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Taylor Swift The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2014

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Taylor Swift brilhou na Victoria Secret 2014
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Mark Kettler (7 hours ago)
Dy Lydia (1 day ago)
What song??
Bardi (10 hours ago)
Dy Lydia Style
Dy Lydia (1 day ago)
What song??
Windy Lamablawa (1 day ago)
0:48 0:56 who is she?
Rita Wood (1 day ago)
Around2:13 Taylor’s face!lol
Rita Wood (1 day ago)
This was one of there best shoes the outfits were on point
Jesus Quezada (2 days ago)
4 years after im still watching this segment non stop.
S t e p h a n i e (2 days ago)
Taylor es SATÁNICA!!!!!
DeMin Wong (3 days ago)
I like how the models have to make way for her
Indian LadkiPS (3 days ago)
50% the models, 50% of Taylor Swift made it Worth watching, Amazing what I just saw💞
Lynn Clark (4 days ago)
What Angel is it at 1:31 into the video...I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND HER ANYWHERE ELSE....Please help
Lisa (3 days ago)
Lynn Clark Isabeli Fontana
Hashim (4 days ago)
first 3 second was so epiccc
Jaime Munizaga (4 days ago)
Is one of the models Claudia Schiffer?
Lisa (3 days ago)
Jaime Munizaga she is Doutzen Kroes
Jaime Munizaga (3 days ago)
+Lisa 3:00
Lisa (3 days ago)
Jaime Munizaga which minute ?
Jaime Munizaga (3 days ago)
+Lisa the model that I say that looks like Claudia Schiffer
Lisa (3 days ago)
Jaime Munizaga who?
Arturo Zavala (5 days ago)
2:36 name her please!! She Is beauty😍😍😍
Master of everything (5 days ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the girl in 1:50
Lisa (3 days ago)
Master of everything Cindy Bruna
Ankur Jyoti Das (6 days ago)
who is that girl at 3:04 she is so beautiful
lily bee (3 days ago)
Doutzen kroes she is not a vs model any more
yoora park (6 days ago)
Ankur Jyoti Das doutzen
TheHive (6 days ago)
DAMN!!! This model can sing!!!
Manon Wündrich (6 days ago)
Taylor walks better than a lot of the new models
Shes lipsincing?
Mikey Guanipa (6 days ago)
Honestly the best Victoria secret fashion show performance
Michael (7 days ago)
why does she always stand in the middle, like move over taylor
zainab gull (7 days ago)
just to clarify that style is a song about harry styles Not trouble!!!
دكتور وليد (7 days ago)
The queen of pop
Maissa Star (7 days ago)
this is not the original audio is it?
Maissa Star (7 days ago)
lace suits this song so well
Jessa Camelo (7 days ago)
My daughter would be there soon
EnchantedTS (7 days ago)
This is hands down the best performance in VS ever, the song, Taylor the scenes oh my god everything
karlie and taylor seriously attract my attention
Sabrina Gaskin (8 days ago)
Her performance was weak compared to her others
Robby Wong (8 days ago)
Lea Quirog (7 days ago)
Martha Hunt
why is she trying to take all the spotlight from the models
Federico Vazquez (8 days ago)
I still believe Alessandra Ambrosio and Adrian Lima used to be men
Trang Ciara (8 days ago)
Taylor was the smartest singer I’ve ever seen at VSF. While other singers only focused on their singing, Taylor knew the stage belongs to models so the only way to shine here was to share the light (which she does so well with other singers invited to most of her tours). On the other hand, at the middle of the catwalk was the spot when the camera transferred from the front model to the next model. By standing just around that area, chances to appeared on the screen with or without models increased. Plus, in every concepts, Taylor always put models into the theme with her by reacting with them (it’s fun to watch her sang toward models like they were her partners/fans/dancers) which made her performance totally rule the stage. Moreover, with every angles’ smiles or different movements, cameras were there to hunt them. Didn’t need to mention how gorgeous and elegant she was which is so obvious. The way she lives over music, her personality are worth to be seen through, and to be remembered. 🌹💙 By all my love to Taylor.❤️
kheira bensoukehal (2 days ago)
It's also because she lips sings
Trang Ciara ❤👍I agree
Siti Nurbaya (8 days ago)
still the best vsfs singer performance
Onee-chan NeKo (8 days ago)
martin falcon (8 days ago)
When does she start singing?
Aysha (8 days ago)
The way Taylor looked at Karlie '..... just make me so happy. My *KAYLOR* Heart !
Andrey Kovalchuk (9 days ago)
Sophie Mariff (9 days ago)
Taylor compliments the models so well, she should perform every year tbh
Kristina Balang (11 days ago)
FUK MGK (12 days ago)
Well there goes no nut November
J. Vítor Campello (12 days ago)
Adriana Lima e a Alessandra são as mais lindas
J. Vítor Campello (12 days ago)
1:32 name her?
J. Vítor Campello (3 days ago)
+Lisa Sorry, I speak Portuguese.
Lisa (3 days ago)
J. Vítor Campello I don't understand
J. Vítor Campello (3 days ago)
+Lisa Já tinha descobrido o nome, mesmo assim muito obrigado!
Lisa (3 days ago)
J. Vítor Campello Maria Borges
Natalie (14 days ago)
3:41 who is she? tell me her name plz!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Natalie (3 days ago)
Lisa thank you so much!!!!!!
Lisa (3 days ago)
Natalie Martha Hunt
E gush (14 days ago)
When Taylor is as gorgeous as the models and steals the entire show with her beauty and talent.
J. Vítor Campello (15 days ago)
01:26 name her?
lily bee (3 days ago)
Isabeli fontana
Jacob Agudelo (15 days ago)
1:03 those legs <3
Kevin Seamon (16 days ago)
Taylor is hot in her outfit. Needs her hair a little bit longer. Too short.
Zuhra Bacarat (17 days ago)
Is taylor in lip sync?
Sakshi Garbyal (17 days ago)
Hands down! It is the best vs segment ever till date.
bald - (18 days ago)
4:00 fall in love with her walk 😍😍
Akshita Sharma (18 days ago)
Is it me or she is actually lip syncing???
Tiiu (9 days ago)
Akshita Sharma the audio is slowed down bc Copyright issues so the video don’t match with the audio😊
Nare Gyulnzaruan (19 days ago)
Taylor is real model
Jerry Blizzard (20 days ago)
Taylor, I am proud that you were elected - Most Beautiful Girl in the World. When you perform around all of these VS Angels, I can definitely see why you take the title. Best Wishes, young lady.
Jord4n 19 (20 days ago)
Taylor: Breaker of Chains♥️
carmen lo (20 days ago)
come to see karlor after Karlie got married ❤❤
Jericho Aquino (21 days ago)
her walk on the chorus💓💓
petros k (23 days ago)
Ma. Mikaela Cervania (24 days ago)
I like how they used Style as all the angels strut in black. It just fits, because black is a color that never goes out of style, right? There is this right combination of sophistication and sexiness among the girls.
Melissa Healy (24 days ago)
I love when Taylor has her hair like that is beautiful
Scarlet O'Hara (25 days ago)
All my queens on one stage
Amandeep Kaur (26 days ago)
here only cuz of TAY
Marina Esposito (26 days ago)
Alessandra absolute QUEEN
Marina Esposito (26 days ago)
It’s crazy how the mode have to circumnavigate her, I can’t stand Taylor
Amyth Ezam (26 days ago)
Lais ribeiro is the most beautiful girl among them..
Rikudo Sennin (27 days ago)
What the name of music that she sing?
She's Sylvia (19 days ago)
Rikudo Sennin Style is the name of the song
DJ Singing (27 days ago)
Taylor is so beautiful that modelers of the whole world can't beat Her
nada perdana (28 days ago)
i miss to see joan on the runaway
Meow Mix (28 days ago)
This is the best VSFS segment ever.
Nhung Nguyễn (29 days ago)
Kaylor is the best couple. Hand -in-hand walking together
Evelyn Eve (29 days ago)
The opening Taylor &Karlie✔👍
Yami B (1 month ago)
At the 1989 tour i was a gawking mess watching her take such long strides with her notoriously sexy legs. Guys I'm telling you Taylor could be a model if she wanted too💯🔥💞
Stefano Messori (1 month ago)
Cindy Bruna is the Chosen One, OMG... Love her!!!
Liee Bieebs (1 month ago)
Taytay looks like a model too
Trang Trần (1 month ago)
Of course she does
George Balmore (1 month ago)
María Borges black angel.
CanYouBeMy FRIEND? (1 month ago)
Lets hope 2019 will be one like this want to see Kaylor together again🙈😍💘
thekindredspirit (1 month ago)
ghillian:# DY (1 month ago)
title please
Tiiu (9 days ago)
ghillian:# DY style
enigma 1982 (1 month ago)
They are all incredible beautyful, but candence is the one and only Queen!
coco harm (1 month ago)
How she going to be prettier than vs models?....woah not Ambriossa tho
My New (1 month ago)
Actually, she do the most in terms of singing on fashion show and honestly no one can't beat her🐍🐍🐍
OnlyCats Allowed (1 month ago)
I'm in love wih taylor omg she's soo pretty 😍
Say Bay (1 month ago)
One of the most breathtaking VS performances I’ve ever seen
Harry X. (1 month ago)
taytay blends into the models so naturally
Pink Ribbon (1 month ago)
that drop dead gorgeous jawline
Jungkook's Girl (1 month ago)
all of them are great but my fav is Behati 💗
Jason Y (1 month ago)
Professional and friends :)
Ges Girl (1 month ago)
whats the title?please
Son der (1 month ago)
The title of the song? Style
Mitchell Brown (1 month ago)
Who is the girl at 2:28?
Rozalia Stachowicz (1 day ago)
Mitchell Brown Magdalena Frąckowiak
Lalawmpuia Pachuau (1 month ago)
This was like VS saying goodbye to us... The last great segment... With great song, great models.. Great outfits
lee lee (1 month ago)
she's so beautiful
Watchara Anannab (1 month ago)
_directioner _lina (1 month ago)
Anne HBurn (1 month ago)
Behati and Candice 💕
polesmoker (1 month ago)
3:02 literally the only one with tits
Maximiliano González (1 month ago)
Más hermosa q todas teylor
PJ it's me (1 month ago)
0:27 the best walk ever 😍
M79 (1 month ago)
I'll get slammed for it but I think I'm the only one who can't stand Taylor. Difference between her and the models is she's overdoing it and trying way too hard to steal the spotlight with her inflated ego. Arrogance is one of the biggest killers for me. Instantly makes a person less attractive.
hauntedhotel (19 days ago)
Shes performing the same way any singer does goddamn
Leen Selart (1 month ago)
Can't agree with you.
something useless (1 month ago)
+M79 lmao...OK?
M79 (1 month ago)
+something useless Maybe you see the glass as half empty but I've seen tons of good people out there and fact is she ain't one of them. And if she's gonna be so arrogant she could at least have better vocals to actually have something to brag about. And yes I know I'll get crap from the Taylor squad but eh I call it like it is.
something useless (1 month ago)
+M79 no one are really good at heart...live in reality bro...
Sadia Saeed (1 month ago)
can anyone tell me the name of this song plz??
Sadia Saeed (1 month ago)
+Charlie C thanks
Charlie C (1 month ago)
'Style' by Taylor Swift

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