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90's COZY Back to School Outfits!

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◑ Instagram → http://instagram.com/iamkareno ◐ Snapchat → https://www.snapchat.com/add/iamkareno ◑ Twitter → http://twitter.com/iamkareno/ ◐ Last Video → https://youtu.be/gPrqkex8oGY Although I'm not going back to school, I know YOU ARE! I hope this lightens your back to school season and helps with some of your first day of class outfit ideas :) xoxo Karen ------------------ Outfit One: - the top: http://www.aliexpress.com/ - the skirt: (sold out) - the shoes: http://amzn.to/2aMf4hb Outfit Two: - the top: http://www.forever21.com/ - the shorts: https://greenpoint-girls.myshopify.com/collections/bottoms - the shoes: http://amzn.to/2aMf4hb Outfit Three: - the top: http://www.brandymelvilleusa.com/ - the overalls: (sold out) - the shoes: http://www.aliexpress.com/ Outfit Four: - the top: thrifted - the top: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/index.jsp - the skirt: https://www.unifclothing.com/products/mel-skirt-black?nosto=productpage-nosto-4 - the shoes: http://amzn.to/2aMfnIV Outfit Five - the top: http://www.ripndipclothing.com/products/you-aint-shit-hoodie - the shorts: http://www.brandymelvilleusa.com/ - the boots: http://www.publicdesire.com/us/ Outfit Six - the top: http://petalsandpeacocks.com/ - the pants: http://stylenanda.com/ - the shoes: http://amzn.to/2aMf4hb ------------------ • FIND ME • ◑ Twitter → http://twitter.com/iamkareno ◑ Snapchat → iamkareno ◐ Soundcloud →http://soundcloud.com/iamkareno ◐ Facebook → http://facebook.com/iamkareno • SOUNDTRACKS • https://soundcloud.com/edwickjohn/tiempo-al-tiempo FTC: THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED
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Text Comments (1892)
Kayla DeCrane (4 days ago)
sorry to break it to you but people can't go to school with the word sex on their shirt
Jesus Christ (11 days ago)
outfit 5🙌🙌
Elliott Allen (12 days ago)
The pullover from outfit four I NEEEDD😍😍😍😍
HelloThere ImTrash (12 days ago)
I’m watching clueless while your t shirt has them all on it
jules Lagrada (13 days ago)
I miss this karen. I miss the hauls and lookbooks 😥
pana lover (14 days ago)
I can wear all of these my school doesnt have a dress code
Anisha Basnet (22 days ago)
Too bad!! I have uniform for my college 😢😞
Ella Lily (24 days ago)
School dress codes have left the chat
x.rdrcf_Emi.x 101 (30 days ago)
by the first 10 seconds i hit the subscribe button ; )
K80 Randall (30 days ago)
Even though I wear a uniform to school, these outfits are for the weekend for me. I love all the outfits, and this video has given me so much inspiration for those days when you just don’t know what to wear. I’m new to your channel, but you’ve just got a new subscriber! Just from watching one video of yours, I already looove your channel! Keep going and never lose hope💞 xoxo
stephanie jimenez (1 month ago)
hey you, thats not 90s do a redo knowwwww
Andrea Co (1 month ago)
i wear uniforms.... i think i should wait for college?
heres the mf tea (1 month ago)
u def dont know the dress codes
Maan, this girl was on trend before those clothes become trend
Eueueueugh * (1 month ago)
In our school: no shoulders, we cant wear skirts above the knee, no shorts. Why am i watching this??
Plum bob (1 month ago)
Everyone: i can’t wear those outfits cuz of the dress code Me: laughing in Swedish
Elira Bytyqi (1 month ago)
First step: Have cute and pretty clothes
Cirata Daydreamer (1 month ago)
She knew the Trends of 2019 in 2016🤯
Jeanne St-Laurent (1 month ago)
Cirata Daydreamer was thinking of the same thing
Elira Bytyqi (1 month ago)
Cirata Daydreamer lol true
Hannah S. (1 month ago)
I cant wear that to school..
Em mA (1 month ago)
Andreu mora (1 month ago)
Alguien de Chile 🤔💖?
최 bea - (1 month ago)
*cries in uniform*
- I s h i a (1 month ago)
All is very beautiful, but i wear uniform :(
Kathlene Cabacas (1 month ago)
Alex G? Is that you po? Hehhe char
Indie Autumn (1 month ago)
meh my school's dress code is legit dress for the climate but no one really cares I mean one boy wears shorts all year and never gets in trouble
Myriam .B (1 month ago)
Merci d’avoir mit les sous titres ,d’ailleurs j’aime la vidéo !
joaden (1 month ago)
this video called me fat and ugly
vitória Santos roos (1 month ago)
Q lindezas esses looks😱😍
Lps Bandele (1 month ago)
I wear uniforms, but at the last moth of the school year we get to wear what ever we wont! Without uniforms!!!!!!!!
Old- Soul (2 months ago)
Ur lucky you don’t have a huge ass :-(
Sophia Isabelle (2 months ago)
Lol my school always talks about dress code yet they don’t care that much lol so I can actually wear these😂
Simply Me (2 months ago)
I can wear 1, 2, 4, and 5
spooky liz (2 months ago)
ur guys is dress code must be really strict because if i wore any of this to school no one would even look twice
-http.ggukk (2 months ago)
why am i watching this when we have bEAUTIFUL UNIFORMS
Jade Dragon (2 months ago)
I would really love to buy from forever 21 but I heard that all of it is from child labor so I don’t wanna support it :\
Kitty Lover (2 months ago)
i watched clueless
Reed (2 months ago)
Only the last style was ‘90s. The rest are late-60s in style inspiration. The colors are pastel, the figure and silhouette slim...
sarah Alameeri (3 months ago)
Ok im gonna be right here I WOULD were THAT to school ama weirdo k?
•B0ba Tea• (3 months ago)
2:30 holy lord I love that hoodie I neeeeeeeeed one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xanivex (3 months ago)
Clueless shirt
Lillian Le (3 months ago)
Trash Can Lilly Blossom (3 months ago)
I couldn't wear any of these to school, but love your style
AbbyJoy Dabbs (3 months ago)
This is the first video I’ve seen by you and 20 seconds in I subscribed!!!
Saphira Cipher (3 months ago)
Everyone here talking about dress codes I’m sooo glad we don’t have that
Petite Elechee (3 months ago)
Amazing video ! I love your style .
peachy lemon (4 months ago)
I wish i was a teen in the 90's
Xxcerys rayxX (4 months ago)
I can only wear one of these outfits at my school lmao
ohrosie (4 months ago)
My school doesn’t a dress code I’m pretty sure. A lot of people at my school only wear sweats, legit no one takes the time to even care about are outfits.
Lulu Rinko (4 months ago)
a lot of people in my school dress like this
Lee Croft (4 months ago)
Hä wtf warum steht in der Beschreibung alles auf deutsch
Wendy xxx (4 months ago)
would you really wear a shirt that says 'safe sex' to school? btw i loveeeeee your style xo
Nose Llama (4 months ago)
que LINDA la ROPA pero a ella no le viene por que es una ENANA PETACA hahahhaah
Просто Так (4 months ago)
Сука! Да вы хоть осознаете будто херово ходить белоснежную рубаху и юбку в -15 градусов? Учиться во вторую смену? Не владеть друзей? Получать пизды от родителей? И кто-то тут жалуеться на то что, их не ПОЙМУТ однаклассники. Бля...
Ouoyupot (4 months ago)
Give back the kids
NEutrAl gIrL (4 months ago)
Las botas te quedan grandes 😞 xd
Eni B (4 months ago)
Love this video editing
Emi Tcha (4 months ago)
Le Plant (4 months ago)
Kedz are my main shoe brand tbhh
7 (4 months ago)
I love you channel I’m from Chile 🇨🇱
][물ᅡ니 (4 months ago)
I'm getting s1 winx club vibes😭
•F . I• (4 months ago)
The next, Michelle Phan!!
Neøn Girl (4 months ago)
Дайте деняк
lilgal (4 months ago)
what do you use to edit vdo? i love it!!
Rosadelos vientos (4 months ago)
Ame la blusa que traía puesta desde el principio 💖 Clueless
Elijah (5 months ago)
Karen, please don't take the kids
the yellow project (5 months ago)
2:25 I hope you're ready to have your parents called in school
blue unicorn (5 months ago)
madiha .mharrek (5 months ago)
It shows to much skin its high school outfits not for the cub
deadd coffee (5 months ago)
You need an Oscar for editing
Lun (5 months ago)
unfortunately in my school I can only wear long jeans :((
spicy (5 months ago)
This look has gotten really popular this past few years I love it
Vans Ness (5 months ago)
What the name of the background musik?
Emily Serrano (5 months ago)
Haha i have does vansssss 😂
Queen (5 months ago)
In Germany we don’t have uniforms or dress codes, so I can stand out of those nike wannabe-Gangsters with my retro style
amy (5 months ago)
Arianna Molina (5 months ago)
que onda con el titulo en español?
chellsieee (5 months ago)
your clueless shirt!!
Destiny Boykin (5 months ago)
Anyone else can't wear shorts above knee or skirts.
stine mari nykås (5 months ago)
karen, why did u take the kids? 😔
sarcastic bitch (5 months ago)
We only wear uniform at my school. Tragic..I know.
Chris Forrest (5 months ago)
Spooky_vemonwoman #90scuffedjeans
sorryionlyspeakbroke (6 months ago)
how do i wear a skirt without flashing someone
RLB JR (6 months ago)
You spelled School wrong if you are going back to the 90’s
yana (6 months ago)
While Your talking your voice have tone I love you from England
sph strt (6 months ago)
Love how this was posted before the whole “90’s” trend blew up this year
sph strt (6 months ago)
Editing on point 🤩
Tasha Williams (6 months ago)
good style
jSnN_ 21 (6 months ago)
90s are awesomeeee
Chloe GIBBON (6 months ago)
Low-key thought this was an interview, because Your set up professional.
John Jiether (6 months ago)
0:18 that part felt me so bad 🌸💕
just nothing (6 months ago)
I love the first one!
Kel Lawrence (6 months ago)
Thank you i need it for christmas party💖💖
mint poker face (6 months ago)
SHE . SO . CUTE 😍 Don't u ever fight my comment!
DOCU 2021 (6 months ago)
fabgirl132 (6 months ago)
i was watching this and telling myself " i cant wear that,nor that,or this,definitely not that" because if i did i will be dress coded so hard...but i love your style
Karina Putri Djanuwarso (6 months ago)
Your outfits make me drool
Neekah _xx (6 months ago)
I need an outfit that covers my legs😩😩
glayzel gatmen (6 months ago)
I literally subscribe because we have the same name😂
peach salad (6 months ago)
I'm "that" kid who loves aesthetics and loves make outfits like these, anyone like me? (If yes you don't have to like this comment) UwU
pancito UwU (7 months ago)
Yo llego ir vestida así a la escuela alto bullying

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