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MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH GIVENCHY PI | Best Men's Designer Fragrance

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Simply perfection. Here's my Instagram: @delicious_delightfulness Here's my email: [email protected]
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Kate Apted (5 months ago)
Funnily, I tend to watch your videos on our big tv in our lounge. Strange thing is, my teen boys now enjoy listening to your take on scents too. They both turn around from their computers when I put your videos on. That is a huge deal! Anyone else, they talk over the top of it!
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Aww I'm flattered Kate...that's so nice of you to say :D
early greek (5 months ago)
Old school Pi is a true knockout. Loved this review! Ill keep my eyes open for OG bottles of PI as, for some inexplicable reason, old batch Givenchy is easy to come by here on my side of the pond. The old bottles of PI I have seen do have the symbol down on the bottle btw. I think the change happened in the mid 90's. But mid 90's Pi is still full bottle worthy to my nose.
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
It definitely is a knockout for sure! I've been testing the reformulated Pi over the weekend. It doesn't perform as well but I think the smell itself is still very nice. I'll be picking up a bottle sometime I'm sure :D
NM Oddentity (5 months ago)
Sounds like your fondness is really tied to scent memories. I have several fragrances like that. They aren't really the best scents in my collection but I love going back to them every now and then to bring back those good memories. I have a "modern" bottle of Pi. I enjoy it and get decent performance out of it. I would suggest trying Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron. It is has more spice but is very similar to Pi.
NM Oddentity (5 months ago)
+Delicious Delights Sure. Always enjoy your videos.
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Modern Pi is better than most men's designers imo. Thanks for the suggestion :D
mills7777 (5 months ago)
i love it but im really not sure on how it preformes, its seams to be gone withing 2 hours?
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
I suppose it depends on chemistry but the reformulated Pi lasts decent enough on me with 5-6 hours longevity. For the price it could be found at nowadays, definitely worth it :D
Ange Belmar (5 months ago)
I love your review, thanks for sharing your feelings about this fragrance. Since the vintage version is not available, would you recommend the actual version? Stay power is the only difference? Thank you again
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Hi Ange! If you enjoy sweet fragrances then yes I'd definitely recommend the reformulated version for sure. The vintage version lasts longer and has a more syrupy sticky vanilla thing going on but the reform also smells great and can be found for a very reasonable price online. :D
Tomic Apacible (5 months ago)
In your opinion, are the recent formulations still worth buying?
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
I'd say YES! But better to try it out on skin first if possible :D
a kazzuo (5 months ago)
I love this fragrance i get for my boyfriend and Im the one that use it
Jeremy Hinze (5 months ago)
If I only knew then what I know now 🤔 I have gone through a couple bottles of the original stuff finally finishing the last of it a couple years ago before I really got into collecting and didn't realize what I had.
Jeremy Hinze (5 months ago)
+Kate Apted definitely 😃
Kate Apted (5 months ago)
Same! At least we got to enjoy some legendary beauties.
Sonny Ayson (5 months ago)
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Me too! And love and miss you guys! :D
Chang Liu (5 months ago)
This is my first perfume which I fell in love with. I remember I had finished 3-4 bottles at that time.
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
I don't blame ya ;)
Mrs Press (5 months ago)
Awe...this is such a sweet video! I loved hearing your story of connection to this fragrance. Most of my loved fragrances from back in the day were ruined by scent memory associations.
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Aww...hopefully there are some leftover than remind of you nice times as well :D
SuperCool (5 months ago)
Well well I have to try this one day Lol. Thank you beautiful 😊 Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend.
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Yes please do try it! It's sooo yum! Have a great day :D
Marc Anderson (5 months ago)
Love this kind of video! Love the fragrance too I have a little vintage bottle also 👍🏼
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
It's liquid gold imo lol :D
Kocc Barma (5 months ago)
I also love this fragrance. A real masterpiece. Unfortunately the reformulation is really weak as compared to the original. Smh..
Delicious Delights (5 months ago)
Yes it's much weaker indeed, but at its price point, worth reapplying imo :D

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