for the full articles showcased in this video: https://www.unseen64.net/2010/09/25/mortal-kombat-fire-ice-shaolin-monks-2-xbox-360-cancelled/ https://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2010/07/09/ed-boon-reveals-mk-fire-and-ice.aspx Like that MK-themed thumbnail image? Click here to check it out: https://www.deviantart.com/psycholinchan/art/Hot-n-Cold-534661423 Here's some of my recent MK videos down below: Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe 2 Rumors DENIED By Ed Boon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsxbYWa__1U Mortal Kombat Movie: 'Leaked' Character List & Story Details FAKE & Confirmed By Script Writer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LILzmWiHfxo New Mortal Kombat Movie Details? Character Cast & Story Plot Revealed w/ No Sub-Zero & Scorpion?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrmYbNgPONY New Mortal Kombat Movie Details FINALLY Revealed After YEARS of NOTHING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tboV0A_ag2c Instagram: http://instagram.com/decay.dynasty Channel: http://www.youtube.com/dynasty1031 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DYNASTY1031 Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/dynasty1031 Music used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJP8ZfAL07Y Like that outro song? Click here: https://soundcloud.com/spiffyunola/colddynasty #MortalKombat
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Fire and Ice (1983) trailer.
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Card Advantage: Colorless (Part 1)
Cards Mentioned: Staff of Nin Seer’s Sundial Mind Stone Hedron Archive Well of Lost Dreams Skullclamp Sword of Fire and Ice Endbringer Mind’s Eye People Who Know What They're Doing: http://mtgtop8.com/format?f=MO Deck Builder: http://tappedout.net/ Be my tappedout Friend: http://tappedout.net/users/TS27/ Find Cards: http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx I'm not sponsored by these super awesome magic companies. I love them genuinely because they help feed my addiction.
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Hey, y'all! The Rose Garden is one of the Facebook Ficlets for the Fire and Ice Archive. They're on our FB page:http://www.facebook.com/DracoandGinnydotcom Come to read, write, like, and participate! All D/G, all the time! The main site is at http://www.dracoandginny.com
Tibarn, Come Home! Fire Emblem Heroes Beast Unit Summoning [Stream Archive]
This video is an archive of my recent stream of FEH where I ran through Aether Raids, summoned on the Laguz banner, and then ranked back up to Tier 20. Unfortunately my phone decided to screw with me, so I had to nuke the VOD. I may edit it and reupload it as unlisted later, but no promises.
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CMON Gen Con 2017 - Day 4 Live Show Archive
Check out our live show from day four of Gen Con! We talked to Eric M. Lang about upcoming Kickstarter Hate, and Eric and Michael Shinall about A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. We had a great time in Indianapolis and we’re already looking forward to next year. Visit CMON's official site: http://www.cmon.com Like CMON on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coolminiornot Follow CMON on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CMONGames Follow CMON on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/CMONGames
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Beyond the Ice & the Fire: How Fragile is the Heart
What if Sansa had gone with the Hound after he offered to take her with during the Battle of Blackwater? My AU take on this, which can be canon for both the books and series. *I do not own anything that is seen or heard in this video. I only did it for fun and as a tribute to the Sandor/Sansa pairing and all it´s fans out there in the world :) *Warning: If you want to avoid seeing some of the things that inspired certain plot lines (the kiss, or Arman Nervere for example), then don´t watch it ;) *I apologize beforehand if you can´t see it, but it´s been blocked in some places due to copyrights :( - Link to the fanfiction on fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8315597/1/Beyond-the-Ice-the-Fire-How-Fragile-is-the-Heart - Link to the fanfiction on Archive of Our Own: http://archiveofourown.org/works/458613/chapters/789944 Back in 2012 I came up with an AU fanfic story for Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books (or Game of Thrones, it´s TV adaptation). It begins towards the end of the second novel “A Clash of Kings”, right after Sandor goes to Sansa´s bedroom during the Battle of Blackwater. It was my take on what could have happened if she had gone with him that night. For a year I worked on the fanfic, sharing it on various sites with fellow fans of this pairing, aided by my wonderful betas along the way. After 53 chapter though I got writer´s block, which means that the story is as yet uncompleted. I know how it ends, but I unfortunately don´t have any plans to continue it yet. I was inspired by a fellow SanSan fan to make this “movie” about my fanfic, and this is the final product. It is not “spoilery” since it does not cover the last 12 chapters of the story. Parts of the plot also had to be changed, invented, or left out, but I hope you like what you do see here! I know the video is quite long, but “adapting” a 450,400 words text into a sort of movie was both daunting and fun, and I tried to cover as much of it as I could. I apologize beforehand for the editing. I´m quite new at it! Finally, I would like to dedicate this to anyone who ships Sansa/Sandor! I may not be active on the fandom anymore, but you all share, along with these 2 characters, a very special place in my heart… Let me know what you think of it! I hope you enjoy it :D
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Death Podcast - Ice Valley - Episode #3 : The Remote Archive  - True Crime All Time
============== Please help us to have 1,000 subscribers at : http://bit.do/efzRc ============== Description An unidentified body. Who was she? Why hasn’t she been missed?
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Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice record release show. Shout with my phone so excuse the quality.
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Demis Roussos - "Fire and Ice" (Greek TV Show)
See the complete documentary that includes this video in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP4bjFmMrXc
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Nor'easter February 2017 live stream archive
Support DOS Nostalgia on Patreon: https://patreon.com/dosnostalgic Got snowed in again. Good thing I've got DOS games! Got to play a few fun ones despite my internet cutting out due to bad weather a few times. Games in this stream: 00:06:56 - Fire & Ice (Graftgold/Renegade Software, 1993) 00:15:36 - Gods (The Bitmap Brothers/Renegade Software, 1991) 00:27:25 - Super Angelo (Wiering Software, 1997) 00:36:21 - Prehistorik 2 (Titus, 1993) 00:57:44 - Ski or Die (Electronic Arts, 199) 01:20:15 - 4-D Boxing/4D Sports Boxing (Distinctive Software/Electronic Arts, 1991) Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dosnostalgic DOS Nostalgia Facebook page: http://facebook.com/dosnostalgia Check out the DOS Nostalgia Podcast: RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DosNostalgiaPodcast iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dos-nostalgia-podcast/id668247266 Visit http://www.dosnostalgia.com
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AtMM 外伝 - 8 - archive series no. 1: live in iceland
0:09 FREEZING BLIZZARD! 1:23 CROSS OCTOPUS BATTERY CANYON 7:10 CROSS FLEA VALLEY 9:40 FREEZE! YOU'RE TOAST! 10:14 KILLER BULLET ICE FIELD soldier down http://www.patreon.com/raocow https://talkhaus.raocow.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17517
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NOBODY'S making a fool outta ME today. [Etika Stream Archive]
Make sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Thank you! :p (Etika live streams on his channel. There is no set schedule.) His Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EWNetwork His Twitter: https://twitter.com/Etika My Twitter~ https://twitter.com/imsaltYT For Business Inquires~ [email protected] "ヽ(〃・ω・)ノFeel free to make fun of people who ask questions answered in the descriptions." - SimpleFlips
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Ice Harvest at Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania 1919 Prelinger Archive
American History, US History, United States History Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL52C3C9693B350335 more at http://quickfound.net/ Ice is cut and hauled by horse-drawn wagon to a warehouse at Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania. Silent. Reupload of a previously uploaded film with improved video & sound. Originally a public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice Wikipedia license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Ice is water frozen into a solid state. It can appear transparent or opaque bluish-white color... Ice appears naturally in forms of snowflakes, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps... The molecules in solid ice may be arranged in numerous different ways, called phases, depending on the temperature and pressure. Typically, ice is the phase known as ice Ih, which is the most abundant of the varying solid phases on Earth's surface The most common phase transition to ice Ih occurs when liquid water is cooled below 0°C (273.15K, 32°F) at standard atmospheric pressure. It can also deposit from vapour with no intervening liquid phase, such as in the formation of frost... Ice has long been valued as a means of cooling. In 400 BC Iran, Persian engineers had already mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the desert. The ice was brought in during the winters from nearby mountains in bulk amounts, and stored in specially designed, naturally cooled refrigerators, called yakhchal (meaning ice storage)... There were thriving industries in 16/17th century England whereby low lying areas along the Thames estuary were flooded during the winter, and ice harvested in carts and stored inter-seasonally in insulated wooden houses as a provision to an icehouse often located in large country houses, and widely used to keep fish fresh when caught in distant waters. This was allegedly copied by an Englishman who had seen the same activity in China. Ice was imported into England from Norway on a considerable scale as early as 1823. In the United States, the first cargo of ice was sent from New York City to Charleston, South Carolina in 1799, and by the first half of the 19th century, ice harvesting had become big business. Frederic Tudor, who became known as the "Ice King," worked on developing better insulation products for the long distance shipment of ice, especially to the tropics; this became known as the ice trade. Trieste sent ice to Egypt, Corfu, and Zante; Switzerland sent it to France; and Germany sometimes was supplied from Bavarian lakes. Until recently, the Hungarian Parliament building used ice harvested in the winter from Lake Balaton for air conditioning. Icehouses were used to store ice formed in the winter, to make ice available all year long, and early refrigerators were known as iceboxes, because they had a block of ice in them. In many cities, it was not unusual to have a regular ice delivery service during the summer. The advent of artificial refrigeration technology has since made delivery of ice obsolete. Ice is still harvested for ice and snow sculpture events. A swing saw is used to get ice for the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival each year from the frozen surface of the Songhua River. Many ice sculptures are made from the ice. Commercial production Ice is now produced on an industrial scale, for uses including food storage and processing, chemical manufacturing, concrete mixing and curing, and consumer or packaged ice. Most commercial ice makers produce three basic types of fragmentary ice: flake, tubular and plate, using a variety of techniques. Large batch ice makers can produce up to 75 tons of ice per day. Ice production is a large business; in 2002, there were 426 commercial ice-making companies in the United States, with a combined value of shipments of $595,487,000... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocono_Manor_Historic_District Pocono Manor Historic District is a national historic district located in Pocono Township and Tobyhanna Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. It encompasses 75 contributing buildings, 1 contributing site, 4 contributing structures, and 4 contributing objects on the historic resort of Pocono Manor. The resort community was established in 1902, and includes an Inn, recreational complex, and dependent cottage community. The cottage community was originally developed by Quakers and the cottages reflect popular early-20th century architectural styles including Stick/eastlake, Shingle Style, and Bungalow / American Craftsman....
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Backtrack PT 2 @ The Archive Gallery for the Foundation Record Release 03.30.2011
Backtrack PT 2 @ The Archive Gallery on Saturday April 30, 2011 for the Foundation Record Release "When the Smoke Clears" 03.30.2011 Played With: Foundation, Indecision, Fire and Ice, Naysayer, and Out Crowd
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Foundation @ The Archive Gallery for their Record Release 04.30.2011
Foundation @ The Archive Gallery on Saturday April 30, 2011 for their Record Release "When the Smoke Clears" Played with: Indecision, Backtrack, Fire and Ice, Naysayer, and Out Crowd
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November 22, 2016 - Official Archive
On the show tonight: - The 4th Tuesday of the month brings a visit from regular guest Max Good dof Amazingribs.com. We will be going over some product reviews that he has been up to! - Cowboy Charcoal hosted their first Fire & Ice BBQ and Grilling Challenge last week during the WFC. Joining me tonight is the winner, Jayna Todisco from A Mazie Q. Jayna will talk about the event and tell us how she got in to BBQ...a unique story to be sure! - In the 2nd hour, I am rejoined by a long time guest and friend of this show, Derrick Riches from About.Com. It has been a number of years since Derrick has been on the show, but, tonight we re-kindle our segment and plan to talk about the new Weber Genesis gas grill. Helping me close the show is something for the guys...specifically in regards to the, well, you know where! Freshness is key...and Nadkins just might be your saving grace!
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Backtrack @ The Archive Gallery for the Foundation Record Release 03.30.2011
Backtrack @ The Archive Gallery on Saturday April 30, 2011 for the Foundation Record Release "When the Smoke Clears" Played With: Foundation, Indecision, Fire and Ice, Naysayer, and Out Crowd
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Monstrously Powerful M1 Abrams & Leopard 2 Tanks in Action - Heavy Live Fire in Wintertime
U.S. Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams and Norwegian Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tanks conducted a live-fire training exercise in Norway 2014-16. The two nations conducted bilateral training to improve U.S. Marine Corps capability to operate in cold-weather environments. As part of Cold Response Norwegian troops demonstrate their live-fire capabilities. Also the Norwegian Telemark Battalion instructs U.S. Marine M1A1 tankers on techniques of driving tracked vehicles in winter conditions on an ice track in Rena. Video Credits: U.S. Marine Corps ►Subscribe Now -- http://bit.ly/1iAy5UG
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Naysayer @ The Archive Gallery for the Foundation Record Release 04.30.2011
Naysayer @ The Archive Gallery for the Foundation Record Release "When the Smoke Clears" on Saturday April 30, 2011 Played With: Out Crowd, Fire and Ice, Backtrack, Indecision, and Foundation
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Fire 'n Ice Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
A walkthrough of the 2003 Russian ZX Spectrum game, Fire 'n Ice. From the recording originally sent to http://www.rzxarchive.co.uk/
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New Year, New Units! | 300 orb summon on the New Year's of Fire and Ice banner
I'm back! Fun fact: Between recording this video and uploading it, I've gotten 2 more Gunnthras, so now she's +4 (still no Hrid tho) Happy New Years! Here's my summoning session for the new new years banner, where I summoned for Gunnthra and Hrid. I didn't go for the others because I gave in and bought the bundles. Hopefully you all are as lucky as I was!
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Archetype Archive - Blue-Eyes
it's okay to be white, dragon Paytreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3854163 Tweetch: https://www.twitch.tv/rata Tweetter: https://twitter.com/RANK10YGO Toomblr: http://rank10ygo.tumblr.com/ #yugioh #blueeyes
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Steve Hackett - ''Valley Of The Kings" from ''Live Fire And Ice''
Live recording from the Shepherds Bush Empire in London, November 30th, 2010. ==== // Bass: Nick Beggs // Drums: Gary O'Toole // Guitars: Amanda Lehmann, Steve Hackett // Keyboards: Roger King // Saxophone: Rob Townsend //
The 2013/2014 D/G Fic Exchange! Yay!
Find us at: http://www.dracoandginny.com The Fire and Ice Archive has been the place for D/G since 2004, and we're having the 2013/2014 D/G Fic Exchange!! Signups will start December 1st on the LJ community. The LJ site is at: http://dgficexchange.livejournal.com/ The beautiful music, btw, is Dorme Marina by Haroldo Torrecilha under a Creative Commons license. Here's the link for that: http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/47028/dorme-marina
Bicycle Pyromaniac Fire & Ice Deck Review
An updated version of the Pyromaniac deck released earlier this year from Collectable Playing Cards. collectableplayingcards.com richiescardstore.com - use vjose32 for 11% off your orders
Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu, Part 31 • Revival of the Fittest! • STREAM ARCHIVE
Welcome to Marriland's Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu first playthrough! In this episode, I continue my way towards Cinnabar Island and eventually arrive, where I check out the sights and also revive a really cool Pokémon from the Old Amber I got back in Pewter City's Museum! #PokemonLetsGo #PokemonLetsGoPikachu Please keep in mind that this is a STREAM ARCHIVE, meaning it was originally streamed on Twitch (https://twitch.tv/marriland). I plan on eventually working on a walkthrough-style video series for Let's Go! Eevee while using some footage from this playthrough for version differences, don't worry! But I feel that streaming my first playthrough was the best option to get my genuine reactions to stuff as I see it, so I hope you will enjoy that here. ► PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgYcvjQqu5W7tISD-ClAfQkdhc0eZPM0J ► WEBSITE: https://marriland.com ► FORUMS: https://forums.marriland.com ______________________________ You may notice things on the layout: • Twitch "cheers" and "bits" are things that users can do to help say thanks. Twitch pays content creators real world moneys for these bits, so users that cheer with bits are super nice! Thanks cheerers for the bits! There are no incentives or rewards for these, other than recognition and cool badges in the Twitch chat. • Twitch "followers" are like YouTube "subscribers", where they get notified when I go live. However, TWITCH "subscribers" are different from YouTube ones: Twitch "subs" (subscribers) chip in an amount per month which gives them benefits in chat and they also help support me with their subscriptions, so they're super cool people! Lastly, while I do try my best to keep things PG, I have no control over what people in the chat say and may not be able to keep user-submitted content (posts, messages, usernames, etc.) PG. By watching this video, there is a chance you may see text that is not PG, and you will not hold me accountable for it. Apologies in advance should that happen. ______________________________ —— SOCIAL MEDIA —— ► Twitch: –– https://twitch.tv/marriland ► Twitter: –– https://twitter.com/marriland ► Facebook: –– https://facebook.com/marriland
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Coral, Fire, & Ice: Explore Secret Underwater Worlds
National Geographic Live returns to Auckland with Coral, Fire & Ice: Explore Secret Underwater Worlds on Saturday 9 August at the ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre. Photographer David Doubilet has spent five decades under the surface in the far corners of the world, including interior Africa, remote tropical coral reefs, rich temperate seas and recent projects in the northern and southern ice. In "Coral, Fire, and Ice," Doubilet takes audiences across three continents. First, to the rich and diverse waters of Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, then journeying south to the cold ice filled waters of Antarctica and finally, his photographic journey takes audiences up north to Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence. Doubilet reveals never-before-seen images from his assignments and the reality of life behind the camera. His images are prized for both their scientific value and their aesthetic beauty. Tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster - http://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/David-Doubilet-tickets/artist/997244?brand=theedge&camefrom=CFC_NZ_TET
More than 1-Hour of Super Mario Maker Gameplay (Livestream Archive)
Our missing Super Mario Maker live-stream from last week is back! Join us for more than an hour of Super Mario Maker gameplay as we show off even more of what YOU want to see, including new custom levels, new mechanics, and answer tons more questions! All this and more in more than 1-hour of Super Mario Maker gameplay! A huge thanks to YouTube Gaming for working with us in recovering this footage! • Follow GameXplain on... ...Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gamexplain ...Twitter: http://twitter.com/GameXplain ...Google+: https://plus.google.com/108004348435696627453 ...and GameXplain.com of course: http://www.GameXplain.com
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Ice Poseidon - evicted pt.2 (VOD w/Chat Sync) [11/6/17]
Live stream: https://gaming.youtube.com/ice_poseidon/live Ice Poseidon: https://twitter.com/realiceposeidon Ice Archive: https://twitter.com/ice_archive Extension/app for emotes: https://www.getice.tv Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ice_poseidon
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Bathory - The Revenge Of The Blood On Ice (With Lyrics)
The Revenge Of The Blood On Ice by Bathory. From Blood On Ice. Lyrics: Fifteen years have passed Every day the woods have cried the words of vengeance and revenge. The Gods have watched him day and night by the Northern stars bright light. Growing stronger. Coming nearer. Upon a steed as white as snow he is riding through this land of no return His hair blowing in the wind A sword in his hand. And his eyes they burn. Guide me, my Ravens. Find the way through the woods and snow Let your eyes be mine seeking for the valley of death Come this far, I am willing to face the twin-headed beast's breath Let your wings be my heart in the air, black as night. I have steel at side. Powers of thunder The Gods with me ride I trust in my ravens, watching from above Black as night. Swift as lightning, and graceful as doves. I trust in my Stallion. Born by the wind, Taking me through the valley where this world ends, and the shadows begin I trust in my sword. Forged in fire and ice. It's sharp blade shall be baptised in blood as I take the Beast's life. Cry, old crow, cry... Come out of the darkness you beast of Hell, face me. Out on this field of moonlit snow. I will not be deterred by your ugliness. Before my sword your two heads will roll. I will not let my sword rest until it's steel has song for your ugly twin heads. I'll wipe the sweat off my face with your bloody scalps and watch your four eyes telling me that you're dead. Gathering speed. Charging forward. collision is close now. The swords are drawn, held high. they flash in the pale blue moonlight. aiming at throats bare. The moment is so near The time seems to halt for a while Even the stars in the sky hold their breath This is the moment of glory or death... The moment to maim or to be put to rest... So close now I almost can hear the black blood in the beast's thick veins pumping. I am swinging my sword. May the Gods be with me. I ride out through the vast portals of Hel. I swing my sword in the air. And the dead beast's two bloody scalps attached to a spear. Now is come the moment for me to set free those, a long time ago, brought far north by the twin-headed beast. On that daybreak when the old crow did cry... That hard winter when I, still a child... By my Father was told of a hall way above the clouds, Gates open wide for the one who dies with sword in hand. To enable stereo sound click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAeCiJ7FdEk&fmt=18
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Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia - 720p EngDub
In November 1939, when Finland was invaded by the Soviet Union, no one expected that this tiny nation could resist the largest military force in the world. And no one anticipated that 1939 would be one of the coldest winters in recorded history, what historians have called a frozen hell. Filmed on the old battlefields in Finland and Russia, Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia dramatically depicts the intensity of the warfront and the homefront. Outnumbered and outgunned, Finns knew this war was not about changing the borders between nations; it was a total war for the very existence of a people. The Winter War involved all of Finland's people - including its women who organized themselves into a unique corps called Lotta Svard. Their fierce resistance changed the course of World War II and saved a democracy. Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia is a timeless story of courage against all odds, of a people united to preserve their freedom. This high-definition documentary film features authentic re-enactments of the Soviet Union's invasion of Finland and Finland's spirited 105-day defense in a "frozen hell". Beginning with the aerial bombardment of Helsinki, fires rage in the city and dazed citizens run for their lives. Poorly equipped Finnish troops face a massive Red Army attack almost three times larger than the Allied landing at Normandy on D-Day. The Russians are confident of a quick victory. A Finnish poet, an American volunteer ambulance driver, and contemporary journalists and soldiers on both sides of the conflict give accounts, many from war diaries translated into English for the first time. Historians provide unique insight and perspective. Rare archive footage, enhanced by meticulous attention to historical detail in re-creating scenes, reveals the improvised Finnish defense with Molotov cocktails and crowbars and a unique female corps called Lotta Svard. Outnumbered and outgunned, Finns knew the war was not about territory; it was a total war for their very existence as a people, and as temperatures descend to 50 below zero, their mastery of winter becomes a strategic advantage.
Fire & Ice: Vices
Fire & Ice @ The Canal Club on March 3rd 2010 in Richmond, VA
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ARCHIVE | JetsTV LIVE: Postgame vs. Arizona Coyotes
JetsTV LIVE presented by Budweiser Join Jamie Thomas for highlights, analysis, LIVE interviews from the dressing room and Head Coach Paul Maurice's post-game press conference.
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OMSI 2- Playing in the Snow| Stream Archive 12/12/2015
Only 15 more days till Christmas Eve, so lets see how various maps handle the snow and ice. About TheNorthernAlex On this channel you will find mainly simulator games like Farming Simulator, Construction Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator and all kinds of games related to Emergency services like Emergency 4, 911 First Responders, Emergency 2016. Everything related to Firefighters, Police, Emergency Medical Services.
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ARCHIVE VIDEO: Mom reacts to arrest in murder of ICE special agent
Pictures of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent Jaime Zapata fill his family's home in Brownsville. In the home, his memory is alive. His mom feared authorities forgot his murder. That is until news Julian Zapata Espinosa was brought from Mexico to the United States to face charges in Zapata's death. "I'm glad," said Mary Zapata, Jaime Zapata's mom. "My son has been dead for 10 months, and nothing has been going on that we have heard lately, and I'm thinking 'Have they forgotten about my son?'"" Zetas killed Mary Zapata's son, ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata, February 15, 2011 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
ALS (Fire) and Ice Bucket Challenge
I do this ice bucket challenge with a little added kick. Donate at http://www.alsa.org/news/archive/als-ice-bucket-challenge.html
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Let's Play Kirby Star Allies [23] Fire and ice
Black hole! ---- Thumbnail art by MadameBerry https://twitter.com/NakaTeleeli http://nakateleeli.tumblr.com/ https://discord.gg/DmQS5Wy
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ARCHIVE | Post-Game Coverage: Oilers at Avalanche
Watch interviews from the Oilers dressing room following tonight's game.
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[2.6] Mirror Service Archive - Morbid Gyre Essence Fire Dmg Opal Ring
Sick Signalshot ring Providing mirror service for my Essence crafted Morbid Gyre Opal Ring found here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/534134
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NOBODY LIKES YOU, KIRBY! (Super Smash Brothers Ultimate w/ The Derp Crew)
2nd Place is Strong with the Chilled. Overcome it, I shall! http://www.twitch.tv/Chilledchaos and I'm going to archive those streams here. I'll be cutting out any stream downtime so it just flows better as a video. Hope you enjoy! A lot more content to follow! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want more unedited content, Subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon! If you want edited MP and SP content subscribe to my main Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CriousGamers Interested in seeing these videos live? Check out my Twitch! STREAMS! - http://www.twitch.tv/Chilledchaos Want updates in case YouTube or Twitch breaks, follow me on twitter. I tweet about my life, my dogs, my lego addiction and more! Twitter! - http://www.twitter.com/ChilledChaos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Others http://www.youtube.com/AphexArcade http://www.youtube.com/GaLmHD http://www.youtube.com/ZeMachinima http://www.youtube.com/tomkitsune http://www.youtube.com/tehsmarty
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ARCHIVE | Post-Game Coverage – Oilers vs. Jets
Watch LIVE interviews from both the Oilers and Jets dressing rooms following the game.
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