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Turkish Street Food and High Class Dumplings in Istanbul

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Check out https://ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! FOOD RANGER MERCH NOW AVAILABLE! http://bit.ly/FOODRANGER Follow me on Insta: http://bit.ly/2c5ojch And subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/2cCy2ub Turkish cuisine is delicious! Turkish Street Food was so delicious in Istanbul, I couldn't stop eating! I ate Turkish dumplings (Manti) and then stuffed orange mussels with herbed rice and currants and pine nuts (Midye dolma). Please like: www.facebook.com/foodrangin In Istanbul, I tried many street foods and cuisines. Turkish cuisine brought me a lot of joy during my 3 week stay, so I decided to first film these dumplings alongside the stuffed mussels. BEAUTIFUL! I went to both locations with my local friend who also filmed the entire eating process and gave the recommendations about where to eat this delicious Turkish cuisine. The first location was at Bodrum Manti Cafe, eating traditional antolian dumplings. Address: Arnavutköy 1. Cadde No.111, (0212) 263 29 18 And the second location was near Ortakoy market! After eating the dumplings, I was pretty full, but needed to eat some street food, so we went for Midye Dolma, beautiful stuffed mussels that can be found on many street corners in Istanbul. This doner kebab is a classic Turkish Food, a favourite of Istanbul locals. There is so many istanbul foods to try, but this one was one of my first. It was juicy and dripping red juice as the chef cut away layer after layer of heavenly lamb. You can find this as a turkish street food on the corners or you can have it at high class restaurants overlooking the city. I went for the middleground, and went to an average place that was recommended by a local friend. In actuality, he told me that he has had better doner, but we had to settle for this one because the place with the best doner was closed for ramadan. As my first try of doner kebab and one of my first tries of Istanbul food, I was really happy with the outcome. Juicy, nice lamb flavour, just the right amount of fat, a little crunchy from pickles, and a good amount of mayo to give it that nice extra kick. BOOM! The only complaint I had was the wrap was a little too much bread, I like a full mouthful of meat and less bread, but this had like half and half. This restaurant was in besiktas. The famous place for doner that we wanted to go was here: Karadeniz Pide ve Döner, Beşiktaş Merkez This place was right across the street from it. Please like: www.facebook.com/foodrangin As always, thanks for the continued support and I'm so happy that you enjoy my videos. MY GEAR AND RESOURCES + MERCH ► New Camera (AWESOME 4K) : https://amzn.to/2MnyBsg ► Main Lens: https://amzn.to/2MjnuAr ► Great Second Lens (FOR CLOSEUPS): https://amzn.to/2ntJvhG ► Favourite Telephoto: https://amzn.to/2vy3lwU ► Take everywhere cam: https://amzn.to/2P0b2Eb ► Action Cam (WATERPROOF) https://amzn.to/2Macjec ► Audio Setup (GREAT for clear voice): https://amzn.to/2MgzYJc ► Memory Card (for 4K footage): https://amzn.to/2OZrOTO ► Editing Computer (SUPER FAST): https://amzn.to/2M9nIuD ► Main External Hard Drive: https://amzn.to/2OXr4P3 ► Main SSD Hard Drive: https://amzn.to/2OZOyTS ► How I Access The Internet ANYWHERE: https://amzn.to/2vv0TY3 ► MUSIC I USE (Great For YouTubers): http://share.epidemicsound.com/pf97L ►BEST VPN FOR CHINA (ACCESS YOUTUBE): http://bit.ly/AccessYouTubeinChina ► MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: https://shop.bonfire.com/thefoodranger/ ABOUT THE FOOD RANGER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious food as I can. I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below! Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFoodRanger Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoodRanger Insta: https://instagram.com/thefoodranger/ ------------------------------- Please share this one if you enjoyed it! Cheers! Love the music I use? Get a FREE month from me to you! I'm using this library for a few months now (since July 2017) and LOVE it. http://share.epidemicsound.com/pf97L ► My Food Blog: https://www.thefoodranger.com/
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Text Comments (485)
mustafa aydoğan (5 days ago)
1:45 doların 3 liradan az oldugu zamanlar aga bee
MAVİ NEFES (1 month ago)
Türk yemeklerimiz cok lezzetledir. Hepinize afiyet olsun💞
Michael Geoghegan (1 month ago)
Trevor you doggggg!
Michael Geoghegan (1 month ago)
eh where the f**k is ting ting
PommdönerTV (2 months ago)
MANTI'ya menti diyor adwudaaz
Ibrahim Bati (2 months ago)
Has anyone here noticed (3:44) that poor old woman behind Trevor and that Turkish lady just sitting there and eating some bread. That actually made me feel pretty depressed and realize some things that I don´t really think about that much.
Ibrahim Hussein (2 months ago)
I should have watched your videos before going to Istanbull
Nedim Bedrum (3 months ago)
Thank you for Turkey video. We love you
Your Conscience (4 months ago)
The times, when Ting-Ting wasn't a Thing-Thing :D
Jose Diana (5 months ago)
We all know trevor score on that trip
Godmars Roah (6 months ago)
Here in 2018. Wonder how Ting feels about this video. hahaha
Lenzaaa (6 months ago)
Hey trevor, you went at the worst possible time as the exchange rate was super low unfortunately 😂, when i recently went to marmaris the exchange rate was 7p for 1 TL which is about 10c
Sahir (7 months ago)
I wonder if Trevor smashed her Mussel to that night :-)
Just freind not flirting
serdar kilic (7 months ago)
kari, bildigin cingene ...Lanet olsun sana
emrah genç (7 months ago)
now 18 TL. = 3 $
David Salinas (7 months ago)
he smashed
Ch Mujtaba (7 months ago)
Boring food hai turkey main i liv in turkey
Sultan Slyman (7 months ago)
ozman ki dolar 3.36 mış ya la
Mouse two (8 months ago)
🇭🇹看妹妹🐸露点私拍网👂 址:3⃣️W点3⃣️85⃣️10⃣️36⃣️点CN👶居然一句解决tu ii
Ethan Po (8 months ago)
T-dawg had Turkish Oyster that night :)
Fatih Cakir (9 months ago)
İstanbul is a wunderfull town. Thx ERDOĞAN
Shaziafahad Shazifadu (9 months ago)
helo dear i watch ur mostly all video's i m finding u in ur videos may be u also come in pakistan but may u don't come i offered u to come in pakistan really i will show you the real taste i m waiting for ur reply thanks if u are interested then send me mail [email protected]
casualsuede (10 months ago)
You tell by the comments which guys have never eaten with an attractive women before...and who is obviously virgins.
sam Junior (10 months ago)
Please make full videos like 30-40min
TROJAN HORSE (10 months ago)
2:44 she kept staring .. :P love in the air
asdsadsa asdasdas (10 months ago)
you can eat 40-50 mussels, no problem but beware of erection.
Ammar Attab (11 months ago)
She wants you D
BOJAN TOJAN (11 months ago)
Im so happy to be anonymous on here because i would be hanged if anyone i know heard me say this: Turkey probably has the best food in the world
Funxion (1 year ago)
Yeah boi hehehe :)
Bahadır Sarıçiçek (1 year ago)
3:10 she couldn’t make it xdd
Julia Manalo (1 year ago)
those mussels looks yummmmmierz..and isooolove the way u're being fed by ur pretty friend!!! ..turkey seems peaceful when u're gone there!!!😍
R4 (1 year ago)
Women that feeds you with her hands is a keeper
劉美珠 (1 year ago)
Dilara Ongan (1 year ago)
So I’m Turkish and there not dumplings hahahahaha and I’m sorry not trying to be rude but the way you pronounce the food is cringe
NINETEEN MY AGE (1 year ago)
agressive woman.. thank god you met her before ting-ting
mdjcsmith (1 year ago)
Who was filming this one Trevor?
Şafak TURAN (1 year ago)
Aftee beer dedi ya la salal kari :)))))
ÇAĞRI SARGIN (1 year ago)
bu eleman herşeyi çok begeniyo gardaşım yokmu ülkenizde hiç yemek
gökçen özdemir (1 year ago)
You have to visit gaziantep in turkey, where the great foods comes from
Humble Opinion (1 year ago)
that chick was totally into you, mate
Douglas Randall (1 year ago)
We were in Istanbul and the food was wonderful
Öylesine yazıyorum (1 year ago)
Adamın içinden midye ağacı çıkacak yvş ye aq öküzü dşeöcğşd
ASLI TİRYAKİ (1 year ago)
bacım adamın ağzına elinle vermeyeydin iyiydi onlar alışık değil :S
Sercan Gokce (7 months ago)
hindistana gidip yemek yediyse bırakta elle yedirsin kız bir şey olmaz hindistanda ayaklarıyla yemeklerin içinde geziyorlar
Emirhan Metekol (1 year ago)
Düşüremedi :)
anurag sharma (1 year ago)
Why did you not rate the food as you do in all videos??
ثریا نوری (1 year ago)
❤very good
T K (1 year ago)
Hi from TURKEY 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Tom Nguyen (1 year ago)
Welcome to mussel heaven
Wentworth Miller (1 year ago)
Trevor JAMES Bond tonite
nomo (1 year ago)
1:27 Shia Labeouf
Jessica Rabbit (1 year ago)
His GF is recording...
ORIN (1 year ago)
Mussels isn't the only thing he ate that night !
Anıl Buğra SAVAŞ (1 year ago)
bacım birde midye açıp yemeyi bilse mındar etti hepsini
JD Krasinki (1 year ago)
does ting ting get jealous?? poor ting ting
Ismayil Isel (1 year ago)
Dubs OutCastKrew (1 year ago)
She Wants the T !!
Özgün Demir (1 year ago)
man you should have tried fried mussels too
Allie Ghilli (1 year ago)
tam orospuymuş karı da amk . gece silindir gibi ezmiştir elemanı.
Herr Schweizer (1 year ago)
Erkek yapinca capkinlik, kadin yapinca orospu. Hayir o orospu degil, o Hz Aise anamiz ve Hz Muhammed babamiz gibi namuslu ve pak.
Maria Cheema (1 year ago)
amazing food amazing journey in an amazing way trevor :)
Galih Jananuraga (1 year ago)
That wasn't the only mussel he ate that night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Alla Lusinko (1 year ago)
Zaaten it came from Central Asia!
Pridhvi M (1 year ago)
and he got laid that night :P
EveryDay With US (1 year ago)
Mantu is delicious 😋 it originated in Afghanistan by Uzbeks. Very yummy 😋
Youtube answers (1 year ago)
Istanbul is notorious for such lovers.
ainanor (1 year ago)
Manti cooked by turks does not make it turkish! In fact non of the tood you eat in turkey are turkish, but borrowd from other cuisines!
Aliriza Kaan Coskun (1 year ago)
I bet he got alot of "dolma" the night .. 😉
ARSLAN GÜMÜŞ (2 years ago)
adam gele aldi kariyi rahat birak olm bizi
ww r37515 (2 years ago)
no mantey manto
ww r37515 (2 years ago)
no mantey manto
kıvanç erakçora (2 years ago)
clash royale (2 years ago)
kız rahat bırakmayınca trevor reyiz sırtını dönmüş.
tskcthulhu (2 years ago)
Dumbass, it was your turn to fed her
Anjum Mariyah (2 years ago)
i envy you! you travel around the world to taste food....i wish i could get your job
Syd Ray (2 years ago)
wow. those turkish women know how to spoil their men. Merheba :)
Praecursator (2 years ago)
dünyanın en güzel şehri
chan ngo (2 years ago)
She's fine as hell.
Amar Mohan Dutta (2 years ago)
Good Trevor James For Eating style
Güven (2 years ago)
that look @2:40 :D
Onur Cyprus (2 years ago)
If you had been in Izmir (Esmirna) you would have eaten the mussles just for 0,5 TL and bigger ones.
Ramazan Oruc (2 years ago)
i feel pretty nervous that way you look when you tasted something.
Ayma Mir (2 years ago)
that woman is into trevor
Hakan Tapkan (2 years ago)
Mideye dolma güzelde kız servis özürlü . !
Stavros constantinos (2 years ago)
ohh woww 🙃❤❤❤❤
SumeyyaSC (2 years ago)
Canim cekti ya haha
BillyBobBue (2 years ago)
There are many different types of manti. I do like Turkish manti, but if you want real man manti, you want to look up some Chechen or Uzbek manti joint. Now those are not little mantis. Turkish manti are smaller than Russian pilmini.
‏‏‏ ‏ (2 years ago)
The Food Ranger check out my reply :)
‏‏‏ ‏ (2 years ago)
BillyBobBue Mantı is diffrent all over the turkey. For example, in Tokat or Konya you can eat triangle shaped and 4 times bigger manti.
The Food Ranger (2 years ago)
+BillyBobBue where has the best manti? Would love to visit Uzbekistan
Jack Rippers (2 years ago)
this is y i like this fcukin guy.. @ 0:35 he on the hunt. Mark Wiens wouldn't even look cuz he has no experience with women
Moonboi Gaming (2 years ago)
Funxion (2 years ago)
laid down bitches
Esra Demir (1 year ago)
Funxion you, too! !
Yagmur Adam (2 years ago)
Midye and beer ❤️👍🏿
Arif X (2 years ago)
bayan da çok amazing yani :())
rindi90 (2 years ago)
she going to make you fat,bro.
HANGED UPS (2 years ago)
Eren Eminoğlu (2 years ago)
Bu adamı açken ne zamana izlesem küfür ediyorum.
ג'ון צַיָד (2 years ago)
bttr84 (2 years ago)
it's not basil, it's dried spearmint and it's not pronounced "man tea"
K & K MEDIA (2 years ago)
sorry to say you don't look like permanent traveler o food hunter because your way of taking is like you are belong to a very backword village try to be thriller and like professional even your voice is like baby voice think you should learn before you spend your money
Berat Gergin (2 years ago)
going to turkey again
Niloy (2 years ago)
Mussels and clams are Halal?
i still dont understand how they get all the ingediants into the moussel and close it again :/

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