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Knip Mode 06/2017 Dutch Sewing Magazine Browse Through

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Thank you so much for watching. Remember to like and subscribe for new sewing videos weekly. Knipmode is a monthly Dutch sewing pattern magazine, similar to BurdaStyle. All patterns in Knipmode are available in 11 sizes, up to European size 54 (131 cm / 51.5″ bust, 113 cm / 44.5″ waist and 138 cm / 54.3″ hip). PDF downloads are also available. For PDF downloads: go to the online shop: https://www.knipmode.nl/shop To subscribe send an email to [email protected] www.saturdaynightstitch.com IG @saturdaynightstitch.com I made this video using IPAD Mini IMovie App
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lil jmas (2 years ago)
Great magazine........have you seen "My Image" sewing magazine? I think it's also Dutch. It's very nice because they translate everything into English, Nederlands, Deutsch, French and Spanish. I randomly found it in my bookstore so I hope they keep carrying it.
Saturday Night Stitch (2 years ago)
Yes I have seen My Image but I didnt buy the womenswear version. I bought the kidswear magazine which is called Be Trendy but its the same company. I thought My Image had some lovely basic styles.
Angie Hollingworth (2 years ago)
There's some good patterns in this one. Can't wait to see what you end up making!
Saturday Night Stitch (2 years ago)
Thanks! I am super excited about the trench style shirtdress. Now if only the weather would warm up!
Lori Bernard (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing! Great picks. how do you get the books?
Saturday Night Stitch (2 years ago)
Thanks Lori. I put the link and info in the description box. Basically to subscribe you have to get in touch via email which I have included in the description box too. They also sell PDF patterns on their website to buy individually.
Sew Another (2 years ago)
I love all of your browse through videos especially at the end when you choose the top 3. I run a little competition with myself to see whether I would have picked the ones you did! This issue is nice.
Sew Another (2 years ago)
Only No. 3 this time around. No. 1 - I'm afraid of stripes! No. 2 - Picked the first maxi dress on the page you stopped before switching to the blue with the back details!
Saturday Night Stitch (2 years ago)
I love that idea!! Did I match your top picks in this one? :-)
Daniela Garduño (2 years ago)
Love it. Thanks for sharing. I wish they had it in english because I really like it. It's the most on fashionable one I've seen. I feel like all the other magazines are updated.
Saturday Night Stitch (2 years ago)
Its very fashion forward and they feature catwalk trends too. I am finding my way around with google translate. Maybe with time as demand increases they might add english instructions.

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