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Taylor Swift The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2014

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Taylor Swift brilhou na Victoria Secret 2014
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Geno Abraham (6 hours ago)
Geno Abraham (6 hours ago)
TAYLOR----------For the production....... a most PERFECT, SULTRY, SENSUAL FIT!!!!!!!! Ashley S----YES, I agree. She should have had wings. She earned them!
snipes4ever (11 hours ago)
Victorias slut show
Chahd Mahrez (12 hours ago)
tom8181 (1 day ago)
when she get old she will be out of style
Yasir Ramadhani papi (2 days ago)
Watch this clip,and u never be lazy anymore goin to gym
장윤명 (3 days ago)
Taylor is definitely hotter than others
Abhishek Mishra (3 days ago)
01:28 prettiest girl😍
Abhishek Mishra (3 days ago)
Every model exactly fit for the song. And they are really glamorous
Fabrienne Perkins (3 days ago)
Breadth on that .....
Fabrienne Perkins (3 days ago)
You got that.. Piss
Saiful Islam (3 days ago)
So which model won the contest?🤔🤔
Baldev Singh (5 days ago)
Taylor is so love ,,super amazing voice
Anfal Muhammad (5 days ago)
Khey German (5 days ago)
One of the best segment in VS history
I miss the old victoria secret with the blonde womens and blue eyes, and the most white skin possible
xoxoHel (6 days ago)
5 years later and this still is my favourite VS show. All the icons and Taylor's performance taking the show to another level. I love how she fits in and easily is another model wearing VS clothes. Can hardly be triumphed.
Mega Ayie (6 days ago)
The models lineup for this segment was perfection.
D Johnson (7 days ago)
This is without competition or question, the best video of all time! A whole new category of videos, this category should be called great. The rest of the videos in the world would be called garbage.
Саша Чапаев (7 days ago)
Shelly White (8 days ago)
Madiha Mohammed (8 days ago)
1:51 who is she????
Benjamin Paredes (10 days ago)
Nunca pero nunca repito nunca me cansaré de ver éste desfile fue tan glam ✨✨ me encantó, definitivamente uno de los mejores en toda la historia del VSFS 🔥
dust on every page. (10 days ago)
....gay panic....... is all i have to say
Joenathan Carpio (11 days ago)
Taylor swift be like: "Not because I don't have wings it doesn't mean that I am not an angel." <3
su mita (11 days ago)
Hopes she can sing one of her song in the next Victoria
Mikayel Միքայել (12 days ago)
Lol Taylor looks better then the models
Erick Garcia (13 days ago)
She is perfect 😍😍😍
Jade Hill Sport Horses (13 days ago)
Cannot fucking sing. She sounds terrible even though there's heavy pitch correction on her mic.
솔라 (14 days ago)
Style is the best her album "1989"
Bdd (14 days ago)
Taylor is a angel 2019
anna Williams (14 days ago)
I want to be like taylor one day
Vũ Trương Quang (15 days ago)
Anyone here because Taylor Swift =)) ?
Vũ Trương Quang (12 days ago)
@Monica Swift i guess 90% of people here just like u and me
Monica Swift (13 days ago)
Gwen A (15 days ago)
I wish someone in the comment section listed the names of the girls with time stamps
Gwen A (10 days ago)
lily bee omg thanks so much ❤️😭
lily bee (11 days ago)
0:17 karlie kloss 0:28 joan smalls 0:48 kate grogorieva 1:15 lais ribeiro 1:27 isabeli fontana 1:41 (sorry i don't know her name) 1:48 cyndi bruna 2:01 adriana lima 2:18 magdalena frackowiak 2:38 (i don't know her name) 2:50 lily aldridge 3:05 doutzen kroes 3:24 constance jablonski 3:37 martha hunt 3:46 behati prinsloo 3:58 alessandra ambrosio 4:19 candice swanepoel
Gwen A (15 days ago)
This is without a doubt the best VS performance ever. Style really fits this and so does Taylor! ❤️
Hanipa Suello (15 days ago)
clifford reyes (16 days ago)
when ive lost hope to humanity i just watch this video over&over then im back to believing😍
Jolguer Olea (16 days ago)
This shit is hot .. so many mental Bonners 🤣🤣
Juliana Polancos (16 days ago)
Taylor Swift walking to the stage with Karlie Kloss #Besties
Anny Vitória (18 days ago)
Minhas modelos favoritas desse segmento :Kate,Martha, Behati, Doutzen e Candice
Jessie White Pinkman (18 days ago)
What's her name model. 2:38?
Jessie White Pinkman (16 days ago)
@Juan Ardila thanck you
Juan Ardila (16 days ago)
Sigrid Agren
Alexander Stern (20 days ago)
Taylor is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen omg
CYANIC WOLF (21 days ago)
I love the Taylor and Karlie entrance😄😄😊😊😊 best entrance ever
Rylie M (21 days ago)
no on can ever replace batch 2012-2014. it's the best.
Dedivanovic Calotèè (22 days ago)
Karlie Kloss💛
Jasintha Pillai (23 days ago)
Love the way Taylor swift interacts with the angels💖
No Notes (25 days ago)
2014 is really among the good VS year. I miss this, the 2018... Other than from The Strut..just the worse
Andi H (25 days ago)
Taylor! I want you to be my girlfriend! We against the world! Forever! :)
badie michel Salem (26 days ago)
the best i have seen from taylor swift and victoria secret
aymen Idrissi (26 days ago)
I like the model singing she’s got a pretty voice ❤️
Zart William Soberano (27 days ago)
1:02 will always be such a powerful moment XD
ᅩᅩ (27 days ago)
Omg their bodies are pleasing my eyes they are soo puuuurfect
L The Glits (27 days ago)
taylor and karlie are goals
Rebeca Silva (27 days ago)
3:00 ??
Nusrat jahan (27 days ago)
Taylor just look like the models 😍😍😍😍
Gzielle (27 days ago)
The last girl was too pretty.
Agent101g (28 days ago)
I watched this to see Taylor in lingerie and wings, was disappointed.
Iva Bolin (29 days ago)
The models walking around Taylor cuz she was in the middle of the runway.
clifford reyes (29 days ago)
who was in 2:41????
clifford reyes (29 days ago)
this has to be one of the best ever😍
Za A (30 days ago)
01:02 That walk thou..! 😍🔥
Andrea Jhane (1 month ago)
Does anyone out there still watch this?
Sastra Shihab (1 month ago)
Victoria's Secret fs paling favorit ini sama starboy the weeknd
alexis lightbourne (1 month ago)
Beygood (1 month ago)
Angel Luna (1 month ago)
Hilpmrs 23 (1 month ago)
1:58 is everything!
Monica Swift (13 days ago)
Karol L (1 month ago)
Kai Cunanan (1 month ago)
Oh, one of the VS models does the singing.. oh, no it's Taylor! I love you, Taylor! 😉😉😉
Shivangi Sharma (1 month ago)
Talyor don't have wings but we all know she is a model
Ddd Nnn (1 month ago)
you have to like the checker board floor.. how much for ab hour?
What song? Very beautiful
@Leen Selart it's "Style"
@Leen Selart it's not Blank Space. I checked it
@Leen Selart thanks
Leen Selart (1 month ago)
Blank space
Anny Vitória (1 month ago)
3:52 Behati é muito fofa
Lester Sweet (1 month ago)
This is what you called PERFECTION 💗💗💗 *small YouTuber here ✨✨
Meng Lin (1 month ago)
love you Taylor!
Filipe Moraes Da Silva (1 month ago)
Aman Delicate (1 month ago)
One word for *Taylor* *LEGEND*
Võ Như Ý (1 month ago)
hát thế này mà vẫn có ng chê live yếu
lily bee (1 month ago)
Best segment ever
thitima boonyarit (1 month ago)
What song?
lily bee (1 month ago)
Style by taylor swift
Lstayt Odo (1 month ago)
gcsoulsurfer (1 month ago)
Geez, it's great to be a male human right now !
Anny Vitória (1 month ago)
4:20 Candice você é uma fofa jogando Beijo para câmera arrassou
tae_kook9597 bts (1 month ago)
Candice why are u so freaking gorgeous I LOVE YOU!!!😍❤😆
Ayushi Pal (1 month ago)
Where are you SWIFTIES?❤
Jesus Quezada (1 month ago)
Envidia mí da
Petr Viborg (1 month ago)
Если бы я отправился на Альфа Центавра и в полет было бы разрешено брать одинешенек один-единственный клип. Я бы избрал этот. 😂
Michalina00343 (1 month ago)
Great! Taylor's legs ...perfect song for this show! 📀📀📀
Animesh Soni (1 month ago)
Tay Tay is love
don cameron (1 month ago)
I love your music lingerie videos very much 😍
Tad Flores (1 month ago)
Isabelli Fontana no tuvo ningún acercamiento a Taylor Swift
J York (1 month ago)
Her production game on point lol
Given Kupar (1 month ago)
The Angel singing for the Angels😘
Voice of Reason (1 month ago)
of all the performer only taylor swift match the height
Queen Bollywood (1 month ago)
Taylor is so besutiful How. Come she isn’t married yet ? She’s gorgeous
Deko'h Vasconcellos (1 month ago)
Alessandra Ambrósio Era Pra Ter Fechado O Show
Hallu Cinogen (2 months ago)
Kaylor my power couple!
Giana Jean (2 months ago)
I fucking hate Lais here she fkng waited for the model before her to finish the end of the runway before she fucking start walking which left Candice such short time to be in the runway.
8d Audio with Lyrics (2 months ago)
I don't know if Taylor is a model too

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