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Drew Barrymore & Henry Thomas Reading - Golden Globes 1983

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E.T. child actors Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas read a story about "Hollywood Press-Land" and how winners are picked for the Golden Globe awards. License Golden Globe Awards Clips Here: http://dickclarklicensing.com/Default.aspx?&sk=DCMA&q=Golden+Globe+Awards
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Text Comments (91)
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (1 month ago)
i am melting how sweet
Duncan Zagor (5 months ago)
Henry Thomas ......THE BEST OF WORLD !!!!!!
Tepora Hotene (5 months ago)
Omg that’s drew she was so young aha she so grown up now wow
t1[a]n0 (6 months ago)
1:40-1:43 that woman's look is scary, looks like a reptile
레오에피 (6 months ago)
0:31 It sounds like Matt Dillon's laugh
Algerian Cutie (10 months ago)
Omg Drew still talks the same,with the face expressions. So cute!
Bi Tea (10 months ago)
LittleLulubee (11 months ago)
SadieLovvesyou (1 year ago)
Omfg Henry Thomas is my cousin!!!!
Coral Rain (1 year ago)
Drew is wearing her flipper..poor kid
David S. (1 year ago)
jean-luc paradis (1 year ago)
Les pipes permettent d'accroître la longévité de la carrière. Drew en est la preuve.
Natasha Dill (1 year ago)
Julie Andrews <3 <3
Emma Vidal (1 year ago)
This boy reminds me of my brother when we were kids and saw E.T. Best movie ever.
Tommy Lellan (1 year ago)
1:07 proof that Taylor Swift is a witch.
Amit Saroj (6 months ago)
She is Tove lo.
Lily Iglesias ツ (1 year ago)
They're beautiful and cute <3 <3
richerDiLefto (1 year ago)
I was 2 when this happened. Where did the time go??
Vicky 12 (1 year ago)
Man, little Drew had so much personality! 😀
Annie REILY (1 year ago)
Drew was and is such a doll.
Laney Lydon (1 year ago)
Awww so cute
Airborne (1 year ago)
ET lied! He never came back!
FluteCheerios (1 year ago)
I think I saw Courtney Love in there
Big Baller (2 years ago)
Why were they reading it off the sheet of paper? They are actors they should be use to memorizing there lines?
öl Q (1 year ago)
Big Baller it was part of the joke
Fox Rivers (2 years ago)
I"m dying to go back and watch ET again. They were the cutest. Drew always wore the cutest dresses in her appearances. It might explain why she grew up to have such a fashion sense.
<3 ! <3 !
Taylor Church (2 years ago)
Henry Got me Laughing at "They know that Drew." 😂 awww sooo cute❤ wish I was born around that time
EatPlums (2 years ago)
Drew Barrymore slurs her words. Can't stand her cutesy act that she still does to this day. Barf!
Moyra Robson (2 years ago)
#drew #barrymore #drewbarrymore #henry #Thomas #henrythomas #Et #hollywood #forein #press #golden #globes #19832
Heidi Graney (3 years ago)
If they both saw this they would get a kick out of it. Henry Thomas would've been on the A star lust if his character Elliot didn't make such an enormous impact on America m. Drew Barrymore is America's sweetheart.
EatPlums (2 years ago)
Heidi Graney Drew Barrymore is a phony.
what does the woman say at 1:41 ?? she's so what???
Georgiaarn (2 years ago)
i think she said she's so beautiful ;)
sliat1981 (3 years ago)
So cute. What happened?
Adi Adrian (3 years ago)
+sliat1981 What happened to who?
Paul Waller (3 years ago)
0:47 & 1:00 Julia Andrews and Robert Preston for Victor Victoria. 1:41 William Shatner for Star Trek II. 1:54 Dustin Hoffman, Sydney Pollack for Tootsie. 2:01 Richard Dreyfuss
Nicole Simpson (3 years ago)
Julie Andrews is just beautiful!
Marcus Vasquez (3 years ago)
I just found out Henry is an alumni from my high school
Flamingo Mingo (1 year ago)
Marcus Vasquez oh wow my cousin went there!
Marcus Vasquez (2 years ago)
East Central High School In San Antonio TX
Trainking922 (2 years ago)
That's pretty rad! What school?
Giorgia Ontani (4 years ago)
Julie Andrews looks like exactly the same today!! Great woman!
Emily Marie (4 years ago)
Julie Andrews!!
Emily Marie (3 years ago)
@Mackenzie Anne but julie andrews was in the audience..
Mackenzie Anne (4 years ago)
This is Drew Barrymore
Sasha Airesse (4 years ago)
So adorable :)
LadyScorpio39 (5 years ago)
they were so cute!!!
Adam Lieblein (5 years ago)
I remember that night!  Oh, that's right, I'm old.
pheonix leaf (7 months ago)
Adam Lieblein *pats Adams back* there there
Michelle Gulden (1 year ago)
I remember it too. Henry Thomas is a year older than me, and Drew Barrymore just a little bit younger. I grew up watching their movies.
pika23 (5 years ago)
I spy Ann Jillian, William Shatner, Dustin Hoffman, and Julie Andrews
Paul Waller (3 years ago)
+pika23 Good eye
SteveFromOhio (5 years ago)
@ Amanda Austin - That's Ann Jillian.
IDream InPink09 (5 years ago)
Who is the blonde lady at 1:07? 
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 month ago)
Ann Jillian. She was nominated that night for playing Mae West in a TV biopic.
LadyScorpio39 (5 years ago)
they were the cutest kids ever!!! i want to adopt them!! so sweet! and they both grew up well. drew had a rocky teen years, but ended up a great woman, and henry seems do down to earth.
LadyScorpio39 (5 years ago)
at 1:54 you can see dustin hoffman....and at 2:01 you can see richard dreyfuss.
Adrian Galltier (5 years ago)
Awe that was adorable!
jalokin123321 (5 years ago)
Have you seen "my date with Drew?" She seems nice!
Dylan Cuffe (6 years ago)
About 8 or 9 I think
musicaltheatergeek79 (1 month ago)
Actually, *Henry Thomas* (b. September 1971) had just turned 11. This Golden Globe ceremony was held in January 1983. *Drew Barrymore* (b. February 1975) was still 7.
Dinobloxgirl (6 months ago)
Nah he's 12
yupinaa (6 years ago)
how old was she here?
OropherThranduil (6 years ago)
i cal only agree xD
OropherThranduil (6 years ago)
nope, drew was at the oldest 8 hear, that makes it at least a year since she even started smoking and 3 years till drinking.
OropherThranduil (6 years ago)
would be interesting to hear Drews opinion on Corey's crazy ''Pedophiles rule Hollywood'' theory.
OropherThranduil (6 years ago)
DAAAMN; i saw the Shat, William fucking Shatner xDDD Dustin Hoffman is awesome, and Drew is as cute as a Button, just as always.
oONiniSanOo (6 years ago)
Can't agree MORE ~.~"
thrashmetalfiend (6 years ago)
Is it me, or does Henry Thomas look kinda like Fred Savage?
Tyler Hackner (1 year ago)
Yeah I see the resemblance
Elise Ellefson (6 years ago)
i can't believe drew barrymore and corey feldman dated 0_0
DaveSimonH (6 years ago)
lol that was cute
Brian Abratte (6 years ago)
@ifjrqpi yeah yeah we all know that! also... check this game is really damn addictive --> bit.ly/WXmSPg?=gseej
Daniel Taylor (6 years ago)
so. freaking. cute.
onefoot7 (6 years ago)
I think she's hammered here...
Brandon Reina (6 years ago)
but now she is no longer cute anymore when she portrayed the beautiful teenage girl named josie "josie grossie" geller from never been kissed. she is going from good to bad to worse when she dated and married that no good tom green bad guy (of road trip fame). now she divorced him, she went back to her original ways and dated will ferrell (voice of the man in the yellow hat from curious george) instead.
Brandon Reina (6 years ago)
drew barrymore went from adorable child actress to the beautiful teen named josie "josie grossie" geller (from never been kissed) to curious george (alongside will ferrell) to executive producer of charlie's angels.
turowat (6 years ago)
Drew Barrymore is an example of inteligent choices on her adult life, healthy , no scandals, and she has not succumb to botox! good for her!!!
samsamba08 (6 years ago)
Yes, too bad it was all downhill for Drew from here...for a bit, at least. A dark haze of drugs and whatnot.
LadyScorpio39 (7 years ago)
omg God! they were the cutest kids ever. Henry Thomas was the most handsome little boy, and drew barrymore was the cutest little thing ever!
Shelly Coker (7 years ago)
How cute does drew look awww
calistyle95 (7 years ago)
i hope i see them on screen together once again.....
BuriedTreasure255 (7 years ago)
1:37 - They fled!
Kelsie (7 years ago)
Drew barrymore is my favourite person in the whole entire world!
Heidi Burns (7 years ago)
Look how cute drew barrymore and Henry thomas were so cute. Drew Barrymore as Gertie. Henry Thomas as Eliot. They were cute while talking on the Poetim. Thirty years back. Heidi
cake23451 (7 years ago)
how cute they were.
Gregory Mitchell (8 years ago)
How can you not smile at that.....adorable!
lafferty25 (8 years ago)
Love them! E.T. is by far one of the best movies ever made and Henry and Drew would make such a cute couple nowadays :)
Gerlie Balbido (1 year ago)
lafferty25 I agreed they should be cute couples together like boyfriend and girlfriend in real life
maziebunny2 (8 years ago)
aww, they were so cute. I love these clips from Globes past.

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