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Payless Gives Shoes to children in need from the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford, CT

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Watch more and discuss: http://stamford.itsrelevant.com/content/18236/kids-in-need-pick-out-new-shoes-at-no-cost Even though it's a warm, beautiful Spring day, to these kids, it feels more like Christmas. "It's like the middle of Spring Christmas," said Ernesto, a 5th grader at Davenport Ridge Elementary School. Because each child in need of a pair of shoes or socks got them today at no cost. Youth from the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford shopped at Payless on Bedford St. Monday. It's all part of the shoe store's "Payless Gives Shoes for Kids" program which gives $1.5 million worth of free shoes to kids around the world. "To see the kids that need a new pair of shoes and to see them coming here and the smiles on their face when they get to pick out their own shoes," said Jeff Pytlak, unit director of the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. "They get to walk up to the register and it's rewarding." For some, it's the first time they've had new footwear in a while. Fifth-grader Isabella says it's been a year and since then, her feet have grown. "It's nice because a lot of people don't have a lot of shoes and when you get an opportunity to get free shoes, or any kind of shoes, is good to have," said Isabella Colucci, a 5th grader at Davenport Ridge Elementary School. Pytlak says about 150 kids will bring home a new pair of shoes. "The ability to get shoes at no cost is huge to some families," said Pytlak. Whether picking out sandals or sneakers their shopping trip was priceless. "I feel happy because I didn't know they did this," said Eymani, a 3rd grader. Produced By: Christina Chiarelli
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mkk (1 year ago)
Lmaoooo I was so little at the time
Jodanil Alao (2 years ago)
thats amazing.

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