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Onboard New WordPress Customers With Infusionsoft

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https://wpfusionplugin.com WPFusion is the easiest and most powerful way to connect your WordPress website with Infusionsoft… as well as dozens of other CRMs. My favorite capabilities of WPFusion are the Webhooks. Webhooks let you trigger user profile updates and other automated actions by sending data back to WPFusion from your CRM. When working inside Infusionsoft, Webhooks are called “HTTP Posts” These allow you to send data back to your WordPress site, and also create or update a user based on automations in Infusionsoft Let’s say I want a way to instantly onboard new users to my WordPress site… but… I want them to have a unique role from the default “Subscriber”. Here we are going to add a new user AND update their role to that of “customer”. This is very handy if you are using other role-based plugins in WordPress where you want to differentiate between users with different roles. By the way, you can also easily mix and match the native Infusionsoft forms with those of any theme or page builder, as I’m showing here. When a person is onboarded with this simple method, they will receive an email with a confirmation of their user account and a link to set their own password. Easy!
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