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Inside the Cruise Ship During Storm

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How its feel like to be in a cruise ship during rough seas .🌐 Stay connected : A collective of 770K+ members! 🌐 » Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/HASFacebook » Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/HASInstagram » Tweet us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/HASTwitter Submit your Seafarer Videos : [email protected] HAS is a team of citizens of different nations dedicated to the cause of sharing, appreciating and highlighting the lives of Seafarers. For media inquiries, please contact us at https://www.humansatsea.com
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Text Comments (2761)
Gladys Dishew (36 minutes ago)
Yeah.. this is really worth the money. Have a great trip.
Dalton Harmon (1 hour ago)
Some of the people are enjoy it
Gazania Flower (10 hours ago)
forestghost7 (10 hours ago)
That's what you get for patronizing one of these hideous top-heavy floating condos/casinos they pass off as "ships" now, bwahaha! Too bad the REAL ships are gone, the legendary ocean liners, built to handle severe weather, with everything BOLTED down. I remember.
gma (12 hours ago)
If I were there, I will make a milk shake and put my life jacket on
Sajid Khan (12 hours ago)
Allah is the supreme Allah subhanhu wataala has control the whole universe
People R. Animals (18 hours ago)
Not only should it be standard practice to bolt everything down, it should be standard that if the forecast predicts serious inclement weather, they should either pick a new route or cancel all together. I would be fucking PISSED if I spent thousands of dollars on a cruise to be out there in that scary weather in the middle of the ocean. Proof that cruise lines are greedy.
al boddy (20 hours ago)
Lord Byron II (20 hours ago)
Going by ship, but yet going by Rail. Hurl. Hell, I even get sea sick on a frigging waterbed.
Rachel Cronin (23 hours ago)
You couldn't pay me to take a cruise, ever!
Allison Neal (1 day ago)
And my husband wonders why I dont want to go on a cruise
Maverick (1 day ago)
Anyone for soup.....?
Michelle Gibbs (1 day ago)
SHIT..... No F-ing way !!!!! Never been on a cruise and never will
Nadisha Isidore (1 day ago)
Am not seeing the video
Mark Job (1 day ago)
Oh can't you use some better music ? It's super irritating to listen to that noise you have for a soundtrack !
Javier Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Al carajo los CRUCEROS 🛳️ muy costoso para arriesgar unas vacaciones y soportar esa inestabilidad.
Racelly rodriguez (1 day ago)
Sharon Gill (1 day ago)
It's on my bucket list to go on a cruise,,not sure after this think I might need to kick the bucket 😵😱😀
Kiara Reeman (1 day ago)
At last, people died of the irritating music.
Tom Fagro (1 day ago)
Where's my refund?
Dini SCH.OUTEN (1 day ago)
John Locsin (1 day ago)
Next port the captain fired of his job
Irayna Lee (1 day ago)
Meals on wheels whooo hooooo pizza in ya face 😝😝 Why dont they just stay in there cabin must be enjoying being flung round like washing on a clothes line 🤣🤣
john harris (1 day ago)
Hilarious...I might go if they could guarantee this...
nena karim (2 days ago)
why has this set sail? where's modern tech to determine in advance the weather? such loss ehh. . . common sense not common here? not bolted furnishings, no weather focast, etc.etc etc . . .
Guy Patts (2 days ago)
Stupid who fuck wanna even be on there
Jennifer Tyler (2 days ago)
Im seasick just watching that......
Karen Martin (2 days ago)
Shit that you wouldn't see me go on a cruise no way xxx
beloog99 (2 days ago)
The furniture should be bolted down. Sincerely, Capt. Obvious
Mike Ivy (2 days ago)
It’s a boat ppl! On an ocean!
Mike Ivy (2 days ago)
One day. One day! The titanic went to the bottom and she made these look tiny! It’s coming and I don’t care...who wants to travel with a bunch of smelly middle class buffet hoarding ppl?
Jodie H (2 days ago)
Next stop I would be getting off the ship for good.
Mark Johnson (2 days ago)
Did they get a refund?
Philip Sanders (2 days ago)
Look out grandma,everybody are we having fun yet!weeeeeeee
Mark Johnson (2 days ago)
Sea sick time
Mark Johnson (2 days ago)
Looks like fun. Lawsuit time. Crazy not to have stuff bolted down
Mark Johnson (2 days ago)
. 358 pole lady. Everyone should be in their cabin not running around
Garrell Smith (2 days ago)
That's why I'm never going to go on a cruise ship. My wife tries to get me to go all of the time and my reply is always the same, "no no no no no no no", my answer will never change about a cruise ship, I said I will never get on a plane but I changed my mind and I'm gonna try that this year but it will never change about the ship
Edgar Gecolea (2 days ago)
Zafar Iqbal (2 days ago)
how come these shops have loose furniutres?
black knight ikani (2 days ago)
Now this is why I Wil never go on any cruise ship/boat. 🚢🛥️🛳️
Crispublicity (2 days ago)
All the people have to be in the rooms, how can go to dinner?
JayGanesh Krishnan (2 days ago)
Thank god my cruise time was damn smooth
Wilson Contreras (2 days ago)
Roderick Miranda (2 days ago)
They should add magnets
John Sluder (2 days ago)
I have no desire to go on a multicultural Nightmare of a cruise ship today. And for those who think lawsuits. Get out of here. Stay off the ship then.
Israel Duamor Teye (2 days ago)
this is Titanic...
HOOROO TV (3 days ago)
The Poseidon Adventure ⚡🚢⚓🌊🏄🐳 🐟
Adriana Zapata (3 days ago)
OMG. So horrible
Carmen Diaz (3 days ago)
No way they catch me in a cruise. HELL NO !
Alanna Fox Starks (3 days ago)
Is this normal???!!! Does this happen a lot? Holy Crap!
Anthony Wheat (3 days ago)
I just came here to read the comments from all the geniuses.
Prathamesh Sawant (3 days ago)
I love land..
Sad Love Story (3 days ago)
OMFG i'm so afraid of this
Darron Galway (3 days ago)
They don't show you this in the brochure
Santiago Martínez (2 days ago)
Michael Smith (3 days ago)
The music is very irritating.
MistakezWeRMade _ (3 days ago)
YEA NO (3 days ago)
MaOribOy 10 (3 days ago)
Yeehaa!!!!!! 🤙🤙🤙🤙😀😀😀
ronald boreland (3 days ago)
Throwing my clothes in the pool is a great money saver! Where's the detergent?
Bill Hoang (3 days ago)
Island moving!!!
McCain Jay (3 days ago)
I love cruises but I won't do it anymore because I get sick everytime I go on one.
Orions Eye (3 days ago)
The titanic, didn't teach these people 💩
Ayema Damashol (3 days ago)
There's a joint international study that the safest place 2b during sea storms is to wear your life jacket and jump out into the ocean!!!😀😁😂😃😅😆😆😉😎
Orange Erndog (4 days ago)
Looks like a great time
Mina Rosered (4 days ago)
What are those people trying to do for heaven's sakes! I need to get to a secured area and stay the hell put! It looks like they were trying to stop the furniture from sliding
Marlies Ortmann (4 days ago)
Ohoh Panik 😣😣😣
River J Brooks (4 days ago)
I'm a land lover!!
Camillo Loco (4 days ago)
thanks admin
Bob Garrity (4 days ago)
I think the fat guy @3:28 wore his horizontal striped shirt just to maximize the comedic effect of him rolling around in this video.
Carlos Cruz (4 days ago)
I wonder if they got a refund!
Todd Hercules (4 days ago)
The music is horrible
Lynne Lipovsek (4 days ago)
Nooooo Thanks thats why ill never go on a cruise !!!!
Paul Jackson (4 days ago)
Omg this looks so dam fun but if I was there I would of screamed and scare the whole ship
ams 15292 (4 days ago)
Now that's real cruising. Hope they keep some adult diapers in stock.
andres salinas (4 days ago)
Why pay all that money just to have the shit scared out of you
T Childgone (4 days ago)
THE CONCEITED MANkind ------------------------------------------ You think you are the master of this world_ You think your creation is the supreme_ You think you can forgotten the devine presence_ You nothing just a dot among divine mighty creation_ Whats you already conquer?? Be Realized dont decepted by the Demon about freewill.
Gina Annis (4 days ago)
Was on a cruise with a storm not this bad, but still hard to stand. People were throwing up everywhere. My last cruise.
Daisy Train (4 days ago)
major sea sickness
Munt Munt (4 days ago)
it is the stupidity to not fix chairs , tables and sofas
DJMinor5000 (5 days ago)
Cruise ships should have furniture fixed to the floors and walls to prevent furniture from sliding around. They have done this in fast food restaurants for years, even though fast food restaurants are not on the sea. There should be a protocol in place that restricts passengers from going into areas subject to these disturbances on cruise ships during one of these storm events.
Richard Anderson (5 days ago)
the sea has no master
Mário Soares (5 days ago)
What a stupid fucking music
ميمي 12 (5 days ago)
ويبقى وجهه ذو الجلال والاكرام .لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله
Brocounty 1979 (5 days ago)
I like the people at 2:34 still trying to enjoy their dinner despite furniture flying around the dining room, "Waiter will my prime rib be out soon god damn it."  "Uh sir I'll check on your prime rib right after I hold this piano back from taking your entire fucking table out..."
D C (5 days ago)
Who wants to play naked Twister? I'll go first!
Dorothy Lloyd (5 days ago)
Not fun I will never go on a cruise
RK info (5 days ago)
wow.. 🙁🙁
Heather Jones (6 days ago)
I think I'll take a piano in my soup please.
Yolly Saunders (6 days ago)
Y in the hell the cruise line company will sails if there is a storm? They should have known better.
pink Candy (6 days ago)
Can u imagine the amount of compensation claims lol
pink Candy (6 days ago)
Ok this would scare me
Niraj Maru (6 days ago)
1:39 a guy from inception
William Sessions (6 days ago)
@1:25 just keep the drinks coming !!
LateMorning ZoneTime (7 days ago)
These passengers are stupid just standing there and not doing anything. When it comes to this kind of situation go and get your life jacket just in-case you atleast are ready for the worst. Be close to the door where all the little boats are.
Beth Hollins (3 days ago)
Little boats😊
Althea Malcolm (7 days ago)
Fake...they don't sail in storm...smh
carol ogwin (7 days ago)
WoW, not missing anything.No ship for me.
Winnie Levine (7 days ago)
Corientje (7 days ago)
As if you're watching paranormal investigation...
Tony Critcher (7 days ago)
Oh no, it's terrible!!! I am talking about the music, not the cruise! (how many more videos will choose this 'music'?)
Cilledan Mondedo (7 days ago)
But no wear the life jacket

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