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You Laugh, You Lose | Will Ferrell vs. Mark Wahlberg

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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg face off by telling dad jokes to each other. The first one to laugh loses. Winner with the most points wins. #dadjokes #alldefcomedy #alldef Daddy's Home 2 in theaters November 10. @WillFerreI @Mark_Wahlberg @DaddysHomeMovie Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=38z-xuYhGnA Subscribe today! http://www.youtube.com/user/alldefdigital?sub_confirmation=1 → CONNECT WITH ADD ← https://twitter.com/AllDefDigital http://instagram.com/AllDefDigital http://bit.ly/ADDfacebook http://bit.ly/ADDgoogleplus [CREDITS] Starring: Will Ferrell Mark Walhberg Producer: Denzel Lee Director: Patrick Cloud Director of Photography:Alex Valencia Sound Mixer: Cameron Selan Post Supervisor: Trish Pelefoti Editor: Zack Witt
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Text Comments (5500)
Daniel Rex (5 hours ago)
James King (18 hours ago)
I lost it solo at midnight at lack toast intolerant
Pol Pot (1 day ago)
Hahaha eggs dee le mayonaise
ITS CADE YEAGER!!! #CadeYeager
John Smith (2 days ago)
Ok I just made one up: Why did Marky Mark blame himself when he heard the titanic sunk?..... . . . Because they hit a wall-berg
OverGAMING- OG (3 days ago)
Why did the Mexicans cross the border by 2s and 4s? . . . . . Because it said no “Tres” passing
apt_nova (3 days ago)
if only mark didnt laugh at his own jokes
Zion (3 days ago)
Lol just two cousins having a blast!
Kyle Jacob (4 days ago)
Love the actors but this is just terrible
Xcess (5 days ago)
its not dori-toes its dorys-toes
TheRealMVP (5 days ago)
Will is definitely one of those people out every 100 u meet that looks very different when they get older. I cant see Roxbury when I look at him in this video
kristin walters (5 days ago)
The way they say it tho
Sea Shell (5 days ago)
Their show doesn't look family friendly.
Aj Boyd (6 days ago)
3:32 "What did the pot eat on it's birthday?" "Brownies?" "No. Pancakes" There are two people in this world😂😂😂😂
Landon Buchanan (6 days ago)
they were turnt
Raoff Aziz (6 days ago)
2 daddies
Rajneesh Kaundal (7 days ago)
Rain Juice (8 days ago)
All the shit youtube recommends to me and THIS WAS NEVER RECOMMENDED?? WTF
Props (8 days ago)
my wife left me
Smigo 68 (9 days ago)
Props (8 days ago)
Haki Ajrula (9 days ago)
I died laughing at the quistion "Did you hear Steve Harvey and his wife got into a fight" and then even more when he said "It was a famiy feud" Family Feud the show Steve Harvey hosts
grace fox (9 days ago)
Cruse (10 days ago)
Omg I live in Bakersfield, I'm doing it all wrong, going to be a chef!!
Tunes & Lyrics (10 days ago)
Mark is so sexy 😌
Props (8 days ago)
yeah same hmu gimme them diggies
James Ho (10 days ago)
Why would anyone battle Will Ferrell in this game..
Channel 728 (10 days ago)
Why does Mark Wahlberg sound and look high
Vittorio De Lucia (11 days ago)
The last one killed me 😂😂😂
Manvendra Singh (13 days ago)
Epic Terry (14 days ago)
When Will Ferrell just dismisses the joke I dies laughing
Patrick Wheeler (14 days ago)
Marky Mark was lit like a Christmas tree! 🔥💊💉💨😵 lol
Jacob (15 days ago)
Mark Wahlberg seems like he's a redneck who happens to be rich
youtoober2013 (15 days ago)
1:08 Will Ferrel * so confused * : _"Wha -what are you talking about? How can you not -how can you laugh at the set up... but not at the..."_
HBA Power (15 days ago)
...i don't know why but for me Mark Wahlberg is always Marky Mark ! if you're young perhaps you don't know that Mark was a great rapper and also the brother of Donnie Wahlberg one of the members of New Kids On The Block !!
E G T (15 days ago)
E G T (15 days ago)
E G T (15 days ago)
E G T (15 days ago)
Sarah Cofer (16 days ago)
"what kind of shoes do gophers wear?" xD
Ow En (16 days ago)
Voice crack at 1:44
Barb Losco (16 days ago)
Justin Potts (16 days ago)
I have lived to see Will Ferrell say a joke was too dirty. Damn.
Valerie Manalo (16 days ago)
I love the handshake at the end
michel levy (16 days ago)
Here is one my son Lucas made up for you guys....”where are the biggest marathons? .... I-Ran 😂😂😂
TaVandeVer 101 (16 days ago)
i used to live in Bakersfield
Luisfe Valenzuela (17 days ago)
The lack toast intolerant destroyed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marc Moncada (17 days ago)
All Def used to exclude anyone who wasn't in the rap industry from telling dad jokes on their channel. How did they get a Feral Wall in there? ...is what I thought before the non-YT advertisement found a place in the last 40 seconds of the clip.
Jayla Taylor (17 days ago)
I'm lack toast and tonlerin
Thanks for recommending 3 years later
Vivek Chinnee (19 days ago)
2:00 best one
Nelekets (19 days ago)
Dad jokes? More like jokes off of Laffy Taffy wrappers!
Endose Army (19 days ago)
Why did the toilet cross the road It got stuck in a crack
Fortnite with NVUS (19 days ago)
Endgame 1:30
Fortnite with NVUS (19 days ago)
After watching endgame
eunsung kwon (19 days ago)
Sir Charge? You mean surcharge?
eunsung kwon (19 days ago)
XD XD XD Example: People going FOR anything in debates are strong. They are a-FIRM-ative (I made that up at the spot) XD XD XD
Wild Rose (19 days ago)
They’re aging so....nicely 😋
Souw Ooop (19 days ago)
I really don't like actors I'm sorry.
Rissahthedoll (19 days ago)
What do u call it when you lose your Floss: dental-loss
Chan Soman Music (19 days ago)
wtf is wrong with mark, insufferable personality
mdyiya (19 days ago)
Wild’n Out is funnier.
Nikolaos Panopoulos (19 days ago)
they two should have a radio show
N Gauvreau (20 days ago)
Mary and Joseph took Virgin Airlines, and Pontius was their Pilote.
Jamie Stevenson (20 days ago)
Funny as fuck these two legends !
David Conde (21 days ago)
Whats kind of car does a egg drive?? A *KoenigsEGG*
Giovanni Yepez (21 days ago)
I live by Bakersfield
Ravneet Kitty (21 days ago)
seems like daddys home 😉😉
red drib (22 days ago)
wtf, was that Mel Gibson? that's messed up
Guinevere Haase (22 days ago)
Troy Franklin (22 days ago)
foredamusic (22 days ago)
Mark wahlberg is on heroine in this clip. Slurred words, bobbing head, loopy movements
Sumit Vijaykumar (22 days ago)
they both know they both have funny eyes! 🤣🤣
OFF3NDED01 _ (23 days ago)
So um, one of the things you'll come to find out about me is uh, I've got the heart of a lion. I've also got a life time ban from the Toronto Zoo ;(
Rumman Nasiri (23 days ago)
They didn’t even try to not laugh
TJ Gacha (23 days ago)
Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind it's tearable.
TheVideoInvader (23 days ago)
2:13 The real Marky Mark
Jonathan J (24 days ago)
Will Ferrell is funny even without punchlines
Brie C (24 days ago)
They'd be so fun to hang out with
Tom Work (24 days ago)
I think during the most likely tense 2020 presidential debate, we should pause and make the candidates tell Dad Jokes.
Gamer ArmyCz (24 days ago)
oh hell nah these to guys will make me shit in ma pants🤣🤣🤣
the NECK (24 days ago)
All I see is one American and one white shame liberal !!! Mark you need to pick better acting partners
I saadZz (25 days ago)
2 dads 2 awful jokes and a blunt in my hand.. i’m in tears of laughter.
Raman Nagavarpu (25 days ago)
Ava Dunlap (25 days ago)
4:43 what do you think mark just did 😂😂😂
Eyez On Me (25 days ago)
Mark Wahlberg talks like 50 Cent
Herofreddy (25 days ago)
Love ho Mark cracks himself more often than he cracks Will.
quinby z (25 days ago)
Markey mark sounds so stoned or drunk or both lol
Jordi Franzoni (26 days ago)
1:44 voice crack
Cohenforbes44 Forbes (26 days ago)
Soon as it stared i already tryed not to lauhg
Arsenio Buck (26 days ago)
The most unfunny guys ever.
773SleepyHollow (26 days ago)
Will has big hands.
meekeedutska (26 days ago)
Just looking at Wills face will make you bust out laughing
1ring2rule3pigs (27 days ago)
Of course Marky Mark was going to win....Ferrell isn't funny. At all.
Sean Long (27 days ago)
Mark sounds like he slurred his way though this video
Wx Mixes (27 days ago)
The Youtube recommendations are just scientific experiments to see if we will watch what they show us
googlegiggler (28 days ago)
This is a collection of the worst dad jokes
J Mello (28 days ago)
Marks all drugged out
(I got this from someone else) What do you call a skinny, brown Mexican? -Churro
eastlondontillidie (28 days ago)
Just like Samuel L Jackson is the quintessential ‘Black Man’ Will Ferrell is the quintessential ‘White Man’
Koushik H (29 days ago)
Sama XD (29 days ago)
im from bakersfield am i a chef?

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