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Inside the Cruise Ship During Storm

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How its feel like to be in a cruise ship during rough seas .🌐 Stay connected : A collective of 770K+ members! 🌐 » Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/HASFacebook » Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/HASInstagram » Tweet us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/HASTwitter Submit your Seafarer Videos : [email protected] HAS is a team of citizens of different nations dedicated to the cause of sharing, appreciating and highlighting the lives of Seafarers. For media inquiries, please contact us at https://www.humansatsea.com
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Text Comments (2353)
Rot Käppchen (18 hours ago)
🤮😱🤢 furchtbar!!!
Dido Cretak (18 hours ago)
AT 2.50 it's not a ship in storm...it's a bad case of poltergeist. 👻👻👻 Pedro, bring me my sage, im going in! ✝️✝️✝️😄
Mike Graves (1 day ago)
I've been through 3 typhoons in the Pacific on a destroyer in the '70s when we took 40 degree rolls
German Camilo Baker (1 day ago)
Brian Oden (1 day ago)
Now THAT'S my kind of cruise!
BadidiotGAMIN 2 (1 day ago)
where did you go
Andy Jones (1 day ago)
Exactly the reason why you would never see me on a cruise ship.....
La Price (2 days ago)
Hi me and my mom Went On a cruise it was the carnival cruise it was fine nothing bad happened with us
Get A Life (2 days ago)
“Every moment has its music” Although it doesn’t match 100% to the atmosphere in the clips, I don’t mind the soundtrack. It sets a different tone than having dramatic classical music making it sound like a tragedy. All you get from the original audio of the recording is people talking/yelling and wind blowing into the mic..
Pauline Whitehouse (3 days ago)
Just can't fathom WHY they don't bolt down furniture etc, when they know that weather is going to be rough, especially a storm.
Andrew Vermeer (4 days ago)
All these passengers.......roll on floor......laughing.
o loko!!!
MrMilanoLau (7 days ago)
The same as spending a holiday on a big roller coaster.
sharon lint (8 days ago)
Have been there on them seas crossing from the uk to France on a passenger ship try it on a small cargo ship a coaster
Katie O'Neill (8 days ago)
熊小 (10 days ago)
Khiem Ly (10 days ago)
no travel on boat.............risky your life...............
Khiem Ly (10 days ago)
never want to get seasick...............I got one in my life when I flee to Thailand I m on small boat for hours I can not stand JUST LIE down face down on boat ...............waiting police catch me to bring me to shore ................1989..................now I'm over 50 .........that time I'm 23 - never forgot ....
R. R. (10 days ago)
They are very hurry!
John Halliwell (10 days ago)
Looks fun
michelle lopez (11 days ago)
Yoda Google (11 days ago)
Waste of money. Stay at home. Cruise Liners are floating boxes. Avoid this type of risky holidays
phong nguy (13 days ago)
The ocean is Pitt off
uawsux (13 days ago)
Ncl is absolutely the worst most pathetic Cruise Line ever they're the biggest rip-offs liars and scammers most especially pride of America is no Pride they raise the hourly wage of the workers do to Union restrictions but then keep all the tips for themselves and order all the help all the staff that any tips received will go to the ship at risk of being fired I was put off the ship for revealing this to the passengers
Richard Samuelson (14 days ago)
La Pianista P (14 days ago)
He pasado vacaciones en varios cruceros , los primeros me entusiasmaron mas pero el ULTIMO ES Y SERA EL ULTIMO , nos agarro una tormenta que creria que moririamos todos , es de terror un temporal en esas moles de cruceros , son excelentes pero tambien se hunden
music loversaxgirl (15 days ago)
Hmm, going on a cruise ship or going into space up to the ISS, same amount of fear. I would not do either.
Heike Kopmeier (15 days ago)
Horror pur...würde nie auf ein Schiff gehen...
JK JK (16 days ago)
Fake where are the waves outside?
Madam Butterfly (17 days ago)
Bet kids loved it!!! Lol
Pussycatfeathers (18 days ago)
Looks like a fun holiday....NOT!!!!
Bob Peters (18 days ago)
Why there is still water in the pool? Why are the chairs not locked with a chain? Why are the tables not fixed? What is the name of the ship?
OtreboR (18 days ago)
one more reason why I never will go on cruisership
Идите нах
Вот веселуха ! Я бы весьма желал очутиться там!😊
Enzo Anania (19 days ago)
Go go go on your cruises..nobody ever heard of the titanic..lol...
Benji Yamamoto (19 days ago)
Titanic probably looked the same :(
DOUBLEPLATINE (19 days ago)
Nul ce bateau
Gary Herlth (19 days ago)
First of all a cruise ship should never be subjected to this type of weather. They have the onboard technology to see and move away from this area of disturbance.
Sarah Love (20 days ago)
Stay in your cabin during a storm!
Sarah Love (6 days ago)
MrMilanoLau Not really. We just live within our budget.
MrMilanoLau (6 days ago)
You are very rich
Sarah Love (7 days ago)
MrMilanoLau Taking my 36th Cruise next week. I have never had a bad cruise. Our ships always go around the storms.
MrMilanoLau (7 days ago)
Staying at home is even better
Brandon Greenleaf (20 days ago)
Wow. A salt shaker sliding. Titanic
Margie Cieslinski (20 days ago)
We were on a cruise ship the summer JFK Jr. died & I couldn’t wait to get off. No, thanks I rather fly & be there in a few hours instead of on the ship for 1 day. You also gain at least 5-10 lbs.
Astrid Miller (20 days ago)
thank you..wish l was on it..looks like awesome fun
Irina Striypchih (20 days ago)
необходимо владеть невероятную храбрость, чтоб вот этак ходить под парусами! Ужас!!!!
rabin bhattarai (21 days ago)
Drop a
davesbigplay (21 days ago)
Disney world needs to make this into a ride. Let's call it , cruise from hell.
Marcio Monteiro (21 days ago)
Cara ,que video da hora.Muito tenso.Por isso não viajo de navio.A coitada da mulher fez o sinal da cruz!! .Em 5:00 .Parabens pela postagem .
R F (21 days ago)
Do you think any of these people on these ships are thinking what I'm thinking, possible another movie in the making
Jackson Clinton (22 days ago)
Me thinks I would just stay home next time.   No Vacation......    Just a Staycation. lol
Lili Chen (22 days ago)
Going on a cruise on December Why the hell did I watch this and by the way THIS IS IN PACIFIC OCEAN
Dennis Dietrich (22 days ago)
Warum werden die Möbel nicht fixiert? Warum ist das Geschir nicht magnetisch oder in einer Gyroskop ähnlichen Vorrichtung gelagert?
basant vimal sharma (23 days ago)
what a stormy Daniels
Mariano Banegas (23 days ago)
Cruiser ship... No thanks
Mircea Costiniuc (25 days ago)
:-) !!!
DoggSho (25 days ago)
No excuse in this day and age to not have technologically evolved enough to have maritime ship dinning room furniture straight bolted on or electro magnetized to the flooring, walls or permanently stationary structures. It's way cheaper both in the immediate and long run to have an XY array lattice in the flooring surface to screw in table and chairs legs every foot in each x or y direction. Talk about "institutionalized-conventional-laziness", well here it is at its most classic(ness)!
Andrew Vermeer (4 days ago)
.........or a floor that stays stable somehow, like Segway technology.
Jayson Torrino (25 days ago)
Well its more fun
K Rank (26 days ago)
Hmm i'm going on a cruise in 3 weeks time, looks like fun.
Andrew Vermeer (4 days ago)
Take your bike helmet along and just claim to be "the big Gazoo". (Flintstones episode).
I always wonder why tables n such not bolted down
john lithgow (28 days ago)
looks fun NOT
Tanjawi Asil (28 days ago)
What is that pathetic music for?
Супер. Спасибо
Nico Heimann (29 days ago)
So ein Seegang kommt doch nicht von jetzt auf gleich. Das kündigt sich doch vor her schon mit immer mehr Wellengang an. Warum Bringt man nicht alle Losen Gegenstände in Sicherheit bevor sie durchs Schiff Schießen? Oder ist es Wichtiger das die Leute bis zum Ultimo an ihren tisch sitzen können und ihr Cavia Essen können biss sie weg gefegt werden?
Ужас страшный. А это когда и где было?
#xApple #xApple (1 month ago)
i'm going in two days!
J4CKAR0O (1 month ago)
3:51 This shit isn’t funny this lady got knocked out!!
w paint (1 month ago)
What in the gross liability
Hosin Mohamad (1 month ago)
Allah hawa 3ala kolli chay2in 9adir sobhana llah
Jean-claude Robinson (1 month ago)
il ne faut plus aller en haut mèr comme sa. il faut prévoir, sa peut être catastrophique. surtout en pleine mer!
Alicia Cravero (1 month ago)
вот это пересрали
Jana Steiner (1 month ago)
is it titanic or worse?
Tim Davies (1 month ago)
What a boring clip, and why add such lousy music?
Elena Pavlovski (1 month ago)
Какой кошмар 😱! При таковой качке кушать верояность пораниться !!! А то и получить травму!! Почему огромные предметы не закреплены??!!??
Fitzroi (1 month ago)
I rejoice in every sinking cruise ship.
James Billington (1 month ago)
Stupid music ruins videos. Thumbs down well earned.
Goodtohave Inajam (1 month ago)
Can really do without the bullshit dramatic music.
g bridgman (1 month ago)
I'm surprised things aren't fastened better. Why are all these people milling about? They should stay in their cabins. It looks as if the ship suffered quite a bit of damage.
Jerry Dmello (1 month ago)
It is common people know how to handle.it is safe journey.
Chris Veeresh (1 month ago)
There was another storm in swimming pool too.
shawnte Pitts (1 month ago)
That's right Aaliyah
kiran Kumar (1 month ago)
I don't like water boat journey dangerous life dangerous journey
Felipe Tiburcio (1 month ago)
Shilodog Smith (1 month ago)
It looks like the bar is still open.
6882544 (1 month ago)
Oh hell no!
CeeCee CeeCee (1 month ago)
Looks extremely painful.
Wysiwyg101 (1 month ago)
Did you see all of that pool water sloshing around? It almost seemed like it trying to escape so it it could re-connect with the rest of the main body of ocean.
Nadine Crupi (1 month ago)
Why did captain go that way??
santhosh kumar (1 month ago)
Very nice
blassneck (1 month ago)
It would be better without the overly dramatic audio. Fuck off
charles frits (1 month ago)
I was the USS Kitty hawk in a typhoon and planes and people falling off the flight deck some people we save and some we didn't it was tire horror we lost men and planes that were never found a ship with 7,000 men
Judy Dwyer (1 month ago)
I would have fun if i was younger ha ha
Ty Yahzzee (1 month ago)
No thanks..I'm staying on land...lol
K Sam (1 month ago)
do those people get a refund for the food that dropped and now on the floor?
Ingrid Christiansen (1 month ago)
Nearer my God to Thee
Chad Portenga (1 month ago)
Like the guy riding the concierge counter at 4:10
G Mahler (1 month ago)
I always thought cruises were boring and for old and/or dull people. However this would be interesting. How do I book this cruise?
Ashi (1 month ago)
Why are not the chairs and tables attached to the floor?
Andrew Dickson (1 month ago)
I worked on commercial fishing and clamming boats smallest was 85 footer, we weathered many storms including hurricane Gloria in 85'. We had 45' waves crashing all around us but I tell you I would rather be in a storm in that little boat than any cruse ship, not my cup of tea.

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