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Isolated: The Zo'é tribe (full documentary)

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This series (Amazonia: Last Call) travels across Brazilian landscapes by way of one of the main links still binding the essence of humanity with the Earth: the Amazon. The filming of the first point of contact with an isolated race, the Zo'E, the encroachment on areas of the Amazonian forest previously uncaptured on film, the evidence relating to the development of the illegal trafficking of species or the recording of the immeasurable value of Brazil's natural spaces; these are just excerpts from the series. The underlying theme is the conflict between the development and conservation of one of the key natural areas underpinning the stability of the planet.
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Text Comments (4208)
jim show (20 days ago)
وجع قدمني ورجع دا شنو دا
saintquinn007 (22 days ago)
Very attractive people....
Aaron Freeman (1 month ago)
This is what you call freedom, working 24/7 around the clock paying all kinds of bill is not freedom.
الو ه وتساب 00967716763762
MP (1 month ago)
It's incredible how patronizing the documentary makers are, all the while, no doubt, patting themselves on their backs for being so open minded.
MP (1 month ago)
After just as few months there, they understand their little brown brothers so deeply and so thoroughly that they can hold them up as a mirror to the rest of us. Oh, savages don't come nobler than these do.
Soniya Sinha (1 month ago)
gm Soyls (1 month ago)
How harmoniously do they live their environment these tribe members after killing and eating a sentient primate?
avatar naattarivukal (2 months ago)
not bad .. https://youtu.be/LIZTHpqQXb4 ഓരോ ലൈംഗികബന്ധത്തിലും രതിമൂർച്ഛ എങ്ങനെ സാധ്യമാക്കാം
Amin Shariff (2 months ago)
They could hide their private parts
Hermes Almeida (2 months ago)
para que mexer no que está quieto !?; https://www.dicionarioinformal.com.br/significado/deixa%20queto/131/
hdhhd hdhd (2 months ago)
من العراق
Anssi Ulmala (2 months ago)
All The Son and Daughters of Adam and Eve have to be heard of Jesus Christ.
lham Agaa (2 months ago)
في حدا عربي هون😉؟
Tanya Sky (2 months ago)
I wonder how they kiss 🤣
高下哲也 (3 months ago)
shokat jan (3 months ago)
maliri baloch
Paras Singh (3 months ago)
This documentary is the ultimate truth.
Nguyễn Chính (3 months ago)
Nguyễn Chính (3 months ago)
The https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzbh8ibmd6U https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pzv1HSc70PA&itct=CAsQpDAYCyITCKeV_7KJ9NsCFQ96KgodV5YJhjIKd2F0Y2gtdnJlY0iu1pa0j4vq5_QB https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pzv1HSc70PA&itct=CAsQpDAYCyITCKeV_7KJ9NsCFQ96KgodV5YJhjIKd2F0Y2gtdnJlY0iu1pa0j4vq5_QB
Nguyễn Chính (3 months ago)
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Nguyễn Chính (3 months ago)
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Phoenix Rises (3 months ago)
Green Inferno?
haet1422 (3 months ago)
My dick bigger
carsfan360 (3 months ago)
Is there a birth scene in here?
00Skyfox (3 months ago)
I'm most puzzled about those tubes they have shoved through their lower lips. Much like the body & facial piercings and other accessories of modern society, why would anyone want to do that?
Jaggu Rose (3 months ago)
I want to live like a trible at least for one month ,where no machine only nature Love this documentary Love you from india
swapnil sammy (3 months ago)
Great love for this channel
Islam N (4 months ago)
I am so surprised how you make the isolated video ? thanks
Oh Lawd (4 months ago)
12:10 They're pickings ticks off of their dad's balls. 😂
Mahri Beneda (4 months ago)
They need Macy's and Macdonald Star box. Is this place for real .what is this under there chin .
Mahri Beneda (4 months ago)
Don't they have any FIG tree I would be very uncomfortable .
Xeyal Aliyev (4 months ago)
Xeyal Aliyev (4 months ago)
Eagle lady 333 (5 months ago)
No such thing as breast lift there, the women are beautiful no matter what
Thomas Jefferson (5 months ago)
꼬추 크기는 동양인이네요! 자유롭게 성생활 하겠네요! 여기 가서 씨 뿌리고 싶어요!
lisa poole (5 months ago)
Also i feel like im getting a yeast infecfion just watching them sit raw pussy on the floor
lisa poole (5 months ago)
My only complain is thst they do not blurr out the childrens privale parts. They may be pure but the ppl who WATCH it are not.
Ali KH (5 months ago)
محيرتني شغله وحده شنو هذا الي بحلوكهم وشنو الشي الي يشدون بيه الذكر
鹿野文也 (5 months ago)
10:42 23:30 41:30 52:30
Sparky (5 months ago)
11:56 I love this part of the video when the ticks are being removed from the scrotum.
Sparky (5 months ago)
They were doing it with no malice. They were even laughing. To me, it´s just funny!
Sparky (5 months ago)
There is no malice Lisa. They were even smiling. To me, it´s funny!
lisa poole (5 months ago)
Eko Kıranyan (5 months ago)
Fake.All of them are paid actors.
Shar Roon (5 months ago)
Its easy to idealize their life but how many of us would really want this? The same food every day, no modern medicine, no higher learning..
Andichi Thanammai (5 months ago)
paul ogo (6 months ago)
Just a little more blackness to their skin and the comments becomes more savage hate like..
ساره Soso (6 months ago)
من اي دوله هؤلا
yosef yosef (3 months ago)
ساره Soso هدول من زمان عصر الحجري
مغوار مغوار (6 months ago)
وين هدول
Lauren smith (6 months ago)
They look stupid as fuck with wood in their chins
misssluttypants84 (6 months ago)
What is that on their chin?
Urso Major (4 months ago)
A piece of wood.
lisa poole (5 months ago)
Watch the doc before u comment please. Just please! Not tryna be rude at all. But come on. They clearly tell u what it is abd show unhow its made and inserted into their lips!
saeed faroq (6 months ago)
وتستمر الحياه
sid ahmed affif hasani (6 months ago)
حمد الله على نعمة الاسلام
Ali Ali (6 months ago)
يا الهي من هولاء هل هم اكلين لحوم البشر
bositoys company (6 months ago)
how they did their hairstyles
Loveness Chigoche (6 months ago)
Why is thre manwood is so small
QWEENB Qween (6 months ago)
Eat the crab leave the monkeys alone
kunal prabhakar (5 months ago)
priyanka chakraborty (6 months ago)
do they have marriage custom.?
chika Rayleigh (6 months ago)
Amazing people. The men undertake the dangerous and hard tasks while women handle the tasks at home and sometimes, the men help out too. They eat fish, meat, and plants which are cooked properly. Nice people.
GiggleHz (6 months ago)
i got a bigger dick than them
HannahBanana Xo (6 months ago)
So do they just "marry" each other? (Brothers/sisters..etc.) this is so interesting. If only we could respect our surroundings like these ppl.
lisa poole (5 months ago)
I love different cultures. But it made me cridge about kids marrying adults. But who am i to judge i guess? Idk how to feel tbh
Hau Le (6 months ago)
pritam gogoi (6 months ago)
the pipes in their mouths kills brain cells
A Ch (6 months ago)
Beautiful people one thing they'll never suffer from is racism, this is what you call independent society!
A Ch (6 months ago)
Well I agree with you, but look how they are free and easy going life, I only feld for the little toddlers especially when its raining, but I agree with you. It's a lovely video and I like the beautiful nature there!
Caitlyn Jenner (6 months ago)
A Ch they live in some of the most homogeneous societies on the planet and not racially diverse and so it is hard to be racist when there is no one to be racist agains. And anyway this video does not show the tribal conflicts and wars in the area between those tribes. It is a tough way of living and I respect that but to say it is perfect is incorrect.
A Ch (6 months ago)
Racism,racism,racism, is the most ignorant, arrogant,lunatic society ever to exist, where ever westerners go they fuckedup, like it or not that's the fact!
A Ch (6 months ago)
No they're not same race, they sae themselves as humans,and no one brainwash them since they've not been colonized and brutalized!
Caitlyn Jenner (6 months ago)
They are all the same race so how can they be racist towards eachother?
brock lesner (6 months ago)
Is brasil is the only place was not destroyed by britishers
brock lesner (6 months ago)
Is they have any barber .how they cut their hairs
brock lesner (6 months ago)
The child at 10:11 is so cute
brock lesner (6 months ago)
Any indian here
Dinabandhu Talukdar (7 months ago)
To. Discover. Speculation?
Dinabandhu Talukdar (7 months ago)
British. Are. Origin. ?
Guelbahar Durmus (7 months ago)
토끼최강 (7 months ago)
NOTT REEVES (7 months ago)
Can someone tell me whats that in their chin
Urso Major (4 months ago)
A wood block.
he existing now or not
مقرفين ياع
الحكومة وينها. ..تعلمهم و تخرجهم من هاذ الجهل
Ha Ryu (7 months ago)
아.. 조에족 사람들이군요.   2009년 '아마존 눈물'에서 보고 늘 궁금했는데... / 잘 지내고 있어 참 다행입니다. / 그때 mbc 나레이터에 말  '문명과 야망을 구분하는 척도가 행복에 있다면 조에족이야 말로 세상에서 가장 문명화된 사람들' 이라는 말... 잊혀지질 않습니다. / 세상 사람들, 그들을 무시하지말고, 볼거리만으로 생각하지 말고, 이 다큐를 찍는 Isolated: The Zo'é tribe  카메라 앞에선 사람처럼 그 사람들 앞에서 거들먹 거리지도 말고....,  보이는 그대로에 행복만을 간직하길 바랍니다.
Catherine Roxas (7 months ago)
this must be a nice simplest life ever but just curious how men are clean cut and clean shaven? and sorry, I saw a woman with panty lines.
من هؤلاء القوم واين يسكنون؟
Chaitanya (7 months ago)
The best documentary I've seen
Tony (7 months ago)
Everywhere in third world places you see animals with leashes shorter than their bodies stuck in 1 place for the rest of their lives. Sad. These animals are so active and move around then are placed in that condition. We owned a bird but after 2 years in captivity it died do to stress. The vet said there was nothing we could do some animals can't transition from wild to captive. Flying around the house was fine but 2 years is very short.
Kkkk Tjvko (7 months ago)
I came here to see boobs
Bagus D (7 months ago)
kunal prabhakar (5 months ago)
Rira Lova (7 months ago)
These people prolly understand way more about the nature and stuffs than most of us who learn at school lol
حلو كلش بمعنا اوكي ok
Dantheon WarShade (7 months ago)
everything is fine but why the fuck is that fcking sticks is their fckin mount? Still retards. Torturint themselves.... idiots.
to nny (7 months ago)
Happy people
ameerah aziz (7 months ago)
وع شوو القرد 🤦🏼‍♀️💔
yosef yosef (3 months ago)
ameerah aziz هي لغة بين بعضهم انتي شو بيعرفك
Milwaukee Brewers (7 months ago)
Came to see tiddies and learn.
michael harney (7 months ago)
Amazing, God's country, perfect. They are so more advanced and civilised than the humanity and world we have created. Leave them be and keep missionaries out. 5.3k thumbs down retards.
Caitlyn Jenner (6 months ago)
"a 12 year old girl may marry a 60 year old man" yeahh not perfect
Abu Ayman Bin Ebrahim (7 months ago)
Subrata Mondal (7 months ago)
Sk Amirul (8 months ago)
Vaibhav Chavan (8 months ago)
It's good
neha doe (8 months ago)
Clean organized n entertained ...nice life
kunal prabhakar (5 months ago)
Li Linder (8 months ago)
100% organic lol.
Katie Kay Haley (8 months ago)
It's interesting that so many commenters can't fathom that these people could be as peaceful as they are shown to be. Why not? It's because you, in your heart, cannot imagine that you could ever live in such a benevolent manner.
Caitlyn Jenner (6 months ago)
"a 12 year old girl may marry a 60 year old man" yeah.. id rather not live like that
Rafaqat Hasnaal (8 months ago)
كل عام وانتم بألف
jolly pabla (8 months ago)
23:50 covering her what?
jolly pabla (5 months ago)
Lisa Poole I am asking the word the narrator used?
lisa poole (5 months ago)
einsjam (8 months ago)
Damn, these folks do some real workouts. Such lithe, athletic bodies.
lucy cooke (8 months ago)
I wish I was as body confident as those beautiful women
lucy cooke (8 months ago)
48.01 that rattling , and again with the rolling of tweed at that is asmr sick 😍
NICOTOV (8 months ago)
Necesitan pantalones y faldas.
Anusha BR (8 months ago)

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