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Girls Cumming Like Guys
Watch these hott girls, give it to guys, like hott guys normally give it to girls...
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ASMR   Hot Blonde Teen Gonna make you Cum for sure ! (АСМР Горячая блондинка заставит тебя кончить)
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WEIRD Things Women Do
Today I'm changing things up, with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek video on the weird things women do. If you know a girl who'll relate, please share this! WANT MORE OF MY VIDEOS? 💦 THINGS WOMEN NEVER SAY IN RESPONSE TO DICK PICS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pBnGG2wb9E 💦 MASTURBATION HACKS THAT WORK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBkP8xUWh70 💦 MAKE HER CUM WITH AMAZING ORAL SEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ust9SkvIbwA&t=9s 💦 MAKE HIM CUM WITH THESE BLOWJOB TIPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSJDDo0tX5k&t=2s 💦 7 WAYS TO MAKE A WOMAN ORGASM, FAST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbEPNc2OTDo&t=8s WANT THE SEX PRODUCTS I PERSONALLY USE? 💦 GET 20% OFF MY FAVE VIBRATOR (use the code NADIA): http://bit.ly/2W5iyk0 💦 GET 15% OFF MY FAVE LOVEHONEY SEX TOYS (For Men & Women): https://bit.ly/2I9H2Vg ⭐ JOIN MY PATREON FOR 1:1 SEX 7 RELATIONSHIP COACHING FROM $2 A MONTH: https://www.patreon.com/nadiabokody ⭐ FOLLOW ME ON INSTA FOR DAILY SEXINESS: https://www.instagram.com/nadiabokody/ COMMENT: What's the weirdest thing YOU do as a woman? And if you're a guy watching this, what's the weirdest thing you've seen a woman do?
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Did This Guy Cum In Jeans During Twerk Contest?
During one of the famous Jump Off TV twerk contest one guy got a little too excited! Watch All Twerking Compilations From The Jump Off 2014 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeO8YQq5hVgVLx9I2_Kk4dHXPAWZrZ2TH Watch Twerking Contests Videos in Full https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeO8YQq5hVgXlD2LKxAjKZ3Wr1oZM6X5C SIGN UP TO PERFORM in 2015: http://jumpoff.tv/SignUp Watch 2014 Finals https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeO8YQq5hVgWrREhKxdq-zT3xc8RLGmFt Watch 2014 Season Highlights https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeO8YQq5hVgVXl9GQnzA44McNDEpFGIqD Follow Us http://jumpoff.tv http://facebook.com/JumpOffTV http://twitter.com/JumpOffTV http://instagram.com/JumpOffTV Business Enquiries: [email protected] Video Editor @Ell_London
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Sex Positions That Make Her Cum Like Crazy
Source: http://loversguide2sex.com Although many men think they are great studs in the bedroom, the truth is that in a lot of cases their sexual techniques leave a lot to be desired. This video will help you if your bedroom skills are somewhat lacking, as it contains a powerful technique you can learn to give any woman mind-blowing orgasms. Did you know that direct penetration during sex would be the least successful approach to get a female to an orgasmic pleasure? That is true. Men and women are wired in a different manor on the subject of having sex. It is far easier to stimulate a man to an orgasm compared to a lady. Yet when a woman climaxes, she usually does this with higher strength than men. It can be hard to bring a woman to an orgasm by means of sex only. In fact a lot more girls are known to reach an orgasm by means of self-stimulation as compared to by having sex! So what on earth could be the methods to ensure she will get one when you make love to her? Continue reading - the strategies presented would keep her orgasmic furnace burning hot. Maybe you're wondering why the technique I'm about to share with you is so special and why it leads to such powerful orgasms. Usually people discuss foreplay tips for clitoral orgasm, but this little-known technique will show you how to induce vaginal orgasms. Many women have never actually experienced a vaginal orgasm and a large number believe the only way they can reach orgasm is through clitoral stimulation. You can imagine that if you learn the art of giving vaginal orgasms, you will be seen as a love God in the eyes of any woman who sleeps with you.
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Funny A girl will cum in competition
Funny game with sexy girl
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The quickest masturbation
New Reality show in Asia. Girls help guys to cum.. ..The fastest wins..!!!
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MISTAKES GUYS MAKE IN BED: HAVE YOU CUM YET? Visit http://imagedoc.com.au/ for men’s style and image consulting services Visit http://improvemant.com for regular videos to help you improve as a man Welcome back guys, in today's video is mistakes guys make in bed: asking have you cum yet? I am going to highlight what I believe is a big mistake guys make during sex which I am confident women would all agree with. The mistake is asking your wife or girlfriend "have you cum yet". And this is especially bad if you are stopping during sex to repeatedly ask "have you cum yet". Just like so many areas of dating, relationships, marriage and sex, there are huge differences between the sexes and regarding the time that it takes men VS women to cum, the truth is that men are trying there best to delay cuming for as long as possible, whilst women are just hoping that they will be able to cum at all. Women want to orgasm because it feels nice and also because society, books, movies and T.V have conditioned women to feel that really great sex has to culminate in an earth shattering orgasm. And guys, or at least unselfish guys love giving women orgasms because we feel powerful and worthy knowing that we were able to create pleasure and happiness for our partner. The problem though, is that a women's mind impacts her ability to orgasm as much as whatever stimulation you are providing to her, and the worst possible thing you can do is make her feel as though she is on the clock and that there is some sort of rush for her to orgasm like you are playing a game of sport and the clock is counting down. The best way that I can make my point regarding this issue is to turn the tables on guys and make you think of things from a different perspective. So how would you feel during sex if your partner was repeatedly saying to you "don't cum yet" or "please don't cum now" or "you're not cuming already are you" or "keep going, keep going, last longer, last longer" ? For most guys, a women saying these types of things during sex would make you feel pressured, anxious, stressed and would likely take away a great deal of the enjoyment you would otherwise be having during sex if you felt no pressure or set expectation from your partner. Now on the flip side, can you imagine if before you started having sex, your partner said something like "don't even worry if you cum fast sweety, we have all night long and I plan on making you cum more than once anyway. Your partner saying something like that would make you feel comfortable and allow you to just enjoy yourself and focus on trying to please and pleasure your partner wouldn't it? Well when you are repeatedly asking her "have you cum yet", you're enforcing the same pressure, stress and unnecessary distraction for her that she would be creating for you if she were to say things like "don't cum yet" or "please don't cum now" or "you're not cuming already are you" or "keep going, keep going, last longer, last longer" So instead of asking "have you cum yet" during sex, instead tell your partner during foreplay to relax, enjoy herself and remind her that there is no rush, that you have all night together and genuinely explain to her that all you care about is giving her pleasure and making her feel loved and special no matter how long that takes. And instead of feeling pressured, stressed and turned off, she will instead feel at ease and very close and connected to you. And it is then up to you to be a real man and follow through by showing patience and allowing your partner however long it takes for her to reach an orgasm. But at the same time, don't define sex just purely based off of her reaching an orgasm or not. Many women are unable to climax regardless of the stimuli provided. This does not mean that she does not enjoy all of the feelings of sex and more importantly, women enjoy just being close and connected to you. This alone is one of the most enjoyable elements of sex for women. With that last point in mind. MISTAKES GUYS MAKE IN BED: HAVE YOU CUM YET?
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How to make your men cum faster
How to make your men cum faster
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Men At Work - Down Under (Video)
Men At Work's official music video for 'Down Under'. Click to listen to Men At Work on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MenAtWorkSpotify?I... As featured on Contraband: The Best of Men At Work. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MAWContraband?IQid... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MAWDUGPlay?IQid=Me... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MAWContrabandAmazo... More From Men At Work Who Can It Be Now: https://youtu.be/SECVGN4Bsgg Overkill: https://youtu.be/RY7S6EgSlCI It's A Mistake: https://youtu.be/I0AxrOUJ62E More great 80s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate80?IQid=Me... Subscribe to Men At Work on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MenAtWorkSub?IQid=... --------- Lyrics: Travelling in a fried-out Kombi On a hippie trail, head full of zombie I met a strange lady, she made me nervous She took me in and gave me breakfast And she said: Do you come from a land down under Where women glow and men plunder Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder You better run, you better take cover."
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How to suck Dick! Amazing tips to make him cum faster!
Lets Face it you need some help giving your man or a random man some head! Let me help you out instagram- mzdiya5 yyaaaaassss My first time giving head story will be here on Tuesday
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How to make any woman cum in just minutes
How to make any woman cum in just minutes Source: http://loversguide2sex.com
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How To Make A Woman Cum - 7 FAST Hacks!
How to make a woman cum // If you want to become an expert at making her cum, watch right till the end of this video for seven hacks guaranteed to help her get to O-Town, every time! WANT MORE SEX ADVICE? 💦 HOW TO FINGER A WOMAN RIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bp7RX1HlMQ&t=37s 💦 MAKE HER CUM WITH AMAZING ORAL SEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ust9SkvIbwA&t=9s 💦 MAKE HER SQUIRT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T-jiXUpEqk 💦 GET HER SEXUALLY ADDICTED TO YOU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNNoIPk6vvo&t=54s WANT THE SEX PRODUCTS I RECOMMEND IN THIS VIDEO: 💦 MY FAVE LUBE: https://bit.ly/2EZ6cmj 💦 THE LIBERATOR ANGLED SEX CUSHION (15% off with this link): https://bit.ly/2I9H2Vg 💦 LOVEHONEY BLISS ORGASM BALM (15% off with this link): https://bit.ly/2I9H2Vg 💦 THE WOMANIZER CLITORAL SUCTION TOY: https://bit.ly/2Gsq9Uy ⭐ JOIN MY PATREON FOR 1:1 SEX COACHING FROM $2 A MONTH: https://www.patreon.com/nadiabokody ⭐ FOLLOW ME ON INSTA FOR DAILY SEXINESS: https://www.instagram.com/nadiabokody/ COMMENT: Did you try these tips? Do you have any extra ones to add to this list? MORE... Learn how to make a woman orgasm with these 7 super simple hacks for driving her wild. Use these hacks and you'll get her sexually addicted to you, fast. Take it from a woman herself - these orgasm tips actually WORK. Make her cum fast tonight by putting them into practice...
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Woman Upset Men Enjoy Making Women Cum | Man Upset Harvey Weinstein Didn't Harass Black Women
https://patreon.com/Smokeydogg https://paypal.me/smokeydogg https://twitter.com/smokeydogg777 https://facebook.com/smokeydogg7 http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a9169991/why-guys-love-female-orgasms/ https://twitter.com/ira/status/921136663874519040
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Best Positions That Make Women Cum Easily - How to Give Her That Super Intense Deep Internal Orgasm
To learn more positions to make women cum Visit ★ http://goo.gl/SFII7t ★ In this video I'm gonna show you three of the best positions that make women orgasm easily. Have you ever noticed that when a woman gets on top to ride you, she rarely, if ever, goes straight up and down? What do women do when they get on top? That's right, they grind you. Ever wondered why they do this? It's because she knows how to make you rub up on her g-spot and the other sensitive nerves that make her orgasm. If you're just going straight in and out, sure it'll still feel good to have you inside of her, but you're never gonna hit the orgasm areas, and she won't be able to climax. A lot of guys make the mistake of either believing that their girl is cumming when she's really not, or they think that she can't reach orgasm because of their size or stamina. Well, I'm about to prove to you that all of these excuses are complete bullshit. When you start using positions that actually stimulate her orgasm inducing areas, not only will you be able to make her cum in minutes, but you'll also know for a fact that you're giving her that big O, because she's gonna be the one initiating sex with you all the time. Oh yeah, and if you've ever felt like maybe you're just not big enough down there, I'm also gonna show you a position that makes you go really deep, so you can give her that super intense deep internal orgasm no matter what size you are. So let's get started. Guaranteed orgasm position number one is called body surfing. Instead of using doggy style in the traditional way where she's on her knees, what you wanna do is have her lay flat on her stomach with a pillow under the lower part of it. This raises her ass up in the air, and because of the angle you'll be stimulating her g-spot directly with every single thrust. Lay flat on top of her and thrust an up and down motion to do this. And since your head is right above hers, you're in the perfect position to use some dirty talk. Tell her how amazing she feels around you and how sexy she looks with her back arched like that. Another thing you can do that'll raise that primal animal instinct is to hold her arms down with yours. This makes you even more in control and women love that shit. Now it won't take long at all for her to orgasm in this position, and when she does it's gonna feel really sensitive to her. And she'll most likely tell you to stop because it's just too intense. Don't stop, keep thrusting, but very slowly, then increase your speed as she gets more and more into it. Now it'll take even less time for her to have another multiple orgasm. And this one will be a lot more intense than the first. Guaranteed orgasm position number two is the G-Drive. In this position your girl lays on her back with a pillow under the lower part of it. She can place your feet on your chest or her ankles on each shoulder while you thrust back and forth, you'll be rubbing along the entire length of her g-spot. And because of the angle in this position, you'll be able to go really deep and stimulate her deep spot as well. To give her the most intense pleasure possible in this position, shorten your thrusts. What I mean is instead of going all the way in and then all the way back out again, thrust in as deep as you can but only come out about half way. When you do this, you're providing non-stop stimulation to her g-spot while you go really deep, and if you get the right timing, you can give her simultaneous orgasms by doing this. Guaranteed orgasm position number three is called the Rocking Release. In this position you'll be sitting down on a bed or a couch while you lean back a bit. Your girl gets on top of you with each leg on the sides of your body. Now you have to know something about a girl in top positions. Like we said before, the reason she's getting on top is because she knows exactly how to thrust in the best motion possible to make her cum. When a girl gets on top, most guys have the horrible habit of thrusting back from underneath. This completely fucks up the rhythm and practically guarantees that she won't cum. When a woman gets on top of you, don't take away her orgasm, let her do the thrusting and help her climax quicker by playing with her boobs and rubbing her clit. Now she's gonna cum really quick, because not only is she getting the most stimulating internal sensations, but you're also giving her some incredible external stimulation. Go to http://goo.gl/SFII7t if you want to learn more positions to make women cum. More interesting information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUBjoHZkzV8 http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsb8BVSqPPuAwvrVvZmzPkQ #PositionstoMakeWomenCum Source: http://youtu.be/sOkNEt_A2DY
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How to make a woman cum-- Most guys do not know how to make a woman cum
how to make a woman cum! http://playersupreme.info/howtomakeawomancum 75% of women do not have an orgasm during sex? Is that true? That means that most men do not know how to make a woman cum or most men do not now how to make a woman have an orgasm. In today's society women are no longer accepting this from men. Women want to have an orgasm and if a man is bad in bed she will dump that man these days. If you cannot make your woman have an orgasm then you need to learn how to make your woman cum and cum hard too. I learned that you have to put a woman to sleep. If she is still babbling after sex with you then chances are she faked it. If you cannot tune in and feel inside your woman's body then you will never know if you are able to make your woman have an orgasm or make your woman cum. That is the sad state of affairs for men these days whom are lacking in sexual skills and techniques. When I went out to the clubs the one thing that gave me confidence is that I knew how to make a woman cum or how to give a woman an orgasm. That knowledge of being able to make a woman cum gave me super confidence when I would look into a woman who was choosings eyes. She could feel from my look that I knew how to make her have an orgasm and that sex with me would be very fun and very very good. So I URGE all men to learn how to make their women have screaming orgasms. If you are not putting her butt to sleep then you have not done your job right. My girlfriend passes out to this day after I give her female orgasms. I am coming out with my next product an intense version of the chapter from my 7 steps book on how to make a woman cum. This new book will delve into * how to use a woman's g-spot to give her an woman's orgasm! * how to use her clit to push her to a female orgasm! * how to use her mind to make a woman's orgasm more intense! * how to use her mind to get her to bond with you! * Plus much more I will be offering: * Over 40 pages of no fluff ebook * Audio version of each chapter for your ipods or iphones * A Video break down! Also in my new ebook I have EXERCISES ON: * How to build your connection to your penis! * How to control your orgasms so that you become a sex machine! * How to last longer! * How to pull your dick out to make it longer! * How to build your aura! * How to put your energy into a woman so that she becomes addicted to YOU! * How to use her mind as your tool! * Plus much much more! Get your copy when it comes out!
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How To Finger A Woman Right (Make Her Come!)
I share five simple tips for upping your fingering game. Masturbation is an important part of foreplay, so why not work on your technique? Finger a girl right with this advice, and never be left wondering how to finger a woman again! WANT MORE SEX & DATING TIPS? 💦 Do THIS For Hotter Sex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlR6JpRYZno&t=54s 💦 How To Touch Her Boobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUolSviaeZ0&t=3s 💦 5 Things Women WISH Men Did In Bed: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdj0ChooXn0Uhqmq2PPrc2A?view_as=subscriber 💦 How To Eat Pussy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ust9SkvIbwA&t=221s 💦 How To Have Anal Sex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPbfqbZvrSs&t=3s Did you like these tips? Let me know if my tricks helped in the comments below! ___________________________________________________________________ ⭐ JOIN MY PATREON FOR 1:1 SEX COACHING FROM $2 A MONTH: https://www.patreon.com/nadiabokody ⭐ FOLLOW MY INSTA FOR DAILY SEXINESS: https://www.instagram.com/nadiabokody/
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Female Orgasms Secrets {How to make women cum}
For more female orgasms secrets ★ http://goo.gl/zGgCTv ★ How to make women cum Did you know that direct penetration during sex is the least effective way for you to take a woman to an orgasm? That's true. Males and females are wired in different ways in relation to sexual acts. It really is far easier to stimulate a guy to an orgasm than a woman. Yet whenever a woman climaxes, she usually does this with greater intensity than guys. It can be hard to bring women to an orgasm by sexual acts only. Actually more women are known to achieve a orgasm by way of self-stimulation as compared to through sex! So what on earth would be the methods to guarantee she gets one when you make love to her? Keep reading - the following tips would maintain her orgasmic furnace burning hot… Tip #1 - "Sensations In Tandem" Women and men are very different simply because males can reach an orgasm in pretty much any situation. It's always easier for a woman to get an orgasmic pleasure if she develops a mental connection or trust for the male she is with. Having said that, it is essential to ensure your lady is comfortable and pleased. A quick session for you will only leave her in the 'rut', totally unfulfilled! You may think that you know your woman inside out; if she's having a real orgasm; if she is totally aroused. However in reality, it is not that simple. The 1st secret to a female's climax should be to make love to her passionately and not treat her as being a sex object ready to fulfill your sexual lust. Female climaxes must be treated in a delicate manner and you should deliver the results towards it. The secret in triggering an orgasm in any lady is based on increasing an erotic anticipations to the point that she demands for you to bring her around in a hurry. Tip #2 - "Kiss To Tease" The act of kissing alone can make women cum if performed properly. Hence, this will give you a good option how satisfying the simple act of passionate kissing can be to a girl. Thus before you decide to proceed to sexual intercourse, engage in some passionate kissing. Take some time to kiss her gradually and passionately. Kissing can easily activate her senses and set her on fire. Tease her; fill her to the brim with the desire of wanting you. Tip #3 - Clitoral Stimulation: The proper & Wrong Approaches to Do It A female's clitoris is a key instrument to bring her to a climax. Hence the way you stimulate this super erogenous area is absolutely vital. You see, when a lady is not properly aroused, touching or stimulating the clitoris might feel uncomfortable for her. The trick would be to give her stimulation indirectly initially. Try running your fingers on each side of her clitoris shaft and caress her clitoral hood with your thumb. Whenever she becomes aroused, you will feel her breathing heavily and the clitoral hood swelling up. This is when you recognize she's looking forward to more. Tip #4 - The Rhythm Of Sexual intercourse Lots of men are misinformed that ladies are equally attuned to the pace and rhythm of a male's touch. This is a fallacy. How you touch and caress her may vary in speed however the rhythm should never alter. Starting sexual intercourse gradually is a great approach to get her all warmed up towards the act. As the intercourse progresses, females choose the pace (including that of thrusting) to increase, concluding to a boil as a climax approaches. But make certain the overall rhythm or pace remains the same. Tip #5 - The Appealing Grind Many men just practice straight thrusting movements during sex and ask yourself why their companions never get an orgasm. Regardless of how hard or how deep you penetrate the girl, you are less likely to stimulate her enough in order to climax. The proper way to carry out penetration is this: rather than thrusting directly in, perform a grinding movement, using your hips to mimic a rotational action. http://goo.gl/zGgCTv if you want to learn more about female orgasms. More info on how to make women cum: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74VRhWp5_fQ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEokjL5GfRkIe62jHFJDRXg #FemaleOrgasms #HowToMakeWomenCum Source: http://youtu.be/WS_48lz0Aso
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Russian David Blaine Makes Women Cum With Magic
no touching all magic
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How to Make a Girl CUM Quick!
I made a video on "how to make a guy cum quick!".. but fellas, I couldn't leave you hanging! Making a woman, ORGASM.... We all know how complex the females anatomy can be...like for goodness sake..!! Tune in now, on Balls & Kisses, and you'll pretty much unlock the mystery, put it all together... and make her CUM HARD and FAST! ALL.THE..TIME!! Enjoy ;) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! =) Instagram: Ballsandkisses Gmail: Ballsandkisses THANK YOU!!!
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How To Finger A Woman – 3 Fingering Techniques To Make Her Cum
Due to popular demand after the success of my 'How To Finger A Woman' video, I'm back with my top 3 fingering techniques to make her cum. WATCH PART 1 FIRST: 💦 HOW TO FINGER A WOMAN RIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bp7RX1HlMQ&t=37s WANT MORE SEX ADVICE? 💦 MAKE HER CUM WITH AMAZING ORAL SEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ust9SkvIbwA&t=9s 💦 HOW TO TOUCH HER BREASTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUolSviaeZ0 💦 HOW TO LAST LONGER IN BED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI6XdTPsfis&t=37s WANT THE SEX PRODUCTS I PERSONALLY USE? 💦 GET 20% OFF MY FAVE VIBRATOR (use the code NADIA): http://bit.ly/2W5iyk0 💦 GET 15% OFF MY FAVE LOVEHONEY SEX TOYS (For Men & Women): https://bit.ly/2I9H2Vg ⭐ JOIN MY PATREON FOR 1:1 SEX COACHING FROM $2 A MONTH: https://www.patreon.com/nadiabokody ⭐ FOLLOW ME ON INSTA FOR DAILY SEXINESS: https://www.instagram.com/nadiabokody/ COMMENT: Did these fingering techniques work for you? __ MORE... If you liked my video on how to finger a woman, you'll love this video, on my top 3 fingering techniques for driving her wild. Take her sexual pleasure to the next level and make her cum with these fingering techniques...
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How to make a guy cum QUICK!
Join in and find out my TOP 7 tips to get your guy to CUM QUICK! Don't forget to Subscribe and hit the notifications bell so you don't miss out on brand new videos coming soon! Follow Balls and Kisses on Twitter or Instagram: @Ballsandkisses Have a request or feedback.. contact @ [email protected] or DROP a comment below! xoxo THANK YOU! ;)
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How to make a woman cum question
http://theplayersupreme.info/my-store http://theplayersupremeshow.info/shy 3 tools that will attract women: 1. flavor and attracting and keeping women: Having flavor in your personality is the key to attracting and KEEPING a woman. When you're boring that is like kryptonite to women. Women hate boring men. They would rather chew a finger off than date a boring male. A sense of humor, playfulness, dominance will give your personality the right flavor to attract women like a magnet. 2. Use of dress when it comes to attraction and women: Women also are attracted to well dressed men. Always bring your A game when you are trying to attract women. Anything less they your destroying your game and you should just stay home. Never get into the mood where you just don't feel like presenting your best. Stay home cause your attraction level will go down. When you are trying to attract women dressing well also gives you # 3. 3. confidence and how it attracts women: Women are biologically and instinctively attracted to confident males. Use my analogy of cave people. A confident man could go out and hunt and bring home food and protect his mate. That is what confidence means to a woman today. You can protect and provide which is biologically wired into her in the area of attraction and men. This is something that is non negotiable. YOU must have confidence if you ever expect to successfully attract women. Attract women now! Subscribe to my channel: http://youtube.com/user/ZenmackForums Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Real-Mens-Channel-1870765216477713
Best Sex Positions to Make a Woman Cum [Positions to Make Her Orgasm]
To learn more positions to make her orgasm Visit ★ http://goo.gl/SFII7t ★ Best sex positions to make a woman cum If you are interested in some easy sex positions but yet want to make her climax and deliver her plenty of incredible intimate experiences, then you'll definitely want to read through this entire post now. Lots of people believe that simply since a particular sex position is easy, it isn't useful or efficient at resulting in substantial enjoyment for the two of you. That simply is not true. You are gonna learn 2 super easy sex positions as well as some simple tips and tricks for making them far more exciting. Easy sex position number one The Classic Missionary Now do not skip off to another one here, cause you are gonna learn to make it fun. Lots of women like this one because of the closeness and the interconnection it enables. You could look deeply into each other's eyes, chat romantically to each other. Plus it is actually a smart way to get feedback, since you cannot avoid her expressions or the moans which she makes. And this position can be perfect for clitoral stimulation leading to one of the best climaxes you could give your sweetheart. Finally if you want to make certain you induce her clitoris a lot more, shift your body higher upwards compared to hers, so her nose is right about the level of your neck. Actually this rule may range widely according to your bodily proportions, though the concept is your penis will be rubbing down and up on her clitoris. Considering that it is such an intimate position, you normally don't want to start off delivering it to her very hard. That is the love making position, hence make use of it as one. Always remember that and take advantage of this position to offer the woman clitoral orgasmic pleasure as you create your intimate confidence and closeness with her. Easy sex position number two The High Rider You may effortlessly move from the traditional missionary into the high rider by first shifting one of her legs even further from the other and then fold your right leg upwards and kneel down above her. Next simply raise her upper body a little as you lean over her. This can be a superb way to maintain the closeness for missionary whilst starting to demonstrate more male dominance at sex, something which turns females on like crazy and enables them feel free to climax. Now you will not be capable to go in as deep as with other positions, but again the goal of this one is to keep creating the intimacy while starting to demonstrate solid male authority. Allowing you to begin to proceed into even more dominating style positions. Also make the most of your current placement here by playing with her boobs and gently stroking her facial area and cheek. At last a powerful way to show male authority with this position would be to delicately place your hand around her neck. Do it really softly to ensure that your woman might effortlessly move her neck around if she needed to. This method by itself will establish significant appeal and intimate confidence both simultaneously. Girls like being taken by a tough dominating male and whenever you put your hand around her like that, it offers her that experience that you are on top of things and that she may let loose and enjoy. And by making your hold loose enough that the girl could still move about and simply get out whenever she decided to, you are letting her know that you would not hurt her and that she can rely on you. As soon as she gets this kind of confidence with you, now she will turn out to be ready to try out some wild things with you which she'd in no way implement with any other man. So these are only a couple of easy sex positions which are a terrific way to start and never end up being just another typical dude lying there. Go to http://goo.gl/SFII7t if you want to learn best sex positions to make a woman cum. More positions to make her orgasm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUBjoHZkzV8 http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsb8BVSqPPuAwvrVvZmzPkQ #BestSexPositions #MakeaWomanCum #PositionstoMakeHerOrgasm Source: http://youtu.be/NBVP3rK924Q
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Make Men Masculine Again
Rape, murder, war – all have one thing in common: Men. The solution seems simple: make men less toxic – make men less masculine. In this video, Allie Stuckey, Host of "Allie" on CRTV & "Relatable" podcast, explains why demonizing masculinity is not the solution, but the problem. Donate today to PragerU! http://l.prageru.com/2eB2p0h Get PragerU bonus content for free! https://www.prageru.com/bonus-content Download Pragerpedia on your iPhone or Android! Thousands of sources and facts at your fingertips. iPhone: http://l.prageru.com/2dlsnbG Android: http://l.prageru.com/2dlsS5e Join Prager United to get new swag every quarter, exclusive early access to our videos, and an annual TownHall phone call with Dennis Prager! http://l.prageru.com/2c9n6ys Join PragerU's text list to have these videos, free merchandise giveaways and breaking announcements sent directly to your phone! https://optin.mobiniti.com/prageru Do you shop on Amazon? Click https://smile.amazon.com and a percentage of every Amazon purchase will be donated to PragerU. Same great products. Same low price. Shopping made meaningful. VISIT PragerU! https://www.prageru.com FOLLOW us! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prageru Twitter: https://twitter.com/prageru Instagram: https://instagram.com/prageru/ PragerU is on Snapchat! JOIN PragerFORCE! For Students: http://l.prageru.com/2aozfkP JOIN our Educators Network! http://l.prageru.com/2aoz2y9 Script: Rape, murder, war—they all have one thing in common: Men. Aggression, violence, ambition unchecked by conscience—all the stuff of “toxic masculinity,” right? And, the solution is obvious: make men less toxic. Make men less masculine. Make men more like women. But I’m here to tell you that this way of thinking is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. Here’s why: When you try to make men more like women, you don’t get less “toxic masculinity,” you get more. Why? Because bad men don’t become good when they stop being men; they become good when they stop being bad. Aggression, violence, and unbridled ambition can’t be eliminated from the male psyche; they can only be harnessed. And when they are harnessed, they are tools for good, not for harm. The same masculine traits that bring destruction also defeat tyranny. The traits that foster greed also build economies. The traits that drive men to take foolish risks also drive men to take heroic risks. The answer to toxic masculinity isn’t less masculinity; it’s better masculinity. And we know what that looks like. It’s a young man opening the door for a girl on their first date. It’s a father working long hours to provide for his family. It’s a soldier risking his life to defend his country. The growing problem in today’s society isn’t that men are too masculine; it’s that they’re not masculine enough. When men embrace their masculinity in a way that is healthy and productive, they are leaders, warriors and heroes. When they deny their masculinity, they run away from responsibilities, leaving destruction and despair in their wake. The consequences can be seen everywhere. One in four fathers now lives apart from his children. And children who grow up without a dad are generally more depressed than their peers who have a mother and a father. They are at far greater risk for incarceration, teen pregnancy and poverty. Seventy-one percent of high school dropouts are fatherless. “Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives…family is the most important. And we are called to recognize and honor how critical every father is to that foundation.” That was said by then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008. “If we are honest with ourselves,” he went on, “we’ll admit that…too many fathers are…missing from too many lives and too many homes.” As much as we try to deny the need for real, masculine strength in society, there’s no denying its necessity. Healthy families and strong communities depend on the leadership and bravery of good men. Yet, the current trend is to feminize young men in the hopes of achieving some utopian notion of equality and peace. And it starts at the earliest ages. In the school classroom, boys are invariably “the problem.” On the playground, aggressive games like dodgeball have long been banished. We tell young men that their intrinsic desire to compete is wrong. Everybody gets a trophy. Don’t run up the score. This anti-male tilt continues on through higher education and into the workplace. It has created millions of tentative men, unhappy women, and confused boys and girls. For the complete script, visit https://www.prageru.com/videos/make-men-masculine-again
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How To Make A Girl Orgasm (Tricks To Make Her Cum!)
Click Here: https://bit.ly/2KJn3KG to get the INSTANT ACCESS! From the "How to make a girl orgasm (tricks to make her cum)" video: "Do you want to be the kind of guy who gives his woman multiple,full body orgasms any and every time you want. It doesn't matter what size you are,how long you can last in bed or even if you have hard time getting or keeping an erection.If you are serious about giving a woman the most pleasurable orgasm filled experiences of her entire life then I want to show you how. In order to last in my business Ive got to be able to make any woman come,you need to be able to do it every time without excuses and you need to know a lots of different ways to do it.During my time in the business I spent all of my time doing 1 of 3 things: working.exercising and learning new and different ways to give women orgasms I tested every trick and technique I learned on many different types of women.From young rich college co-eds to more mature and experienced women.From women who were shy and inexperienced to the erotically liberated freaks.I took note of the stuff that worked and dropped the shit that didnt and ended up with the list of 67 techniques that make women come.67 techniques that I used to be 100% positive my clients were satisfied every single time."
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Women Cumming- How To Make Women Cumming
http://www.chompin.tk/ How To Make Women Cumming Why Is It Difficult for Women Cumming? According to reports, roughly 70% of women don't reach an orgasm during intercourse. Although that figure in itself is shocking, it also makes you wonder about how many women never orgasm at all (i.e., intercourse or not)! A lot of flack fall on men on why women don't experience an orgasm but truth be told, women have a lot to do about this as well whether they realize it or not. 6 Reasons Why Women DON'T Climax: There are many reasons why women don't reach sexual climax. Some of them maybe men's faults but a lot can be because of her too... Foreplay? What foreplay? Foreplay is extremely important. For women, making love begins in the mind and if you don't 'condition' her mind for sex, then chances are she won't be sexually reciprocating in bed too. Furthermore, women really do need more time than men to reach an orgasm; so foreplay is actually your way of extending your own sexual stamina. She's thinking too much! Women are natural multi-taskers. Unfortunately, they're so used to thinking and doing several things at the same time that they find it hard to simply be 'in the moment' during sex. If most men can be very 'in the zone' during sex, women seem to have various thoughts running through their heads all the time (e.g., home chores that need to be done, kids' homework, dirty laundry, etc.). She's full of... insecurities. Women have many body image issues. While you may adore her, her mind is probably worried about at least three different things as you undress her: Is the light revealing any cellulite? Are my 'love handles' protruding? Does he think my breasts are too small/big? If body image anxiety is not in her head, then she may be thinking about things such as: "I didn't shower yet, I hope I smell good... especially down there.", or "I didn't pee. I hope I don't embarrass myself." ALL these thoughts are making her focus on the wrong things! It's taking attention away from sexual pleasure and into sexual insecurities. And when a woman is in this mode, it's almost impossible to her focus on reaching her own climax! She really doesn't know her own body. There is a certain art form to making love to a woman's body. It really does have a lot of mysterious curves, spots and turns. Sadly, many women don't indulge in a lot of 'self exploration' when it comes to sex. As such, it's hard to guide you on what makes her feel good or which techniques really turn her on. And really, if she doesn't know her own body, how can you be expected to instinctively know what brings her pleasure, right? The best thing is... it's never too late to learn! Free videos here: http://www.chompin.tk/ Why don't you BOTH explore her body? Don't rush anything and try everything. See what turns her on best and use that knowledge to make her reach her orgasm. Make it your sexual quest! However, see the video, t here are some clues to save you a few steps: http://www.chompin.tk/ YOU're not paying attention! True, men are not mind-readers. Unfortunately, many women are not great communicators in bed as well so we have a little problem here. Compounding this problem is of course that favorite female bedroom habit of 'faking orgasms'. As a result, YOU think that what you're doing is great when in reality you may not even be close! To solve this problem, try to develop a 'sexual code' between you two. For instance, a slight squeeze on your arm means "You're doing great! Pls. keep doing it!"; while nails on your skin or arm mean "enough of that!". You will receive more squeezes, however, if you know some important facts. Click here to learn more:http://www.chompin.tk/ YOU're changing 'techniques' too fast. Men like to try different sexual positions, great; but sometimes you may be changing too fast. Women need to get accustomed to a certain 'rhythm' before sexual pleasure begins to climb. If you keep shifting positions, she will either (a) never find the position that brings her an orgasm, (b) lose the sexual pleasure she was experiencing in the previous position or (c) be so frustrated that even if you go back to the same position, she may not be that sexually aroused again. Hopefully this list of potential reasons why your partner is not reaching an orgasm paves the way for discussion between the two of you. Don't focus on why she's not reaching an squirting orgasm. Instead, focus on what you guys are going to do, so that she does reach her squirting orgasm. Learn creative and easy ways to do women cumming... http://www.chompin.tk/ Tags: squirting orgasm How To Give A Squirting Orgasm women cumming how to make women cumming how to make women squirt squirting orgasms squirting girls girls squirting how to make a female squirt female orgasm how to make your girl squirt how to make her orgasm g spot orgasm clits clitorus how to get an orgasm
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5 Things Women WISH Men Did In Bed - Get Her Sexually OBSESSED With You
If you're a guy who thinks your sex game is decent, you're probably wrong. Because women don't speak up when it comes to sex. We've been conditioned to just pretend we're into it, even when we're not. I'm willing to bet you don't do all five things on this list. But once you start, you'll be able to make ANY girl sexually obsessed with you, so watch on for my sex tips for men! 💦 GET 15% OFF THE CLITORAL VIBRATOR I USE & RECOMMEND HERE: https://bit.ly/2HiDIrm 💦 GET THE LUBE I PERSONALLY USE & RECOMMEND HERE: https://bit.ly/2EZ6cmj 💦 MAKE HER CUM WITH AMAZING ORAL SEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ust9SkvIbwA&t=9s 💦 MAKE HER SQUIRT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T-jiXUpEqk 💦 HOW TO HAVE ANAL SEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPbfqbZvrSs&t=4s ____________________________________________________________________ ⭐ JOIN MY PATREON FOR 1:1 SEX COACHING FROM $2 A MONTH: https://www.patreon.com/nadiabokody ⭐ FOLLOW ME ON INSTA FOR DAILY SEXINESS: https://www.instagram.com/nadiabokody/
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Woman need to know how to cum - Man must watch
I love what he talk about women that's exactly the same thing happens in a real life. And what ever he said about man it's true man don't need that much attention Or to make a cum..
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Any man who can not make woman cum during sex is completely useless.
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How can i make a woman cum? What is Cum? What are the tricks involved?
Sexplanation: How to make a woman cum faster
Sex expert explains how to make a woman cum faster. How to satisfy a woman
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2 Things That Make Women Cum Very Hard
http://www.betterinbed.tv/programs/better-in-bed Hey, it's Adam Armstrong here, And in this video I'm going to talk to you about 2 things that make women cum very hard. Those 2 things being: - TRUST and... - RESPECT Why do TRUST and RESPECT make women cum very hard? Because for a woman, sex is all about giving in and surrendering to her man. Only when she fully gives in and surrenders can she experience her true potential for ORGASM. Now, here's the important bit... so pay attention... A woman can only fully give in and surrender to her man when she fully TRUSTS and RESPECTS him! And that's a fact. So... Do all that you can to develop a high level of trust and respect with your woman OUTSIDE of the bedroom. Because it'll help you have much better sex. To learn more about how to make her cum - check out my Ultimate Orgasm Techniques program by clicking the link below: http://www.betterinbed.tv/programs/ultimate-orgasm-techniques Talk soon, Adam Armstrong P.S. If you liked the video please hit the 'Like' button and leave a comment/question Also remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4EHEzYTb6s&feature=youtu.be
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How to Make a Female Orgasm   Sex Positions to Make Her Cum
Did you know that direct penetration while having sex would be the least helpful technique to get a lady to an orgasm? That's true. Males and females are wired in a different manor on the subject of sexual acts. It really is far easier to stimulate a male to an orgasm compared to a female. But when a lady orgasms, she typically does that with higher depth than guys. Tag: How to Make a Female Orgasm Sex Positions to Make Her Cum How to Make a Female Orgasm Sex Positions to Make Her Cum How to Make a Female Orgasm Sex Positions to Make Her Cum
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The Best Oral Sex Position To Make A Girl Cum
Sex and dating coach, Sienna Sinclair shares an amazing technique for pleasing a woman in the bedroom. She is going to teach you the best way for pleasuring a woman by going down on her. Sienna's website: http://www.naughtycoaching.com http://www.getherhooked.com Thumbnail from: http://www.rawattractionmagazine.com/
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How to squirt your girl and make her cum real quick
In this video, I'm gonna show you how to finger your girl and keep her asking for more
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ASMR - Moaning Girlfriend Makes You Cum- Moaning Experience -  Sounds to make you cum
Videos Uploaded Every Other Day. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to support the creators. Comment down what you want next. ASMR - Girlfriend makes you cum - GF Experience - Sounds to make you cum ASMR - Girlfriend makes you cum - GF Experience - Sounds to make you cum ASMR - Girlfriend makes you cum - GF Experience - Sounds to make you cum
Views: 279322 Worldwide Creators
Ask Dr Sexy-Ann - Men Can't Make Women Cum
A study by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction at Indian University investigate how orgasm occurrence varies by gender and sexual orientation and finds that lesbian women are more likely to orgasm during sex than bisexual and heterosexual women. Dr Sexy-Ann examines the findings. Send your questions to [email protected] Link to article: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/281344.php Follow Dr Sexy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allaboutthesexy?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/drsexyann Instagram: http://instagram.com/drsexxyann/
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How To Give Your Woman An Orgasm She'll Never Forget - How To Make Her Cum - Women Cumming
It's definitely worth a visit : http://bit.ly/TheFemaleOrgasm2015 How to give any woman an orgasm…every time! It’s like the Holy Grail for men – making a female reach orgasm when we sleep with them is of the utmost importance to us men and often our number one priority, even outranking our own sexual needs. But why is making a woman cum so high on our to-do lists when we’re in the sack and, once you know it’s something you’d like to be able to do, how do you give a woman an orgasm each and every time? Is there a special technique, a magic touch, or is it in the lap of the Gods whether or not she makes that elusive “O” face (and actually means it!) Before we get into the techniques - the science behind female sexual gratification - let’s first have a quick look at the subject of orgasms as a whole. The male climax, which combines ejaculation with an orgasm, is – unless a guy has got something pretty seriously wrong with him – a foregone conclusion in sex. We guys know that when we cum it’s usually end game for us, so we tend to use our orgasms as a marker – the amount of time that elapses between first insertion to final climax constitutes our sexual performance, good or bad. Whether we last as long as we’d like, or do all the things we’d love to do, we’re always guaranteed that predictable pay-off at the end of it all. Women, on the other hand – and somewhat unsurprisingly – are totally different. Whether they achieve an orgasm is entirely dependant on a host of requirements, including but not limited to: the guy’s sexual ability, the female’s knowledge of how her body works, and her mood at the time of sex. Then there’s the added headache (for us!) of women faking orgasms just to please us and keep our egos in check. All combined, giving a girl an orgasm - and realising that we have - is usually a tricky business for most guys. But there ARE things you can do to ensure you stand the absolute best chance of bringing your partner or partners to the highest possible point of sexual pleasure. These are concepts most men never hear of or, if they do, never try – because, to be honest, if they did give them a whirl, the female orgasm really wouldn’t be such an elusive, unattainable thing. Here they are: the techniques and strategies you should use to give a woman an orgasm…every time. 1. PROPER BUILD-UP. Sexual satisfaction and stimulation happens in two different ways: in the mind, and in the body. Many men forget about this balance of the mental and physical, and rush into penetrative sex too quickly, with too much pace. Instead you need to start slow and gradually intensify the attention you give the girl and the actions you perform. So, begin intercourse with slow strokes that vary in depth and angle. Doing this does two things. First, it warms the woman up physically and allows her body to fully accept and accommodate you. Second, it gives you a vital opportunity to watch for what type of stroke speed, depth and angle stimulates the girl the most and pleasures her to the highest degree. Listen to her moans, watch her eyes and try to sense her excitement levels as you vary your technique. 2. DISPLAY YOUR FOCUS. Don’t be afraid to make it obvious that your main goal is pleasuring her as much as you possibly can. Many men feel as if it makes them seem soppy or subordinate to display a desire to only pleasure the female and forget about themselves, but this is a mistake. When you show how much you care about showing her a good time, you achieve three things. First, you turn her on emotionally and mentally (which, as I just mentioned, is vital). Second, you open up healthy communication between the two of you – she can verbally tell you what feels the best and where you should focus. The third reason is the simplest of all: the more you focus your attention on something, the more likely you are to achieve your goal. 3. DOUBLE STIMULATION. Most women achieve their orgasms from external, clitoral stimulation and not penetrative, vaginal sex. So, focus plenty of attention on pleasuring her with your fingers or orally AND giving her external gratification (such as rubbing her clit lightly in a circular motion with the tips of your index, middle and ring fingers) while partaking in actual intercourse. This more than doubles the chance of reaching orgasm. how to satisfy women in bed,how to satisfy a woman in bed,how to fully satisfy a woman in bed,wild women,how to make a woman come fast,women climaxing,female orgasoms,female orgasams,female masterbation,female orgasim,female orgasoms,female climax,femaleorgasm,women orgasming,female cumming,women cumming
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CUM TOO FAST? (Question Of The Week #16)
Premature ejaculation occurs when a man has an orgasm sooner during intercourse than his partner wishes. i think that the best thing to do to avoid this is to just masturbate 30 minutes before you have sex. They also make desensitizing condoms and sprays you can put on before you put on the condom. Song: Pete Rock - Gimmie Yours (Instrumental)
Views: 18593 CreativeThinking5000
PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE 3!!! Learn How To Make Spongebob Star Wars Jedi & Wonder Woman DIY Pancake!
We’re back for the pancake art challenge 3 where last time you learn how to make minions from despicable me 3, spiderman from the new marvel spider-man homecoming movie and even an emoji, rainbow and so many more fun toys to play with like rare edible giant fidget spinner. This time I’m teaching you how to make Wonder Woman from the new DC Justice League movie spongebob squarepants Yoda from Star Wars the last jedi & Ice cream! Pancakes are a delicious breakfast food to eat and share with your brother, sister and whole family. Weather you’re a boy, girl, kid, teen or artist this easy children & kids safe diy cooking tutorial and taste test from Collins Key and his younger brother (not twin) Devan is super funny comedy. Watch as they try to cook homemade rainbow cupcake pancakes, then eating their way through the rest of the pancakes. How to be #KeyperOfTheWeek! 1. FOLLOW my Instagram HERE: https://goo.gl/WCL9fW And Turn on POST NOTIFICATIONS 2. LIKE & COMMENT on LOTS of my pics 3. Copy THIS LINK & put it in your Bio: https://youtu.be/hpedwgBCqn0 FOLLOW COLLINS KEY Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/collinskey/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CollinsKey Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/collinskey DEVAN'S LINKS: Twitter: http://bit.ly/Ye3fa0 Insta: http://bit.ly/1wMSMyu Snapchat: DevanKeyy Musical.ly: DevanKey2 Watch more Pancake Art Challenge Videos: PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Learn How To Make Minions Spiderman & Fidget Spinner out of DIY Pancake! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76HNTyRLWVw&t=25s The Pancake Challenge SIBLING TAG | Collins Key https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l2OT... PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! UChLN0bJgq6d15OK2HVB4YTg Sis vs Bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx3fZ... The PANCAKE ART Challenge | Kamri Noel & Kenni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSO-4... Frozen Elsa PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE! w/ Spiderman Joker Fairy Godmother Fun Superhero in real life IRL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFdu6
Views: 83693429 Collins Key
Tutorial G Spot Video - Make Her Cum Fast!
In this g spot video, Joey Jay reveals the truth about female penetration orgasms, why it usually doesn't happen at all, and how to be sure you're the guy who always makes it happen from now on! "g spot video"
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How To Make Women Cum
http://www.femaleorgasmtricks.com - click here and learn more on how to get laid. If you want to learn more on How To Make Women Cum, click on the link and check out this amazing guide.
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Amber Heard Sexy Underwear scene, makes him CUM! hot Seduction scene from London Fields movie 2018
Sexy Amber heard walks in a sexy lingerie / bikini and puts the money in her panties and seduces the man to make him cum in his pants! , so sexy! Amber Heard looks so hot in her underwear! I don't make any money from these videos, Only The Copyright owner monetizes these videos. I don't own or claim any rights of this audio-visual content, Its all in the hands of the real copyright owner. #LondonFieldsMovie #AmberHeard
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