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Classic school uniforms are quite on-trend for fall—miniskirts, pleats, prim button ups—and there are ways to pull off a collegiate-inspired look without appearing as if you’re a total cliché.—And guess what? It’s absolutely possible to pull off the trend and still look like a class act. If you take a look in your closet, chances are you’ll find a black skirt. Whether it’s a maxi, a mini or anything in between, incorporating a black skirt into any fall look is easy to do, and the results are always polished. So here's to show you how i style this kind of fashion this season!
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Fashion Fun (3 months ago)
Such a cute outfit, I love high socks I like how u styles them over tights with a skirt
SuperEON xiv (3 years ago)
nice one.. love it 😀
ItsMegaShow (3 years ago)
love it! you are so gorgeous omg! keep up the good work girl <3 btw, just subbed to your channel. mind to check my channel and maybe subscribe back? it would be lovely :) have a great day babe! x
Lola K (3 years ago)
Excellent fashion for girls to the school
It is classic but still fun! I love that grey sweater. Such a cute touch.
J&C (3 years ago)
school girl look is so cute!
Candy's Rouge (3 years ago)
super cute at ang ganda!!!
Krystal Atkinson (3 years ago)
Super cute!
Joy Chang (3 years ago)
CUTE outfit <33
UniQue Gucci Family (3 years ago)
love it thank you for sharing
lilsliceofTLC (3 years ago)
Nice look. Thanx for sharing. :)
Irrri Descence (3 years ago)
love the socks!

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