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BBC - Italy Unpacked: The Art of the Feast

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Andrew Graham-Dixon and chef Giorgio Locatelli travel through Italy exploring the country's history, culture, food, art and landscape. Their journey begins in Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, one of the richest regions in Italy. They find out why the city is know as la Dotta (the Learned), la Grassa (the Fat) and la Rossa (the Red), while visiting its shops, art institutions and the oldest university in the world. Andrew and Giorgio experience the social and friendly atmosphere of the region and meet fishermen casting huge nets at the mouth of the river Po. From there, it is a short journey to Ferrara where they discover the legacy left by the famous dynasty d'Este, and to Modena, home of balsamic vinegar and Ferrari. Finally, Giorgio reveals the source of modern Italian cuisine - at the Palatina Library in Parma he views an original copy of the first cook book of the newly united Italy - while Andrew admires Correggio's magnificent fresco in the dome of Parma Cathedral.
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alohamora (1 month ago)
Anyone getting cringy by the british dude wearing a shirt and blazer and sweating all the time while everyone else seems to be walking around in T-shirts?
Lydia Rowe (2 months ago)
These guys do compliment each other..bringing a wonderful exposure to the essence of Italy.. So enjoyable to have food and art expressed in such an elegant manner..bellisamo..⭐
Lynee Anna Salvatore (2 months ago)
The way both of them talk about what they know is full of passion.. It will be a dream come true to travel the world... 💕
MissDragonclaw (2 months ago)
I've always wanted to visit Italy... The closest to Italy I've been was when playing assassin's creed 2, brotherhood and revelations...
major houlihan (2 months ago)
The chef dude is kind of an overennunciating cartoon figure
Jennifer Williams (3 months ago)
Gosh! I love boys
Thomas Bjurstrom (3 months ago)
What a great combination Andrew and Giorgo! I am utterly amused !
Peter Mc Gibney (3 months ago)
This is the 3rd time I watched this fantastic video, the lads are so wonderful their passion for what they do really helps you to understand the region, art and food, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
nclinh (4 months ago)
I love Italia for 13 years by now and my biggest dream is visit this beautiful country once in my life time.
Veronika (4 hours ago)
Fingers crossed!
ANDADOLAGER (5 months ago)
Sunday, December 23, 2018. So!!!, this video should be kept in the most important vaults, libraries of the Capital Cities of the World. Salut and my appreciation to these persons Chief Giorgio Locatelly and Andrew Graham-Dixon. I am your friend and friend of many.
That's what I am talking about Yes WOW! Teaching and learning history wonderful leadership Education📚📚 and Living place of Arts! 🇳🇿🇮🇹 Thank you for sharing with uz.. Tell my beautiful husband Leonzio.Travelz delighted indeed to share with Son Paddy 🇳🇿😁divine school and food's.. Yup! That's true my husband come home drunk on point! 😂😂😂I don't mine❤️😍 heaps of pasta and not the gravy! Hihihihi
John Wakamatsu (5 months ago)
I agree that this is one of the finest travel videos that I have ever seen. I enjoy eating Italian foods and owning and driving Italian cars even though my ancestors emigrated from Japan. I also agree that American Italian food has been altered to suit American tastes and when I eat real Italian food it tastes very different. My father enjoyed the warmth of Italian people even if he was an American soldier fighting in Italy during WWII.
J H (5 months ago)
J H (5 months ago)
Why is not the Art Historian Italian... No one better than a local knows all about all the amazing Cultural Heritage of the Country
Ryse Maxwell (7 months ago)
I think I've read or heard somewhere before that Spain used to be a province of Italy; can someone please confirm if there's truth to that? Thanks.
MrTinner66 (2 months ago)
Spain (as a geographical region) was a province of the Roman Empire. Italy has been a state (in the sense of modern) since 1861.
BRUCE JEANDUC (7 months ago)
Geez so overrated.
john bascietto (7 months ago)
On my way sicilia got a good heads up from the boys Palermo here we come
Eat Love Eat Again (8 months ago)
New Up and coming Italian food blog check it out! Italymadesimple.blogspot.com
Sandy Combs (8 months ago)
How nice to see two homosexuals traveling together through Italy....
Thomas Richmond (10 months ago)
Fuck you, you piece of shit. Don't blame the Americans; it's what you served us back when you were destitute and we offered you a home. It's not like we came up with it on our own.
Francesca (10 months ago)
Siete bravissimi. I loved it very much. It brought me back in time when I was a little girl in Italy and made tagliatelle with my mother with her precious Sunday sauce.
Gloria (11 months ago)
The chemistry between these two is wonderful~ As is their knowledge, the manner which they discuss and share it, and most distinctly to me, their personalities! Haha, like when they finished tapeing their joyride in the Ferrari 🤣 both of their own responses was just so funny and so ummm reflective I guess sort of, of their personalities (or maybe more accurately how I’ve been perceiving their personalities 😅) Nevertheless, it’s all just, wonderful! ~~~~
Chris Pap (11 months ago)
No offense to any other culture or country, but our cuisine is the best in the world. Asian food is amazing and my 2nd favorite, but Italian food is second to none...
DenL.E.Dblå VikinG (1 year ago)
Annoying people... :D
Antonio Maraspin (1 year ago)
This is only Emilia. You do forget Romagna at all!
Edielton Dantas (1 year ago)
The way both the art historian and the chef talk about their craft is beautiful, awe inspiring
leonardimas1 (1 year ago)
my parents came from Parma, i live in swiss but i enjoy everytime i go to italy that food, we have in swiss also Parmesan cheese and other product, but it is not the same, believe me,it is never so good like in italy. Sade,this f... Globalization destroys the culture from all countrys!!
Suman Negru (1 year ago)
Ciao! Where is the place at 19:50?
Lavana Ashlie (1 year ago)
mina hatip (1 year ago)
i really want to go to Italy
Alexis M (1 year ago)
No place in this world that comes close to the romance of Italy and France.
HK4You (1 year ago)
Great show !! Giorgio does and says a lot of bullshits! Luckily Andrew balances. I have to eat something now!
Johnny Massacre (1 year ago)
50:43 porn shouldn't be allowed on YouTube!
mrdfac (1 year ago)
Superb. Thanks for the upload.
Xiao Hei (1 year ago)
Great documentary. Just started watching it. Italy fascinates me. Thanks for not having modern Italian-Americans star in the show and act like they belong haha
kokorodokoro (1 year ago)
I love how first Andrew gets to be the "tourguide", with Giorgio listening in amazement. Then it turns to Giorgio's terrain, and he just takes over the show.
dirk diggler (1 year ago)
best show on Italy
Màikè (1 year ago)
can anyone place the music at 14:46?
אריק נחמיאס (1 year ago)
Orochimaruswife1 (1 year ago)
My ancestors are from Northern Italy, so this is really meaning full to me.
MrTinner66 (1 year ago)
Bebop lady: Great bullshit!
Bebop Lady (1 year ago)
Some DNA tests I took showed Northern Italian Ancestry mixed with Sephardic Jewish genes. :)
Sarah Gray (1 year ago)
Watching this made me hungry. Sadly, the closest I'll ever get to going to Italy is hanging out on Preston Street. Ciao!
Nekro Olea (1 year ago)
That peeled penis though 7:05 xD
Chris Corsi (1 year ago)
he doesn't eat  what he practices
proteusx (1 year ago)
32:21 Somehow they have to mention the Yids. It is mandatory for the BBC.
lambent ort (1 year ago)
Awww.... they make such a cute couple!
nepotiums (2 years ago)
These places beckon me to visit. Surely they're among my bucket list to visit one day.
Jubach (2 years ago)
This is making me so hungry.
Chiqui Chu (2 years ago)
can anyone please tell me what the mandolin (?) music in the soundtrack is? please.
lazios (1 year ago)
the song that starts at minute 40:26 It's by a famous Italian songwriter-singer (very well known in France and other countries), Paolo Conte It's the name. The other tracks are varied, from folk to swing (and even a little 'of sacred music if I'm not mistaken). I don't think It's a Mandolin but a Classic Guitar simply, because the Mandolin is a traditional instrument of southern Italy, especially used for the Tarantella (that, contrary to what is believed, is not a music that is played all over in Italy but in the south only). Sry for my "eng".
anchovy undpraline (2 years ago)
great passion for fiod and art from Bologna, and Andrew and Giorgio. Great music too! does anybody know the names of the music from this episode?
I just so love these two guys and this is the best travel programme I have ever seen! they are so passionate and competente in their areas: cooking and art. and they have such a good interaction with great humor and openness that I am so deeply touched by - what a friendship! the whole Italy unpacked series are my favorite and has given me the last klick to head for Italy in April 2017 to start a 2 week italian course!
Le Huy-Anh (2 years ago)
Can someone please tell me what waltz song that is at the end credits (@58:24, with the accordion), and who is it by?
MrTinner66 (1 year ago)
maybe it's a fragment of a song of Modena City Ramblers ... But I'm not sure
559KING (2 years ago)
Now I'm Fucking hungry.
Gloria B Restrepo (2 years ago)
Mario Franz (2 years ago)
Morgan Freeman (2 years ago)
Watching this cooked, is honestly the best thing
saurav basu (3 months ago)
Morgan Freeman Oh Morgan, you are here !
Allal Hakim (2 years ago)
vivant Italie
Peter Fritz Walter (2 years ago)
Wow, I am very impressed by Bologna! Thank you, producers and presenters of this video! I will find out ...
Salo (2 years ago)
italian food is just unbelievably. My personal favourite.
Audrey Ang (2 years ago)
mee pok dry
FaxanaduJohn (2 years ago)
FaxanaduJohn (2 years ago)
That wiz awesum
Mike Harscher (2 years ago)
Andrew and Giorgione are both incredible! I love this series! But I will say I was alittle put off when Giorgio rolled his eyes about the "Americans" and pasta Bolognese. I am of Italian decent and I must say that Italian immigrants had nothing and were not educated, so they took advantage of the opportunities and abundance of available food. The "Americans" he rolled his eyes about are really Italian immigrants that modified the tradition. We love Italy!!! Love this show!!! Thanks! BTW- our family never had meat in our sauce or lasagna, it was always on the side and usually sausages. Some Italians call the sauce "gravy" when the meat is cooked with the sauce, we always called it sauce and NEVER too much because the pasta is king!
Samus Aran (2 years ago)
I like this show :) It's interesting to see a show that combines art history and food. There's also good chemistry between Andrew and Giorgio; I like their sense of humor!!!
Vanessa andthediamonds (2 years ago)
Warning: not for hungry people your saliva will come out real fast like mine did
bunny_2007 (1 year ago)
Vanessa andthediamonds in eating right now:)
robotpanda77 (2 years ago)
I read somewhere that all of Italy hides inside at night because thats when the zombies come out. So make sure you don't travel outside at night if you visit.
io mio (1 year ago)
Pardon him, he was lobotomized in school and now maybe has an USA flag stuffed in his skull.... but he go around 24/7 instead of only at night... And you know, geografy and history isn't really a zomby thing. Buuut... you can come in italy without problem, we keep our zomby safe, and they only eat culatello of troll anyway!
Salo (2 years ago)
you are right. believe him. I experienced the same. Hundreds of zombies.
robotpanda77 (2 years ago)
+Pantallica I'll have them put that on your tombstone. And also next to a photo of you getting eaten that I'll put in all the travel guides. With a big arrow that points at your face.
Pantallica (2 years ago)
That's incredibly stupid.
robotpanda77 (2 years ago)
+Ithila  You filthy zombie sympathizer.
superjoe000 (2 years ago)
Personally I would take Chinese, Indian and Mexican food over overrated Italian dog food anyday.
io mio (1 year ago)
@superjoe000 1: you obviously won't like your own dog meat 2: spices are meant to cover putrefied meat, thats why they use it that much in hot and humid places 3: almost everybody likes italian food, you are the exemption and thats why you are making so much noise.
superjoe000 (2 years ago)
+Social Games Only animals eat Italian dog food. You lying piece of dog shit, you hated Indian food but ate Indian food for 7 months LOL. You dirty Italian animal, if I hate eating something, I would not eat it for 7 months. Italian DOG FOOD is so fucking bland and nasty, no flavor, no variety, only shit you serve to dogs. Keep your nasty food you GREASY MUTT, we the rest of the humans don't want to eat Italian dog food.
Italia Sabauda (2 years ago)
crazyjack000 ahah I ate for 7 months Indian food and ... wow man, so fuckin shit. No taste, just salse and spicy ingredients Italian food is only for smart and civilized people, go eat that shit
Manuel Lopez (2 years ago)
hispanic derived food in south america > italian 
Le Huy-Anh (2 years ago)
Mexican food sucks and is trashy! Even if you think Italian food is repetitive or "boring", at least it has class.
Romualdo (2 years ago)
If you are briton, you're dead....
Alexander Presthus (2 years ago)
Fun to watch this video again after moving to Emilia Romagna half a year ago :) Its pretty accurate.. the food here is amazing (to be fair its pretty amazing anywhere in Italy)
Mario Franz (2 years ago)
crazyjack000,vaffanculo,you need a docto-You are psychopath
Mario Franz (2 years ago)
Grazie Alexander
Gi Des (2 years ago)
I think you love typical Muslim food... Human flesh.
superjoe000 (2 years ago)
+GiammiEvo Italian food gave me diarrhea/food poisoning, I need to see a doctor asap LOL.
Alexander Presthus (2 years ago)
Me? God, I hate the comment system on youtube, its impossible to know who replies to who when they reply to replies..
mysticsy (2 years ago)
"How come all over the world people eat bolognese? Yea because Americans." Pretty much sums up everything!
Robert Christiaanse (4 months ago)
They don't eat "bolognese", but ""spaghetti bolognese". It is populair in many European countries and you can also find it in the States and Australia, where it is called "meat sauce" most of the time . Of course you also find it in Italy, especially for the tourists in certain 'restaurants'. The horror!
Trilobyte (11 months ago)
We call it meat sauce...Marinara is just spaghetti sauce with no meat
nyssa1049 (1 year ago)
@Ben Thank you! I was going to point out the same thing. I've lived all over the states and I'd never heard of Spaghetti Bolognese except through British TV programs. I suspect that particular title is more of a U.K. thing than a U.S. thing.
Ben Robbins (1 year ago)
Except he is wrong. I'd never heard of spaghetti bolognese until I watched a BBC program that mentioned it. Americans just call it either spaghetti or spaghetti with marinara sauce.
Sadia K. (3 years ago)
Correction (@3:34): University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and is the oldest one in Europe (not "in the world"). The oldest and still operating university in the world is University of Karueein, founded in 859 AD in Fez, Morocco.
io mio (1 year ago)
He CAN'T reason! its AGAINST its faith!! XD But lying its incentivated so wath are you reading him for? And superjoe000 i remember internet should be banned for muslim you infedel animal!
HK4You (1 year ago)
Crazyjack you do not deserve a Culatello for this comment. If this is the only thing that you have to comment about this video, something must be wrong in your brain. Claudia has extensively and patiently explained to you why your statement is wrong, but you insist insulting and not reasoning .. The typical arrogant attitude of someone that makes a statement, and then when confronted with a proof that makes your statement false, uses violence to defend it, without caring to check if the thesis you defend is right or Short brain man!
Mario Franz (2 years ago)
Claudia Manfredini,non dar retta a quel psicopatico
superjoe000 (2 years ago)
+Extrema Thule Seek help for your severe mental retardation you animal.
sphinx333 (2 years ago)
No, that is wrong. Karueein Uni is an institution organised around Islamic faith. For many centuries, they refused to teach fundamental subjects (such as Sciences, Astronomy, Medicine) because they collide with their religious doctrine. Universities are the exact opposite, they forbid religious indoctrination because that is recognised as a personal choice of the individual. Universities' sole aim is to promote knowledge. Religion stays in the church.
A C (3 years ago)
Lol this nigga cannot talk english
Lala (3 years ago)
"Oh, but he is a saucy, fine, bologna factory" - Mama Trunks
harvardkarbodie (3 years ago)
Totally wonderful!
Morgan (3 years ago)
[email protected] camera operator laying down in the back of the car at the end! Brilliant series, wish they'd make more.
Kaleb Gregory (3 years ago)
Lucarelli (3 years ago)
32:10 ok wow
Thunar (3 years ago)
Good choice of music, i love Paolo Conte!
Ben (3 years ago)
Anyone got a track listing? Seems to be impossible to find.
Ben (3 years ago)
Ideally all of them. Usually its quite easy to find a track list for the episodes of a program but not this one. 
Gianluca De Feo (3 years ago)
+Ben you mean the italian songs?
Who's Your Daddy? (3 years ago)
Very enjoyable and introspective...grazie!
these two guys have great chemistry and Italy is the center of the world that is all great and spectacular
Mario Franz (2 years ago)
crazyjack000.you are crazy.Idiot and stupid
Cris LeRose (2 years ago)
+MrTinner66 his I.Q. is at the end of his username "000" and "Crazy" is his mental state and "Jack" is what he does with his right hand because he can't get a date. He sits in his mothers basement on the computer while she makes him microwave pizzas and frozen T.V. dinners. He wouldn't know great food even if someone shoved it in his mouth. In italy we would call him a "mangiamerda" a shit eater!
MrTinner66 (2 years ago)
...Never mind, you need not answer to my comment above ... From this you already understand that you're an idiot comprehensive total ... Probably your "engine" is just hatred and prejudice.
superjoe000 (2 years ago)
Italy is neither geographically nor culturally center of the world. Its not even the center of Europe.
Dopamine (3 years ago)
Carbs and garlic.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
michael matteoli (2 years ago)
did you really have so much time to waste ? ........ you just can write once ........
Cris LeRose (2 years ago)
+crazyjack000 vafanculo stronzaccio
superjoe000 (2 years ago)
Personally I would take Chinese, Indian and Mexican food over overrated Italian dog food anyday.
j johns (3 years ago)
beautiful, overwhelmingly richly flavored
Pietro Riccò (3 years ago)
I love my region!
Jonathan Rydström (3 years ago)
Was expecting Larry David to show up at 22:10
nelly sorokko (3 years ago)
Thank you
Daniel Berger (3 years ago)
if i had the money i'd be there like NOW!!!
brenda h (3 years ago)
us damn Americans  lol
aiuola2009 (3 years ago)
much love and thanks:)
Anne Pham (3 years ago)
more , more programs from both of you please, great teller's stories.  Love to watch, very interesting.
Anne Pham (3 years ago)
Two great men , so passionate about what they are doing . Great stories!!!!! More video from both you please.
緑茶 (3 years ago)
Correction for the RIP-less Dom of Amerigo Vespucci. >>The Art of the Feast = The Art of the Beast Unknown Kennel seems to keep the Anonymous Dollhouse as a part of Evil [email protected] Empire.
Ludovico Roi (3 years ago)
This is my city, Bologna!
georgina gonzalez (3 years ago)
me encanta la comida italiana  pues mi nieta es italia  y su abuela es italiana y  son muy Buena familia I love family pucci
Patryk Cetnarski (3 years ago)
FORZA EMILIA !!!!! Btw i live in Modena :D
Bob Wheldon (4 years ago)
Wish I was on this trip
Vincenzos Plate (4 years ago)
Great show guys
Antonio G (4 years ago)
sometimes the better way to apprieciate more your country is to watch it through the eyes of a foreign. Viva l'Italia.
Valerio Reali (6 months ago)
i agree
Venessa J. (4 years ago)
This presentation was such a pleasure to watch. I appreciate that you posted it. And, admire their experiences. Thank you.
Jason Lieberman (4 years ago)
11:20 "Because the Americans" LOL
Tali De (1 year ago)
Lots of foods get Americanized, chinese food isn't real chinese food here. I don't necessarily think its a bad thing, but its good to do know that it isn't what the chinese or italians actually eat. Its also interesting to note that food is apart of culture and across cultures gets implemented in various ways. But Aside from that, I found what the guy said to be funny lol.
TDawg736 (1 year ago)
Lazio, we Italian Americans do have a different cuisine, but it's not bad. We were poor people living in a strange land with different foods to work with, without a lot of land of our own to raise our sheep, grow this and that. We mostly ate what I call "poor people food" -- lots of pasta and beans. My people were lucky to even get eggs.
Francesculus H (1 year ago)
MsSB1970 not t all, they come frome México, even tomatoe Word comes from aztec word...
MsSB1970 (2 years ago)
Tomatoes are from South America....Peru.
Hilleary Brown (2 years ago)
+lazios Hey Lazios Your English was great. I watch a lot of cooking videos from Italy and am always amazed at how they can throw rather simple ingredients together and make something that comes out soo tasty. Wishing you the best
S nyc (4 years ago)
Sheraz Tanveer (4 years ago)
This is one of the finest travelling videos i've ever seen. It makes you delve into the rich heritage,the incredible history and the the fascinating era of the past. Besides describing the grrat heritage of this region , the two gentleman convey to us the fabulous wonders of the regions in such a lovely way and it makes us develop the sense of being there. I wish to visit this incredible land, a wordly heaven, what we presently say 'Italy'.
lihanam 786 (1 year ago)
Sheraz Tanveer bro i swear if i ever stepped a foot in Italy i would start crying

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