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It's raining spiders! Spider rain phenomenon explained

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After a small Australian town was recently covered by spiders raining from the sky, we explain what exactly spider rain is. Report by Claire Lomas.
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Text Comments (502)
Boats In the sea (23 days ago)
We need another bomb
Marie Abellanosa (24 days ago)
Spiders: *Where we dropping boys?* Using my moms account.
Namrata Sharma (24 days ago)
Why this spider rain happened in Australia?
Pacific/Atlantic boi (25 days ago)
Hanz, bring flammenwerfer
Charlie Thompson (27 days ago)
Gavin Chronister (30 days ago)
This is lit
Gavin Chronister (30 days ago)
+Destinee Armstrong hello love
Destinee Armstrong (30 days ago)
Woah wassup cutie
Destinee Armstrong (30 days ago)
Hey Gavin
star flower25 (1 month ago)
Why can't it rain kittens?
2nd Texas Cavalry (1 month ago)
Yet another reason not to visit Australia
XxXJustin YXxX (1 month ago)
Justice reigns from above!
Felix (1 month ago)
Eva Bear (1 month ago)
No thanks
AngelGirl (1 month ago)
I started crying when I saw the thumbnail.
Phil Swift (1 month ago)
*We need to flex seal the sky.*
souhail rahali (1 month ago)
leave them alone they just moved in to see some family.
Jade Shannon (1 month ago)
it's the way u look at them which means different!Sounds like spiders from mars like Bowie sings!The heat brings them out!flying spiders, i don't believe it!Spiders can't fly! 1
Levick Dean (2 months ago)
Well time to move to Antarticta
ArmedAnarchist (2 months ago)
Shrek's paradise
hhaaart (2 months ago)
Thanks, now my skin is perpetually itching
I Just Hate My Life (2 months ago)
I'd Actually Kill Myself
Declan Higgins (2 months ago)
Hi, Australian here. This is not Goulburn, it’s Wagga Wagga, and neither are in south Australia
The Gaming Penguin (2 months ago)
How many cans of fly spray needs to kill the spiders A nuclear bomb size
The Gaming Penguin (2 months ago)
Fly spray has left the group chat
Ezzeldin mohd (2 months ago)
My friend: why don't we go to Australia Me: nope, jumps out of a window
Ezzeldin mohd (2 months ago)
Well consider yourself lucky if you live in Australia in Los Angeles there is a small that a sharknado could happen if their strong enough lift them and pass over the water
Tyl Regor (2 months ago)
*All aboard the NOPE-TRAIN!*
はあ (3 months ago)
NapoleonBonaparte (3 months ago)
I love my cold European town even more now
Hazard! (3 months ago)
*God Was Feeling Grumpy Today*
Billee Franklin (3 months ago)
one of my friends were going to move to Australia im soooooooo glad she didn't
nowknowthis (3 months ago)
Time to bust out the flamethrower
I wanna live there
BlueHooloovoo (3 months ago)
Why would anyone want to live in a place that has a Spider season?
Spiders are amazing, I wanna live there
Barbara Kempf (3 months ago)
Flame shooters get ready
Megadriver (3 months ago)
Mad respect for the little spider... You look at this tiny insect, thinking it's just a stupid thing that eats flies. Yet it knows how to use wind to transport itself to somewhere else. A bold and clever strategy in order to find a new home. It would be weird, but also fascinating to see. Not scared of spiders, unless they were the size of a cow and chasing me down...
They are not insects That's why they are more advanced
Alexander Avila (3 months ago)
Maybe god realized that Australian people are too used to spiders.
im absolutely fine {?} (3 months ago)
This is why australia is not real
owtena (3 months ago)
No! No! No! NOOOO! Never! Nope! Only over my dead body I'll be living in Australia!
Kent's Shenanigans (4 months ago)
I would freak!!!
Jakub Wołkowicz (4 months ago)
You know you dont want to live in australia when spiders falling from the sky isn't common thing to see there
Pocket Player (4 months ago)
Burn the whole thing...
John Cena (4 months ago)
Again people ask why does Australia have 26 million only well here is your answer...
breathin (4 months ago)
if this happend I would never open the door
theonlypd 2 (4 months ago)
Well time to nuke the bomb in the place
coonus1 (4 months ago)
Arachnophobia movie comes true! How creepy but I bet they keep bugs in check. Great video 👏😎👍
CreatorNite (4 months ago)
Well time to throw away Australia at this point..
Yalkın ÇIRAK (4 months ago)
They should have gathered the silk. That much spider silk would be a fortune
MischiefMeerkat (5 months ago)
Hell: "We have constructed the most terrible, god forsaken place of suffering your tiny mind can conceive!" Australia: "hold my beer, mate.."
Steven Thompson (5 months ago)
That's enough internet for today...
Ashia (5 months ago)
Keondin Perry (5 months ago)
👴🏾Walks outside Get off my goddam lawn !!! 😬🤬Ya eight legged fucks!!! I got a surprise for you. 💥💥💥💥
Raiden (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks it’s pretty cool? Buy an AA gun and pretend the Krauts are at it again.
James Hilson JR (5 months ago)
*and i thought Africa was bad*
TheExtremeEvoker (5 months ago)
It’s raining spiders Out of the sky Spiders *I WANT TO DIE*
Tord Le Communist (6 months ago)
*grabs things and goes to a different planet* *flips the world off as it gets nuked*
dumbass gamer (6 months ago)
Time for an evacuation! Am about to nuke Australia and move to another planet, HELL NO!!!
Adi Kurbegović (6 months ago)
USA be like:"Nuke time!"
Adi Kurbegović (6 months ago)
I'm moving to Mars
Jc Denton (6 months ago)
It raining spiders! From out of the sky! Spiders,no need to ask why just open your mouth and close your eyes! Its raining spiders!
Schmitt Djeson (6 months ago)
salemalslamah (6 months ago)
Kill the spidy cunts!
If I was them I will leave the earth
Johnny Sack (7 months ago)
does this happen across all of Australia?
weallarethedead (7 months ago)
they just found out in a study, that spiders for balooning use electricity of our atmosphere! Somehow they positively charge their silk, and since the ground is positively charged, this propels silk upward, and they use this lift for travel. Though nobody knows how exactly they charge their silk. :O
Coda (7 months ago)
blackbeard teach (7 months ago)
Of course it's Australia.
Y O J I M B O 用心棒 (7 months ago)
I love this woman's accent for some reason.
Zenytram Searom (7 months ago)
It is not the wind anymore, the spider are sunfing on ELECTRICALFIEL, holyshit that fucking amazing and terrifying.
Abdallah Daher (7 months ago)
So just to update on this, they don't actually fly by "riding the air". They actually "ride" electricity...😱
Kassandra Gaming (7 months ago)
Its raining spiderss Me: oh hell nOoOOo
VoltaicGamer (7 months ago)
Since they're so small and don't have alot of mass they don't take fall damage
harambe (8 months ago)
In alabama we have the jumping bitches i be squaring up with em
aniket banavlikar (8 months ago)
Ill kill myself before getting trapped in it
alvinraydj3 (8 months ago)
Let me just comment something you’ve all heard a million times because i think im funny but im actually cringy af and cant come up with anything original to say.
Mr. McCluckster (8 months ago)
Anyone got a flamethrower handy? 🔥
Navi Sacdalan (8 months ago)
This is why we made Flamethrowers
scruffles 383 (9 months ago)
The Lazy Stone (9 months ago)
So these spiders are playing fortnite, but in real life by ballooning? Ok nasa how’s making Mars a second planet earth going?
luizbiel (9 months ago)
Ah yes Australia, just one of its wonders.
Sumersingh rana (9 months ago)
Somebody nuke Australia before these things escape to other countries
Bilie Bill (9 months ago)
jokerhatespolitics (9 months ago)
so spiders can fly now ? great
ML Gaming (9 months ago)
it' a nightmare for me 😱😱
Cat gaming 4188 (9 months ago)
Wel i know one place im not going jezus christ i would move to the northpole
night scriber (10 months ago)
Ryan (10 months ago)
We had a less extreme version of this at school. There were still hundreds maybe thousands of them but there wasn’t much webs
Mike Stuart (10 months ago)
Anyone else from no sleep?
Brendan Bergmann (10 months ago)
I recommend Australians evacuate right about now. I think you got something explosive coming your way.
Kodiak the Karnivore (10 months ago)
Are flamethrowers legal in Australia?
Flaw 3554 (10 months ago)
This is why Elon Musk sold flamethrowers
VS (11 months ago)
Ohhh helllll nooooooo lmao
Aishwarya Pratim Rabha (11 months ago)
Armageddon is here
Plankton (11 months ago)
*_Spider can fly._*
Justiceforall (11 months ago)
Absolutely terrifying. I will from here on out remain inside after heavy rains. Creepy af.....Ahhaaghhhhhaaaa.
Chris Dulles (11 months ago)
Very interesting!
GLAM SQUAD (11 months ago)
Coviin (11 months ago)
Kill it with fire
Janie Stonecipher (11 months ago)
Get rid off the whole thing. Burn it. Quick somebody.
Inked Katie (11 months ago)
I'm opening up a flamethrower shop incase things like this happen. We're open and ready for customers to come rushing in!

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