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Celebrity Reading: Michael Jackson "Is He Innocent of Child Molestation?"

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Text Comments (31)
It is not an question if he is innocent, it is an FACT that he is innocent, Love MJ, facts don't lie, people do !!
kay G (11 days ago)
As an empath myself I knew in my soul that Michael was innocent all these years, no one had to confirm it to me, I just knew he was innocent. I never went with the media, and I cried when he passed. Of late for some reason I feel a strong desire to read about Michael listen to his music and watch videos of him. I even just purchased a book on him, and it has nothing to do with the recent news. For the past week I just start feeling very in tune with him I kid you not, it's weird, but I guess we can feel other empaths on a deep level which is what led me to your video. I am nowhere as talented or famous as Michael, but in my life, I too, have experienced a lot of pain and emptiness that he spoke about, so I can almost feel his pain. Anyway, can you please do a reading on him and Diana Ross, he seems to have loved her deeply, and I wondered if she had married him if things would have been different for him. Excellent reading by the way. You seem to very spiritually in tune with your gifts.
AnimeOpeningRankings (1 month ago)
Thank you for your reading, MJ innocent and forever
S.J. F. (1 day ago)
great prediction on Oprah. You can see in recent weeks how it’s all backfired on her magnificently. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
animals dance to music (2 months ago)
psychic reading on Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn please.
denna56 (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Maurice Harvey (2 months ago)
Come on black folks...I am being polite and eloquent here, so I would expect the same in return, no mockery or insults please. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE...Just like OJ was the killer and Cosby was a serial rapist, Michael Jackson is guilty as fuck of having been a PEDOPHILE!!! …………../´¯/)……….. (\¯`\ …………/….//……….. …\\….\ ………../….//………… ….\\….\ …../´¯/…./´¯\………../¯ `\….\¯`\ .././…/…./…./.|_……_| .\….\….\…\.\.. (.(….(….(…./.)..)..(..(. \….)….)….).)
violet violet (2 months ago)
Cherrie Manzanares (3-22-2019 ) It's amazing the 6 medium personalities l watched had same remarks that MICHAEL JACKSON IS AN INNOCENT & never molested a child and these accusers are only manipulated with the adults just for money however MJ forgiven them because his accusers need to overcome their desperated livelihood ,reckoned lies and used MJ to have it ! Tnx to HEAVENLY FATHER GOD that HE WILL LET TRUTH PREVAIL that MJ IS AN INNOCENT & BE VINDICATED ! And his accusers will reveal someday that THEY ONLY GREED FOR MONEY from JACKSON's estate !
JenJen (2 months ago)
Wow I think you are dead on!! And also very talented and tuned in!!
Phoenix 333 (3 months ago)
They want part of his fortune, estate, money...what else is new another greed monger among greed mongers the world is full of them. Your reading was a good one I believe that you did an accurate reading here and a lot of others-readers have said the same as you. This is what happens with very rich people they become targets for criminals. The amount of Greed upon the Earth is way out of control. Great read Priestess!🙏
Jim Jackson (3 months ago)
A lot of mediums have said that he is innocent and being set up.
Hella Ugandans (2 months ago)
Exactly . It's not that hard to see. Michael was set up
Gezgin Martı (3 months ago)
Readings are about the readers' energies. It takes a great effort and talent to filter your own opinions. So if you think it's about money, the cards will tell you so cos it's LOA. I don't see that it's possible if you ever watch that doc, see the timeline of events through years, look at the footages, etc and still think he was innocent.. That just doesnt make sense.
Hella Ugandans (2 months ago)
The timelines have already been debunked. Safechuck described being abused in a building that didn't even exist until two years later . They're stuck now, they can't go back cos he'll be too young and if they go forward it destroys their whole narrative that Michael ditched them at puberty because then Safechuck would be 16/17. These people are liars, please don't believe them, so many people who knew Wade have come out and say he's a terrible person, cheating left and right( Britney and Justin) and even MJs niece who was his girlfriend for 10 years DURING the time he was ' abused' says he's lying . But no one is listening to them. Just because Oprah says it's true doesn't mean it is she's besties with Harvey Weinstein for gods sake.
Shamia Washington (3 months ago)
Can you do a reading on Oprah. This has made me so angry. I want to see the future of her career and does she feel remorse? Do she really think MJ did it ?
Maldives Baby (3 months ago)
They are so wicked!
enneagangsta (3 months ago)
I knew that something was off about how the parents were about the whole thing. I'd probably put MJ in hospital or at least be crying if it was my kid.
enneagangsta (3 months ago)
@Bzbdnndn Jjdjjdks We come in peace.
Bzbdnndn Jjdjjdks (3 months ago)
مايكل منيح كان بغارو منو مايكل بريء من كل تهم الكل بحبو يلي بيكرهو بغار منو
Tatiana Soares (3 months ago)
MICHAEL JACKSON SEMPRE trabalhou desde pequeno apenas queria resgatar tua infância que jamais conseguiu, ter apenas queria ter amigos brincar o que jamais teu pai permitiu, na infância, Michael só trabalhava tadinho sempre vamos amar esse homem de bom coração Michael Jackson foi inocente em abrir as portas de sua casa? Para esses abutres, I LOVE YOU ❤ sempre vamos amar Michael Jackson❤
Monica David (3 months ago)
You aren't the only one who is getting this turning up for their readings. There are some signs that show something is fishy with all of this even without readings being done. Trying to extort the estate is a given.
Monica David (2 months ago)
@Josephine Mendez wickedness and lies can't cover truth forever. This is why it amazed me how the media just jumped on this thing ignoring all the investigations and so on from the FBI. Then Wade use to date Michael's niece for multiple years. Of course you don't see her getting interviewed on big media about this. She calls him a liar.
Josephine Mendez (2 months ago)
Moncia David i did a reading myself i swear i got the same type of interpretations and cards .
Llee # (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this reading! R.I.P. MJ🙏💖
Please do a reading on r.kelly please sis
Rachel Brite (3 months ago)
I have always felt he was innocent.❤ Sad that people believe whatever the media tells them.😢
Elite Pro Servers (2 months ago)
I know in my heart he's innocent
Rachel Brite (3 months ago)
@Marty Mcfly Nice to know I'm not the only one.😊
Marty Mcfly (3 months ago)
I hear you Rachel Brite.
A Brave Bird Saved (3 months ago)
Sounds good to me. I am an X Jehovahs Witness after 42 yrs in the Cult and I know the damage that alone did to Michael. Sorry for him now , have felt that way for awhile watching it all go down. I do not care for Oprah at all etc.. Thanks for sharing your gift.
Phoenix 333 (3 months ago)
@ABraveBirdSaved, so glad you got out of that cult good for you. Oprah yeah I'm not a fan either she is way too full of herself. I'll never forget when she said that she was destined for greatness...like I said full of herself.

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