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Pokemon the first season-Cartoon network promo

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A Cartoon Network promo for the first season of pokemon,recorded from a vhs in 2002. "Introductions are not necessary ,appearances can be deceiving and action is the name of the game.Its pokemon the first season,see the show that became a global phenomenon and launched a thousand battles..."
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garcia adrian (2 months ago)
I miss good days
Desiree October (8 months ago)
Fuck bat man go pikacku
the reason why pokemon stop airing on cartoon network because it is now a comedy network 4 kids now . you know like you say TTG Or TPG 2016. OR EVEN WORSE THE BEN 10 REBOOT. but not OK K.O: Let"s Be Heros or We Bare Bears. and The Amazing World of Gumball; also Adventure Time Even know is ending next year. you can still watch it on the app and the truth is................................... pokemon is serius cartoon/anima. and thats why disney xd own all anima. like yokai watch' beyblade and posible yugioh(dont know). so think about all right
Benjamin Yn (5 months ago)
Cartoon network must get the ripoff of pokemon Digimon
unikittyfan 08 (1 year ago)
0:24 cheeks nose mouth eyes and topears glow in th f--King dark
Heruru Meruru (2 years ago)
It's Frylock!
Coonshake (2 years ago)
Giffton (3 years ago)
I watched Pokemon:Indigo League on Cartoon Network Every Monday & Thursday @ 8:30pm,9am & 9pm!
Richard Canipe (4 years ago)
I haven't seen this in years!
EsotericGamer (4 years ago)
The good old days.

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