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Jude Law ★ FUNNY Reaction ★ When He Finds Out What Happens in Harry Potter

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Zoe Kravits 'Leta Lestrange', Callum Turner 'Theseus Scamander' and Jude Law 'Albus Dumbledore' talks Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Wizarding World, Meeting the fans, Traveling the World, Their First Harry Potter book and more... ------------- COME WITH ME TO HOLLYWOOD Please subscribe to my channel if you enjoy celebrity interviews with Hollywood’s biggest stars. I post interviews with famous stars weekly here on this channel. If you surf around you'll find interviews with world famous movie stars like Meryl Streep https://youtu.be/lF0_upIsvy8 Helen Mirren https://youtu.be/AkAOBSsXtMA Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine https://youtu.be/ErK0Gw7KfgA -------------------- And movie star legends like Clint Eastwood https://youtu.be/V35bVDmYtK8 Julia Roberts: https://youtu.be/0pe1uoeBCuI Robert De Niro and Micahel Douglas https://youtu.be/vAFC2Pvz-1Y Richard Gere https://youtu.be/FB72ouvs58U and Robert Redford https://youtu.be/Ei5jADs6fJQ -------------- I have also interviewed world famous film stars like Johnny Depp https://youtu.be/8B3pddUjyRE Sylvester Stallone https://youtu.be/93U_ik1P0-w Leonardo DiCaprio https://youtu.be/UW7a8v087zY Angelina Jolie https://youtu.be/_mIEVpejF7Q Jennifer Aniston https://youtu.be/2xQFrnrvY2E Jennifer Lawrence https://youtu.be/lLVDHVG85C0 The Rock https://youtu.be/DzeYuN0UL8U Tom Hiddleston https://youtu.be/PLny_HymGII Zac Efron and Dave Franco https://youtu.be/XH_20Vs1iIE Chris Hemsworth https://youtu.be/tEUuXxQGLro Jennifer Lopez https://youtu.be/8F19uuoyK3 Keanu Reeves https://youtu.be/fUjgLqXcjOs ---------------------- You can also see fresh interviews with younger actors like Harry Styles https://youtu.be/HCZ5rZFymVI Dakota Johnson https://youtu.be/9Vu74u1uZn8 Jamie Dornan https://youtu.be/eqU2CLYaUis Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson https://youtu.be/7yeaIBbSH3s Gal Gadot https://youtu.be/-o__i5HdGWE Chloe Grace Moretz https://youtu.be/vffS-Eh5zYk Selena Gomez https://youtu.be/M6qtL4DdH18 Tom Holland https://youtu.be/BYP6EdlXjhw ------------------ You can find interviews with comedians and stand-up comedians like Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher https://youtu.be/B8xF6Ce9q68 Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler https://youtu.be/2C-X7ENTwIU Louis CK and Kevin Hart https://youtu.be/HCtlZmCH8Q0 Katt Williams https://youtu.be/7t-a4sHoiO8 Kristen Wiig https://youtu.be/hBg6hQ3IFgo Rebel Wilson https://youtu.be/GXu6UjQfLmk Melissa McCarthy https://youtu.be/aauJRSHULXU --------------------------- You may also learn something new about your favorite director. Check out my interviews with Ridley Scott https://youtu.be/NXW9ctLv0gE Tim Burton https://youtu.be/Opv5Sx1zB3A Darren Aronofsky https://youtu.be/i8yl0LDppxs Guillermo Del Toro https://youtu.be/Ip5cjRL8NM4 Christopher Nolan https://youtu.be/gw-YFwcq-Ho Guy Ritchie https://youtu.be/jsLM1APPc4w Mel Gibson https://youtu.be/QrWn_pUj7z8 Duncan Jones https://youtu.be/CtJnpSaRa4M ----------------------------- MY VLOG SERIES - A SNEAK PEAK INTO HOLLYWOOD AND BEHIND THE SCENES: I also have a VLOG series where I take you behind the scenes from when I meet with Hollywood stars at different interview locations and give you a little sneak peak of what it's like to interview some of Hollywoods biggest stars. In my VLOGS I also take you to premieres, Hollywood parties, premiere after-parties, red carpets, The Oscars, The Golden Globes - and travels to film festivals, like Toronto, Cannes and Venice, comic-con in San Diego, as well as the typical film junket. I share some of my favorite interview tricks, some amazing, funny moments, but also some of my bloopers and less proud or awkward moments. So please come along for the ride behind the scenes in Hollywood, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave comments in the description section. I will get back to you as soon as I can. ➡ Follow me 📸 Instagram ➡: https://www.instagram.com/kjersti_flaa/ Facebook: ➡ https://www.facebook.com/KjerstiFlaa
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Text Comments (66)
prince_ depp (2 months ago)
JUDE LAW HAS KIDS?! Wait is he married?! *WTF* my #depplaw fantasies have been demolished Actually they’re prolly gunna continue to thrive & do just fine
Jess Lee (2 months ago)
Omg zoe ahaha she cracks me up 2:16
Sally Rose (3 months ago)
I don't understand why there's so many dislikes on your recent videos? I think you are a wonderful interviewer.
맛있어샤부샤부 (3 months ago)
Kjersti Flaa lmao. To be honest I understand both. Don't get offended.
Kjersti Flaa (3 months ago)
Thank you. It's because in Korea they think if you compliment someone in speaking good English when they are a kid, that makes you a racist. So that's what they have been all over me attacking me lately. It's just horrible.
THE SHIRE FOREVER (3 months ago)
I LOVE JUDE😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍❤
Moa Edvinsson (3 months ago)
loved this. also perfect comment from Zoe
solfeggietto (3 months ago)
"Kai-Kai-Kai-Kai - Nope!" 😂
thelonious monk (3 months ago)
Hey i know the comments are disabled on the other vid but i just wanted you to know that it was clear to me what happened wasnt what was being said. i understood you perfectly. i was taught languages in schools and certainly wasnt fluent by the time i was 12 still not fluent in any other language. We are just unaware of how some countries like france and korea etc really go the extra mile in making sure they are fluent. Ezra who i adore obviously got a bit arrogant with the crystal question he didnt like maybe he felt as if he was being mocked i didnt expect that kind of defensiveness from him i thought he was more evolved. I know you lost your footing a bit maybe nerves i dont know and they were not patient and maybe they arent meant to be, but just focus on what interests you about people and about film and you cant go wrong with your questions.
thelonious monk (3 months ago)
completely! its super impressive to most people to hear someone was fluent in another language at a young age (for me at any age) I have no idea why they would act that way. Other than they are looking to find something wrong to validate their own insecurities or just people who aren't focusing on real issues. it does remind me to read up on this Harvard lawsuit though.
Tinka Grujić (3 months ago)
I looove your shiny “emerald/goldish” feathers. You have a great style! 👏🏼 Emerald & golden colour go so well together, one could say they’re magical! ;)
Kjersti Flaa (3 months ago)
Thank you 💗
THE SHIRE FOREVER (3 months ago)
"Dumbledore!Newt!Newt!"😂❤❤❤❤That would have been me!!
prad ditt (3 months ago)
2:18 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😞
Rafael Campos (3 months ago)
You have a great talent to make the actors feel comfortable and be more spontaneous. It's a joy to watch.
Rafael Campos (3 months ago)
+Kjersti Flaa Thank you for your reply, Kjersti. Today after watching this video I spent quite a while thinking about this gift of yours. I was wondering how you achieve that. After some time I think I realized that the answer is quite simple. You treat them as normal human beings. You break the fame shield and you touch them as people, not celebrities. They feel safe around you, I guess. They feel seen. You get them. You get to talk to the real person, not the Hollywood persona.
Kjersti Flaa (3 months ago)
Thank you Rafael. Thats such a wonderful thing to hear 💗
Augusto Abreu (3 months ago)
they seen to be really cool to interview! good job on the interview btw!
Kjersti Flaa (3 months ago)
Thanks 😘
Julikins209 (3 months ago)
Always getting political. Zoe is an idiot.
Julikins209 (3 months ago)
Was that supposed to hurt my feelings?. I stated an opinion of this woman. You did not have to comment on my statement. So here you are now calling me names. It doesn't really matter what you think. I will still have an opinion, and like you I can express it.
Julikins209 (3 months ago)
She can speak her mind anytime she likes. No one says she cant' . She is still an idiot.
BetaArtemis (3 months ago)
Julikins209 oh yeah how dare she speaks her mind, I thought people liked honesty, isn’t that what they praise Trump for? That he’s honest and says what he means? So why can’t her? I say good for her saying what she feels instead of tip toeing around it
Natalie Zayas-Bazan (3 months ago)
Ennaliya exactly. So many people hate him with this fever and he doesn’t actually run the country. 😂
Julikins209 (3 months ago)
So says another idiot
Kraito Krombongus (3 months ago)
2:16 .....Did she have to....really?
Rohit Rajput (3 months ago)
What's the character Jude was taking about?
Ellen F (2 months ago)
Collin Blatt yeah! Tyat’s the name was I was searching for! :D
Collin Blatt (2 months ago)
SPOILER: I think he was referring to Yusuf Kama who, as a previous comment alluded to, is the one Tina met with following the circus. He is also Leta's half-brother.
Rohit Rajput (3 months ago)
+Ellen F yeah, I'm just about to finish the book, gotta rewatch it some time next week 🔥
Ellen F (3 months ago)
Rohit Rajput Yup, saw it on Wednesday, going to see it again next week. It was just that good :D
Rohit Rajput (3 months ago)
+Ellen F watched the midnight screening on opening night, awesome movie 🤘🏼
Asada Coehlo (3 months ago)
Jude and Callum are so hot! Loin-burning alert!
Aasief Pillay (3 months ago)
The awkward silence after Zoe's comment about monsters lol
Bomb Ass Bish (1 month ago)
aninha japan she is rude tho
aninha japan (2 months ago)
she is idiot ,democrat.way trump is a monster ,just because hilary lost .well zoe you not like poor people,because usa create a many jobs last year.you zoe dont need a regular job,but many people doo.
Isaac Shoffren (3 months ago)
Oh heck
Mari H (3 months ago)
Speaking of magicians! When Judledore is flipping out that card in the film, it's a real trick :D (I absolutely did not play it in slow motion just to see if it was real...)
Mari H (3 months ago)
+Lyall Talarico Now that I've seen the film, I'm sad to say that they have change it to CGI lol. But the trailer was real!
Lyall Talarico (3 months ago)
+Mari H Brilliant!
Mari H (3 months ago)
+Lyall Talarico Nah it's cool :) It was in one of the first trailers they released. But I have also stayed away for a while now. I'm gonna see the film on Thursday, so until then I'm just not going to click anything. Besides Kjerstis interviews because she's awesome. If you to my blog at fabenorway. com I made an article where there's a GIF of the card trick :)
Lyall Talarico (3 months ago)
+Mari H I'm trying to stay away from spoilers and clips, but i'll look out for it, Thanks mate. Sorry too for er, assuming without looking(?)
Mari H (3 months ago)
+Lyall Talarico And then Eddie said he thought they left it in. If you play it frame by frame you can see that it's real.
Marianne (3 months ago)
This was great! Was lovely to hear them talk about imagination! :)
Stella Tmv (3 months ago)
Another great interview! Jude Law so beautiful. An essential interlocutor & spontaneous (gorgeous feathers!). Interesting notions from Turner. Ecxeption was the blabbering Kravits, kind of spoiling the atmosphere, 4 me.
Stella Tmv (1 month ago)
+Bomb Ass Bish U mean Kravits(?) Never saw her being interviewed before and in this she wasn't exactly admirable. Suppose I' ll avoid seeing her again.
Stella Tmv (1 month ago)
+Kjersti Flaa Just saw ur comm. Yes he is, I admit, and so are U. Do one with Christian Bale if u can, he is shockingly brilliant in "Vice".
Bomb Ass Bish (1 month ago)
She is rude tho. Just check out her other interviews.
Kjersti Flaa (3 months ago)
Thank you, Stella. Jude Law is quite the charmer ha ha 😜
Tanishq Chandra (3 months ago)
I think Zoe should restrain from making any unnecessary political statements. That would generate unnecessary hate from the audience.
thelonious monk (3 months ago)
Really so why are there white nationalists marching in the streets, literally speaking about how he supports them? why when a woman is murdered and people terrorized, he is out there saying nazis are good people. Why has the number of hate crimes increased exponentially since he has been in office. Look i know alot of people supporting trump they are just overwhelmed. He writes a narrative for them and they think 'well yeh I dont understand that person with a different culture and a different skin colour and or religion so maybe what he is saying is true, he is our president after all, they think 'i have enough problems already we don't need trouble i want job security Im a hard worker, i don't want to think about anyone else, Im just trying to put food on MY table'. Not thinking that universal healthcare is a more affective and cheaper option than the alternatives he presents, not that he gave a tax break to the billionaires and millionaires and now farmers are struggling because he started a twitter feud with china. Yeh maybe some do hate him and others haven't got the energy because he has already taken too much from there lives. If you are a minority in America, if you are a woman, if you are a person, fearing trump and his administration is a rational reaction to the actions they have taken to diminish the safety and the rights and welfare of people. Fearing him is the first step. He is out there playing chicken with dictators shaking hands with presidents whose hit squads murder civilians they disagree with. The difference is the people who fear trump myself included, overcome that fear out of necessity so that they can act, educating themselves so they are able to do all they can to protect those rights and fight for them. 45 supporters however are being told to act like scientologist and ignore and distrust all information(media) that doesn't support his racist selfish agenda the one that serves his interest before the American peoples.
Jacaerys Blackfyre (3 months ago)
Ennaliya 😂😂😂 yeah you're crazy. Before you starting spouting this conspiracy theory crap at me, how about some evidence? Otherwise, shut up.
Jacaerys Blackfyre (3 months ago)
thelonious monk Also: -He's enforcing the law. These people who are getting separated from their families are breaking the law by illegally coming into our country. That's the job of the president: to enforce the law. It's definitely a terrible situation, but nonetheless this is what happens to people who break the law. -First of all, Trump isn't a white nationalist so I have no idea why you think he's correlated to these shootings. Second, I fail to see what hateful rhetoric he is saying that emboldens these people to commit these murders. Obviously I condemn these murderers because they were done so out of hatred. But blaming Trump for every single bad thing is not a good argument, much less one that can be proven. -He is not Voldemort. 1. Voldemort committed the crimes directly. 2. Voldemort is openly for the murder of innocent people while Trump repeatedly condemns it. 3. Voldemort isn't real.
Jacaerys Blackfyre (3 months ago)
thelonious monk The only people I see driven by fear, hate, insecurity, and power-hunger are those who label Trump as a monster because they hate and "fear" him so much
thelonious monk (3 months ago)
He can be a monster and a tool or puppet for greater monsters but he is still culpable
Pilar Tellez (3 months ago)
An other excellent interview with part of the cast, thank you Kjersti!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 Regards from Mexico 🇲🇽
Kjersti Flaa (3 months ago)
So happy you like it!!!

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